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15 Popular Family Tattoo Design

ByRandy Peterson

Oct 27, 2021

It is an art of self-expression to get a tattoo to signify something significant, such as a memorable event in your life, a special person in your life, or anything of valuable value. Having a tattoo is no longer associated with being a troublemaker or being of the lower social strata. It’s now a widely accepted trend for groups with a common relationship to use one as a creative decision.

For a family looking for a fine print of artistic nature to communicate a relationship, this might be a great notion of belongingness. The idea of getting a family tattoo is a unique one. The idea of a theme that captures the ties between family members is distinctive since the existence of art is not founded solely on individual nature but on ties with other family members.

Since this is a long-term art form, the design should be well-thought-out. It should be something that the wearer or other family members can relate to or identify with. Naturally, they’ll have to choose a design that unites them, like an animal, a legendary character, or a simple picture with deeper meaning than meets the eye. A good example of a Family Tattoo Designs is a group of family members all sporting tattoos of aquatic creatures like dolphins, sharks, octopuses, or whatever else is often associated with large amounts of water.

Elements of nature, such as fire, water, earth, and wind, make excellent ideas for a Family Tattoo design. Simple in nature, but deep in presentation, these ideas can be. To begin with, the design would have to be restricted to a somewhat inconspicuous area of the body.

Many young adolescent family members are still navigating the job-hunting process, so getting ink on an exposed part of the body like the wrist, forearms, neck, or nape may make it harder to land a good job, as some employers may view the tattoo as a form of self-expression rather than a detriment to the body. Because their bodies are still developing, teenage family members would have to think about having the artwork placed on a body part that is less prone to stretching, as some skin portions would stretch and deface the artwork over time.

Males’ upper arms (because of muscle growth) and females’ belly skin (due to future pregnancy) are two examples of these body parts. The portion of the body where the design would be most visible would still require a few extra folds of fabric to cover it.

1. Family Tree Tattoo Design

People who want to respect and honor their ancestors often get a family tree tattoo. It is frequently found on the skin of persons who have had to be separated from their families in order to study or work in another country. Many people believe that their family and family tree are the most precious things in their lives, thus they inscribe their names in the never-ending swirling branches that begin with a single unique root.


Many factors influence the meaning of a family tree tattoo. A person’s thoughts, tattoo shape, size, and even tattoo style can all influence how they feel about their tattoo. The primary and most essential meaning of this tattoo is that it represents family love and affection, particularly amongst parents, children, siblings, and other relatives.

The initial meaning of this style of tattoo is around the love, passion, and care that one may feel for their family members, as well as the desire to wear them on their back, thigh, arm, or another body part.

Strength and endurance are the second most essential meanings of family tree tattoos. A family can go through a lot of troubles and sufferings, to the point that one is prepared to go through the pain of getting a tattoo to express how strong they are for their family. Throughout history, we have learned that many families around the world, particularly famous families, have endured numerous crimes and injustices in order to reach the stadium where justice is served.

One of the most beautiful ways to honor people closest to you is to get a family tree tattoo. There are numerous interpretations, but the most frequent is a tree with branches and the names of various family members. It is a sign of power, love, and connection. Trees are generally connected with strong ties, knowledge, perseverance, and longevity, although each species has its own meaning. Perhaps you prefer the birch, which represents new beginnings and life. There are a plethora of options to personalize and personalize this item.

2. Infinity Family Symbol Tattoo Design

Tattoos are diverse and can include a wide range of styles and symbols. You can choose any design or symbol from the various family tattoo designs available; all that matters is that it means something to you and represents your feelings for your loved ones.


Remember that the tattoo will be visible for the rest of your life, therefore it must be significant and related to your love for your family. Any tattoo you receive, whether it’s a symbol, a picture, an illustration, or a script, should serve as a reminder of why you got it.

If this is your first time getting a family tattoo, look at the different sorts of family-themed tattoos, styles, and concepts before deciding on the one that best symbolizes your sentiments.

One of the most basic family tattoo ideas is the infinity sign. This tattoo represents unending and eternal love. For those who don’t want a complicated tattoo, the simple infinity sign shape is ideal. You may also personalize this symbol by adding the word “family” or other pictures such as feathers.

You can wear the infinity symbol on your wrist, shoulder, arms, or neck, and it is discreet and exquisite. Many designs, such as the Celtic Trinity Knot or Triquetra, can be used to represent the family. The knot is made up of a set of interlocking symbols that symbolize eternity and an unbreakable tie.

