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15 Unreliable Moon Tattoo Designs With Inspiration

ByRandy Peterson

Sep 27, 2021

Moon tattoos are also really fascinating and attractive. Moon tattoo designs are at the top of the list when it comes to feminine tattoos. They are well-known and have been linked to various civilizations, mythologies, and beliefs. They also signify fantasy, as fairy tales are frequently associated with it.

There are dozens of tattoo layouts to select from, and ladies have expressed a strong desire for them. Men have recently begun to ink this tattoo pattern, despite the fact that it is primarily worn by women.

Purity, mystery, dreams, influence, fertility, and feminine strength are all represented by the moon. They are tattoos that may be customized in a variety of ways and can be placed anywhere on the body. In the world, there are many various sorts of moon tattoo designs.

The moon is a symbol of female power, transformation, creativity, and expansion, and its rich symbolism makes it an appealing subject for tattooing. The beauty of our planet’s natural satellite is determined by its phases. Some ladies are captivated by the appearance of a full moon because it emphasizes fuzzy lines and the supernatural.

Others, on the other hand, are drawn to the symbolism associated with the crescent form, which is supposed to symbolize optimism and change. There are a variety of designs to pick from, each of which may be customized to fit your personal style and philosophy.

From the ocean’s tides to women’s bodies, her cycles pave the way for others to follow. When the sun and the moon are combined in tattoos, there is a distinct composition of everlasting counterparts that both bring light at their own time of day.

Many friendships revolve around their balance, which is why sun and moon tattoos are a popular tattoo design for friendship tattoos.

The moon can also be combined with various symbols, as in Native American tattoos in gorgeous surroundings, or with cherry blossom blooms to reflect Japanese culture, or a crescent moon can be whirled around by a gentle snake for a tattoo expressing rebirth and change.

1. New Moon Tattoo Design


Moon tattoos are a fantastic choice of tattoo art for anyone who believes in higher powers, astronomy, and mysticism. They are also ideal for those who enjoy humorous tattoos.

Humans have been fascinated by the moon’s strange character since prehistory. The moon’s phases were linked to the tides and were meticulously monitored. Some tribes around the world thought that the moon possessed extraordinary powers. They also thought that the moon was directed by God during the time.

Moon tattoos are ideal for anyone who believes in the power and influence of heavenly beings. They are also appropriate for those with a whimsical side or who are interested in the science and history of astronomy. Moons are powerfully symbolic images in and of themselves. However, their significance may be enhanced when combined with another symbol, such as a wolf or the sun.

Moons are also great tattoos to get if you want something modest and unobtrusive. However, you can easily adjust them to fit a larger space as well, either alone or in combination.

2. Waxing Crescent Moon


Furthermore, a waxing crescent moon has nothing to do with the moon’s shadow cast by the Earth. Only at full moon, when the moon and sun are opposite one other in space — on either side of Earth – can the Earth’s shadow fall on the moon.

On a waxing crescent moon, this is not the case. Such a moon does not lie directly opposite the sun, but rather on almost the same line of sight to the sun as seen from Earth. A crescent moon casts a shadow, but it is the moon’s own shadow. Do you know how night falls on Earth on the section of the planet that is submerged in its own shadow? On the moon, the same is true.

When you gaze at a waxing crescent moon, you see a narrow portion of the moon’s lighted side and a greater fraction of the moon’s night side, which is immersed in the moon’s own shadow. When the moon is a crescent, you may also notice a soft glow on the night portion of the moon.

This radiance is known as earthshine. It is produced by the fact that when we view a crescent moon in the sky, any moon people looking back at us would see a virtually full Earth. A full or nearly full Earth can brighten the lunar surface in the same way as a full moon might illuminate a terrestrial area. That is what you see when you see earthshine.

3. Crescent Moon Tattoo 



People frequently assume that crescent moon tattoos have no value, but the truth is that these designs can have very deep and powerful connotations for their owners. It’s the type of tattoo that can be customized in a variety of ways and may be placed anywhere on the skin, so it’s no wonder that many individuals are getting half-moon tattoos these days.

On this page, we’ll look at some of the meanings you might associate with a crescent moon tattoo, as well as some of the interesting methods you can get one designed. Depending on the significance, the crescent moon tattoo can be either basic or quite intricate. Despite its simplicity, a little and basic crescent can contain a lot of importance for many people. In other circumstances, a huge crescent moon might be used as the border of a complex and intricate artwork or pattern.

