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20 Beautiful Couple Tattoo Design

ByRandy Peterson

Sep 12, 2021

For anybody, falling in love is a unique experience. It’s an unforgettable experience that many individuals will remember for the rest of their lives. It’s like the first time you smell a flower or the rush of adrenaline you get when you see your loved one. One of the most amazing experiences we may have in our lives is falling in love. It’s a life-changing experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Being in love with someone makes you feel like you’re floating on cloud nine as if you’re someone special to them. When you’re in love, it’s natural to want to announce it to the world, and many couples consider getting matching tattoos to do so. Why wouldn’t you want to do that? It’s really romantic and a lovely way to express your love for each other. It’s a beautiful display of love that can bring you and your partner closer together. Why not keep a continual reminder of your love for each other on your person?

A couple of tattoos that match are a terrific way to show your love for one another. You can flaunt your love for each other by getting a tattoo that is solely about the two of you. Consider how you’ll feel every time you see your tattoo; it’ll only add to your passion for it.

Tattoos are getting increasingly trendy and tolerated these days. Even small children anticipate the day when they will be able to wear something that expresses their unique personality. For all those romantics out there, there are a plethora of tattoo designs that may be both romantic and entertaining. It binds the two of you together as a modest promise that you will spend the rest of your lives together. They will strengthen your love and your relationship. You will be reminded of your affection every time you look at the tattoo.

The most aesthetically pleasing tattoos are usually symmetrical. The best tattoos are always the simplest; you don’t have to get a large tattoo to express your love. Keep things simple and understated. Choose a tattoo that has a special meaning for you and your partner. There are a variety of ways to express your undying love for your mate, and matching tattoos is a common choice. Getting tattooed together is a terrific way to bond. When you choose a design jointly, you can show off your creative side. A couple’s tattoo, moreover, makes a bold statement about your relationship and informs the world how important your other half is to you. Continue reading to learn about all of the creative couples’ tattoo ideas that will help you choose the right piece of art for you and your partner.

You are invited to skip on to a couple of tattoo designs if you have already made up your mind. If you’re still on the fence about having matching tattoos with your significant other, here are five things to keep in mind:

A couple of tattoos aren’t going to save your relationship. If you’re thinking about being tattooed to rescue a relationship, you’ll probably regret it. Choose tattoo designs that are meaningful to you. The tattoo will remain meaningful to you even if you break up with your partner or girlfriend.

Getting partner tattoos is a tradition in many relationships. As a result, be sure you’re both ready to carry it for the rest of your lives. Name tattoos are thought to bring good fortune to a partnership. So, if at all possible, stay away from them. Go for it if you think of tattoos as a timeline of your life, and the person you tattoo with is an important part of that timeline.

1. Lock & Key Tattoo Design

A lock and key connote a secret, something that should be kept concealed, but the solution is right in front of you. This is an excellent lock and key tattoo to get if you want to indicate that you’re the kind of person who others can confide in since you’ll never tell their secrets no matter how much pressure you’re under.


Furthermore, the lock and key symbolize security, whether it is for the individual’s own safety or for the safety of something he or she values. When people employ either of these interpretations, they may obscure part of the key or even leave the key out of the image, leaving only the lock visible. This demonstrates that whatever they are guarding cannot be reached without first passing through them.

The inseparability of the two is underlined when depicted on two separate people, one receiving the lock and the other the key. Without the other, one is practically meaningless, and only when they are joined together do they become useful. It’s customary for a woman to obtain the lock and a guy to get the key in romantic partnerships, establishing an intimate motif between the two figures.

Birds are occasionally shown in these tattoos, usually in flight. The picture of two birds, one holding the lock and the other the key, conjures up a dualistic vision. This is a great message for individuals who want to show off their layers but don’t want to go with the more traditional yin and tang tattoo.

Ribbons and flowers are sometimes used to feminize lock and key tattoos, yet they are also commonly employed in classic style designs, which aren’t always feminine. Ribbons and flowers, in addition to being attractive design elements, have additional meanings that you can incorporate into your tattoo. Flowers, in particular, have thousands of meanings, so carefully select the ones you want to include to ensure that you include the ones that make the most sense to you.

