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16 Divine Owl Tattoo Design Ideas

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 9, 2022

When it comes to animal tattoos, owls are a tremendously popular choice, and admirers of the look get them in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Their metaphorical link with wisdom and majesty, as well as their interesting and visually beautiful shape and plumage, contribute to their popularity.

Owls have been regarded as fascinating and attractive creatures throughout human history. Indeed, few other animals, birds or otherwise, have as many associations. Owls have been feared, loved, and adored throughout history — and have even been associated with witchcraft and omens.

If you’re taken with the owl’s unusual appearance and personality, you may like to have the bird permanently inked on your skin.  We’ll walk you through some of the hottest owl tattoo ideas in this piece, as well as explain the elusive bird’s meaning.

Owls can symbolize a wide number of things. They are symbolic of both knowledge and darkness for many. As so, they exemplify a certain dualism.

Owls are associated with wisdom and intelligence, but not necessarily academic wisdom; rather, they are associated with the soul. Owls possess night vision, which allows them to see in the dark. Taken metaphorically, this may imply that they are capable of unraveling the mystery and seeing through fraud and lies. The owl’s ability to perceive what others cannot is what distinguishes them as intelligent.

However, owls possess a variety of other characteristics. For example, they are frequently seen as mysterious by humans, owing to their nocturnal nature, which means we rarely see what they are up to. Additionally, they reside in the darkness of night, which people equate with mystery and enchantment.

They are frequently associated with moonlight, which is a majestic and wonderful phenomenon in and of itself. As a result, owls can be associated with lunar symbols, including femininity, divinity, fertility, and rejuvenation.

The owl’s relationship with lunar light also contributes to its reputation as an intuitive creature, and even as a guardian and protector of the sacred. They are also associated with spiritual purity and rejuvenation.

The owl’s association with death is based on this concept of renewal and rebirth. It is not necessarily a period of darkness, but rather a kind of metaphorical death that heralds a significant life transformation or complete regeneration.

As a result, owls are highly symbolic and contain a great deal of symbolism. It’s important to note this if you’re considering getting a tattoo of this magnificent species.

1. Owl Tattoo


Tattoos are not merely ornaments for persons who have them; they are works of art that are rich in meaning, symbolism, style, and attitude. Indeed, the decision to get a tattoo is one of the most intimate and irreversible that an individual will possibly make in their lifetime. As a result, it’s critical to choose your tattoos carefully, as they will endure a lifetime.

Among the numerous styles, symbols, and motifs available, animal tattoos are some of the most meaningful. Indeed, numerous groups of people’s histories, myths, and folklore demonstrate that animals had a significant influence on the formation of their cultural and spiritual beliefs. As a result, animal tattoos continue to be one of the most popular kinds of tattoos.

If you’re a fan of the psychedelic and want to incorporate it into your body art, an owl is a wonderful choice. The shape of the bird and its different feathers complement a hallucinogenic look wonderfully. The eyes already have an otherworldly quality, and when combined with multicolored plumage, your owl tattoo can easily take on a psychedelic aspect.

2. Owl on Branch


The good feelings it has elicited are a result of its physical appearance, which is silent and features large, alert eyes. Owls are quite curious, but also extremely sensitive. They, too, fly modestly.

Although their eyes are unable to tolerate sunshine, they possess a powerful night vision, an uncommon ability. The final judgment on whether or not to have an owl tattoo based on its qualities is dependent on the bearer and the environment in which he or she lives.

If you want to add a bit extra detail to your design, a branch is a logical choice. This results in your owl appearing in its natural habitat, giving it a more lifelike appearance.

Additionally, including the branch gives the tattoo a more complete image, allowing it to tell a story, which can make the ink more appealing and interesting to look at. If you choose a color tattoo, you can make the branch brown or green, or indeed any color you like if you want a more strange appearance.

3. watercolor Owl


Watercolors are all the rage in the tattoo world right now, and with their stunning streams of color, it’s easy to see why. You can easily enhance your owl tattoo with a watercolor border or backdrop, transforming it into a strong and beautiful design.

The main consideration with watercolor tattoos is that, while they appear stunning at first, the color might fade rather rapidly. This means that the tattoo may lose its freshness and appeal a few years after it is tattooed. However, you can combat the fading by acquiring frequent top-ups. However, this can become extremely costly and prove to be quite an expensive investment in the long term.

You may believe it has only positive meanings up to this point, but that is not fully accurate. In many cultures and countries, the owl is also associated with negative connotations due to its nocturnal nature and constant waking at night.

