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16 unbelievable Zodiac sign Libra tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 28, 2022

Libra tattoos have evolved into a unique method to express your pride in being a Libra. Because your tattoo is based on your birth sign, you will never regret getting a Libra tattoo. Tattoos inspired by Libra are quite important. There are numerous alternatives and designs from which to chose when it comes to a Libra tattoo.

Libra is the astrological sign that embodies equality and peace. Librans are passionate about love and social harmony. They are constantly on the lookout for optimism in their lives and work to keep others optimistic and content with theirs.

While Libra might be pleasant, loving, and strong, their tattoos can have a significant impact on their peace-loving and caring personality. Libra-inspired tattoos will assist you in better expressing and carrying the characteristics that your zodiac sign is endowed with.

Tattoos depicting the signs of the Zodiac are very common, especially among celebrities who serve as role models for many others who want to acquire them. Because there are so many various ways to get a tattoo of the zodiac sign Libra, it’s one of the most popular zodiac signs. Equilibrium and balance have historically been associated with the goddess Libra, who is commonly shown as a goddess with scales in her hands. However, this is only one aspect of the tattoo notion.

Many people don’t believe in horoscope meanings, yet they are nonetheless prepared to have a zodiac sign tattoo to show off their most obvious characteristics. As a result, we penned this piece.

If you’re interested in learning more about the symbolic meanings of the zodiacal sign of Libra for your forthcoming tattoo, this article has everything you need to get the most out of your research. Zodiac tattoos are also a popular choice for those who don’t want their tattoos to stand out too much.

 1. Libra Zodiac Tattoo


Unlike most of the elaborate zodiac symbols, Libra’s does not include an animal or a person. The scale symbol is straightforward and understated and would look fantastic as a tattoo design. While you can have your Libra tattoo anywhere, a little tattoo on your wrist, arm, or ankle will keep the subtlety of your zodiac sign.

If you are not afraid to be outspoken and assertive, you can sport a large-scale emblem on your chest, arm, or lower back.

2. Tribal  Libra Tattoo


Tribal tattoos are quite popular among tattoo enthusiasts. Tribal tattoo patterns have found their way onto every zodiac sign. Using the Libra symbol in a tribal style might result in an inventive and decorative tattoo design. On your wrist, ankle, arms, or back, a Libra tribal tattoo would look fantastic. Libra tribal tattoos can be created in a variety of color combinations.

3. Scale of Balance


If you desire a more expressive and intricate tattoo, a symbol may appear too plain. A balancing scale is ideal for demonstrating your commitment to equality, balance, and harmony in life. If you like, you can ink a simple balancing scale. Alternatively, you can be as creative as you want with your balance scale tattoo. The possibilities are limitless.

Balance scale tattoos that incorporate ancient and tribal designs are highly popular. This demonstrates how essential justice and equality have been to our culture since ancient times. Combining your balance scale tattoo with a sun in the background creates a striking effect.

The sun is a symbol of strength and confidence, which pairs perfectly with the balance scale. Increase the strength of your tattoo by including a dragon around the balance scale. You can also link your balance scale tattoo with your zodiac sign libra.’

4. Geometric Libra


Libras are generally fascinated with symmetry. They attempt to achieve balance in all aspects of life. If this describes you, you should consider getting a perfectly symmetrical tattoo. While the zodiac symbol and balance scale both represent symmetry, you can get creative and illustrate symmetry in a way that is meaningful to you.

Geometric patterns can be used to create a tattoo’s ideal symmetry and attractive design. You can use triangles and cubes as visuals. You can even get a tattoo of your mirror image. Ink a mirror image of your favorite pattern or object. You can build mirror pictures using flowers, music notes, symbols, or anything else you choose.

5. Peace libra


Libras are, on the whole, peaceful souls. They attempt to avoid situations that could result in conflict. A dove tattoo is an excellent way to convey your inner calm and serenity. While a dove tattoo may appear to be rather mundane and conventional, it is quite profound.

You can have an uncanny dove form inked on your arm. This concept is simple and minimalistic, as it eliminates the dove bird’s eyes, beak, and detailing.

If you believe in eternity, you can finish the dove’s lower body with an infinity symbol loop. The design would be one-of-a-kind and would enhance the meaning of your dove tattoo. You can embellish your dove tattoo with more details. On your dove’s break, place a tiny flower.

6. Amazing Libra tattoo


Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, which explains why they are extremely romantic. They might be quite imaginative and expressive as a lover. What better way to display your romantic side than with a romantic tattoo? You can keep it basic by utilizing a cupid bow, arrow, and heart.

To demonstrate your partner’s unending love, you should get an endless heart tattoo. The tattoo design has heart-shaped infinity loops that are expertly connected.

If you’ve always been a true fighter, ink a pair of boxing gloves clenched in your dove’s claws. Additionally, you can use this tattoo design to symbolize how you can resolve issues through the power of peace.

7. Rose Libra tattoo


How could we avoid discussing rose tattoos when discussing love tattoos for Libra? When it comes to expressing love, roses never grow old. There are numerous designs available for a gorgeous rose tattoo. With black-colored rose ink, make a fashion statement. Alternatively, you can go for a more traditional and romantic look with a dark crimson tattoo.

Not every rose tattoo must be red. You can have a tattoo of a yellow, orange, or gold rose to symbolize your pleasure, joy, and vitality. You can get a rose tattoo to demonstrate your elegance and nobility. Have a purple-colored rose with gems and laces cascading below it for a royal-inspired effect.