2. Cartoon Tattoo Design

Tattoos with cartoon characters have been popular for a long time, and they never seem to go out of style. Some folks can’t help but feel youthful at heart and desire to adorn themselves with their favorite cartoon character. Cartoon characters are tattooed on more people’s bodies than almost anything else.


Marc Jacobs, the fashion designer, has a Sponge Bob tattoo. During spring break, many people acquire weird tattoos that resemble Disney characters. Any Disney tattoo is highly popular these days, and it is one of the most popular cartoon tattoos to acquire.

Getting a cartoon tattoo is a fun way to show your youth, regardless of your age. It’s all about having a good time in cartoons. They transport you back to a period when the most pressing concern was deciding which cereal to eat. They instill positive feelings in children, in addition to the numerous intellectual and moral lessons we all received.

As we grow older and enter adulthood, we tend to lose the sense of wonder and innocence that we had as children. Cartoon tattoos are a terrific reminder that even as adults, we can still be kids at heart.

4. Cross Tattoo Design

Cross tattoos can be a symbol of your faith or commitment to a religion. The cross is a major symbol in Christianity since it is where Jesus died to save humanity. Similarly, a cross tattoo might represent Jesus’ unconditional love and sacrifice for the human species.


Cross tattoos can be a symbol of your faith or commitment to a religion. The cross is a major symbol in Christianity since it is where Jesus died to save humanity. Similarly, a cross tattoo might represent Jesus’ unconditional love and sacrifice for the human species. However, because crosses are commonly used in after-death rituals such as burial, they can also be used to pay tribute or memorialize a departed loved one.

A black cross has no specific value in and of itself, and the color choice is frequently just aesthetic. While black crosses are linked with various personalities and organizations, the styles of these crosses varied. Unless you order one of these crosses specifically, the use of black is simply a personal preference. It can assist in the creation of a bold design with strong lines that stands out.

5. Bleeding Strawberries Tattoo Design 

Strawberry tattoos are a great option if you’re seeking a unique and creative tattoo design with a lot of different tasty meanings. The strawberry has been associated with a variety of meanings for different civilizations over time, ranging from abundance to life, passion, and virtue.


This tattoo is incredibly attractive and reflects the bearer’s energetic and high-spirited attitude. The vines express wildness and vigor while maintaining an underlying innocence. Overall, it’s a good choice for a tattoo. This double strawberry tattoo, which means “love proclamation” or “love confession,” is a lovely love-themed tattoo.

This is an excellent tattoo design for couples; both partners can have it tattooed on their bodies as a symbol of their love and affection. This choice will earn you positive feedback This is a unique tattoo since it has two strawberries that appear to be bleeding. But it’s possible that’s the tattoo you’re looking for.

The significance of the strawberry tattoos alters dramatically when they are placed on the wrist. Being an intimate area of the body, having inked here will undoubtedly draw attention to a persona. Because the strawberry is associated with the Goddess of Love, Venus, wearing a strawberry in the shape of a heart on the wrist represents passion and hope.

Another reason the strawberry tattoos are placed on the wrist is that there is where the radial artery travels, and from there you may detect a person’s heartbeat. So whether you get a strawberry tat to signify virtue, abundance, or hope because you’re looking for your soul mate, have a flair for the passionate side of life, or want it to represent virtue, abundance, or hope, you’re right.

This is one of those tattoo designs that may be kept close to the chest and revealed only to the right person at the right time while covering a wide range of meanings.

6. Matching Tattoo Design

In experimental research, matched group design (also known as matched subjects design) is used to examine multiple experimental circumstances while controlling for individual differences by pairing similar subjects or groups together.


Matching tattoos are quite popular since they demonstrate family and partner unity. Family members might get matching tattoos in the same place on their bodies. They’re an excellent technique to demonstrate unit and royalty. As a manner of showing sides, most groups like to have matching tattoos. Matching tattoos are fantastic since they usually have meaning for the individuals who have them. It’s almost as if it’s a means of reminding couples or families of what they have in common.

