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20 Trees Tattoo Designs With Meaning

ByRandy Peterson

Aug 21, 2021

Trees are the most important element of nature as they play a vital role in producing most of the oxygen that living things need to sustain life on earth. That’s why people have great respect for trees. Tree tattoos are also very popular among nature-conscious and environmentalists.

Tree tattoos can symbolically convey a lot of meaning. In Egyptian culture, trees appear as symbols of life and death, especially in mythology. In Chinese mythology, the tree of life represents the spirit and resurrection and is also considered the home of the dragon and phoenix. In Celtic culture, trees are symbols of fertility because they bear fruit. The place where the Buddha attained enlightenment

Trees are the most important element of nature as they play a vital role in producing most of the oxygen that living things need to sustain life on earth. That’s why people have great respect for trees. Tree tattoos are also very popular among nature-conscious and environmentalists.

Tree tattoos can symbolically convey a lot of meaning. In Egyptian culture, trees appear as symbols of life and death, especially in mythology. In Chinese mythology, the tree of life represents the spirit and resurrection and is also considered the home of the dragon and phoenix. In Celtic culture, trees are symbols of fertility because they bear fruit. The place where the Buddha attained enlightenment was the six of the so-called Bodhi tree, so for Buddhists, the tree has a sacred meaning.

The Tree of Life, or the Tree of Life, has been used throughout history as a symbol of immortality and eternity in many cultures and mythology. According to shamanism belief, the sky is made up of seven floors, the birds in their branches represent the spirits of embarrassment waiting on these floors, and those that fly are the spirits of the dead. Tree of Life is one of the most preferred designs as a tree tattoo.

Getting a tattoo is a permanent decision, and you want to choose a design that is not only interesting to look at but also has a powerful meaning. It is not difficult to see why one would be drawn to tree tattoos as they symbolize longevity and endurance. There are many different variations and species of trees, each with its own unique symbol. For example, the tree of life is associated with eternity and wisdom, while the plant of Joshua is associated with resilience. This allows you to find something that represents the values ​​that are important to you. Placement also matters, and you want to get your chosen ink somewhere with room for enough detail, such as the chest or forearm. Alternatively, short and straight tree silhouettes make as much of a statement. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next run, look no further!

1.Tree life Tattoo


Tree of Life is one of the most preferred designs as a tree tattoo. Life, resistance, endurance, intelligence, strong family ties, commitment, loyalty, longevity, a new life. “Character is like a tree and fame is its shadow”

The Tree of Life is not only an intricate and visually exciting design, but it is also rich in symbolism. As the name suggests, this plant is associated with eternity, wisdom, and knowledge. It is believed that it represents the link between heaven and earth. The person who thinks about his death will be attracted to this expressive tattoo. When deciding on placement options, you’ll want to choose an area that has ample room for expansion.

Immortality and Rebirth: Trees of Life are symbols of rebirth as trees lose their leaves and appear dead during the winter, but then new buds appear and new, fresh leaves grow during the spring. It represents the beginning of a new life and a new beginning.

2.Family Tree Tattoo


If you value your loved one the most, why not get a tattoo of the family tree? It is a beautiful way to honor your nearest and dearest, both living and dead. It symbolizes strength, close bond, endurance, and love. What’s so great about this design is that no two are alike; You would create it using your ancestor’s name or atomic unit. These tattoos tend to be wide and elaborate, so be sure to choose an area on the body with enough room to do it justice.

Today a large number of people decorate permanent tattoos engraved on the skin using ink and needles. These tattoos come in different designs, shapes, and sizes; One of the most popular tattoo designs is the depiction of a tree with roots, branches, and foliage. The tree occurs in the natural environment and is often used as a symbol of life in most cultures. According to experts, trees are seen as long-lasting and resilient living objects as they can live for many years and have the strength to ward off storms and other elements. Trees also play an important medicinal and protective role as a treatment and habitat for various organisms. The components used for medicinal value include the root, bark, and leaves. In the context of tattoos, all the components of the trees have a different meaning.

3.Willow tree tattoo


A willow tree tattoo boasts of both symbolism and beauty. This tattoo can be adapted to almost any part of the body you choose; Bring the majestic beauty of the weeping willow tree into your body and take it with you wherever you go. Before you even sit in the chair, there are a variety of ideas to think about for this tattoo.

