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12 Gorgeous Lord Shiva Tattoo designs

ByRandy Peterson

Jan 31, 2022

If you’re looking for a new tattoo design, consider Lord Shiva. These cool tattoo designs are Hindu-inspired, and they’re excellent for guys who like strength, world-pieces, and love! Continue reading if you’re looking for creative tattoo design ideas.

You can choose from 18 different tattoos. Shiva is a Hindu god who is believed to be the creator of the universe. Brahma and Vishnu, according to Hindu belief, are two other gods. Shiva is a Hindu god who represents nothing. He is an omnipotent and strong God. This is a cool Hinduism-inspired tattoo that you might consider if you like bold tattoo designs.

This tattoo was inspired by the world of correctional facilities. Of course, the image’s owner may not have sat in such remote locations, but it’s likely. Representatives of the criminal world are frequently tattooed on the body, the meaning of which is unknown to the layman.

As a result, there are numerous variations of Lord’s worth tattoos. There are several ways to read this abbreviation. Following that, we’ll go over a handful of these variations in more detail. When the crown is portrayed on this abbreviation, the value of the tattoo Lord frequently changes. In this example, the tattoo’s significance is superior to others, at least according to the image’s owner.

There are two types of tattoos: alphabetic and numeric tattoos. On request, the significance of the tattoo is revealed by a larger labeled drawing. It allows you to mix and match multiple inscriptions. two words, as an example + =, Hear SATURN RUBIN And I’ve already stopped loving a small portion of it. Separation is on the horizon, and it will happen sooner or later.

People remember digital tattoos because they represent a certain date. For instance, military service, the first period of incarceration, or the reverse-release. The needed letter is the same way. They can have a singular significance or be part of a larger pattern. Acronyms can help not only to hide their thoughts, but also to signify vows, vows, or simple sayings and catchphrases.

If you’re searching for an elongated Shiva design on your body, the arm is a fantastic place to start. Getting a shiva tattoo on your arm would allow you to have a full-body depiction of him rather than a little version. Lord Shiva appears to be very ferocious in this image.

The Markandeya mantra is regarded to be the best mantra for meditation, and this tattoo features Shiva in a meditating posture. It does, however, have a backstory.

According to mythology, Lord Shiva appeared before Markandeya, a devotee who was destined to die at the age of sixteen. But, only a few days before his sixteenth birthday, Lord Shiva slowed down his aging process. He won’t be able to interpret death any longer.

1. Shiva Arm Tattoo


Shiva is revered as the Supreme Being, the world’s destroyer, and the transformer, all of which are depicted by his three faces in various idols. Shiva’s tattoo art is stunning and enticing in all of his forms, whether they are serene or angry.

Because he represents both good and evil, Lord Shiva is regarded as one of the Hindu religion’s most powerful and unique gods. He is often regarded as the remover of negative energy within us, allowing positive to flow freely. This destroying mentality is frequently interpreted as angry and wrathful, which explains why he is frequently shown in a passion. Shiva formed himself out of nothingness, thus he has the same temperament.

The Shiva trident tattoo with Shiva snake tattoo design is ideal for men who want manly and frightening tattoos. This Shiva tattoo will look fantastic on your forearm! Make sure to hire a reputable tattoo artist and have this amazing design done at your favorite tattoo shop.

2. Shiva Tattoo On Back


Lord Shiva tattoos on the back can be rather striking. If you’re stuck for tattoo ideas but prefer daring symbols and are a fan of this destroyer, you’ll love getting Shiva tattooed all over your body in black ink!

The tattoo depiction of this creator, destroyer, and preserver is so bold and powerful that it is in high demand even among those who are not Hindus. In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is known as the “Lord of Lords.” As a result, he is also known as Mahadeva, which alludes to the supreme god.

Nataraja, Pashupati, Bhairaava, Vishwanath, Bhole Natha, Shiv Shambhu, Neel Kantha, and other names and forms are tattooed on those who get the idol tattooed.

3. Lord Shiva Tattoo


The tattoo meaning of Deity Shiva is that he is a lord of destruction and never-ending existence. If you like large body tattoos and know a great tattoo artist, you’ll love this stunning yet terrifying design! As a sleeve tattoo, Shiva tattoo ideas that are this vibrant look wonderful.

His third eye on his forehead, which is known as the “all-knowing” eye and is a sign of devastation, is one of his most distinguishing traits. He also has a snake named Vasuki that he wears around his neck. He wears a crescent moon on his head in addition to the Nagaraja or snake around his neck. The Holy Ganga is reported to flow through his hair as well. He also has two more distinguishing characteristics. One of them is the weapon Trishula, while the other is the Damru, his musical instrument.

4. Lord Shiva on the Chest


This Shiva tattoo looks fantastic all over the chest. This style of tattoo would appeal to those who have good form and appreciate dark ink and intriguing symbols. As far as we know, Shiva is the most powerful of all the gods in Hindu mythology.

As a result, he is also the most powerful god. Millions of people worship Shiva, particularly those who practice yoga because of his meditation poses. When it comes to tattoos, people look for a design that symbolizes their spiritual ideas and understanding, which is why the Shiva portrait is frequently accompanied by his distinctive and profound symbols.

Shiva tattoos can have a lot of symbolic value, as evidenced by this one. You can see that red ink has been used to add extra symbols to the Shiva tattoo, which already features his own symbols such as the Trishul and Damru. Symbols offer richness to the design’s meaning.

5. Black Ink Over Shoulder Shiva Tattoo


The three-eyed emblems and deeper meanings are tied to the mrityunjaya mantra. This black body tattoo would appeal to Hindus or those who can connect with the religion on a deeper level. If you like larger Shiva tattoo alternatives, get similar tattoo ideas on your shoulder. By bringing Shiva’s idol to life on your skin, only a true artisan can make all the difference.