Most of the time, people find a match for the minor things they share and enjoy. If you both enjoy fishing, for example, you can have a matching tattoo of fish in the same sport on the same part of your body. This is a method of having something you both enjoy and share on the same part of your body. Matching tattoos are a terrific way to remind yourself of the value of your relationship with your partner.

Couple tattoos that match offer the ultimate commitment by commemorating your relationship on your flesh. Marriage tattoos are lovely mementos that come in a variety of styles. The best tattoo designs depict an aspect of your life together, from symbols to phrases, amusing inside jokes, sweet sayings, family names, shapes, hearts, and tribal designs. It works for partners who are both similar and dissimilar, as long as you can both agree on a piece of art that you want to keep for the rest of your lives.

7.Four Leaf Tattoo Design

The four-leaf clover is commonly recognized as a sign of good fortune. As a result, many people consider the four-leaf clover tattoo to be a symbol of good fortune and… With matching clover tattoos, these pair took being Irish to a whole new level. It represents both their heritage and their affection for one another.


When you were a youngster, you might come across a patch of clovers and pray to the gods above that you discover a four-leaf clover since it was considered lucky. That adorable tiny clover was exactly what you needed to brighten your day. It meant you earned and were due for some good fortune. When you think about it, where did the four-leaf clover get its reputation for being lucky to come from? One of the reasons we’re sitting here today, and you’re reading this, is because of this.

The four-leaf clover has long been associated with good fortune and the Irish, but we knew this as children. We were never told why things were the way they were. The luck is true for those who believe it. We don’t all get the chance to find a four-leaf clover, but when we do, we treasure it. If you can’t find one, another option is to get a four-leaf clover tattoo. You’ll never have to look for it again, and you’ll be able to draw into your body’s good fortune.

In this post, we’ll discuss the four-leaf clover and the legend around it. We’ll discuss how it came to have the symbolism it has, as well as why individuals get it tattooed on their bodies. We’ll also discuss different types of four-leaf clovers and what they imply to people who do things differently. By the conclusion of this, you should have a better understanding of the tattoo’s meaning, and you might even want to get your own.

8. Anchor Tattoo Design 

Stability, tranquility, strength, resolve, and passion are all common meanings for anchor tattoos. Other symbols or letters commonly used with anchors include flowers, infinity, swallows, compasses, ropes, and wheels.

Sailors are known for their anchor tattoos. The anchor, on the other hand, was employed as a veiled emblem of Christianity in ancient times. The anchor emblem was employed by Christians to evade persecution by the Romans. In general, the anchor symbolizes hope, salvation, tranquility, and constancy.


Anchor tattoos are becoming more popular due to their classic aesthetic, and they have long been a favorite picture of those who work or live near the water. They’re no longer just for sailors and Popeye; they’ve also become popular designs for ladies, with a variety of customizing options that can add layers of meaning to the design.

Honoring a loved one’s, family’s, tribe’s, or community’s relationship The ocean is a personal connection to the water element. Putting one’s essence down on this planet

While the anchor has long been associated with the sea for sailors, it has recently become a significant design for religious missions and trauma patients, as the anchor denotes endurance and fortitude. An anchor tattoo can become even more meaningful to the bearer when it is combined with the name of a loved one. Many individuals use it to honor a parent, while others use it to remember someone who has passed away.

9. The Color Circle Tattoo Design 

The fad of tattooing diverse designs and quotes on our bodies has progressively grown in popularity. People are tattooing symbols on their bodies that allow them to freely express themselves. According to a study, people with tumultuous pasts are given body tags that mirror the incident from their past, allowing them to move on with their lives.


Aside from that, tattoos allow a person to express themselves without using words. An HIV sufferer, for example, may use a biohazard tattoo to depict an image of their genuine identity so that they do not have to express or declare their true identity to people through words.

The circle tattoo represents deep ideals like perfection, fullness, and totality. The connotation is derived from the idea that a circle goes all the way around to connect with itself; it completes the journey it is currently on.

The shape is well-known to everyone. However, few of you may be aware of what the circle represents or how it came to hold such significance in people’s minds. To begin with, the shape is well-known and often used. In religions, the arts, and spirituality, it has a special meaning.

