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19 Cute Letter tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 28, 2022

One of the simplest and trendiest tattoos is a letter tattoo. A single letter can be used to symbolize a person’s name, an organization, or a personal connection. It’s possible to incorporate more than one letter into your tattoo design.

The typeface is the most intriguing component of letter tattoos. These tattoos are rather straightforward, but a distinctive typeface may completely transform the design and make it instantly recognizable.

Choosing the right font type is critical if you intend to have one of these tattoos. Your letter tattoo can be presented in a variety of ways, all you need is a little inspiration and originality. To choose a nice design, you must first determine why you want a specific letter tatted.

You can reach a level of simplicity in your tattoo that most tattoos don’t have by using letter tattoos. The initials of your name, for example, can be tattooed on your body in a simple and meaningful way.

Take a few minutes to browse through this article to find the proper inspiration for your letter tattoo design. Some of the hottest letter tattoo designs, meanings, and placement ideas can be found right here.

It is possible to express yourself through letter tattoos because they allow you to design your meaning. However, the significance of your tat depends entirely on the letter or letters you select. If you want to get a letter tattoo, you don’t have to stick with just one letter in your design.

You can make it more clear what your tattoo implies by including your full name in it. Mystery and intrigue are two of the most common meanings conveyed by alphabet tattoos. There isn’t much to say about letter tattoos. This is why these tattoos are so incredible!

For those who like to keep their personal lives private, a letter tattoo is a great option. Your letter tattoo signifies nothing unless you explain it to the person who sees it. Is it the name of a person? Is it a phrase or a word? As a result, they will be left wondering, which is one of the tattoo’s greatest advantages.

The fact that you’re having a letter tattoo of a person’s name that demonstrates your affection for them is a sign of your devotion. As a gesture of love and appreciation, these tattoos deepen your bond with that person.

1. Royal Letter


Try this royal letter tattoo for your next letter tattoo to add a touch of royalty to your design. Any letter in a curved font tatted in black qualifies as this tattoo. A black inked crown with an antique feel appears on top of the letter.

Colored ink can be added to the crown to emphasize the crown’s jewels. Having your initials as a tattoo can make you feel regal and powerful. If you or your family’s name begins with a letter, it could signify your family’s royal heritage.

You need to think about where to place this type of tattoo so that it looks intriguing and meaningful. Decide whether or not you wish to show off your tattoo to others. You can then choose the best location based on your preferences. Choosing a tattoo from the list below is the best approach to ensure that the placement is correct. Once you’ve decided on a design, you can decide where to display it in your home.

2. D & S Letters 



This double letter tattoo is a great way to include two letters into your design. Any two letters can be linked together in black ink, with a unique typeface, to create this tattoo design. Enhance this tattoo by adding more components, such as a splash of color.

First and last names, or those of people who are very near to your heart, could be represented by the two letters in your name. Couples’ double letter tattoos are extremely frequent, and they look much more lovely when embellished with romantic symbols such as hearts, infinity signs, and kisses.

Tattooing letters on smaller parts of the body is more common, thus it’s fine to link them on parts of the body where they may be seen easily.

3. Letter ‘I’ infinity

Infinity letter tattoos are also an excellent option for adding significance to your tattoo. An infinity symbol and a black-inked letter are part of this tattoo. Including the first letter of someone’s name as an additional letter to indicate your unending love for them is an option.

One of the most popular tattoo symbols, the infinity sign is suitable for any design. Your letter tattoo will look even better with this embellishment, which symbolizes enduring love.

No matter what font you choose for your letter tattoo, you won’t always get a modest design. On your chest, stomach, ribs back, thigh, or leg you can get them. A letter tattoo’s final location is totally up to you, as is the size and design of the tattoo itself.

4. Name letters


Letter tattoos are more than simply a single letter; they often include a variety of motifs. Like this name letter tattoo, you can obtain a variety of designs. In black ink, a script typeface is used to tattoo the wearer’s name. As a bonus, the script font adds a level of sophistication and meaning to the tattoo, depending on who’s the name you’re inking.

To honor or pay homage to a special person in your life, you can get their name inked on your body as a tribute or as an addition to your own. On your wrist or near your collar bone, you can best display this tattoo for a more modest effect.

5. Floral Watercolor Letter


It’s a lovely way to incorporate the lettering technique into a piece of art. Pink and green watercolor lilies are tattooed on the lily’s stem, which is inked in black with a distinctive script. Even only a single letter can be tatted on the stem.

It’s hard not to feel feminine when you have a tattoo like this with a watercolor flower in it. It’s completely up to you how much of a watercolor appearance you want the letters to have.

6. 3D Letter


It’s also possible to have this 3D letter tattoo, which gives a fantastic 3D appearance to your design. In a 3D font with bold lettering, this tattoo includes the letters you pick to get inked. In addition to the 3D effect, you may choose from a wide range of styles. You can get a single letter or an entire phrase like “Hakuna Matata” tattooed on your body. To make the 3D effect stand out even more, use colored ink.

The initials of a significant person or celebrity who has influenced you over the year could potentially be incorporated into your letter tattoo. With letter tattoos, you may get an entire word or even a quote tattooed on your body. Letter tattoos can be used for a variety of purposes, so long as you have the correct font and design, which can be found below.

7. Heart Shaped Letter


This heart-shaped letter tattoo is perfect if you’re looking for a more romantic aesthetic. Heart-shaped ink tattoos with a few words tatted into the shape of an outlined heart are included in this collection.

Add a few love-related names or phrases to make the heart appear smaller. Another great option is to include the initials of everyone you admire and adore. An interesting idea if you’re looking for something new and different to try.

