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16 Amazing Maori Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Jan 20, 2022

Tattoos are the most effective form of body art for expressing one’s culture and identity. Many tattoo artists all over the world use Maori tattoos as one of their most popular designs. Maoris are a tribe of New Zealanders who originated in the country.

While on a cruise to the South Pacific in 1769, Captain James Cook and the naturalist saw the Maori tattoos for the first time. They were enthralled by the exquisite decorations and were captivated by them. People still wear them in modern times, which adds to the appeal. In this article, we’ll look at some incredible Maori tattoo designs to get some tattoo ideas.

In the Maori language, tattoos are referred to as Ta Moko. They were regarded as symbols of heroism, strength, and power. The number of tattoos a guy had reflected his accomplishments and social standing. Maori tattoos were also utilized as a reminder of their responsibility to their people, and getting a tattoo was considered a high honor.

These tattoos were once worn by both men and women. Women’s tattoos were done on the chin, lips, and shoulders, while men’s tattoos were done on the face and buttocks. The earliest Maori tattoos were made with Albatross bird bones and a permanent pigmented ink made from Cardi gum and other roots mixed with oil. Continue reading to see some of the most beautiful Maori tattoos.

Memento mori is a Latin phrase that means “remember death.” On a daily basis, it is used to explain your life phrase and path, as well as guide us in the appropriate direction. We’ll all die (memento mori — an object preserved as a reminder of death’s inevitability, such as a skull.) It might have a good connotation because it encourages you to relate to and love your life more.

1. Maori Chest Tattoo


If you’re looking for a tattoo with a simple meaning and a common design, this is the one to get. To make the tattoo more personal and scary-looking, stick to dark black ink. The ultimate product depicts someone who is well aware of his or her surroundings and, to begin with, is a forthright individual.

Maori tattoos are incredibly attractive to the eye, and they appear much better when they cover a piece of the chest. This is one of the Maori tattoos for males, and it is a mishmash of Maori symbols and signs, including Celtic signs and knots, the human symbol, pieces of arrows, and much more, all worked together in a fantastic way. The tattoo also contains bits of red mixed in with black, giving it a very brilliant appearance. Another thing to note is that this tattoo does not cover the entire breast, only the upper line.

2. Maori  Marquesas Tattoo


A common Maori emblem is the Marquesas Cross. It has a lot of meaning and seeks to find the right balance of elements and harmony. According to several archaeological findings, the cross is linked to the turtle shell. However, we must not disregard this tattoo’s attractiveness. It has a beautiful effect on the skin and gives you an ethnic and traditional appearance. This is one of the most attractive Maori tattoos for women.

You can put this tattoo anywhere you want. The majority of women like to wear this statement around their collarbone or wrist, however, some prefer to wear it across their back. Guys tend to stick to their masculine chest and calves, but your final decision and conclusion will be based on your preferences and character. Stick to what you’re comfortable with and trust your instincts.

3.  Leg Maori Tattoo


This little memento mori tattoo is suitable for individuals who prefer more traditional designs. This tattoo will suit you if you like skulls and black and white tattoos. Add a floral print to it to make it more appealing and feminine.

Maori tattoos are the most popular tribal designs, and the best Maori tattoo designs can be inked on any surface. These tattoos denote physical prowess and accomplishments. They’re made up of a number of symmetrical geometric motifs that represent balance and harmony. Weapons, aptitude in a certain sport, prosperity, and health are all common trends. This is one of the most beautiful Maori tattoos.

4. Amazing Maori  Tattoo


This is a great template to use if you’re seeking Maori tattoo ideas. This tattoo depicts Maori civilization at a tiny level. It’s made out of intricate designs of tents and people, and it depicts their way of life. People who appreciate the Maori way of life and take great pride in their ancestors are more likely to get these tattoos. Due to the complexities of the features and the precision with which the symmetry must be attained, tattoos of such patterns are highly hard and difficult to achieve.

To remind oneself that time is rushing out, get this side stomach tattoo. This tattoo will quickly get to you and have a personal impact on your lifestyle, despite the fact that it is hidden and less noticeable. Choose memento mori as your new tattoo to ensure that you express your ups and downs.

5. Maori  Half-Sleeve Tattoo


The Polynesian word “Renata” signifies “people” or “God.” It is a symbol of life, birth, and experiences. It is also sometimes used to express relationships such as marriage, friendship, and family. A reversed Renata, on the other hand, could indicate the presence of an enemy. Those who desire a certain tattoo design can choose from a variety of designs and options.

If you’re looking for a tattoo with a simple meaning and a common design, this is the one to get. To make the tattoo more personal and scary-looking, stick to dark black ink. The ultimate product depicts someone who is well aware of his or her surroundings and, to begin with, is a forthright individual.

6. Thigh Maori Tattoo


It is not true that Maori motifs are reserved for guys; ladies are wearing them in wonderful style and adoring them to their hearts’ content. If we talk about this type of Maori tattoo design, we can observe how a woman is proudly flaunting her thigh tattoo.

It’s a blend of red and black, and the Celtic patterns, together with subtle floral elements, make it so lovely and appealing. So, ladies and gentlemen, get out of your comfort zones and try something new. Next time, try one of these really attractive Maori designs.

