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10 Kitty Tattoo Designs

Hello, Kitty is a cultural Japanese character established by Sanrio in 1974, a little white mark registered in 1976 by Hello Kitty (Neko). It has become so popular since and…

14 Increasable Fish Tattoo Designs

Fish monuments and memorials may be found going back thousands of years, making it a very old and historical emblem. Fish monuments and memorials have been found going back thousands…

14 Cartoon Tattoo Designs

Cartoon tattoos are typically an expression of fond childhood and adolescent recollections of seeing the unique cartoon artwork for the first time. For the person, the pieces serve as a…

14 Loving Semicolon Tattoo Design

With regards to syntax, a semicolon is utilized to consolidate two complete sentences that are connected. While a period connotes that two sentences are expressing various things, a semicolon is…