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17 Gorgeous Sister Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 28, 2022

A sister isn’t just another blood relative. She has the potential to be your best friend, soul mate, and family’s most trusted member. Your sister and you share an unshakable bond that is simply wonderful. A tattoo is surely not a bad option if you want to show your sister how much you care for her.

By getting the ideal matching tattoo, you may take your relationship to the next level. When you can connect through your particular matching tattoos, it may be a lot more fun. Before being inked, it’s a good idea to get your sister’s opinion.

This is due to the fact that having a tattoo that you both enjoy will make the moment even more special and unforgettable. You don’t have to be concerned if you’re looking for sister tattoo ideas to represent your relationship with her.

The link between two siblings is greater than many other types of bonds you’ll encounter. Friendships and romantic connections may come and go, but your family will always be there. As a result, if you’re considering getting a matching tattoo with someone, consider your sister. A tattoo is a fantastic way to show her how much you care, and we’re confident she’ll appreciate the idea. You might even discover that getting matching tattoos improves your bond even further. It’s much better if you can come up with a tattoo design that has meaning behind it. So sit down and brainstorm ideas with your partner; after all, you want it to be something you both agree on. Consider turning a memory or something else into a tattoo design, and then go through our designs for inspiration.

If you’re looking for a tattoo that you can share with your sister, we have a variety of styles to select from. Getting ink of any kind is a huge deal, especially if you’re doing it with someone else. Because getting a tattoo with someone else is a big deal, you want to make sure you both like it. Sisters have an unbreakable tie, and a tattoo can serve as a symbol of that bond. You know and wish to express that a sister’s bond is unshakable. A sister is more than just a family member. A sister can be your best friend, confidante, and real soul mate all at the same time.

You can enhance the link of friendship and affection between you and your sister by getting a tattoo together. It’s a wonderful method to express your affection. Matching tattoos have a lot of significance. If you want to represent your sisterhood, consider getting a matching tattoo. It’ll be a pleasant method for the two of you to get to know each other. Something extraordinary will happen that will bring you closer together. Get a tattoo that you and your partner will both like. Take a look at these incredible designs.

1. Trees  Tattoo


Getting a matching tree tattoo on your wrist with your sister is a terrific way to demonstrate how perfectly you and your sister complement each other. A tree represents both safety and forgiveness, as well as growth. This means that as you become older, your bond becomes stronger. The tree also implies that you both supply each other with protective shade. Forgiveness is essential to maintaining your relationship, and a tree tattoo may make it easier for you to forgive as time passes.

2. Sun and Moon


In our solar system, the sun and moon are diametrically opposed. One generates heat, while the other reduces it. They maintain a delicate equilibrium in the system by complimenting one another. This is exactly how you and your sister feel about one other.

Your personalities may appear to be diametrically opposed, with little in common, but in the end, you complement each other. The tattoo design is simple and attractive, and it can be applied to your arm, wrist, or even your hip. Despite its small size, the design is noticeable and conveys enough information about your relationship with your sister.

3. Heartbeat Tattoo


Tattoos with heartbeats can have a variety of meanings. In terms of your relationship with your sister, though, it represents love, passion, perseverance, and patience. It’s more akin to a metaphor for your emotional bond with your sister. You and your sister must have the patience and strength to deal with challenging situations.

A heartbeat tattoo will serve as a constant reminder of your love and affection, which might help you get through difficult times. The most acceptable locations for a heartbeat tattoo are your wrist and forearm. It will be more visible, bringing out the natural beauty of your skin tone.

4. Crossed Arrow Tattoo


Crossed arrow tattoos are one of the most straightforward and meaningful tattoo designs available. They can also be customized and have a variety of meanings. The most obvious implication is that you and your sister have a good friendship. The bond is best illustrated by the corresponding arrow pattern pointing in the opposite direction. The greatest place to demonstrate your affection for your amazing sister is on your wrist and forearm.

The seal shell pattern is your greatest option if you’re seeking for the appropriate ankle tattoo to match your sister. It’s basic and appealing enough to convey the special bond you have with your co-conspirator. The tattoo represents the love between two identical souls, in addition to its connotation of love for the sea.

