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9 Wonderful Cheryl Cole Tattoo Ideas

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 22, 2022

Tattooing is a distinct form of permanent body art that most teenagers adore. People put care into their designs and placement areas, which is the appropriate thing to do because it will be your lifelong companion. Tattoos are a way to express yourself and show the world your ideas because tattoo designs usually have meaningful significance.

Cheryl Cole, an English singer, has several beautiful and meaningful tattoos on her body that she proudly displays. We’ll go over each design and its meaning one by one. Cheryl-inspired tattoo designs are so beautiful that you will not be able to ignore them and will most likely add at least one to your must-have list. They are ideal if you are a Cole fan who also enjoys tattoos. Still don’t believe us?

Her body is covered in tattoos in numerous places. Beautiful tattoos are inked on the back of her neck, her thigh, her hand, and her lower back. You should, however, choose a location that you are at ease with. If you want to show it off, place it somewhere where people can see it and enjoy it.

If you don’t want to look at it or flaunt it all the time, choose a location that is easier to conceal, such as your shoulder or mid-back, because tattoos are difficult to cover with make-up. Just so you’re aware. Make a judicious placement selection; your tattoo artist will also advise you on good locations, but he will proceed with whatever you deem most suited.

Let us not waste any more time and look at some stunning Cheryl Cole tattoo designs. Her Middle Finger Has a Minimalistic and Cute Heart This tiny heart is written in pink ink on her left hand’s middle finger, making it small and adorable. This one is ideal for all the girls out there that like basic yet chic designs. This adorable little heart represents love and passion.

1. Mrs. C Tattoo on neck


Mrs. C was tattooed in a beautiful font on Cheryl’s neck. It draws a lot of attention since it has a backstory to it.

Meaning: Cole got it tattooed after she married Ashley Cole, a football player, in 2006. Her surname is derived from her ex-husband. Despite the fact that they split, the tattoo does not upset her in the least. She is genuinely quite pleased with herself.

It reminds her of a time in her life when she had many wonderful memories. She doesn’t want to go back to that time in her life, but she also doesn’t want to forget about it. Isn’t it truly inspiring?

2. Chest Tattoo


Cole had this lovely swirl tattooed by Nikki Hurtado in 2016. It drew a lot of interest from fans, celebrities, and paparazzi. The tattooist wrote a wonderful caption on Instagram about how nice Cole is and how she always trusts her when it comes to getting tattooed.

This swirl shape is a Buddhist unwelcome symbol that denotes enlightenment and a destination. The voyage is represented by the swirl detailing. This tattoo has a significant meaning. It signifies that life is a journey, and you will experience obstacles along the way, but you will eventually arrive at your destination.

It demonstrates that you are making progress, even if it appears that you are regressing and that you want to give up; in fact, you are progressively coming closer to your objectives.

3. Hand  Tribal Design


Cole has a typical tribal tattoo in vivid black ink on her right hand. In an interview, she stated that this abstract beauty is her favorite tattoo. It draws a lot of attention, especially when she waves or tucks her hair behind her ears in public. The paparazzi never miss an opportunity to photograph her with her tattoos in focus. With this tattoo, she makes a rebellious fashion statement!

4. Thigh  red rose

Cheryl Cole rose and treble clef thigh tattoo

This is one of her most popular tattoos, in our opinion. It is really gorgeous and looks fantastic when Cole appears on stage for performances. Finely drawn barbed wire across her leg, with a blood-red rose and a treble clef on the side. It appears to be lifelike, as though she is wearing lacy stockings. It is the greatest alternative for someone looking for a realistic and beautiful design.

Cole’s favorite flower is the red rose. The treble clef symbolizes her love and enthusiasm for singing as well as her musical profession.

5. lower back and buttocks floral

Cheryl Cole roses butt tattoo

This one is enormous and beautiful. It covers her entire lower back and buttocks and looks stunning. Nikki Hurtado tattooed this tattoo beautifully in 2013. It took her 15 hours to create because it is an intricate design. This tattoo became well-known since she received a lot of criticism for its huge size.

However, she responded to any such comments by telling the media that she has the right to acquire as many tattoos as she wants. She was inspired to create this huge design after recovering from Malaria and returning from Tanzania. If you are brave and your number one priority is to love yourself, then this is the one for you, my buddy.

In August 2013, Cheryl Cole displayed a massive flower tattoo that covered her entire lower back and buttocks. She had been working on this tattoo with artist Nikko Hurtado over several sessions for months before it was ultimately completed. She revealed in February 2013 that she had already spent 15 hours on the tattoo.

6. Lower Back

Cheryl Cole flower butt tattoo

This is yet another of her tattoos that her followers admired and drew inspiration from. She received it in 2007, but it was later covered up by a large floral tattoo she got in 2013. This may be the greatest option for you if you want to go with something gorgeous but not too enormous.

Cheryl has a deeper purpose for the tattoo, but she also likes how it looks. “It has personal value for me, but English roses are my favorite flowers,” she tweeted. “People are entitled to their own opinion,” she said in response to criticism about the tattoo’s size. I’ve never been really interested in other people’s body parts!”

After contracting Malaria on a trip to Tanzania in 2010, she was encouraged to go large with her tattoos.

7. Black Tattoo

This adorable and contemporary tattoo is near and dear to her heart because she got it done after her sister gave birth to a gorgeous child. It rhymes with Tweedy, their surname. It was her first tattoo, and she got it when she was 16 years old.

This style is also suitable for you because it is simple and uncomplicated. So, what are you holding out for? Add it to your must-have list and make an outstanding fashion statement this summer.

8. Tribal butterfly


Cheryl’s oldest tattoo was a tribal butterfly tattoo on her lower back, which she had since at least 2002. She had already started work on the whirling artwork that currently covers her lower back in the photographs above, which were taken in 2011.

Cheryl completed this section of the new design in an eleven-hour session at Shamrock Social Club in Los Angeles in August 2011. After her divorce in 2010, the tattoo symbolizes a new beginning. “I designed it myself with the help of an artist and had it made to represent a fresh start,” she explained.

“The tattoo is incredibly personal,” Cheryl told a friend, according to The Mirror. The final design took weeks to complete. It has tremendous symbolic importance for me since it represents a new beginning and my new independence.”

9. Red Heart Tattoo


Cheryl has a little red heart tattoo on her left middle finger, just below the base of her nail bed. She had previously stated that she was done with tattoos following a large butt tattoo, but I assume she made an exception for something so small!

Cheryl Cole has a traditional Polynesian Maori tribal tattoo on her right hand. Despite the fact that she has stated that her favorite tattoo “changes daily,” she mentioned this one in a 2010 interview with The Guardian as a favorite. “The one on my hand, the small one, I prefer.” “It’s only a concept.”


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