If you are looking for a way to honor a loved one, you might consider the willow tree. The plant is also known as weeping willow because when it rains, the water looks like tears. It is often associated with the memory of someone who has died. If you want to make your tattoo more personal you can include their name or death and birth dates. This will be a piece that is deeply meaningful and should be somewhere on your body where you can see it.

4.Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo


If you are looking for an amazing tattoo, then you will definitely love Cherry Blossom Tattoos. They are the biggest expression of sentiment out there. These are the types of tattoos that bring a sense of wisdom and peace. Who wouldn’t want that kind of tattoo expression?

These Japanese designs are extremely popular and there is a reason why they are totally awesome. You can get a big or small design; The sky is the limit for you because no matter what, it will look amazing.

Cherry blossom always gives a feeling of peace. The Asian style tattoo is really unique and it is one of a kind. You can’t help but love this tattoo. You can get a tattoo on its own or pair cherry blossoms with another tattoo for added charm.

Getting inked with a cherry blossom tree tattoo is a great way to honor the life and beauty around us. The pink color of the flowers makes it one of the most attractive plants, but it is much more than interesting to look at. Flowers mean different things to different cultures, but in Japan, it is a symbol of how fleeting our existence is because flowers don’t last long. In terms of placement, the piece lends itself well to large areas to allow for detail.

5.Bonsai Tree Tattoo


The tree has long been popular with many of them in power conditions, and the same qualities today make it an attractive choice for tattoo design.

Bonsai Tree Tattoos is a representative of a person whose strong beliefs are deeply rooted and stable, can change from external forces but in spite of any other factors, it can never break, looks beautiful. These designs can be quite colorful for something, while a black ink design is equally beautiful in its own way.

If you are looking for a tattoos design, which displays your ability to stand stall in the face of adversity, then the bonsai tree tattoo is an ideal body ink. This tree looks very good on the shoulders, chest, back, arms, and even fingers, and it can be used as grounding points for many people.

6.Aspen tree tattoo


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7.Evergreen Tattoo Design


Evergreen tattoos are symbolic because it is artistic. The tree is called evergreen because even if they are found in almost cold areas, its leaves are always green and the weather changes. … These tattoos are symbols of beauty, strength, knowledge, and eternal life.

Most trees change presence with the weather, but not evergreen trees. This is a special plant because it retains the leaves and its beautiful colors throughout the year. Keeping this in mind, it is not difficult to see why it has become a symbol of eternal life and longevity. These tattoos need to keep their full meaning in color, but you can be creative with your placement options.

8.Joshua Tree Tattoo


It is not difficult to see why anyone will be pulled tattoos because they are a symbol of longevity and endurance. … For example, the tree of life is linked to eternity and knowledge, while the Joshua plant is connected with flexibility

Joshua tree is a remarkable plant because it will consider how many people will consider uninstalled situations. Rigid, the brunt trees grow in the harsh desert season, and therefore it can be linked to flexibility. It is believed that there is also a religious union and it is believed that due to the size of the tree, Morman has been nominated by the settlers. It reminded them of the story of the Bible that Joshua to pray to increase his arms.

9.Oak Tree Tattoo Design


Trees are generally rich in symbolism. They insist on the importance of ways to keep life, family bonds, and patience. Oaktree is often associated with strength and connection. The deep roots of this plant remind us of how it is necessary to keep a strong foundation.

Oak Tree is the most recognized of all the trees, and for this, it has become one of the most popular concepts for tattoos. Apart from these trees made by Best Tattoo artists, they are actually some very unique organizations that appeal to many people.

If you are looking for a tattoo design that is powerful and helps remind you of your original values ​​and beliefs, then consider Oak Tree Tattoo. Here are some reasons why more and more people are turning their bodies with oak tree tattoos.

10.Pine Tree Tattoo Design


Pine Tree Tattoos is a unique type of tree tattoo that expresses the meaning of long life and is conducive to growth and customization. More specifically, Pine Tree tattoos are seen as a sign of peace, which allows the wearer to represent all the meanings of trees tattoos but focuses on a particularly peaceful statement which is a pine tree tattoo Painted.

If you want to get a pine tree tattoo, then there are some meanings that you can take from tattoos. You can also get tattoos just because you love how beautiful trees are. Surviving the tree, this earth is seen as the breathing institution which lasts for a long time. This may be a reason that you choose to receive a pine tree tattoo.