The majority of Shiva tattoos are portraits with his customary third eye on his forehead and his main accessories, his sword, Trishula, which aids him in wreaking devastation and destruction on the evil, and his musical instrument, the Damru. Shiva tattoos are typically rather huge.

When Shiva is enraged, he is known as the world’s destroyer. That’s what this demon tattoo represents. The four hands that surround the demon contain all of the shiva emblems, symbolising that shiva wards off ignorance and evil, paving the way for bliss and enlightenment.

6. Lord Shiva black tattoo


Shiva tattoos with black ink are a little less obnoxious. Make an appointment at a tattoo studio that specializes in Hindu-inspired tattoos. Only in this manner will you be able to obtain correct Shiva symbols. If you don’t need anything as big, you can construct a smaller replica of your larger design.

In order to express their respect, some people opt for a more modernistic and abstract style. You can have merely the script written in Sanskrit or English. Such patterns can be worn practically everywhere on the body. It will also reveal a more holy and calm part of your personality.

This is a magnificent shiva tattoo design. This tattoo isn’t simply a shiva tattoo; it also includes all of his insignia. Without a doubt, this tattoo design required a great deal of attention to detail and precision. The tattoo’s triangular motifs surrounding and in the middle are stunning.

7. Back Tattoo of Lord Shiva


If you want to hide your third eye, a giant Shiva tattoo on your back and neck is fantastic! Similar tattoo design ideas will appeal to guys who want Shiva tattoo ideas that are truly unique.

Another technique to portray Shiva is to use his primary symbols, such as his third eye, the Trishula, the snake, the Ganga River, and even his pet bull. You can also use all of his elements to tell a story about your life using shiva symbols. The Trishula, which is regarded as the hand of Lord Shiva himself, is the object that brings relief from all such suffering.


8. Shiva Tattoos Cool Colorful Ink


It won’t take long for you to get a Shiva tattoo on your arm. Your tattoo artist will be able to complete this work of art in a flash, and you’ll be out of there in no time!

This tattoo appears to be a child’s version of the shiva symbol. The colors give the design a sense of purity and brightness. This tattoo is all-encompassing and includes all of the shiva emblems. Take note of the strong blue ink that has been used to depict Shiva’s skin tone.

The legend behind Shiva’s blue tint is that the Lord once spared the world from destruction by ingesting Vasuki’s poison. Vasuki was a serpent that the gods employed to create life-giving water. When he drank the poison, he had a blue hue, which is frequently shown in art. In some ways, it serves as a reminder of his sacrifices.

9. Forearm Shiva Tattoo


You can have a Shiva tattoo on both arms or use a segway to travel to the other arm. Even though this Shiva tattoo is simple to do, it appears to have a big impact. This tattoo combination will appeal to those who adore India and are knowledgeable about Parvati, Namah, and Tandav. According to religious academics, this phrase is also known as the Markandeya mantra in classical Hindu writings. The mantra should be said 108 times. The majority of individuals say it twice a day, at dawn and dusk. It’s very useful for meditation and yoga practice.

Shiva’s picture is surrounded by a variety of flower patterns that are incredibly lovely. It’s most likely because Shiva’s masculine energy is supposed to be counterbalanced by the feminine flower pattern. As a result, the tattoo becomes a symbol of the harmony of two opposing energies.

10. wrathful Lord Shiva


Some of you may prefer Shiva in ink, as well as in his terrifying form and when he is displaying his actual strength. When you arrive at your tattoo shop, be prepared to sit for at least 6 hours! This is how long it might take you to accomplish something comparable. Sunny Bhanushali is one of the most well-known tattoo artists in the world.

This dark ink Shiva tattoo on the shoulder is perfect for guys who want a powerful tattoo. Always go for a sleeve or a big and bold shoulder tattoo if you’re short of tattoo design ideas!

11. Body Tattoo of Lord Shiva


The Shiva tattoo on the forearm is basic and easy to apply. This Shiva tattoo will be readily applied by your tattoo artist. Make sure to hire a tattoo studio that meets your requirements. Aliens tattoo ideas and tattoo artists who specialize in similar tattoos can usually do Shiva tattoos with ease. He also broke the head of his wife Parvati’s son, Lord Ganesha, with the trident, forcing late Ron to replace it with the head of an elephant, according to tradition. As a result, it has become a symbol of punishment for those who perpetrate evil on the spiritual, physical, and subtle realms of the world.

12. Shiva Trishul


Similar tattoo ideas will appeal to men who like the narrative of Shiva and Parvati. Because these two are always dancing together, this tattoo is a valid sign of love. This is a fantastic place to start if you want to dedicate your Shiva tattoo to someone.

The three-branched trident that the Lord wields at all times is known as Trishula. It also represents the harmony of will, action, and knowledge.

Trishula tattoos are generally considered as bold statements about the strengths and power you hold or aim to hold, and the gist of Trishula tattoos is the power that comes with them. A Trishula tattoo on the breast is one of the better possibilities if you’re seeking small shiva tattoos.

Lord Shiva’s image is frequently accompanied by his weapon, the Trishula, which has a lot of meaning and depicts shiva’s supremacy over the three major periods of life: awake, sleeping, and dreaming, as well as the past, present, and future.

Trishul discusses the three stages of consciousness: awake, dreaming, and sleeping, as well as the three Gunas: sattva, rajas, and tamas. Lord Shiva is above the three phases of waking, dreaming, and sleeping, and yet he is the controller of these three states by keeping a Trishul with him.

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