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Unique Money Tattoo Designs & Meanings

ByRandy Peterson

Jul 26, 2021

Money tattoos are all about putting in the effort to earn money. There’s nothing like a great money bag, dollar sign, monopoly guy, cash stack, or Benjamin Franklin tattoo to encourage you and keep you focused on your objectives when it comes to the finest money tattoo ideas. While some individuals may see money tattoos as a means to show off their wealth and success, we feel the actual meaning should be about pursuing your ambitions, attaining financial independence, and aiming for a higher quality of life.

There are many unique money tattoos for guys to choose from, whether you want a money, power, or respect tattoo to reflect your hustle, the traditional “time is money” tattoo to show your devotion to your business, or a money rose tattoo that combines cash and beauty. The options are infinite with so many various money symbols, colours, sizes, and designs to pick from.

When it comes to tattoo design, there are several options. An concept might be appropriate for either men or women, or both. Getting money tattoos is one of the finest ideas in the business. They’re fantastic tattoos that men, women, children, and adults can get. Who doesn’t want to be rich?


Your tattoo’s placement will most likely be determined by the size of the tattoo, as well as if you wish to cover over existing tattoos, scars, or your body’s natural contours.

The forearm, chest, back, and calves are the most popular areas for males to have tattoos. Men also like doing a sleeve in its entirety or in part. When making a decision, get advice from a skilled tattoo artist. Consider your tattoo’s exposure to the environment as well as your pain tolerance.

1. Leg


Leg tattoos are becoming increasingly fashionable, from Instagram street stars to catwalks. Leg tattoos have not received much attention in the past, but with shifting attitudes on tattoos, you should be on pins and needles.

This is a fantastic site, especially if you want to make an impression. There aren’t many individuals who have tats on their legs, which is all the more incentive to get one here. You can be sure that you will stand out in a throng of individuals who have tattoos on the shoulder, back, and arms, which are quite popular.

2. Chest


One of the most beautiful parts of a man’s physique is his chest. Choose one of the breast tattoos ideas if you want a very rough appearance. To display your sensitive side, get a tribal tattoo, which is regarded to be a unique tattoo design. The placement is wide enough to accommodate a large design or imprinted image.

Scripts tattooed across the collarbone have lately become popular, and celebrities all over the world like them since they are both subtle and attractive.

If you want to appear tough, a chest tattoo is a way to go. The space is large enough to accommodate an imprinted image or a large design. You’ll be itching to pull your shirt off at every opportunity, and you can predict how the people around you, particularly ladies, will respond. The region is also pain-free. The collarbone, on the other hand, should be avoided since it can be rather painful.

3. Ribs


Rib cage tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, despite the fact that they are really uncomfortable and absolutely amazing. It may be anything from simple symbols to letters to elaborate patterns on the rib cage. You’re in luck since a full body canvas ink or a tiny design is available. Be prepared, though, for a tough time in that chair.

There are a lot of nerves in this region, and it’s near to the bone. They are among the most uncomfortable due to the many bones and little cushioning. This should not, however, prevent you from having a tattoo. It will be finished before you realise it, as long as the artist isn’t too heavy-handed.

4. Thigh


Thigh tattoos are not only the simplest to hide, but they are also the least painful due to the well-padded area. You must, however, stay on the outskirts. Because of the great number of nerve endings, the inner thighs are extremely sensitive, making tattooing them an unpleasant experience.

If you like shorts or are an athlete, your tat may make a statement everywhere you go. If you’re going to a family event or have work-related difficulties, though, it’ll be easy to hide your tattoo. It’s ideal for inking bigger patterns due to the huge surface area.

5. Biceps


Additionally, getting a bicep tattoo is not unpleasant, and it is quite beautiful. Tribal tattoos, quotations, scripts, inspiring messages, and names look great in this region. For the design to appear excellent, you’ll need to get your biceps in shape. The beauty of a biceps tattoo is that it emphasizes how toned the muscles are. Everyone at the gym will compliment you on your tat, and you’ll never have to worry about tank tops again.

6. Neck


The neck is a difficult tattoo place. Because not all designs look well in that place, you should choose one that complements the curve of your neck. Because the neck is such an exposed region of the body, it is not recommended for office workers, but you should consider it seriously before choosing this design decision. For males, the initial design concept for a neck tattoo is tribal and macho motifs. On the neck, a good tattoo may look fantastic.

7. Shoulder


It is one of the most popular tattoo places, particularly among guys who have been striking the punching bag repeatedly. You don’t have to stroll around nude to flaunt your unique ink design. On the other hand, if you want to, you may easily hide it.

It’s always possible to find a shirt, jacket, or t-shirt that covers the full design, and it doesn’t have to be long-sleeved. Because the region is muscular, it is less painful.

8. Wrist


A well-chosen tattoo design might add to the area’s attractiveness. There isn’t much room to work with here, so keep your design simple. Even though wrist tattoos are among the most uncomfortable, you may relax since the tiny patterns reduce the amount of time you spend in the chair.

9. Arm


For tattoo enthusiasts, the outside shoulder is a popular spot. There are two factors that make it appealing. For starters, it has a lot of room, which means you’ll have a lot of design options. The other reason is that the region may be readily exposed or concealed. You may be as creative as you want with your design, and a t-shirt will take care of the rest. Wear a tank top when you’re in a flamboyant mood, and heads will turn.

Because there are fewer nerve endings and a lot of muscle, this is one of the least painful areas. As a result, it’s a popular spot for folks getting their first tattoo. In fact, if you want to test your tolerance for pins and needles, here is the place to go. If you are scared of pain, you may also request that the tattoo artist apply analgesic cream.

Types of Money Tattoo

1. A bundle of folded up $50 and $100 notes appears to be spilling down the forearm and terminating precisely where the arms are in this tattoo. The folded down dollar notes appear magnificent and strong because to the rich shading in this money roll tattoo.


2. Looking at money in one of the most realistic ways, we find it being likened to greediness, a genuine need that every rational human aspires to conquer. The tattoo depicts a nasty wicked face of money in its roll, with the tattooed character smoking a tiny roll of a dollar bill.


3. A stack of dollar notes in your palm is warm and inviting, but spreading them out one by one and holding them up with both hands is much better. This is undoubtedly a sensation we’ve all had before, which is why the tattoo is here.


4. On paper, a lot of money symbols, such as the euro and dollar signs, look fantastic. By having this sort of tattoo, you now have the opportunity to have that sign on any area of your body. It is always beneficial to be inventive in anything you do. As a result, when applying this sort of tattoo, you can choose to vary the shape of the sign in a way that appears distinctive while maintaining the sign’s meaning. You may choose to extend the sign to cover a larger area based on your personal preferences.


5. We see a dollar bill, perhaps two twisted into dollar bill flowers, soft leaves and vines trailing behind, making it appear exactly like a rose bush, untidy yet lovely in its own way, much like a paper that can be twisted into a blossoming rose.




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