One of the most common reasons people get crescent moon tattoos is to express their passion for the night. Many people find that they are more productive at night, while others simply enjoy themselves more when they are active late at night. The fact is that millions of people enjoy the night for many reasons, which is why this is the most widely used crescent moon tattoo meaning today.

The half-moon has always been regarded as a feminine sign and has been worshipped as such. In antiquity, it was an icon of the feminine divinity and served as a symbol of purity for Artemis/Diana in Greek and Roman mythology. Its antagonism to the sun, a generally male emblem, adds to its femininity, despite the fact that its might is equally as immense.

4. Full Moon Tattoo Design


People frequently believe that crescent moon tattoos are worthless, but the truth is that these designs can have very deep and strong meanings for their owners. It’s the type of tattoo that can be customized in a variety of ways and may be placed anywhere on the skin, so it’s no surprise that half-moon tattoos are popular these days. On this page, we’ll look at some of the symbolism associated with a crescent moon tattoo, as well as some of the unique ways you can get one designed.

The crescent moon tattoo can be simple or complex, depending on its importance. Despite its simplicity, a small and basic crescent can hold a great deal of significance for many people. In other cases, a large crescent moon could be employed as the border of a sophisticated and elaborate piece of artwork or pattern.

One of the most prevalent motivations for getting crescent moon tattoos is to express a love of the night. Many people find that they are more productive at night, while others simply have more fun while they are awake late at night. Millions of people appreciate the night for a variety of reasons, which is why this is the most commonly used crescent moon tattoo meaning today

The half-moon has long been considered and worshipped as a feminine sign. It was an icon of the feminine divinity in antiquity, and it served as a symbol of purity for Artemis/Diana in Greek and Roman mythology. Its aversion to the sun, a traditionally male symbol, adds to its femininity, despite the fact that its power is equivalent to that of the sun.

5. Half Moon Tattoo Design


Moon tattoos are also really interesting and gorgeous. When it comes to feminine tattoos, moon tattoo designs are at the top of the list. They are well-known and have been linked to various civilizations, mythologies, and beliefs. They also serve as a symbol of fantasy, as fairy tales are frequently associated with it.

There are thousands of tattoo layouts to select from, and it is a popular choice among ladies. Men have recently begun to ink this tattoo pattern, despite the fact that it is primarily worn by women.

The moon represents purity, mystery, dreams, power, fertility, and femininity. They are the type of tattoos that may be customized in a variety of ways and placed anywhere on the skin. There are numerous moon tattoo designs available in the world. From that collection, we have selected the 25 greatest moon tattoos with images and meanings for you.

The half-moon, also known as the crescent moon, occurs as the moon enters a new phase of its cycle. A half-moon tattoo represents progress, positive decisions, and the fact that change is unavoidable. It is usually a minor tattoo done in a prominent location to attract attention and remove any negative energy from one’s life.

7. Tribal Moon Tattoo Design


Tribal tattoos are more than just designs or elements, as the name implies. Tribal tattoos are works of culture and tribes that date back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. When one decides to wear a tribal tattoo, it is like wearing someone else’s culture; consequently, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a little bit about their beginnings, what they represent, and how they were utilized.

Tattoos, particularly tribal tattoos, are more than just the design that they depict. Some tattoos, for example, are especially used to put on slaves’ shaved heads so that when the head comes back, it serves as a message. Another example is several African tribes, where women used to wear distinctive tattoos to express their individuality, tribal identity, and other characteristics.

African tribal tattoos, Slavic tribal tattoos, Native American tribal tattoos, Filipino tribal tattoos, Samoan tribal tattoos, and so on are some of the most well-known tribes for tattooing. Each of these tribes has adopted a distinct structure and design that distinguishes it from the others.

When the Vikings were growing as a tribe, they employed tattoos as a form of pride, t.7attooing “Blood-Eagle” on their backs when they defeated an adversary.

8. Watercolor Moon Tattoo Design


When you think of tattoos, you probably think of strong, dark outlines and precise shading; nevertheless, one design type that has grown in favor in recent years is watercolor tattoos.

A watercolor tattoo is a brilliant, colorful mark created by a multitude of subtle color gradients and procedures that generate a more gradual color fade-out. This effect is meant to resemble the features of a classic watercolor painting, hence the style’s name.

Because the style of watercolor tattoos is more delicate and flowing than that of “conventional” tattoos, it’s easy to mistake them for being made with different tools. Watercolor tattoos, on the other hand, are made in the same way and do not require any special equipment.