4. Owl and Roses


Roses are a tattoo community staple. As a result, they pair well with almost anything, even owls. Roses instill an air of romance, mystery, and elegance into any tattoo design, making them ideal for individuals being inked to demonstrate their love and devotion to another.

When painted in color, the red of the rose can also work well with the shading of the owl’s plumage. The good feelings it has elicited are a result of its physical appearance, which is silent and features large, alert eyes.

Owls are quite curious, but also extremely sensitive. They, too, fly modestly. Although their eyes are unable to tolerate sunshine, they possess a powerful night vision, an uncommon ability. The final judgment on whether or not to have an owl tattoo based on its qualities is dependent on the bearer and the environment in which he or she lives.

5.   Fly Owl Tattoo


The majority of portrayals of owls show them in a stationary pose. However, depicting an owl in flight might add an interesting element to the composition. When the wings are extended, the tattoo can bring more attention to the feathers, and the overall attitude exudes greater strength and power. The in-flight image can also convey a sense of liberation, which is usually an appealing theme for body art.

The majority of people who get tattoos do it because they believe in magic and relate their inks with some sort of mystical and motivating source that will assist them in overcoming their daily challenges. Whether psychologically or physically, tattoos have aided in the development of people’s confidence.

6. Owl with Colored Eyes


While it is fairly typical to tattoo owls in black and white, adding a burst of color to the eye area is still highly popular. This highlights the primary reason that owls are associated with wisdom: their capacity to see in the dark and hence detect things that others do not.

Additionally, it can serve as a vibrant focal point for the tattoo, calling attention to the design. Owls are mysterious creatures of the night, and as such are frequently connected with esoteric culture, profound wisdom, and magical talents.

It is associated with a mysterious and deep magical domain through which it can communicate with itself. Additionally, it is a frequently used decorative item in ancient texts of spells and evil magic.

7. Owl  Death


If you’re looking for something a little different and possibly smaller but still evocative of an owl, you can simply get an owl eye inked. The eye reflects the animal’s most important quality: its knowledge and outstanding perception. Additionally, the deconstructed style is a more unique concept for a tattoo and may require less space.

The owl is frequently used to symbolize death. It is another of its ominous and foreboding symbols. You’re probably familiar with the term “the angel of death,” which is frequently associated with owls and the dark.

While a few civilizations portray the owl as a symbol of near-death, the majority of cultures identify the owl with positive overtones. These associates also push their own boundaries as a conduit between life and death, as someone who bridges the divide between these two realms. Their particular power permits these entities to guide the souls from life to death.

8. Owl Skull


If you’re searching for something darker and edgier, an owl with a skull inside can create a powerful and distinctive aesthetic. This artwork carries a number of significant connotations. To begin, it can be used to honor a deceased loved one, as the skull represents their demise and the owl serves as their protector.

The other interpretation is that the skull signifies some hidden wisdom, essence, or soul that is being guarded and defended by the owl.

While many animals signify strength and power, the own embodies mental abilities. The owl is a representation of brilliance and profound wisdom. It originated in Greek mythology, where Athena, the Greek goddess of knowledge, is represented as an owl. Numerous paintings and statues depict Athena alongside an owl.

9. Minimalist Style Owl


If you’re looking for something simple and understated, you may prefer a minimalist, line-drawing owl tattoo. This has become a popular tattoo style in recent years and frequently results in elegant and lovely designs.

The advantage of linework tattoos is that they are typically less unpleasant and time-consuming to perform — a significant benefit. Additionally, they can be concealed more readily if you wish to maintain discretion regarding your body art in a professional setting.

The owl is also shown as smart and intelligent in numerous works and pictures. Numerous examples can be found in the modern world. For instance, in Winnie the Pooh, the owl is a wise character who helps assist others in their daily lives.

For individuals who believe they are wiser and are probably a bookworm, this owl tattoo design is for you. No other species is better appropriate to depict the same traits as an owl tattoo, such as wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence.

10. Celtic Owl


Celtic is a tattoo style that is inspired by Celtic culture. Celtic tattoos, in general, symbolize life and vigor. They can also connect to concepts of protection and invoke memories of Celtic ancestors, who are typically associated with Ireland.

If you have a connection to this culture or simply enjoy its connections and beauty, you may wish to invest in your own ink in the style. When fortitude and livelihood are joined with the knowledge of owls, a very meaningful piece of artwork can result. You may want to incorporate Celtic knots into the design as well, as they represent an eternal relationship between humans and nature.

Owls are frequently connected with eyesight due to their enormous and curious eyes. They can see clearly through the darkness, implying an ability to concentrate on primary objectives during the night. It’s an excellent design for individuals with a shaky focus. Therefore, if you have one, this owl tattoo may serve as a reminder that one must always maintain a clear and direct vision in order to thrive in life.

