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13 Different Style Christian Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 23, 2022

Getting a Christian tattoo has several meanings. For starters, it represents your faith and devotion to religion. Second, it assists you in reflecting on religious events and putting them into practice in your daily life. In Christianity, people get tatted with many symbols; each symbol has a lovely meaning linked to it. For example, a simple cross tattoo represents God and the trinity, which is the foundation of Christian doctrine.

It also symbolizes Christ’s sacrifices for you so that you can live a spotless life. People continue to sin, thus this tattoo serves as a reminder to suppress our inner sinful inclinations. It motivates the wearer to live a righteous life. Anchors, water, doves, the trinity knot, and semicolons are some of the other symbols used in tattoo designs.

Furthermore, people choose to have tattoos that depict significant events tattooed all over their bodies. These events include the several parables that Jesus taught, as well as the primary event, the crucifixion scene. The crucifixion represents Christ’s eternal sacrifice, and the tale emphasizes the various principles that every Christian must follow.

People face many challenges in life, and the majority of them turn to God when they feel their lives are crumbling. Everyone handles it differently; for example, some people acquire a Christian religious tattoo to help them become closer to God. It gives them the impression that He is leading them throughout their day. These tattoos also serve as a reminder to stay true to your beliefs and to inspire others to do the same.

The ideal location for your Christian tattoo is entirely dependent on the design and size you select. You can get a Christian tattoo anyplace you like as long as it is appropriate. Christian sleeve tattoos are very popular. These tattoos are enormous, intricate artwork that depicts many religious events.

These tattoos are also popular on the backs and thighs of many people. The perfect place for a smaller Christian tattoo that is likely to include a single symbol is on your neck, arm, wrist, and fingers. Many people have symbols like the Cross tatted on their chests to represent how close they are to God.

1. Crucifixion Jesus Tattoo



The crucifixion tattoo is one of the most popular Christian tattoos, and it usually consists of a larger pattern that explains the entire incident. Some designs, on the other hand, display only half of the tableau, with Jesus on the Cross. A black and grey inked cross with Jesus nailed to the Cross is the subject of this tattoo. It has a sideways appearance, which is ideal for the forearm. You can get one on your back if you want the entire scene tatted.

This tattoo represents God’s greatest sacrifice in the form of his only begotten son. It reminds us of God’s infinite love for us and what he would not do for us. It also motivates us to live a holy Christian life devoid of sin.

2. Mary, the Virgin


This Virgin Mary tattoo is perfect if you want to go all out with your Christian tattoo and get something enormous. A black and white tattoo of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus in her arms is included in this tattoo. For Christians, the Virgin Mary is a revered figure because they believe she gave birth to Christ through the Immaculate Conception.

This tattoo represents the birth that established Christianity and reminds us of the primary event, Jesus Christ’s birth. The back is the ideal location for this tattoo because it covers the entire area. This allows the tattoo artist to get creative with the details to enhance the realism of the tattoo.

3. Faithful Prayer Tattoo


This Christian prayer in faith tattoo is a unique Christian tattoo that will complement your religious tattoo collection if you have one. Two black and grey inked hands are connected in this tattoo as if praying with a grey inked rosary in hand. Clouds and sunbeams from the background, reveal the path to paradise.

This tattoo is a true sign of everyday prayer to God, and it serves as a reminder of how powerful prayer can be in our daily lives. Many religions, such as Islam and Hinduism, utilize praying beads to pray, therefore the rosary can help you identify your faith. This tattoo will look fantastic on your arm, but you can also get it on your back.

4. Ten Commandments


One of the most important Christian tattoos you’ll ever see is the Ten Commandments tattoo. Moses holds a black and grey inked tablet of the Ten Commandments in his hands in this tattoo. With a dramatic overcast background, Moses is clutching the Ten Commandments and pointing up to God. If you want to keep it simple, just have the tablets with the Ten Commandments inked on them.

The Ten Commandments represent Christianity’s foundation and the regulations that every Christian believer should follow to stay on the right track and be faithful to God. This is a key Old Testament event that is considered one of the holiest occurrences in Christian history. This tattoo would look fantastic on your arm or back.

5. Jesus & Followers


The Last Supper, another significant event that occurred before Jesus Christ’s death, is shown in this tattoo. This tattoo features the classic picture and scenario of the Last Supper, in which Jesus sits with his 12 followers and performs the vital sacrament of bread and wine breaking.

The renowned Leonardo Da Vinci artwork of the Last Supper has now been incorporated into popular Christian tattoos. This tattoo represents the circumstances leading up to Jesus Christ’s death. It also symbolizes the essential sacrament of Holy Communion, which is celebrated in every church worldwide. This tattoo would look great on your forearm or back.