11. Engagement Rings Tattoo Design

The engagement ring symbolizes loyalty and commitment to the valued spouse, as well as the promise of marriage. The ring’s design hints at its meaning: it’s circular, with no beginning or end, and has thus become a worldwide symbol of eternal love and faithfulness, perfection, and infinity.


Wedding band tattoos are true emblems of love and lifelong devotion and are virtually exclusively done on the left ring finger of the hand. While this is also true of actual wedding rings, tattoo versions of the rings provide people with a fresh opportunity to express their love and their willingness to demonstrate it through ink.

The universal symbol of marriage has been dubbed the index finger because of its direct relationship to the heart. As a result, an image or design placed on this finger is extremely personal and represents a lifelong commitment to someone. If you see someone with a wedding band tattoo, you can bet there’s another person with an identical design on their ring finger.

Wedding band tattoos can be obtained by anyone, however, the majority of those who get them are either married or planning to marry in the near future. Prior to the legalization of homosexual marriage in various nations and states, gay partners would sometimes acquire wedding band tattoos to symbolize that they intended to be together forever. The truth is that even if they are not married, anyone can have a wedding band tattoo with the person they love.

Wedding ring tattoos of any kind are popular among those who want to add an added element of permanence to their tattoos. Physical rings can be misplaced, but inked-on rings will remain in place no matter what you do. In fact, some people dislike having to spend so much money on rings to express their love for one another, so they choose for wedding ring tattoos instead. In either case, getting a wedding band tattoo shows that you and your partner are confident in your partnership for the rest of your lives.

12. A Relationship Tattoo Design

It’s one thing to fall in love, but it’s quite another to appreciate that “Mrs.” in front of your name, isn’t it? Why shouldn’t it be? You’ve overcome numerous obstacles to earn your love! So, how about displaying your affection for Cute Mr. and Mrs. Tattoos for Perfect Couples? Your love for your husband will inspire your lovely tiny infants to know how to love truly.


When a girl finally finds her king, she inherits a crown, which gives her the perfect excuse to ink the crown. Another reason to acquire this Cute Mr. and Mrs. Tattoos for Perfect Couples is that love is a once-in-a-lifetime miracle. This matching idea is usually inked on the palm or anywhere below the elbow by tattoo fans.

The ever-loved Disney universe, with its great characters such as Mickey-Minnie and Pluto-Fifi, is another delightful inspiration for genuine love. Adding bows and stars, as well as a smattering of colorful inks, will make this tattoo design for a couple even more enjoyable.

13. Hatred and Love Tattoo Design

The first love/hate tattoos appeared on the knuckles of a lunatic preacher who used his good vs evil nonsense to justify murdering widows for money. Although not the most romantic of tattoo designs, it may be just what you’re seeking if your love is intense. These words of love will always have you perfectly suited together.


The concepts of love and hate are similar to the concepts of good and evil. It is man’s duality that is depicted. Because love is as far left as you can go and hate is as far right as you can go, there should be a balance between the two emotions. There’s a lot in the middle that could help you balance the two emotions. If you have a personality or a relationship that is just one way, a love-hate tattoo could be the perfect way to show it. This will demonstrate to the rest of the world that you are a person who is capable of expressing both positive and negative emotions.

The knuckles of the fingers are a typical location for a love-hate tattoo. On the one hand, each letter of the alphabet is tattooed on the knuckle, while the word hate is inked on the other. When the fist is clinched or the palms are down, the knuckle tattoos provide exposure. The area of the tattoo on the knuckles may not be suitable for everyone, as the tattoos are difficult to conceal at a social function or at work.

14. A Different Language Tattoo Design

Tattoos represent self-expression, which can take on literal meaning through the use of words or phrases. There are many ways to express yourself through tattooed words, including using a different language, even if it is a dead one.



According to studies, there are between 3,000 and 6,000 languages spoken around the world. All of these languages take various forms, ranging from symbols to words that are very similar to those found in the English language. While it is impossible to cover every language, there are a few common languages that English speakers may find interesting.