Many people think this is a lovely way to honor family, and each of the three shapes might represent something different, such as the father, mother, and child. It is also linked to the concept of life. The piece may be basic, but the deep significance associated with it makes it a popular tattoo choice. If you have Celtic ancestry, it may be even more relevant, although this is by no means necessary!

3. Match Family Tattoos

Family tattoos have a variety of meanings, which is what makes them so unique and powerful. The love and link of the family is the broad meaning of a family tattoo, however, each person’s family tattoo has a unique story. Some have it to remember they’re exciting upbringing, while others get it to acquire strength, as family tattoos represent strength and love.


Are you seeking a tattoo that can include all of your family members? Or do you not want to miss any of your relatives? This tattoo of a family tree is great for you. It comprises a grey and red-inked tree with many branches, each with a black written name of a family member.

You can include the names of your grandparents in the tree’s trunk, or only the family name. If you have a large family, you can make a larger family tree, but you don’t have to include everyone in it.

You can also include the names of your closest friends or bandmates if you’ve grown up with them. Because of the great shading and color additions made in this tattoo, this family tree seems more realistic than before.

Matching tattoos are a great way to express that you have a common link with someone. It’s a lovely act of love and loyalty that siblings or partners can perform together. A couple may want matching tattoos that reflect their love or their children in some way, while sisters may want a design that symbolizes female power and brings them together. There are a plethora of options to pick from. You can get a piece that reads “family” or choose something that everyone likes, such as a small elephant. To avoid hurting feelings or having regrets, make sure you agree on your tattoo design ahead of time.

4. Sticky Family Tattoo

Nothing is cuter than a parent having this sweet stick family tattoo to show their love for their children. This tattoo features two girls and a father holding a crimson inked heart, all of which are black inked stick figures. Small components such as balloons and grass have been incorporated to give this tattoo a lively look, allowing the bearer to tell a tale.


This tattoo isn’t only for parents; it’s for anyone. This tattoo is for you if you want to remember your wonderful childhood and remind yourself how to love others as much as your parents and siblings did for you. More stick characters may always be added to this tattoo to make it more interesting and engaging.

What better way to show your love for your family than with a family trumps all tattoo? The layout is typically simple, with many people opting to spell out the full phrase. However, you can be a little more creative with it by inking the word family on top of the word everything, for example. You can even pick a font that means something to you or even a loved one’s handwriting, but nothing prevents you from making a simple design stand out.

5.   Family Tattoos Quotes

Furthermore, there are other sorts of family tattoos that can be used to pay homage or tribute to a loved one who has passed away. Important dates and angel halos are frequently featured in these tattoos. This tattoo serves as a reminder that your loved one is still watching over you and that, even if they are not physically present, they will always be in your heart.


Family tattoos can reflect not just your affection for your biological relatives, such as your parents and siblings, but also your love for your friends. Or a certain group with whom you grew up and have spent the most of your time, and with whom you have formed a bond. You can combine a variety of signs and symbols into your family tattoos, each with its own meaning. As a result, family tattoos become more significant and sacred to you.

By any standard, the worth of a family is enormous. Family is your sanctuary and an oasis of tranquility in a world that seems to care nothing for your existence from the moment you are born until you finally close your eyes. ‘Family’ in this context refers not only to blood relations but also to friends who stick with you through thick and thin.

By tattooing one of these stunning quotations on your body, you may pay homage to your extended family and experience the warmth of their affection at all times. This selection of top family tattoo quotes and sayings can help you express your affection for your loved ones.

There are numerous family phrases that can serve as inspiration for your next tattoo. Perhaps you have a favorite poem lyric, a favorite movie dialogue, or a favorite music line that moves you. Choose something meaningful to you so you may feel an emotional connection to the words every time you look at your ink.

It might be about your family in particular, or it could be about something that reminds you of the bond you share and the unwavering love and support you receive from the people who matter most to you.

6. Heart Family Tattoo

In addition to the fundamentals, our families teach us how to love others and be a good person, both of which are extremely valuable teachings. We get our strength from our families, and it’s to them that we turn when we’re in trouble. If you can’t communicate your feelings with words, consider getting a tattoo instead.


Perhaps you came upon this post for the same reason. Many possibilities are available, and they’re all cool tattoos that let others know you’re an individual.

A family tattoo can take on a variety of forms and sizes, depending on your preferences. Choose a tattoo that represents a particular member of your family or go with a design that encompasses the entire clan. What you can do to express your love is truly limitless. The photos, phrases as well as letters that make up your design can all be found on the internet.