5. Powerpuff Girls Tattoo


Who doesn’t want to be friends with the Powerpuff Girls? Despite their differences, these amusing cartoon characters always come together to save the day. Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles all have opposing personalities to which you and your sister can certainly connect. Blossom is a good match if you’re the wise one. Buttercup can be your sister if she’s a little cranky. Having a tattoo of a cartoon character that you both enjoy might strengthen your friendship even further.

6. Quotes Tattoo



There’s always one quote on which you and your partner can agree. Why not wear it on your arms if that’s the case? You have a variety of quotes to pick from, all of which are capable of elucidating and expressing your relationship. It’s critical that you choose the appropriate words because they’ll be inked on your arms for the rest of your life.

A quote does not have to be about the amount of your bond. It could also refer to a special memory that you and your partner hold dear. The collection of words you chose should be important to both you and your sister and unlikely to be forgotten.

7. Flower Tattoo


If you’re undecided about which tattoo design is best for you and your sister, consider a floral tattoo. For your selected tattoo design, you have a variety of designs, color palettes, and stylistic options to choose from. It’s vital to remember that each flower has a unique meaning that you might associate with your relationship. A rose design, for example, can convey the depth of your love for each other.

A lotus tattoo, on the other hand, signifies the difficulties and struggles that people endure as they grow up. This might mean a lot to two grown-up siblings and can be emotionally charged. If you and your sister have faced similar challenges, a lotus tattoo is an excellent way to show your courage and perseverance.

8. Tattoo of Pinky Swear


You don’t have a close relationship with your sister, especially if you haven’t made a pinky promise to her. Your sister is most likely your go-to confidante who you can rely on at all times. It’s likely that after revealing her all of your secrets, you forced her to do the pinky swear act.

The pinky-swear tattoo represents your level of faith in your sister. You can confide in her about any of your embarrassing secrets, and she will keep them to herself. The tattoo design might also represent an unforgettable occasion between the two of you that only the two of you are aware of. For optimum exposure, the pinky promise tattoo looks great on the arm or wrists.

9. Tiny Tattoo


Consider getting a matching tiny symbol tattoo if you’re searching for something basic and small. The semicolon tattoo is one of the best and most popular options. It’s simple to ink on your wrist, and you may experiment with different color tones.

In the event of emotional challenges, a matching semicolon tattoo might represent love and unconditional support for each other. Your sister will always be able to relate to what you’re going through. In difficult circumstances, a suitable symbol tattoo can emphasize the value of your support and cooperation with each other.

10. Music Notes Tattoo


There’s a good chance you and your sister share similar musical tastes. There’s always that one song that has a special meaning for you and your partner. Music notes tattoo is not a bad idea for highlighting it and remembering it forever. Music note tattoos are available in a variety of designs and patterns that can be customized.

You may also apply different watercolor hues to your music note tattoos to make them look more realistic. Wrists and arms are the greatest places for music note tattoos. You may even put them on your collarbone to draw attention to it.

11. Bird Tattoo


Bird tattoos can have a variety of meanings and can be used to emphasize your strong bond with your sister. A dove bird tattoo symbolizes love and tranquility between two people, making it an excellent choice for you. The parrot tattoo design is also an excellent choice. It represents the importance of companionship and communication in every intimate relationship. A cardinal bird tattoo is also a good choice because of its deep symbolism of happiness and gladness.

Bird tattoos come in a variety of colors and patterns from which to choose. You can get them tattooed on your wrists, hips, ankles, collarbones, and arms if you want to.

12. Infinity Tattoo


Getting an infinity tattoo is another fantastic way to express your unending love for your sister. An infinity tattoo depicts an infinite loop, which is ideal for describing a strong bond. Getting an infinity tattoo will represent your sister’s bond with you.

It will imply that the link is unbreakable and eternal. To make the design more appealing, you can add hearts and flowers. You might also consider incorporating a variety of color shades. This will assist in making your tattoo more beautiful and apparent.

