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17 Beautiful Floral Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Aug 10, 2021

How wonderful to have a flower tattoo. Floral tattoo designs are meaningful yet vintage and easy to combine with many other pieces of jewelry. For women, you can pair it with vines, fairies, butterflies, hummingbirds, ladybugs, or anything you want to better represent yourself. For men, to make your floral tattoo design look masculine and suit you best, you can add skulls, daggers or swords, dragons cross, or make your own floral tattoo in tribal style. Excited now?

Getting a flower tattoo doesn’t just mean having a cute tattoo, it’s about looking beautiful, showing off your feminine side, etc. It is much deeper than that. In different beliefs or cultures, flowers also symbolize many different meanings. And flowers can be very important symbols for that certain culture or belief.

Let’s take a look at an important flower in Greek mythology. Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow, transported women’s souls to the underworld and became the flower associated with death. After that, Iris became the messenger of the gods. The three petals of the iris, each with a meaning. Each of them is a symbol of faith, valor and wisdom. Different from what is believed in Christianity. The three petals symbolize the Holy Trinity. When Archangel Gabriel approached the Virgin Mary, she was holding an iris flower in her hand. This is why the iris also represents purity.

1. Lotus Flower Tattoo Design


Lotus flowers are wonderful and have strong symbolic ties with many Asian religions, especially throughout India. The lotus flower begins as a small flower that grows in mud and mud at the bottom of a pond. It slowly moves towards the surface of the water and continuously moves towards the light. Once it comes to the surface of the water the lotus flower starts blooming and turns into a beautiful flower.

Women who want meaningful and spiritual flower tattoos should consider lotus. In Buddhism, the blooming petals of the lotus symbolize the opening of the heart. As a result, it is often associated with yoga, making a lotus tattoo a perfect choice for yoga lovers.

2. Lily Flower Tattoo Design


Lily tattoo flowers have stunning and popular designs. These tattoos are more prevalent among women, but some are also getting tattoos of such designs. This blooming flower attracts and inspires the person. In Egyptian culture, this flower represents fertility, and in Chinese culture, the lily symbolizes innocence and abundance.

The lily flower is spectacular and has many symbolic meanings. These tattoos come in a variety of designs, shapes, and colors. Pink and purple are the two most popular choices in lily flower tattoos. You will put lily flower tattoos anywhere on the body. You can get lilies tattooed on the shoulder, hip, back, chest, ankle, and neck.

3. Peony Tattoos


The hummingbird and peony tattoo pairing is a popular one, especially for those with a more feminine style. The design itself is beautiful, and some wear it for purely aesthetic reasons. With their fringed petals and delicate pink and white color, peonies are the perfect candidate for a delicate floral tattoo. Not only are they beautiful and romantic, but because they can continue to flower for decades, peonies are also believed to represent a long life. Therefore, it is no surprise that peonies are often used at weddings

If you’re the kind of person who likes to dive a little deeper, a hummingbird and peonies together represent gratitude. Hummingbird tattoos often represent a lighthearted, joyful, and creative approach to life. Since peonies have large luscious flowers, they often represent blessings. Together, these two symbols stand for the joyful outlook on life that comes from remembering to be grateful for what you have.

4. Jasmine Flower Tattoo


Jasmine flowers and flower tattoos can be worn by anyone who wants to stand out and who is a fan of feminine ink. If you love to grab attention and you are a fan of different shaped flowers, as well as elegant and feminine connotations then you will want to get a jasmine flower print.

With its sweet and seductive aroma and delicate appearance, it is no wonder that jasmine is one of the most popular flowers in the world. For these reasons, a jasmine tattoo can represent pure blessings in your life – such as your children.

5. Hibiscus Flower Tattoo


Hibiscus tattoos often depict many things that are part of life in the Pacific. With this theme in mind, it represents a calm and serene way of life, one that is characterized by immense beauty and diverse cultures, as well as things that we think of in relation to Hawaii and other islands in the Pacific.

Many people go for this tattoo along with other elements that are part of the Pacific-based culture. You will find that no two hibiscus tattoos are exactly the same considering the rich and varied options available. Many instances will have eye-catching elements of art with hibiscus in their tattoo designs.

6. Rose Tattoo


Rose tattoos will never get old. They stand for a timeless beauty that never fades and never pleases if done properly. In this collection, we have not only brought together some stand-alone roses, but some bright blooms that have been adorned with another classic iconography like skulls, daggers, and of course, beautiful faces of women.

We’ll tell you the meanings and myths behind these pieces, as well as popular placements, most popular colors, and more. We know that rose tattoos are a trend that never ends. There are many myths and legends about the creation of roses. There are stories of its beauty, its fragrance, even the thorns that explain the concept of this magnificent flower. These are the wonderful embodiment of constant fascination with a flower tattoo humans rose which all tasted the same time of the morning.

7. Poppy Flower Tattoo


Poppyseed tattoo designs are gorgeous and are very popular amongst most women. The symbolism of the poppy varies greatly from country to country, but most of them share at least one common meaning for this beautiful flower. Poppy seeds have opposite significances, meaning passion and love, but also death and path because of their red, blood-like color.

Ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Roman civilizations linked it to deep sleep because of the sedative effect of the plant’s seeds. The Egyptians used this flower as a part of their funeral and burial ceremonies. Victorians gave the flower a variety of meanings depending on the color, including consolation for loss, deep sleep, and extravagance. To the Chinese and Japanese, red poppy flowers represent loyalty between lovers, but they are also tied to death. Other colors represent success and beauty in Eastern cultures. For the Romans, the poppy flower was a symbol of everlasting beauty, fertility, supernatural powers, and wealth.

8. Violet Flower Tattoo


Compared to other flowers such as rose or lotus, violet whether it is African or wild violet does not attract attention immediately. Violet flower tattoo means modesty and innocence, freshness and purity.

For girls and women, purple tattoos are a real decoration. It emphasizes tenderness and femininity. Such tattoo designs are usually chosen by romantic and sensitive girls. The image of a purple flower on the body tells about the hidden qualities of the girl. She is beautiful, but modest and innocent, appreciates the spiritual and inner beauty of people.

9. Daisy Tattoo


Daisy tattoos symbolize loyalty, love, patience, and purity. Daisy is a form of a completely female type of flower and is one of the most versatile tattoos that you can wear on your body. The tattoo is highly decorative and comes in various colors and sizes. You can also add a custom design to the tattoo based on your preference.

Daisy tattoos are used by women to make them look more beautiful and attractive. The tattoo has a rich historical context and can depict a woman’s commitment to her loved ones. It is a diverse art and carries high values ​​with low artwork. Daisies belong to the Asteraceae family of flowering plants and are at least 4000 years old. With soft petals and a humble appearance, it is almost impossible to ignore the alluring designs on a woman’s body.

10. Iris Flower Tattoo


Iris flower tattoo means wise love. If you want to make your body a symbol of wisdom and gain then you have to choose a purple or blue-colored iris tattoo design. Iris tattoo is mostly a female tattoo, girls usually choose smaller and smaller designs.

The traditional colors for iris tattoos are blue and purple, although you can also find black and white or watercolor tattoos. The name of this flower is given in honor of the Greek goddess Rainbow Iris. In different nationalities, the iris has different meanings, as well as tattoo ideas for this flower.

11. Butterfly and Flower Tattoo


You can agree with the fact that most of the butterfly tattoo designs look effortlessly good on specific body parts of women like the neck, ankles, and wrists. A delicate butterfly tattoo on the side of the neck or ankle enhances the overall beauty and looks trendy and chic.

That is why it is common for women of all ages to have butterfly tattoos. It is worth noting; Most workplaces do not welcome bold or gothic tattoos. So, choosing a cute and colorful butterfly seems to be a safe bet in this context as well.

12. Skull flower Tattoo Design


Overall, the skull and rose tattoos have symbols related to beauty, life, death, good and evil.

These tattoos create a startling dichotomy between opposites, providing a visual representation of the deep difference between these subjects.


Flowers are some of the most beautiful things on earth and whatever you believe brought them into existence is a wonderful thing. We appreciate their beauty and fragrance as well as what they represent.

Magnolia’s soft, blush color and elegantly curved petals make them perfect for delicate tattoos. Magnolia, one of the oldest plant species, appeared on Earth before bees, so they are pollinated by beetles – their flowers become extremely hardy as a result. For these reasons, many cultures associate magnolia with firmness, dignity and long life, as well as feminine beauty.

14. Lily Narcissus Tattoo Design


Narcissus or daffodil flower tattoo means elusive, hope, not mutual love. Such a tattoo design can also mean death due to daffodil blooming in puberty and early withering.

The most common colors for daffodil tattoos are yellow, paperwhite, blue, black, and white. It can be made on different parts of the body on the wrist, back, thigh, shoulder, arm, arm, neck, foot, ankle, finger, chest, forearm, hip, etc. Here you can find an image gallery of different daffodil or narcissus flower tattoo designs and ideas.

15. Gladiolusower Tattoo


The meaning of a gladiolus tattoo depends on who it is made. For women, gladiolus tattoos symbolize style and grace.

The gladiolus flower has a pointed and tall unique shape. This is the reason why they are also called sword lilies. The Latin word “gladius” also means sword. When this tattoo is inscribed on a person it represents the peace that comes with confidence. It also represents integrity and strength.

16. Traditional Flower Tattoo


Traditional tattoos have been popular for a long time, with good reason. The traditional tattoo style has evolved naturally over time, as well as sticking to its roots. A tattoo is always intended to be on you, so it is no surprise that leading artists used symbolism as the basis for their designs. By getting a traditional tattoo you are not only honoring the history of art, but you are also getting a piece with strong symbolic value.

A traditional sleeve is a collection of individual traditional styled pieces. Its concept is similar to the practice of quilting, where several smaller pieces make up a larger piece of art. This is where the name originates. Typically traditional sleeves will have small gaps of negative space (skin). This includes many different-sized designs ranging from hand shapes to ‘fillers’ or small pieces.

17. Tribal Flower Tattoo


Representing feminine beauty and purity, floral tribal tattoos look beautiful on a woman’s back. Tribal flowers are fashionable and attractive to look at.

Since the colors of butterflies help in making beautiful tattoos; they look even more attractive when inscribed in the tribal design.

Hawaiian tribal tattoos look different and alluring as they are unique and carry the rich Hawaiian culture with it. Women prefer to wear them on their backs as they add beauty and feminine touch to their back.



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