Consider a chest tattoo if you’re looking for a great location for your next design. The space is large enough to accommodate something elaborate, but it’s also ideal for a piece that holds a personal meaning for you, since it allows you to keep it close to your heart, literally. Many men and women get tattoos of their loved ones to honour them and remind them of how important they are in their lives. You can go with a photo and replicate the faces of folks you care about, or you can go with something as basic as the word “family.”

7. Family Forever Tattoo

Family tattoos are more about valuing the relationships that God has bestowed upon you, with family being the greatest blessing. As a result, family tattoos also represent your gratitude to God for blessing you with pure relationships and individuals with whom you will spend the rest of your life. This serves as a warning to them not to repeat the faults of their forefathers and mothers when they start their own families.


Family tattoos represent a family’s close tie. Families have a stronger bond than individuals. A family is regarded as one of life’s greatest blessings. We all place a high value on our families (or should). We are grateful to God for providing us with lovely parents, siblings, and relatives.

A family forever tattoo is the best way to honor your loved ones if you value family above all else. As the phrases suggest, this is an inking that signifies you place a high value on individuals you care about. This design may be done in a variety of ways; you can write out the entire sentence or use an infinite symbol to signify eternity and combine it with the word “family.”

It’s such a lovely and important composition that it’s frequently tattooed wherever you can see it every day. Alternatively, you may tattoo it on your chest to keep your loved ones near to your heart at all times.

8. Family Flower  Tattoo

If you can convey your feelings for someone in an original way, such as through art, there is nothing greater than doing so. As one of the best forms of art, tattoos are a great way to express yourself and, in this example, to demonstrate your affection and support for someone.


Family tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in the tattooing industry, and they are quickly becoming a fashion statement because to the wonderful designs and gorgeous images. There is a reason why so many individuals choose to adorn their bodies with family tattoos, just as there is a reason why they choose other tattoos: to demonstrate the strong tie and love they feel with their families.

Family tattoos, on the other hand, are not always about expressing your love and care for your relatives; some people have them to serve as a reminder of the difficulties they have had with their families. They are also obtained by a large number of people who come from broken homes. While family tattoos are a beautiful way to express affection for your blood relatives, some tattoo aficionados also use them to demonstrate how their friends are also members of their family.

9. A Touching Family Tattoo

Family tattoos represent a variety of different meanings, which is what distinguishes this sort of tattoo as being so unique and strong. Every person’s family tattoo has a unique tale to tell, but the common message behind them is the love and link that exists between members of the same household. Some people get it to serve as a reminder of their adventurous upbringing, while others get it to acquire strength because family tattoos represent strength and love, respectively.


Furthermore, there are many different sorts of family tattoos that can be used to pay homage or tribute to a loved one who has passed away. These tattoos are typically comprised of significant dates and angel haloes. This tattoo serves as a constant reminder that your loved one is still looking out for you and that they will always be in your heart, even if they are not physically present with you.

Family tattoos can not only express your affection for your blood relatives, such as your parents and siblings, but they can also express your affection for your friends and acquaintances. Alternatively, you may have a certain group with whom you grew up and with whom you have spent the most of your time, and they have become your family.

The signs and symbols that you can add to your family tattoos are numerous and have various meanings, all of which can be found on the internet. This increases the significance and sacredness of family tattoos in your eyes.

11. Small Family Tattoo

It is more about recognizing the relationships God has gifted you with, and the greatest blessing is your family, hence family tattoos are so popular these days. So family tattoos also express your gratitude to God and your thankfulness for him for blessing you with pure relationships and individuals with whom you will be able to spend the rest of your life.


Many family tattoos also represent difficulties, particularly for those who have not had the ideal family upbringing or who have come from shattered families. This serves as a warning to them not to repeat the faults of their forefathers and foremothers when they start their own families.

The most appealing aspect of family tattoos is that they may be interpreted in any way, allowing you to tell your own story with them. It is not necessary for your tale to make sense to others as long as you can relate to it and it serves to motivate you in some manner.

If you are considering a family tattoo for the first time, you may be a little perplexed as to what to do. Allow yourself to spend a few minutes reading this article to discover some great family tattoo ideas. It will assist you in better understanding the significance of family tattoos and will push you to get one as soon as possible.

A meaningful tattoo does not have to be enormous, and many individuals like little tattoos. One of the key reasons is their adaptability; they can be inked on any part of the body. They’re also simple to conceal, less expensive to get tattooed, and, obviously, less painful to have tattooed.

Many little tats, such as inscriptions, sentiments, hearts, and even your favorite animal, indicate family. For example, an elephant is associated with success, wisdom, and good fortune. Because they live in herds, they are also emblematic of family and strong bonds.