Infinity is a significant symbol in mathematics. It resembles a lying ‘8’, where the beginning and conclusion are indistinguishable. The term “infinity” refers to the concept of endlessness. Forever is a metaphor of no bounds, just like the immensity of the universe and the incalculable number of stars in galaxies.

This symbol is currently popular among young people, who have given it a creative twist by equating it with a lot of love and affection for someone. Infinity symbols are regarded the best kind of tattoo art since they can be customized to express a variety of emotions such as “love,” “friendship,” and “relationship.” Learn more about the meanings and designs of infinity tattoos.

13.  Feather Tattoo


A feather tattoo design is your greatest option if you want something that symbolizes your and your sister’s friend. A feather tattoo symbolizes a deep and long-lasting friendship between two people who are compatible. Various feather designs, on the other hand, have different meanings. A dove feather tattoo, for example, represents love and caring.

Similarly, a hummingbird feather tattoo depicts both love and beauty. The overall meaning of bird feather tattoos is loyalty. Feather tattoos are also adaptable and can be worn in a variety of styles. It is preferable to get a feather tattoo in a prominent location. Wrists, ankles, collarbones, forearms, and fingers are just a few examples of such areas.

14. Mandala Circle


The Mandala circle tattoo set comes in a variety of meanings. A circle is a full and perfectly balanced object. It might be a very meaningful tattoo design in terms of your relationship with your sister. It usually denotes completeness and perfection in your relationship. It is appealing and well-liked all across the world.

15. Anchor Sister Tattoo


An anchor tattoo is a great way to remind your sister that you are always there for her. An anchor tattoo can be interpreted in a variety of ways. In terms of your relationship with your sister, it emphasizes your support and dependability for her. One of the most appealing aspects of anchor tattoos is that they may be applied to any part of your body. They’ve recently been a popular alternative for folks who want to express their friendship. You may find a variety of anchor tattoo styles from a variety of artists to make your skin seem striking and lovely.

16. Star Tattoo


The most popular matching tattoos are star tattoos, which are at the top of the list. They’re also available in a variety of designs, each with its own meaning. A shooting star design can be the greatest option for a star tattoo. It represents good fortune and success in life, which you may hope for your sister. For best effect, pair the star tattoos with your wrist or ankle.

Star tattoos are highly significant, depicting incredible things that reflect a person’s actual essence. Honor, desire, optimism, and achievement are just a handful of the things that star tattoos represent. If you’re going through a difficult time in your life, a star tattoo can help you find your way back home by symbolizing ‘finding your way home’ and giving you hope for a better future. It also serves as a reminder to constantly be ambitious; by doing so, you will achieve all of your goals in life.

Stat tattoos are also linked to religions and cultures. Many civilizations have mystical myths associated with them, and stars have played an important role in some of these tales. Stars can also symbolize a person’s interest in astrology or marine voyages. The wonderful thing about star tattoos is that you have the freedom to add your own meaning, something that reflects you, which is one of the most important things to think about while getting a tattoo. Your tattoo should reflect your personality, beliefs, and attitude on life.

17. Matching leaves Tattoo


Depending on your intentions, leaf tattoos can take on a variety of meanings. When it comes to your relationship with your sister, it might represent both joys and challenges that you have endured together throughout your lives. It’s a wonderful way to show your sister that you’ll always be there for her, in both joyful and sad times.

You may enhance the beauty of your leaf tattoos by including several customization choices that can make them stand out. Your collarbone, ankle, arms, and wrists might be the finest places to receive a leaf tattoo.

Nature is intertwined with human life in numerous ways. It’s almost a mirror image of it. Leaves, in particular, are frequently associated with the life cycle. The fresh, green leaf represents life’s youth, whereas the yellow-brown leaves of autumn are associated with old age or, more likely, a gloomy phase in one’s life. For humans, the leaf depicts a process of transformation and growth in this way.

There are various types of leaves now. If you’re a Canadian, the maple leaf, for example, represents patriotism and affection for your homeland. You may be aware that an oak leaf is a Celtic sign of power and courage if you like the way it appears.


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