Spanish is a Romance language that originated several thousand years ago and has millions of speakers and a rich cultural background. Spanish word tattoos can be found all over the world, but here are a few examples:

Vivir is a Spanish word that means “to live.”
Confesa en tu corazón – Have faith in your heart
Invincible – Unfading
Serendipity – Coincidence
Familia – Family – Whatever happens, happens Familia – Whatever happens, happens Familia – Whatever happens, happens Familia – Whatever happens, happens Familia
Vive Rie Ama means “live, laugh, and love.”

15. Birds made from origami Tattoo Design

Origami Tattoos are equally popular among men and women, but their sizes and shapes differ between the sexes. Men prefer engineered animals Origami tattoos, while women prefer flowers, birds, and animals. When done correctly, these tattoos add extra details and meaning to this art form.


Origami Tattoos are mostly done with black paint, which emphasizes the forms’ conciseness and severity. Different Origami Tattoos are known to have different meanings, but Origami Bird Tattoos are known to be the symbol of peace, happiness, and recovery in Japanese culture.

The same origami bird tattoo is considered a symbol of long life and purity in Chinese and Korean culture. Furthermore, in ancient Greece and Rome, origami cranes were thought to be a symbol of joy and love.

Origami birds are carved with various combinations, dimensions, and drawings, as well as complex backgrounds, peonies, or compositions. They are adorned on the hip, arm, neck, shoulder, and back, and you can try them as well by looking at our best picks of 65 Origami Bird tattoos from around the world.

Here are some of the best bird tattoos. Because of their ability to fly, birds have always captivated humans. Bird tattoos have been around since the beginning of time. There are thousands of bird species, all of which have positive meanings and representations. Eagles, sparrows, swallows, ravens, crows, owls, hummingbirds, and many others are among the most common. The phoenix, which represents beauty, grace, longevity, rebirth, power, and strength, is another mythical bird that is popular in tattoos.

16. Heart Tattoo Design

These designs demonstrate that you and your partners are the king and queen of each other’s hearts. This couple tattoo represents both masculine and feminine traits, indicating that you have distinct roles – but that you complement each other perfectly.


Why not add a royal touch to your body art? These designs demonstrate that you and your partners are the king and queen of each other’s hearts. This couple tattoo represents both masculine and feminine traits, indicating that you have distinct roles – but that you complement each other perfectly. Getting king and queen tattoos can also be a fun way to show that you and your partner are “co-ruling” your lives as equals and partners.

Some of the most well-known couple tattoos include the word “love” and heart symbols. It’s all about wearing your heart on your sleeve – sometimes literally – for the romantic, sentimental types. These tattoos are impossible to misinterpret, and they make a simple, bold statement about what is most important in life. There’s a reason why love tattoos have lasted so long and why people continue to get them: they’re simple, powerful, and iconic.

17. Heartbeat Tattoo Design

The heart is an image that everyone can relate to. This image, like most things associated with the heart, contains a lot of symbolism. The heartbeat is one of these things. The heartbeat is a representation of life. You don’t live unless you have a heartbeat. It is a symbol that indicates that you are alive and has a lot more meaning behind it.


The rigid and zigzagging horizontal line of a heartbeat, as seen on a heart monitoring machine, is frequently used as an expression of love for oneself or others. Because it has its own rounded peaks, the heartbeat line is frequently designed with a heart shape introduced in between the ups and downs and blends well into the image. Because of the rounded shape, this blends in with the heartbeat but also adds contrast to the design. The script can also be added to indicate exactly what is dear to the individual’s heart.

Other imagery, such as crosses, stars, wings, music notes, paw prints, or any other small and simple shape, is added in addition or instead to add clarity. This design is frequently used as a tribute to a loved one or as a memorial for a loved one who has passed away. Dates and/or names are included in this case.

Many people regard a heartbeat tattoo as a symbol of new life. If your heart is still beating, you have the opportunity to change your path and begin again. The heartbeat line can represent power, strength, endurance, love, passion, and the ability to keep moving forward even when everything in the world is against you.

The heartbeat tattoo can also represent the passage of time and the fact that time is running out for some. Having said that, the heartbeat tattoo is a reminder to live life to the fullest. It reminds you to appreciate the small things in life and to enjoy the time you have right now. Time is passing us by, and this is true for everyone on the planet. We only get older, and it’s easy to get caught up in the mundane aspects of life. This tattoo can serve as a reminder not to let society keep you in a rut. We must always be in the moment and appreciate what we have. Take chances and risks.