12.  Addams Family Tattoo Design

The Adams Family is a black comedy based on The New Yorker cartoons by Charles Addams. They are not your typical family; instead, they are odd and quirky, which is why people adore them. Despite their differences, there is a deep bond amongst the members of this team.



Fans consider Morticia and Gomez to be one of the best film pairings ever. This is an amazing pick for your next inking if you want a tattoo that expresses how all families are distinct and how the bond we share doesn’t have to be formal or traditional. Or perhaps you’re just a huge fan? If that’s the case, you’ve got even more reason to desire a design from this show inscribed on your forearm.

Choosing a location for family tattoos is not difficult because there are numerous family tattoo designs that are perfect for each spot you will come across. When it comes to little family tattoos, you can consider getting them done on your fingers, wrist, hand, neck, behind the ear, face, and elbow if you prefer minimalist designs and want to incorporate only a date or a small symbol.

For larger family tattoos, such as family trees or portraits, the best places to get them are on your back, thigh, stomach, chest, arms, and legs, respectively.

13. Tradition Family Tattoo Design

The importance of family cannot be overstated. Our parents are expected to do much more than simply provide for us; they are expected to educate us right from wrong, lead us, and, most importantly, show us love and support. It is not difficult to understand why so many individuals want to celebrate the link they have with their own families, and body art is a great opportunity to do so in a unique and personal manner.


If you like a basic tattoo like a heart or anchor, there are many options available, as well as something more intricate like a family tree or crest. You can also tattoo your favorite animal, such as a wolf or a bear, which are associated with loyalty and protection, respectively, in your tattoo.

Family is also not limited to people with whom you have a biological relationship, and there are methods to celebrate individuals with whom you do not share a genetic link as well. Continue reading for additional design inspiration for your next noteworthy project!

Traditional tattoos are a particular style of tattooing that employs thick outlines and a limited color pallet. The most common colors utilized are black, red, blue, green, and yellow. The technique has been popular for decades, with sailors and people on the margins of society being the first to tattoo it. However, in recent years, it has become a popular technique to obtain a statement tattoo.

The vibrant and bold artwork grabs your attention, and if the subject matter is something you care about, this is an excellent pick. Banners that say “family” or another keyword or phrase are an option. Other common images, such as daggers, skulls, and anchors, can also be inked on names.

14. Japanese Family Tattoos Design

Tattoos are designed to endure a lifetime, which explains why family tattoos are so beloved and cherished over the years. There are a zillion different methods to show your family love and affection, but the impact is always heartwarming. There are several reasons for this, and one of them is that family tattoos are popular.


Due to the fact that every family is different, whatever body art a person receives in celebration of their family should be too. In any case, this form of tattoo art always has a symbolic value – from a modest family name tattoo design to the abstract lady and kid heart tattoo, no matter what it depicts.

To demonstrate and express your love and support for someone in a unique way, such as art, is the best thing you can ever do. For those who want to express themselves or show their love and support for someone by getting a tattoo, it’s one of the best forms of art to do it.

In Japanese culture, family is extremely important. It is known as kazoku and is made up of a number of various symbols. Some individuals like to combine it with other words, as in this illustration, where the first two words are family.

When ordering something in a language you don’t speak or understand, it’s critical to do your homework first. There have been numerous instances where someone chose something, believing it to be one thing, only to discover afterward that they had made an unsettling error. There’s no reason you can’t hide up your ink later, but it’s preferable to avoid the shame and unpleasant experience completely.

15. Tribal Family Tattoo Design

Family tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in the tattoo industry, thanks to creative designs and stunning images. Many people get a family tattoo for the same reason they get other tattoos: to show off the closeness and love they have for their loved ones.


Some people acquire family tattoos to remind themselves of the difficulties they’ve had with their families, not just to express their love and care for them as a family unit. They’re common among people with shattered family structures.

Family tattoos not only show your affection for your blood relatives, but tattoo enthusiasts also get these tattoos to highlight how their friends are also your family. Family tattoos are popular among tattoo lovers. Because there are so many distinct cultures to examine, such as Native American and Polynesian, the word tribal tattoo is up to interpretation. In general, tribal inking is a way for the wearer to display his or her lineage and personal accomplishments, and the majority of the pieces are extremely meaningful.

They can also symbolize strength and protection. Although there isn’t always a single design that signifies family, a series of ink can be a way to celebrate your culture and your roots within it. This is a tribute to your ancestors and can be a piece inspired by your family.

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