The only difference is that an artist must learn a variety of techniques to obtain a watercolor effect, such as blurs, bleeds, fades, and runs, which is why it is critical to find an experienced and qualified artist. Of all, just as every tattoo is unique to the person receiving it, there is no such thing as a “proper” design for a watercolor tattoo.

Because it is based on a watercolor painting, the majority of watercolor tattoos do not have an outline or, if they do, the colors tend to extend outside of the lines to give the impression of dripping and drying water. Some, on the other hand, are distinctive in their use of the watercolor appearance to highlight a design. Continue scrolling to discover 20 amazing watercolor tattoos.

9. Sun & Moon Tattoo Design


Throughout human history, the sun and moon have had various meanings and symbolism. Depending on the civilization and culture, both have served as inspiration for various theological and cultural interpretations or have been associated with a range of symbols.

In ancient Egypt, for example, the sun and moon represented the deity, particularly the Sun, who was worshipped as the deity Re, or the Sun God. Some of the ancient symbolism of the sun and moon has survived to the present day. The sun and moon, inspired by ancient and cultural interpretations, are currently popular tattoo design inspirations.
Throughout human history, the sun and moon have been the topic of visual arts, literature, poetry, and numerous other forms of expression.

The moon, like many of nature’s counterparts – day and night, darkness and light, male and female – is the natural counterpart to the sun. The sun and moon, when combined in a design, signify a universal belief and expression of the blending of opposites.

Almost everywhere in the world, the sun is a masculine figure who represents strength and power. The moon, on the other hand, is regarded as a feminine figure and represents calmness and stability. Sun and moon tattoos represent a key life principle: where it is good, there will also be negative. They symbolize the duality of human nature – everyone has a dark and a bright side.

Everyone has good and terrible days in life, much like the sun and moon, day and night. No one can live this life without encountering both good and terrible experiences that shape his or her personality.

Sun and moon tattoos also represent unity in variety and, in some cases, sexual and spiritual connection between a man and a woman. They are a sign of love and are frequently picked by couples. After all, the sun and moon have been in love since the beginning of time.

These cosmic emblems, when combined, reflect the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The circle, one of the most basic yet powerful symbols, is a representation of the universe in its most basic form.

10. Star & Moon Tattoo Design


The veneration, mythology, and superstition associated with the moon and stars are important to every community, which is why they are so popular as tattoo motifs all across the world.

The moon’s lunar qualities represent opposing but complementary forces to the sun’s masculinity. Solar qualities are powerful and emit their own light. The moon is receptive, helped along by the shimmering of her children, the stars that fill the sky.

Whether tiny or large, simple or elaborate, incredible alternatives exist, and your stylistic options are nearly limitless. The moon can be as simple as a little crescent tattoo with asterisk stars or as complex as a solar system tattoo complete with geometry, shading, and shadow.

With the Moon and Stars tattoos, you can explore the ink of the night. Discover many design ideas and ink inspiration from the sky that has been around for as long as humanity can remember.

11. Flower & Moon Tattoo Design


As tattoos become more popular, tattoo artists have extended the range of subjects they can use in their work. Anchors, ropes, and nautical stars were common in traditional sailor tattoos, but today’s tattoos offer a far wider range of designs.

Flower Moon tattoos are a popular new trend that depicts a half-crescent moon entirely formed of flowers and other natural components. Although Flower Moon tattoos are relatively new, the concept has been around for quite some time. As a result of their custom of naming each year’s full moon, the Native Americans coined the phrase.

The Flower Moon appears in May because that’s when flowers are starting to bloom. They stand as a wonderful emblem of rebirth after a long, cold winter. The Flower Moon has inspired a new generation of tattoo designs by tattoo artists. Tulips, magnolias, and roses are common blooms for half-crescent arrangements, but there are other options as well.

These elements stray from the basic concept of the Flower Moon but reflect the uniqueness that comes with the intimate experience of getting inked. Other designs will include pets, calligraphy, or even gems that dangle from the moon.

12. Cloud & Moon Tattoo Design


Cloud Tattoo: If you’d like a tattoo that resembles a background and contains gorgeous images, this is it. As a result, you’re given a respectable appearance. It’s like a colorful, pattern-covered bandage that keeps your body part from showing through. Nature-inspired and god-inspired tattoos.

A Cloud tattoo is a great choice in that case. The trend of getting a cloud tattoo has taken off recently. People from all over the world are getting tattoos of clouds. Getting a cloud tattoo is popular among both sexes.