11. Owl Tribal


Tribal tattoos are a popular body art form. Their meaning varies according to culture, but the aesthetic is typically reminiscent of Polynesian or Native American tribal styles. These tattoos typically depict the story of a person’s ancestors and serve as an inked tribute to their accomplishments. They are frequently connected with defense, strength, and power. This tribal aesthetic works quite well with an owl, as nature is frequently shown in tribal tattoos.

However, you should exercise caution and properly research your intended tribal tattoo design before committing to it. This is because you do not want to upset somebody with that particular ancestry.

Regardless of the bird tattoo you have, they all signify liberty in some manner. Thus, the owl tattoo symbolizes precisely that. It’s a lovely alternative if any other bird seems too challenging. To truly convey the message of freedom, you must allow the owl tattoo to spread its wings wide open. A bird with its wings folded signifies liberty.

12. Owl Eye Tattoo


Old Eye tattoos, alternatively referred to as Traditional tattoos, feature bold lines and a distinct yellow and red color palette. These are the kind of designs found in traditional American tattoos. They are frequently connected with the navy and even feature traditional navy insignia such as an anchor or a ship’s wheel. This design is appropriate for an owl tattoo, as the owl is a timeless tattoo image.

Owls are viewed negatively in many cultures. For instance, they are frequently linked to witchcraft and occultism. This was believed because people in the past believed witches could transform into owls. Certain cultures’ superstitions view the owl as a bringer of death. Thus, you may have noticed an owl in a number of horror flicks as well.

What am I to say? Something about the strange hooting makes it slightly creepy. It sends chills down your spine.

13. Realism  Owl Tattoo


In the tattoo world, realism refers to tattoos that are as realistic as possible. If you want your tattoo to look exactly like a tattoo seen in nature, this is the option for you.

Realist tattoos demand a high level of talent, so be sure to pick a tattoo artist with extensive experience and a portfolio of other realist tattoos. Otherwise, you may wind up with something really unappealing.

Additionally, due to the level of detail required for realistic tattoos, you should anticipate being at the tattoo shop for an extended period of time and possibly many sittings until your design is completely inked.

 14. Geometric Owl


Geometric tattooing focuses on shapes, lines, and patterns with an emphasis on symmetry. It’s a very modern style in which everything is reduced to its geometric dimensions. If you’re looking for something ultra-modern, fashionable, and completely unique, a geometric owl tattoo is an excellent choice.

With birds, the geometric pattern provides the feathers a very distinct appearance by causing them to follow a regular pattern. In general, this is an enticing and extremely desired appearance.

Owl tattoos allow you a great deal of customization. You can have them created in a straightforward manner using grey and black ink hues or in a more colorful watercolor technique. Additionally, you can incorporate various items within them, such as a compass, a clock, or even a book, to represent the various components.

 15. Small Owl


Many owl tattoos will be larger in size to fit the bird’s intricate intricacies. However, if you choose something more compact and discrete, this is still doable. The wrist and ankle are excellent locations for small owl tattoos, but some tiny owl tattoos can even fit on your finger. However, if you do decide to have a little finger tattoo, keep in mind that hand and finger tattoos fade rapidly due to their greater exposure to the sun and wear and tear than other parts of the body.

This means that you’ll need to have touch-ups on a regular basis to maintain the tattoo appearing fresh. You can then choose an excellent place for your tattoo design, which will be determined by the design you choose.

For instance, if you choose an owl tattoo with his wings folded, you would target areas such as the biceps, arms, and legs. However, if you want an owl tattoo with wide wings, you can opt for open wings in preferred locations such as the back and breast.

16. Cartoon Owl


If you’re a cartoon enthusiast, you’re in luck, because your favorite animated films can serve as inspiration for your body art. Cartoon owls are so adorable with their large, doughy eyes, and they make excellent additions to tattoo collections. You can also incorporate typical cartoon motifs, such as a stack of books or a bow, to emphasize the owl’s intelligence and wisdom, or to express their gender.

With its designs spanning from vibrant colors to intricate patterns, an owl tattoo allows for a great deal of creativity. It might be realistic or whimsical, as the owl in Winnie the Pooh is. Your owl may be in a variety of postures. It may be perched on a tree branch or flying. Due to the variety of designs, it can be worn in multiple locations on the body. It is represented by additional symbols such as a key, a flower, and books, and, to be honest, anything feels good.

When choosing an owl tattoo design, ensure that you have a variety of options to choose from. It will give you an idea of the options available with your own tattoo.

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