18. Diamond Tattoo Design

This is one of those tattoos that are symbolic of your own beliefs; it represents whatever you want it to represent. Here are some common diamond tattoo meanings: Invincible, Strong, Purity, Longevity, Love, Everlasting, Forever, Faithfulness, Power, Beauty, Glamorous, Luxurious, Wealth, Integrity Kellie Haney is a woman. There are 48 followers.


Diamond tattoos are extremely popular. They are regarded as a popular tattoo design and are worn by both men and women. A diamond tattoo can be found alone or in combination with other tattoo symbols. Diamond tattoo designs are among the most popular in the world.

A diamond can be a standalone tattoo or it can be incorporated into a variety of other symbols and elements. Its shape lends itself well to both large and small-scale tattoos.

In this article, we will look at diamond tattoo designs (with lots of photos) and talk about their possible meanings. We hope you find plenty of ideas and inspiration for your next project.

19. Sun & Moon Tattoo Design

The sun and moon symbolize the universal belief and representation of the unification of opposites when merged into a design Sun and moon tattoos represent a basic life principle: where it is good, there will also be bad. They symbolize the duality of human nature – everyone has a dark and a bright side. Now that you understand the meaning behind the imagery, it’s time for some inspiration.


Check out the image gallery below to see if you can find a tattoo that will inspire your own ink piece. As with any tattoo, it is critical to select the style, design, and location that are appropriate for you. And, of course, the right artist to bring your vision to life on the skin. Throughout human history, the sun and moon have been the subject of visual arts, literature, poetry, and countless other forms of expression.

The moon is the natural counterpart of the sun like many other natural people – day and night, darkness and light, man and woman. The sun and moon, when combined in a design, represent a universal belief and expression of the merging of opposites. Almost everywhere in the world, the sun is a masculine figure who represents strength and power. The moon, on the other hand, is considered a feminine figure and represents calmness and stability. Sun and moon tattoos represent a basic life principle: where it is good, there will also be bad.

They symbolize the duality of human nature – everyone has a dark and a bright side. Everyone has good and bad days in life, just like the sun and moon, day and night. No one can live this life without encountering both good and bad experiences that shape his or her personality.

Sun and moon tattoos also represent unity in diversity and, in some cases, sexual and spiritual union between a man and a woman. They are a symbol of love and are frequently chosen by couples. After all, the sun and moon have been in love since the beginning of time. These celestial symbols, when combined, represent the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The circle, one of the most basic yet powerful symbols, is a representation of the universe in its most basic form.

20. A Message of Love Tattoo Design

One thing that almost everyone can agree on when it comes to the One Love tattoo is that it depicts love in some form. It could indicate that the person who has the tattoo has a particular love in their lives, or it could represent everyone and/or everything that they are passionate about.


It is common for people to obtain One Love tattoos in order to signify the popular proverb, “One heart, one love,” which is a means of indicating that because you have a single heart, you can only love one other person. Using this method, you can demonstrate to a significant someone in your life that you are grateful for their presence. You can opt to have only the words “One Love” tattooed on your body, or you can have the entire sentence tattooed on your body if you want the meaning to be a little clearer.

An additional unique meaning attributed to the One Love tattoo is “goodbye,” which is quite cool considering there aren’t too many other tattoos that can symbolize the word “goodbye” in a variety of ways. Incorporate the phrase “One Love” into a memorial tattoo to convey the message that you will “see them later” rather than saying farewell for all time. This meaning will not be immediately obvious to those who are not familiar with the alternate meaning, but for some people, this may be a positive thing.


There are dozens of different ways you may customize your One Love tattoo to make it uniquely yours, which is one of the most appealing aspects of this tattoo. Even if you aren’t the most imaginative person on the planet, you shouldn’t have any trouble identifying a style that you enjoy and incorporating it into a new tattoo design. If you do decide to seek some assistance during the design process, the majority of tattoo artists would be delighted to do so, especially since this is a basic text tattoo and they will not have to spend a great deal of time doing the actual design work.

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