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18 Decent Ariana Grande Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Jan 7, 2022

Ariana Grande has amassed her fair share of tattoos during her time in the spotlight. The singer received her first tattoo in 2012 and has since amassed over 50! They cover her arms, hands, rib cage, and neck, among other areas, and have undoubtedly become an integral part of her.

From tattoos that serve as heartfelt tributes (such as the one honoring the victims of the Manchester bombing) to those that are simply for aesthetic purposes (such as her three Harry Potter-inspired tats), she has some pretty epic tattoos and continues to reveal new ones. Although fans adore her intricate tattoos, the singer chose to cover them up for her May 2021 wedding to Dalton Gomez.

Us Weekly confirmed the couple’s wedding date as May 15, 2021, with Ariana’s representative telling the publication, “The room was so happy and full of love.” The couple and their families are overjoyed.” Ariana herself took to Instagram a few days after the couple said their “I dos” and shared photos from the couple’s big day. Some astute fans immediately noticed her arm was devoid of butterfly tattoos. Her Pokémon Eevee tattoo, as well as the Spirited Away character and words inked on her arms, were also missing, but her back tat was prominent in the strapless gown.

Her “Honest to God, knock me out” hand tat, as well as the words “Baby Doll” inked between her fingers, were also visible. As fans are aware, the singer of “7 Rings” also has tattoos of leaves, a star and moon design, and a heart on her hands. Of course, it’s no secret that she has some tattoos on her rib cage, but those were concealed by Ariana’s wedding gown.

Ariana has remained relatively mum about the meanings of all of her tattoo designs. While her fans have been quick to notice when another tat appears on Ariana’s body over the years, she has kept them to herself. Especially those that have been concealed following a breakup with an ex! However, what do they all mean? Was she truly able to secure some for her ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson? J-14, on the other hand, conducted a thorough investigation and dissected all of Ariana’s ink designs.

1. Tattoo on Ariana Grande’s Feet


The little heart on Ariana Grande’s toe finger was done while she was recording her first album, “Yours Truly,” in 2012, by bringing a tattoo artist into the studio. The tattoo, according to Ariana, reminds her of a happy time in her life. She also stated that the small tattoo serves as a constant reminder to be grateful and not take things for granted. Fans speculated that the tattoo was inspired by the singer’s album’s song Heart.

2. Ariana Grande Bellissima Tattoo


Ariana Grande’s back tattoo includes the word Bellissima, which is a testament to her Italian background. Bellissima is an Italian word that means “beautiful,” and Ariana Grande’s grandfather used to call her Bellissima. In 2014, the singer received a tattoo on her side ribcage in honor of her grandfather, who gave her the moniker. In a way, this tattoo is a wonderful tribute to Ariana Grande’s grandfather Frank Grande. The singer called when she received this tattoo as a bonding experience because it was done at a home party.

3. Ariana Grande’s Neck Tattoo


Pete Davidson’s neck tattoo is nothing more than the words “Mille tendresse.” Ariana got the tattoo “Mille Tendresse” from artist Romeo Lacoste, which means “a thousand tendernesses” in French. Ariana’s favorite film is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” and this remark, which originates from Truman Capote’s famous novellas, is utilized throughout the film. This tattoo is particularly well-known since it was inked on Ariana’s ex-fiance Pete Davidson’s neck, which he later covered with the word “cursed.”

4. Ariana Grande’s Side of the Neck Moon Tattoo


Ariana Grande’s fourth tattoo concept for 2015 is a crescent moon outline behind her left ear. Grande frequently incorporates lunar imagery into her music, whether it’s her Snapchat username @moonlightbae or a song titled Moonlight from her 2016 album Dangerous Woman. Brian Nicholson, Ariana’s close friend and a dancer, also has an identical tattoo. This tattoo holds a special place in her heart because it was created in honor of her favorite song, Moonlight.

5. Ariana Grande’s Tattoo on Her Finger


Ariana Grande has a number of tattoos on her fingers, each of which has a distinct and personal meaning for her. The word honeymoon is etched in cursive font on her right hand’s middle finger. This tattoo is inspired by her favorite song, “Honeymoon Avenue,” from the 2013 album Yours Truly. She received this tattoo while on “The Honeymoon Tour,” which began in early 2015 and ended in October of the same year.

6. Ariana Grande’s Hebrew Tattoo


Ariana Grande has another finger tattoo that reads “dalet lamed aleph,” which is the tenth of God’s 72 names in Hebrew. Ariana practices Kabbalah, and the tattooed name denotes the rebirthing process as well as protection from the evil eye and unpleasant dreams.

7. Ariana Grande has a baby doll tattoo on her ring finger


The Babydoll tattoo was discovered by fans in early 2016, but we have no idea when she got it. It’s thought that, like Bellissima, “Baby Doll” was a nickname given to the singer by her nonna, and that the singer had it etched in capital letters. Isn’t it lovely how the singer remembers her grandparents in such a lovely manner?