8.  Sanskrit Letters


If you want to make a statement with your tattoo, consider getting it in Sanskrit letters. While it’s exciting to have a tattoo in multiple languages, it also gives your design a deeper significance by illustrating your multilingualism. There are a few Sanskrit words and cultural symbols tatted into this tattoo. Seeing these letters in a new language is what makes them beautiful in and of themselves.

You can use whatever language you are comfortable or familiar with. Tattoos are a form of art in and of themselves. A single letter of your name or the name of a loved one could be tattooed on your body using this design.

9.  Roman numerals letter


Try out these Roman numerals letter tattoos and see what you can come up with. Black ink with roman numerals and letters is used to tattoo your date of birth. If done in bold black text, this can lead to very unique and stylish tattoos. You can get a single letter tattooed, or you can get the entire name of a person tattooed. Both sexes might benefit from this tattoo, which would help them make a strong fashion statement.

10. Letter “Once Upon a Time”


Give your tattoo some personality by inking this letter from the past. A black and grey inked castle forms the centerpiece of this tattoo. It’s possible to tat the first letter of someone’s name, in a bold, vintage font, underneath that. It’s the perfect letter tattoo touch that the tattoo artist has added with additional effects.

A single letter or a whole name can be added to your profile. Your name and tattoo take on a whole new level of imagination because of the storybook setting. Such a tattoo would look fantastic on your arms or legs, but it would necessitate more skin surface area.

11. Letter F in Feathers


This feather letter tattoo is a playful alternative to the previous letter tattoo style. Feathers in a variety of patterns are inked with black details, and a few characters in a curving font appear near them. A single letter can also be added, rather than a full name. When you look at this tattoo, you’ll notice that the feather is the star.

A smudge of colored ink can be added to give the design a richer appearance. The feather, which signifies independence, bravery, and daring, is also a significant part of this tattoo. The significance of the name or letter you choose to have tatted in this design is enhanced by these interpretations.

12. Graffiti Letter


This graffiti letter tattoo will raise the bar for your future ink endeavors. It features a graffiti-style letter tattooed in a bold font. An additional layer of shading is provided by the use of yellow and green inks. This is one of the most inspiring kinds of art that you will come across, and it is a great method to obtain an unconventional, bold tattoo design. For the best results, go to an experienced tattoo artist who has worked in the field for some time and knows how to replicate the graffiti style.

13. Infinity-Shape Letter Tattoos


If you like the heart-shaped tattoo, this infinity-shaped tattoo is another great option. In the form of an infinite symbol, a few sentences occur in this tattoo. Infinity-shaped tattoos can be made smaller by using fewer letters or names. Infinity-shaped letter tattoos can include names, letters, or anything else you can think of. If you want to make the letters stand out in the design, you can also add some color to them. Anywhere on your body, this tattoo would look great and give you a fashionable new style.

14.  Tiny Chinese Letters


Using other languages in your tattoo is always exciting, and this Chinese letter tattoo is a great way to get started. A gorgeous colorful inked blossom is tatted beside a few Chinese inscriptions in this tattoo. Your initials or those of a loved one can be included.

This tattoo adds a dash of color and a dash of style. Many individuals will have no idea what your tattoo means. For a tattoo that stands out, consider getting this design on both your male and female body.

15. Watercolor letters


It’s time to add some color to your letter tattoo by trying out this watercolor design. This tattoo features black ink letters that have been painted over with bright colors including yellow, blue, pink, purple, green, and many others to produce a watercolor look. The usage of color enhances the overall appeal of the design. Even a single letter that indicates your name or family name can be included. This is a very striking tattoo that is sure to get a lot of attention.

16.  Heartbeat Letters


Another popular letter tattoo is the heartbeat letter tattoo, which you may try out for yourself. Letter “W” tattooed in black ink with heartbeat lines that end in the outline of a black outline heart You can show your affection for the person whose name you get tattooed on your body by getting a tattoo of their name, even if it’s just a single letter. To give your tattoo a more dynamic appearance, consider adding some red or pink ink to it.

17. Letter Tattoo With Angel Wings


It is possible to create some truly stunning tattoos by incorporating a few fun components into your lettering design. Adding an angel wing to your letter tattoo is a great way to express your individuality. A black word in the center of two grey and white tattooed angel wings forms the centerpiece of this tattoo. The angel wings offer a nice finishing touch to the letter, giving it a sense of depth and grandeur.

As a sign of faith, protection, and freedom, this tattoo is also highly profound. This tattoo could be a symbol of your freedom and how it has helped you form an identity. Instead of using just one letter, you might use an entire name.

18. Creative Font Letters


You can experiment with different typefaces to give your letter tattoo a distinctive look. To achieve a stunningly innovative letter tattoo style, you should choose this one. Using a dramatic black and grey ink and a creative font, this tattoo features a few letters. In addition to making the letter appear larger, the typeface also adds a few distinctive design elements to the letters.

The lettering tattoo has been given depth by the addition of two curving lines below the name by the tattoo artist. If you prefer a more vibrant appearance, consider using colored ink instead. You may get this tattoo on your biceps or arms and it will look great.

19. Stars and Stripes Tattoo


If you’re looking for something a little different in your tattoo, this nautical star letter tattoo is a great option. With a banner above, this tattoo has a black and bronze nautical star, as well as a few lines of text. You can personalize your tattoo by including a few letters or names that signify something to you.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, nautical star tattoos have deep symbolic importance for sailors because they serve as a means of orienting themselves while at sea and returning home. If you don’t want a tattoo that’s too subdued, consider changing the color scheme.

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