Cloud tattoos on the arm are most popular among men. The fact that these tattoos maybe both colorful and black and white is a timeless classic. The finest tattoo design for you might be a cloud tattoo. One of the best tattoo design ideas you may use is a cloud tattoo. Traditional tattoos, such as cloud tattoos, are also referred to as traditional ink.

Clouds are something we’ve all heard of. Clouds are nothing more than billowing plumes of water- and air-filled smoke. You can deduce its meaning from these two elements. The two elements, air, and water, each have their own specific meaning. Water represents passion, purity, and intuition, while air represents the world of the mind.

Water and air are complementary. The cloud symbolizes rain, joy, and a positive attitude. Combining these two connotations will result in a symbol of wealth, fertility, and intellectual prowess.

Cloud tattoos are also popular for a variety of additional reasons. Messages from God are symbolized by clouds. Mount Olympus, the home of the gods, is known as the Place of the Clouds. The reason why people get these kinds of tattoos is to demonstrate their faith in God and their conviction that God is at work in the world.

Cloud tattoos have a wide variety of cultural connotations around the world. Clouds represent transformation and transition to the Chinese. Japanese words for clouds can have a variety of connotations. They regard clouds as omens of good fortune.

13. Small Moon Tattoo Design


There are many various designs that are very popular when it comes to picking a tattoo. You must decide what you want and where you want it. In addition, the design will be meaningful and relevant to you. Moon tattoo designs are quite popular among both men and women, and they are generally paired with another tattoo, such as a sun. Although this is common, the moon tattoo can be worn alone and still look fantastic.

Moon tattoo designs are popular because they look great with other tattoos. You can have a moon tattoo anywhere on your body, and smaller tattoos are frequently preferable to large ones. You can have a moon tattoo in a variety of styles and colors, and they can be as bold or as delicate as you like. Your budget will often dictate what size and style you choose.

There are many diverse designs and interpretations of what the moon represents, and only your imagination limits you. You have the option of combining multiple elements to create enormous, detailed artworks, or you can go with the smaller alternative. Small moon tattoos are popular among women because they are delicate and feminine, and they can be tattooed on any part of the body. You can, for example, get a design tattooed on your wrist or finger and see it every day as a reminder of what the ink means to you.

14. Sleepy Moon Tattoo Design


Moon tattoos have been around for a long time and have deep cultural significance; the moon is a significant symbol in many religions and nations. It depicts the earth’s cycles and symbolizes mystery. Although it is most commonly seen as a half crescent, it can also be tattooed as a full moon.

You can have a funny moon tattoo or even a man-on-the-moon tattoo; remember, it’s your tattoo and you may get any moon tattoo ideas you choose. They’re also great for a couple because you can get a moon tattoo while your partner gets a sun tattoo.

You must carefully consider your tattoo because removing it once it is in place will cost a lot of money. When it comes to choosing a tattoo, the sky is the limit, and if you’re artistic, you could even design it yourself. If you lack artistic ability, you can communicate your ideas to a tattoo artist, who will then recreate them.

Every tattoo has a different meaning for each person, and what you see in your designs may be quite particular to you. Although your tattoo should be attractive, it does not have to be the most beautiful. It is considerably more important that you enjoy it and that it has meaning for you.

15. Heart & Moon Tattoo Design


Moon tattoo designs can be found online and at tattoo shops if you are unsure of the design you desire. You should try to talk to other people about your design, particularly tattoo artists, to ensure that it will look well and fit where you want it. You should go to the tattoo shop and ask to see their work before getting your tattoo. There are some amazing tattoo artists out there, but there are also some terrible ones.

If you locate the appropriate tattoo artist, your moon tattoo designs will be transformed into a work of art. You must make certain that you have chosen a design that you like and that it is in a location that you enjoy, as you must keep in mind that it will be there for the rest of your life.

A moon tattoo is said to have some kind of celestial power or influence in most civilizations. Moon tattoos come in numerous shapes and sizes, including half or crescent moons, full moons, crimson or black moons, moons with stars, and moons with other symbols.

The symbolism of the moon tattoo is altered by each. The moon tattoo is usually modest, however, it can be enlarged to fill a bigger area. Moon tattoos are available in a variety of hues and designs, including abstract and realistic designs.

A moon tattoo typically represents a life transition or a desire to follow one’s true nature. A dark moon might represent one’s own wicked nature and serve as a lesson to tread carefully, whereas a blue moon can represent a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence or even rare love.

A moon and wolf tattoo may represent a person’s more animalistic side, as well as a wild spirit or a longing to travel. The only limit to the diversity of moon tattoos is your creativity.

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