Maori l tattoos, while primarily popular among men, are gradually gaining favor among women as well. There are numerous methods to design and render them. Maori tattoos are traditionally done in black ink. The scale of the Maori tribal design might vary based on the design and region. Let’s take a peek at some of our favorites.

7. Chest Lizard Maori Tattoo


Lizards or geckos are considered God-like in Polynesian culture. It is an essential component of Polynesian ideas and aspirations. They’re recognized for protecting people from all types of sicknesses and disasters, as well as rescuing them from foes. The lizard tattoos are truly one-of-a-kind and imaginative. To show respect for the animal, they are normally done on the upper sections of the body.

Maori tattoos frequently tell the story or heritage of a Maori person. Many of the symbols are historic, however, they will occasionally mix modernized patterns into them. This particular style of tattoo across the chest and arm has recently gained popularity due to the presence of a similar tattoo on the famous wrestler/movie actor ‘The Rock.’

8. Color Maori Tattoos


When it comes to really traditional Maori tattoos, full-body designs seem to be quite frequent. This is because body painting is a great way for tribal people to show off their culture, and it’s amazing to see how much sense of art they have despite living in such remote areas where little if any, an indication of civilization has yet to arrive. This tattoo is an excellent example of wonderful body art in which the tattoo tells a complete tale that everyone can see on your body, and it is a difficult task for tattoo artists to get it in the right spot.

As you can see, this is still a work in progress, as some of it has yet to be colored in. Some people will let tattooists execute tribal designs off the cuff, or without any kind of tracing, and simply let the tattooist do their thing, which may result in some amazing, one-of-a-kind creations.

9. Maori Flower Tattoo


The Maori flower tattoo is quite attractive. It has a picture of a lovely blossom surrounded by tribal designs. It has a lovely appearance and is best suited to females. It’s generally worn on the hip. It is one of the greatest Maori tattoos for girls since it is so gorgeous and readily attracts others.

Traditional Maori warriors were frequently tattooed from head to toe. Not only would they instill dread in their opponent, but they may also be used to remember specific events or legends in their culture, as well as mark a warrior’s rank in their own life story.

10. Maori Turtle Shell Tattoo


Shells, particularly the turtle shell, are frequently included in Maori tattoo designs. The turtle is a very important sea species, and the Maoris hold it in high regard. This basic Maori tattoo has a lot more meaning than other symbols, and it’s a terrific tattoo design idea. Health, happiness, long life, rest, tranquility, and prosperity are all symbols associated with turtles. In Maori culture, they are considered good luck symbols.

11. Maori Sun Tattoo


The Maori Sun tattoo symbolizes wealth, leadership, and brilliance. It is regarded as a source of light, natural richness, and sustenance. The sun tattoo has a really dynamic appearance. It offers you a very bold and powerful look. It can be worn on any area of the body, although it looks best on the upper body. They are said to bring the wearer good fortune, health, and pleasure.

12. Maori Tattoo With Shark Teeth


In Polynesian tattoos, shark teeth are a popular fish motif. They are a symbol of guidance, courage, strength, and power, and they appear attractive and fashionable on the skin. Sharks were a common food source for Maoris, and their teeth were cherished keepsakes. Sharks, like other animals, were prized for their teeth, which symbolized strength, power, and protection. One of the best Maori arm tattoo designs for men is this one.

13. Maori Arrow Head Tattoo


The Maori Arrow Head tattoo is a symbol of bravery, knowledge, and strength. It attempts to convey the impression of a warrior and his impressive abilities. The tattoo is highly detailed, and each line could be interpreted as a symbol for anything. It has a really inventive design and a one-of-a-kind appearance. It’s one of the most popular Arrow Head tattoo designs for men and women alike.

14. Small Maori Tattoo


We generally discover that the majority of Maori tattoos are really rich, grungy, and extended, covering large areas of the body. If you want a neater Maori tattoo for guys, go for one of these small patterns and have them inked on your chest like this or behind your neck or anywhere else because smaller tattoos are simpler to flaunt than larger tattoos. Using subtle patterns and modest details, these tattoos portray the Maoris’ rich history and tradition. They are fashioned with a variety of motifs, including flora, fauna, and other important Maori features.

15. Men’s Ocean Maori Tattoo


Ocean Maori tattoos are really popular. Oceans are seen by some as a symbol of death or the world beyond. There are a variety of patterns and designs to select from, and many people have praised the idea since it helps your tattoo stand out. The Maoris relied heavily on the ocean for their nourishment, and the oceans played an important role in their existence. The Maoris ate a lot of seafood, and they hunted it with a variety of tactics.

16. Inspired  Maori Tribal


Maori tribal tattoos are a symbol of the ancient Maoris’ rich culture and heritage. To depict the traditional way of life, they are fashioned with a variety of symbols and patterns. Each feature is meticulously depicted with symbols such as tents, fish scales, and the Mackerel tail, all of which are associated with meanings such as prosperity, health, and courage.

Maori tribal tattoos demonstrate the presence and a strong connection to the Maori community. Maoris are a very proud people that take their culture seriously. These tribal tattoos may be found all throughout New Zealand, and increasingly, all over the world. Take a look at some of the incredible Maori designs.

Tribal tattoos have always been a popular design choice, but they have gotten more attention in recent years as many styles of tribal tattoos have been more extensively shown as tattoos become more commonplace and we are exposed to diverse tribes around the world.

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