8. A Letter Tattoo on the Thumb by Ariana Grande


This Ariana Grande tattoo of the letter’ A’on her right thumb, done by L.A. artist Dr. Woo in August 2016, redefines what it means to receive a tattoo for a best friend. Alexa Luria, Grande’s longest best friend, is named after the letter A.

9. Ariana Grande’s “Second Heart” is number nine on the list


Ariana got another heart tattoo on her right ring finger after the one on her toe. The singer meant tattooed heart literally when she sang it. During her Honeymoon tour, she flaunted this thought outlined tattoo, which she had engraved in 2015.

10. Ariana Grande’s Behind-the-Ear Worker Bee Tattoo


The tattoo bee on Ariana Grande’s arm has a tragic and deep meaning for her. One year after the terrible terror incident at Manchester Arena, Grande added a worker bee, the emblem behind her left ear, just above her crescent moon tattoo. The singer went to Mira Mariah, a tattoo artist in New York, to receive the tiny mark.

Manchester’s laborious tradition, which dates back to the Industrial Revolution, is represented with a bee emblem. People all over Manchester rushed out in droves to acquire worker bee tattoos after the tragic terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena.

11. The Venus Symbol or Feminine Symbol of Ariana Grande


This symbol, in particular, has a variety of interpretations, including Venus’s astrological and astronomical emblem, the female gender symbol, and the alchemical symbol of copper. Women and the planet Venus are represented by Ariana Grande’s left middle finger symbol. This also represents her feminist ideas and her pleasure in being a woman. The singer received the tattoo in August of 2016 and had it redone in May of 2018 because it faded quickly and was difficult to see.

12. Ariana Grande’s Tattoo on Her Hand


Another Pete Davidson Ariana Grande tattoo, along with Grande’s cousin Courtney Chipolone, was inked following their engagement. ‘Honest to go, knock me out,’ Ariana Grande’s self-proclaimed catchphrase, is tattooed on their hands as an acronym “H2GKMO.” After the breakup, Davidson covered the acronym with a black arrow.

13. Lumus Tattoo by Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande’s Lumos tattoo is inspired by the mystical series Harry Potter. The singer is a huge admirer of the franchise and received the tattoo on the side of her hand in May 2018. Ariana and her ex-fiancee Pete Davidson became fast friends over their shared passion for “Harry Potter.” It is extensively recorded, evidently through the acquisition of Harry Potter tattoos. Lumos is a Harry Potter franchise spell that is used to create light. Thus, whether it’s connected to her music, life, or love, this tattoo holds a wealth of personal significance for Ariana.

14. Hi, Tattoo on Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande has a matching tattoo on her toes, as does her ex-boyfriend Ricky Alvarez. They were said to have been dating between April 2015 and July 2016, with Ricky serving as one of her background dancers. Because Grande nearly always wears closed-toe shoes, the hi tattoo is rarely visible, but it was shown on November 22, 2015, at the American Music Awards.

Ariana Grande covered up her hi tattoo with something even more noticeable. However, it is hardly distinguishable from what was seen four years later, in July 2019, during her cover shoot, photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

15. Ariana Grande’s Cloud Tattoo


For years, clouds have been Ariana Grande’s most frequently used emoji, and her affection for them is evident in her social media posts. The singer and her then-boyfriend Davidson both received identical cloud tattoos on their left-hand middle fingers before they confirmed their romance in May 2018. This would later result in the singer receiving over 10 tattoos in just six months as a result of the relationship’s ups and downs.

16. Court Tattoo on Ariana Grande’s Knee


Given Ariana Grande’s penchant for over-the-knee boots, the court tattoo is rarely seen in public. However, the singer disclosed that she had the abbreviation “Court” inscribed on her knee in 2018 in honor of Courtney Chipolone. Cipollone is one of Grande’s closest friends, and the seven rings video features her and the tattoo.

17. Ariana Grande’s Hometown Area Code Tattoo


Ariana Grande’s left thumb is inscribed vertically with the number “561.” The singer received her tattoo in 2018. These are the area codes for the singer’s hometown of Boca Raton, Florida, where she was born and raised until the age of 14 when she was cast in a Broadway production. Grande’s ex-fiancé Davidson also has a similar tattoo in the same location, inking the Staten Island area code, which is 718.

18. Chihiro Tattoo on Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s forearm tattoo is a design of Chihiro, a character from Spirited Away, which she received in 2018. Chihiro’s tattoo of Ariana has significant significance for her since she believes this character is critical to the plot progression of Spirited Away, which is made possible by Chihiro’s maturation into a capable individual.


Grande also discussed Chihiro’s transformation from a childlike character who was easily afraid to a brave young girl who was hardworking and responsible, where she put her worries aside for those she cared about during the character’s voyage. Ariana seemed to have been profoundly touched by this figure, as seen by her tattoo.

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