You can get tattoos to represent a person living a long life. You can get tattoos in hope that you will live a long life, or you can get tattoos as a representation for such a child whom you want to live a long life. Long life, just one reason that you may be interested in a pine tree tattoo.

11.Palm Tree Tattoo Design


Palm Tree Tattoos is a very popular option for those who look for tree tattoo design. … historically, the palm tree was a symbol of rebirth, immortality, and victory. Nowadays, palm trees became a symbol of hot weather places like tropical paradise and California or Florida.

Palm Tree Tattoos is a very popular choice for those who look for tree tattoo designs. Palm tattoos make an interesting tattoo design by yourself, or you can include them in more complex designs. Historically, palm trees were a symbol of rebirth, immortality, and victory. Nowadays, palm trees became a symbol of hot weather places like tropical paradise and California or Florida.

Based on the design of the palm tree, and the elements included in your tattoo may vary. We have already mentioned that palm trees are a symbol of tattoos immortality, but they can also symbolize eternity. Because of this, some people know it as a tree. You can portray your palm tree tattoos in many different ways. However, it usually acts as a symbol of peace. Losing yourself in everyday madness of your life is quite easy. This is the reason that you can use palm tree tattoos as reminding you to find time for peace.

12.Redwood Tree Tattoo


Redwood tree tattoo means longevity, forever, security, and continuously learning. When we think of trees, we think about your average maple or oak tree. We can also think about some fruit trees like Apple Trees and Lemon Trees. We can also think about cherry blossom in which there is a great deal of symbolicism in Asian cultures.

However, when I think of the Redwood tree, I think it is the king of all the trees. This monstrous diameter of a tree can average eight to twenty feet and can increase to about 400 feet. If someone is counting then it is longer than the idol of Liberty. These trees are amazing and very old. These trees are also very old and are only large in time.

With this history, it is no surprise that the Redwood Tree tattoo is a popular choice among enthusiasts. Some should be symbolic in some old and spectacular ways. Redwood tree tattoo means depending on whom you talk to but there are some symptoms that always start living.

13.Olive Tree Tattoo


Most people know that “to offer an olive branch” means to stop logic and bring peace, but there is something else for the olive branch tattoos. … Similarly, olive branch tattoos can also represent peace in many forms. If you want more peace throughout the world, then it is an excellent tattoo to get it.

They say that tattoos are artistic manifestations of a person’s lifeguard and personal story. This means that a tattoo is not ink in any of the skin without any reason. There is so much symbolism within a tattoo design and one of the most symbolic tattoo designs will be an olive branch tattoo.

There was a time in art trends when tattooed designs were cured on the design of the leaf. But now and now, olive branch tattoos are still the main base as a tattoo design because it is a great metaphor for many things. In this article, we will break it.

14.Tree Branch Tattoo


Tree tattoos; Generally; Life, resistance, stamina, knowledge, strong family relationship, commitment, loyalty, longevity, which means a new life. Tree tattoos “The character is like a tree and fame is its shadow. The art of tattoos is considered a tree from n most popular tattoos. Of course, no tree shows because it is very beautiful. But in fact, there is a deep meaning and comprehensive history of a tree signal.

In the first place, the value of the tree tattoos refers to the image of the plant and represents the knowledge of nature, development, and development. Even in the symbol tree, it means living life in the world. Branches represent those ideas and ideas that express our ancestors and roots are symbols of the dead and the souls of later life. The history of this symbol is the date of ancient mythology.

Legends are often written that trees – this is a living, it can communicate with other plants and trees, and is concerned with the gods. In Celtic mythology, it is the tree’s soul and gives food, heat, and shelter to animals and birds. They have such an image because the underlying branches or roots are symbolizing the close relationship of the conscious and unconscious world. Such ideas can still be found in Celtic Pattern.

15.Tree Silhouette Tattoo


Your tattoo can represent nature or peace. This is a great option for someone who likes simple designs in black ink.

Tree tattoos can be deeply meaningful because the tree is a symbol of many different things in life. The tree represents longevity and endurance because Flora is in-depth and is working continuously to grow and grow. They can also be a symbol of strength because trees do dozens and sometimes hundreds of years. The trees are also elements of creation because they can provide things like apples, oranges, and olive.

The trees have also been asked to represent Androgyne and self-balance, because the branches and light leaves are a symbol of femininity, while the heavy trunk represents masculinity. Various types of trees can also be symbolic. Oak, for example, is an image of power and courage, while the palm trees represent peace and light. For some, the trees are also naturally religious and are a part of the construction: In the Bible, the tree of knowledge is in Eden’s garden and represents knowledge and temptation.