6. Christian Tattoo Verse



A million lovely verses spoken by God and other prophets in the Bible have had a significant impact on our lives. If you have a favorite Bible verse or passage that inspires you daily, this verse Christian tattoo is for you.

A verse or chapter from the Bible is inscribed in black on this tattoo. You can get the reference tatted with any symbol along with a cross or a dove if you don’t want the entire phrase tatted. Depending on the size of the tattoo, you can place it precisely on your forearm, chest, or back.

7. Rose Crown thorns Tattoo


The crown of thorns is a significant symbol in Christianity since it was worn by Jesus when he was crucified. The Romans built this crown out of genuine thorns that pierced Christ’s skull. While the crown of thorns is a horrible picture and metaphor, many individuals have adopted it in tattoo designs by obtaining a rose crown of thorns tattoo. The crown of thorns is etched in black and grey ink, and there are a few black and grey roses on the crown.

This tattoo represents the grief and pain Christ endured for us to survive. It assists us in recognizing our errors and walking down the correct route that leads to Christ alone. This tattoo is understated, but it gives you the perfect Christian vibe. This tattoo would look great on your forearm, back, hand, or on your collarbone.

8. Christian Tattoo  Good Shepherd


You should acquire this iconic Good Shepherd Tattoo if you want a daily reminder of how God ensures that all of his people are taken care of. A black and grey tattoo of Jesus cradling a sheep is included in this tattoo. The shading and contouring in this tattoo contribute to its realistic appearance.

This tattoo depicts how Jesus makes it a point to look after his sheep, which in this case refers to us humans. It also highlights and reminds us of how forgiving God is, no matter how much sin we commit. The ideal location for this tattoo is on your arm or back.

9. Christ on the Cross


The sacrifice made by Jesus is perhaps the most significant concept in the Christian religion. Jesus was able to fulfill the prophecy and allow Christians to gain forgiveness from God by allowing himself to be crucified. The fact that mankind had tried, condemned, and executed the same person who was dying to save them added to the drama of his sacrifice for humanity.

Given the historical significance of this event, it’s no surprise that it’s inspired innumerable pieces of art, including tattoos. One unique tattoo trend is to tattoo Christ on the forearm and employ forced perspective to create depth, making the wearer’s hand appear to be Jesus’. This creates an instantly recognizable bond between Jesus and the wearer.

10. Chirtsan Seelve Tattoo


There’s nothing wrong with some people getting tattoos on their bodies without considering how the many pieces will be combined into a greater pattern in the future. Others, on the other hand, choose enormous, cohesive tattoos in which all of the elements and imagery work together to form a single, coherent design.

This strategy is exemplified by these full-arm Christian sleeves. Because an artist may use the natural lines of the arm to lead the attention up and down the length of a work, the arm is ideal for these vast designs. This results in a more dynamic tattoo.

11. Chirtsan tattoo on chest

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In the tattoo world, a developing trend is for people to use the side of their chest as a canvas on which to place ink. Aside from the back, the side is one of the body’s biggest canvases, and it’s interesting for a few reasons.

The artist has plenty of intriguing lines to integrate into the tattoo due to the curvature of the chest, rib cage, and stomach while having Jesus “on your side” adds another degree of complexity to this placement.

The chest is also a common location for Christian tattoos since it allows these very intimate imageries to be placed directly above the wearer’s heart. These pieces are excellent illustrations of how attractive Christian motifs on the chest and sides can be.

12. Christian tattoo on hand


Having tattoos on your hands used to mean you were either a criminal or a sailor. This is no longer true. With the global popularity of tattoos and the changing social stigma surrounding ink, an increasing number of people are opting to get tattoos on their hands, and these Christian designs are excellent examples.

The diversity of tattoos that can be properly placed to the hands is surprising, ranging from pieces derived from American traditional flash sheets to more stylized, black and grey approaches.

If you want to have a verse tattoo, consider getting one on your forearm, chest, or neck. Whatever location you choose for your Christian tattoo, it will be as meaningful as ever and will help you express your love and respect for your religion. Once you’ve decided on a tattoo design, deciding on placement will be much easier.

13. Christian Tattoo on leg


Tattoos on the legs are another location that appears to be becoming more popular in recent years. Some people prefer leg tattoos because they can control who sees their ink and who doesn’t; others are simply continuing their quest to cover their entire bodies in tattoos. Whatever the reason, the legs make excellent canvases for a variety of reasons.

To begin with, there are numerous locations, ranging from the calves and ankles to the much larger thigh muscles that can accommodate larger designs, that make legs an excellent choice. The legs are also the foundations for the rest of our bodies, which adds to the significance of having important images like these Christian designs applied to the legs.



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