8. Libra tattoo with inspire


You will adore an Origami-inspired tattoo as a Libra due to its mathematical lines and elegant appearance. Because origami-inspired tattoos are uncommon, people will regard them as a novel and unusual design. You can choose from a duck, a swan, a flower, or any other thing to create a stunning origami-inspired tattoo. Adding vibrant colors to your origami tattoo can also make a significant difference and help it stand out from the crowd.

9. Libra tattoo with Crown


As a Libra, you are the king or queen of tranquillity, stability, and serenity. What better way to express your zodiac sign than with a crown tattoo? Ink a crown tattoo with your zodiac symbol in the center rather than a jewel. With this tattoo, you can wear your Libra emblem like a gem. Alternatively, you can just add a crown to the zodiac scale symbol. You may take it a step further by adding a cape to the sides of your scale symbol.

10. Color Libra tattoo


Millennials are embracing pastel hues in many aspects of their lives, from food to clothing to hair. Patel hues also represent neutrality, which Libra values. If you’re a young Libra considering a new tattoo, opt for pastel hues. You can choose from any of the tattoo designs above and ink it in pastel hues. Your tattoo will appear sophisticated, artistic, and chic, and the pastel colors will add depth to your Libra tattoo.

Ladies, here is some truly unusual and interesting imagery for your Libra-inspired tattoo. Libra is associated with the Greek Goddess of Justice in Greek mythology. With this tattoo design, you can channel your inner goddess. On your back, goddess-bearing scales would look fantastic. All you need is a simple backless dress to complement your new feminine tattoo.

11. Small Libra tattoo


Many people are reluctant to get a prominent tattoo because they fear it would draw unwanted attention to them. If you’re worried about what your parents and other relatives may think, this could be a contributing factor. While the stigma is slowly being eliminated and these tattoos are becoming acceptable globally, we can understand the option of staying with a little tattoo.

To begin with, we focused primarily on the zodiac Libra tattoos because they’re so tiny but so gorgeous on the skin. Tattoos can be placed everywhere, but if you want to keep them hidden, you might want to think about less obvious places like the thigh, back, or behind the ears. You can, of course, experiment with a variety of forms and colors.

White ink, which is popular at many tattoo parlors, can be used to cover up a minor tattoo if you like. It’s up to you!

12. Libra Constellation Tattoo


Astronomy and astrology aficionados, in particular, are in my thoughts. The constellation of Libra is more difficult to see with the naked eye than other constellations because it is dimmer. To be able to worship these tattoos, many individuals go long distances. That’s what the first tattoo might be saying, after all.

Clear night skies with all the constellations will be visible if we get far enough away from the city. Observing the night sky when surrounded by nature is the most beautiful thing in the world. Besides the traditional constellation design, there is a slew of fresh and creative alternatives.

Depending on how you choose to go, you can either combine this information with some of your ideas or utilize it to create a whole new design for your first tattoo in the sign of Libra. If so, you’re not alone. Add other celestial bodies, such as the moon, planets, or comets. It’s even possible to experiment with the recently popular watercolor tattoos.

13.  Libra tattoo for males


Even though there are more feminine tattoos associated with the Libra sign, it would be an understatement to claim that men do not ink their bodies with them. Libra tattoo designs for men are becoming increasingly popular.

You can see some examples of this in the designs we’ve shown so far: bigger ink, more minimalistic, or rogue. It gives the impression of greater size and strength to the chest, back, and sometimes the biceps when males wear it this way. There is a clear predominance of tattoos depicting the Libra astrological sign among the male population.

It’s possible to tell if a designer went out of his or her comfort zone by looking at some of the designs he or she has put together. It’s advisable to choose stronger colors when getting a Libra tattoo as a guy, but don’t shy away from expressing yourself.

 14. Watercolor  Libra


For a long time, people have been getting colorful tattoos. Tattoos in black and white are preferred by those who prefer a more minimalist approach to their designs.

For those who enjoy vibrant, vibrant, and colorful backgrounds, you may want to add a little flair to your tattoo. Make it more noticeable and get a lot of positive feedback from other tattoo artists by adding some life to it.

Tattoos are no exception to the widespread use of watercolors in the arts. You’re sure to appreciate your tattoo if you work with a tattoo artist that is familiar with them. Despite our best efforts, we’re confident that you can come up with even better ideas for this subject.

15. Libra tattoo for  woman


The Libra scales were inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, as we described before. To demonstrate justice has been done, the Goddess of Justice holds a scale in her other hand.

Like many other zodiac signs, the Libra figure is depicted as a lady in modern horoscope depictions. It sounds like an excellent plan, then, to get ink on one’s back or arms depicting the female zodiac sign of Libra.

We hope that looking at these examples may give you some ideas for your own design. Tattoo artists often draw inspiration from women’s photos and pose when creating their tattoos. If you’re brave enough, you may use a slew of different concepts to make a larger Libra tattoo come to life.

16.  Floral Libra Tattoo


Flowers enhance the aesthetic appeal of any tattoo design. Flowers are a symbol of delicateness, innocence, spring, positivity, and a whole lot more. Librans are said to be passionate and fiercely strong. Flowers, on the other hand, can serve as a reminder of their nature-loving and romantic temperament.

Flowers convey a wide range of messages through their various symbols. For spring and summer, you can’t go wrong with delicate flowers like lily of the valley, peonies, roses…

Let your tattoo’s fire blaze, but don’t forget to portray a more kind side as well. We found that floral patterns, rather than constellations, were frequently used in tattoos honoring the Libra sign. We’ve included a few examples of this type of design. Make sure to have a look at them to see if they fit your personal style.

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