16.Birch Tree Tattoo


People with Bite Tree Tattoos have to represent their cruelty and the ability to bounce back. Because it was one of the first trees that grow again, it shows how durable and flexible this tree is. Tree tattoos are the most popular tattoos design and this article helps you find your unique and correct meaningful tree tattoo design. The trees are strong and long run, which makes them a symbol of life, strength, and compatibility and plays an important role in our daily life.

They protect the organisms like those creatures who live in their branches and passengers who relax in their colors and fruits, vegetables, medicines, and wood are also used in building homes. Some trees in many cultures are related to God and worshiped by people. Treatment is also known as an air purifier, they take carbon dioxide and leave oxygen which leaves animals and we all need to survive which makes it a symbol of life.


Each part of the tree is very useful in our lives, the roots of the tree are helpful in preventing soil erosion and increase soil fertility. Those who appreciate nature and love the environment, choose such tattoos designs to represent their emotions towards trees. These tattoos come in large varieties and different sizes where small size tattoos can be placed on the hand, wrist, finger, ankle, and neck, while lowering large size tattoos, sleeves, shoulders, feet, thigh, and chest. Can.

The tree is a symbol of life, protection, development, security, knowledge, spirituality, and strength. The most popular tree tattoo designs are life, palm trees, oak trees, pine trees, and cherry blooming tree trees. You can keep trees tattoos on part of anybody.

17.Dead Tree Tattoo


The symbol of the dead tree may stand for death or there is no time to avoid it. This can be a reminder to live life as if it was our last or it can be a deeper meaning for them. On the other hand, dead tree tattoos can represent a type of rebirth. For a rebirth, a must die.

dead tree tattoo is that which can be slightly different by you. Most time you will see tree tattoos as a tree blooming with leaves and flowers. A sign of life and a new beginning. When you see a dead tree tattoo, you would wonder why anyone will get this.

On the basis of what you ask, it can be a positive symbol or a deep one. With any tattoo, this means that the person is fixed. In this article, we are going to some sense of dead tree tattoos with some examples of tattoos and how the dead trees have been painted in tattoos.

On the dead tree, comparing the bare branches of the dead tree are made from the arms of this dead structure. They reach upwards and crooked for the unknown. While watching a family tree, people are shown by branches. In this case, the tree represents a family and the branches make the family.

18.Simple Tree Tattoo


For unique representations, which reach new heights, simple tree tattoos are definitely worth considering. They are a popular first choice for supporters of nature and environmental protection, and they are definitely an important element on Earth due to their ability to provide oxygen for all living beings.

People are often looking for unique ways to give good messages. Tattoos have long-term effects and therefore many global warming enthusiasts use this strategy to send a message of wildlife and nature conservation.

This is the reason that tree tattoos are becoming popular recently. To send a positive message you definitely require a good tree tattoo design.

19.Tree Forearm Tattoo


The meaning of tree tattoo has been loaded by people of the whole history and sacred sense. … life tree, or life tree, all history has been used in the form of immortal and eternity symbols in many cultures and mythology in full history.

Cell tree tattoos, roots, and branches can be coordinated in any direction. For broad poise, these classic samples can be kept against an enthusiastic atmospheric background. This scenario can provide adequate customization for unlimited personal importance. Many fashionable fellows incorporate their own declared spirit animals. In this regard, there are so many crows and creatures.

A lot of forum tree tattoos start with the same plant, but they gradually expand in a serviced forest with repeated travel in the parlor. With time the ability to slowly add the herd makes these insights a magnificent economic. He can be tied to his artwork directly into his fashion sense, which was sprouted to the plant.

20.Small Tree Tattoo


It is not difficult to see why anyone will be pulled tattoos because they are a symbol of longevity and endurance. … For example, the tree of life is linked to eternity and knowledge, while Joshua’s plant is connected with flexibility.

The tree is known as the last symbol for majestic beauty and permanent power over time. They make a serious and prestigious option for a small tattoo design. Since the beginning of the recorded history, trees are considered the natural world’s most bright and beautiful members.

The trees are essential providers of our existence, that’s the most basic element of oxygen. Without trees, we will not just exist. In various traditions, different types of trees have different spiritual meanings. For example, the Apple tree represents abundance, while ashes represent sacrifice.



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