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15 Divine Sun Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Jan 18, 2022

Sun tattoos are a popular body art style. They can be straightforward or intricate, significant or aesthetically pleasing, and gender-neutral. Additionally, they are highly adjustable to an individual’s style and preferences.

Additionally, the sun is replete with significance. It sustains the earth and humanity, which is why so many people get tattooed.

When it comes to solar tattoos, there are a plethora of alternatives. We’ll discuss some of the important symbolism associated with sun tattoos and present you with a variety of ideas and inspiration for your own solar-inspired ink in this post.

Sun tattoos have a variety of cultural connotations. The most frequently used symbolism is that of light and rejuvenation. Because our existence on earth is dependent on the sun, it can also represent the life cycle.

Astrologers regard the sun as a cosmic force, and it has been depicted on countless artifacts and scriptures throughout history. In astrology, the Sun represents the Self as a beam of light that is pushed forth onto others. The sun’s location at the time of a child’s birth is said to impart specific features on them. As a result, the sun holds a great deal of significance in astrology.

The sun was regarded as the Great Male Principle — the divine Yang — in ancient Chinese culture. Additionally, they believed that humans embodied the sun and shared the same cosmic eye that sheds light on knowledge.

 1. Minimalist Sun Tattoo


Minimalism is a very popular tattoo trend. This style is characterized by its simplicity and outlines, with little shading. However, simple does not have to equal dull, as minimalist tattoos allow for plenty of creativity. If you want subtlety or prefer to have a variety of smaller, less noticeable tattoos scattered over your body, minimalism may be the tattoo style for you.

2. Large Sun Tattoo


If you’re interested in getting some massive and prominent body art, you have a plethora of possibilities. As the Buddha stated, “Three things cannot remain hidden for an extended period of time: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Therefore, why not have a prominent, obvious sun tattoo? The greater the tattoo, the more detail room there is. This enables you to incorporate a great deal into a single design.

2. Tiny Sun Tattoo


While large, attention-grabbing tattoos might draw the eye and make a statement, smaller, more discreet pieces can be as lovely. A small tattoo can have just as much meaning as a large one, and its small size means that it has no restrictions on where it can be placed on the body. Even a finger or toe will offer the tattoo artist with a large enough canvas. If you’re required to maintain discretion regarding your body art for professional reasons, a smaller tattoo is a wonderful alternative because it’s easily concealable. If this is your first tattoo, it’s also a good idea to begin simple and work your way up to larger designs.

3. Tribal Sun Tattoo


Sun tattoos with tribal designs are also highly popular. These designs are typically strong and distinctive, creating a striking look with wave-like sun rays. In Japanese, Chinese, and Hindu cultures, the tribal look is prevalent. Additionally, this tattoo style is inspired by the relationship between life and the sun.

4. Celtic Sun Tattoo


Sun tattoo designs are frequently influenced by Celtic aesthetics. Because the sun is associated with healing and fertility in the Celtic culture, it is frequently a popular choice for women. Celtic mythology, like Greek mythology, views its gods in relation to the sun and hence possesses considerable power.

5. Black Sun Tattoo


Blackening the sun is a frequent design decision that works well with black ink. The black sun is associated with sunset and dawn, as well as the passage from day tonight. It also incorporates motifs from solar eclipses, and others believe it depicts rebirth.

6. Geometric Sun Tattoo


Geometric tattoos draw inspiration from the sun’s patterns and lines to create something truly distinctive and appealing. They frequently make reference to symmetry and balance. Geometric sun tattoos require a very talented tattoo artist to make, yet they are among the most artistically appealing.

7. Sun and Moon Tattoo Design


The sun and moon make an excellent tattoo combination and can be used to symbolize a balance between two conflicting energies. This could be a balance of life and death, love and hatred, or even masculine and feminine auras. This not only creates a thought-provoking symbolic statement, but also a highly visually appealing one. There are numerous methods to depict the moon and sun. For instance, they can be entwined or separated. Whichever option you choose, you are certain to get an eye-catching tattoo.

8. Watercolor Sun Tattoo




I once saw a watercolor tattoo in person and made a five-dollar wager with a friend that it was a temporary design. That is, it seemed as if it had been painted with real paintbrushes, complete with realistic paint splatters and precisely blended colors. That day, I lost five dollars, and since then, I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with all things watercolor tattoos.

Therefore, if you’re looking for tattoo inspiration and want to learn more about this soft, fluid technique, continue reading to learn what tattoo artists that specialize in this style have to say about watercolor tattoos, followed by all the design inspiration you could possibly need.

Yes, indeed. The age of watercolor tattoos and whether they fade or blur with time is a million-dollar issue. So what is the general consensus? Gutierrez and Wachob concur that all tattoos will fade and deteriorate over time. “Time marches on regardless of the style or color of the tattoo, and tattoos with black outlines do not halt a person’s aging process,” Wachob explains. “While black tattoos become thick, drab, and fuzzy over time, colored tattoos lighten and soften.”

9. Multicolored Sun Tattoo


Concentrating on the sun’s rays is another technique to add uniqueness to your tattoo. The outward rays have a spiritual and religious connotation, as they represent God looking down on us. Additionally, it signifies the sun shining down on us and providing us with life. Additionally, you can get just the rays tattooed and eliminate the sun’s body entirely.

While the majority of the designs we’ve seen are in black and white, in reality, the sun is not only bright and vivid but also lights all the colors we can see. If you truly want to make a statement with your tattoo, why not consider getting tattooed in color? The brilliance will also add a sense of warmth and cheerfulness to the tattoo.

11. Wave and the Sun


It is customary to blend various natural elements with the sun in order to demonstrate a sense of harmony with nature. Sea waves and the sun complement one another well, and while they signify strength and power, the ebb and flow of the ocean can also reflect life’s highs and lows. Wave and sun tattoos are extremely peaceful and pleasing to the eye, and they can serve as a reminder to let go and allow life to unfold naturally.

12. Sun Face Tattoo


By including a face in your sun tattoo, you may further personalize it and even add some humor to the design. It humanizes the sun and imbues it with fresh meaning. You can choose a happy sun, a smirking sun, or even a gloomy Sun.

13. Traditional Sun Tattoo


Sun tattoos are so appealing because they can be so different. There is literally a tonne of sun-themed designs to choose from. However, sometimes simple is best. Many people choose a simple sun tattoo that shows the sun in a spherical shape with rays. You can make your lines bold or soft, and you can add shading or not. It’s up to you. The good news is that you can’t go wrong with a traditional sun tattoo.

14. Japanse Sun Tattoos


In this case, you might be interested in getting a Japanese-style sun tattoo. This might have a red sun-like in the rising sun design, or it might be inspired by Japanese artists like Hokusai, like the one above. If you want to make it unique to you, you can add things like cherry blossoms or a Japanese landscape.

15. Half  sun Tattoo


There are a lot of sun tattoo designs that only show the whole thing. A half sun, on the other hand, can show either sunrise or sunset. This can be used to show things that happen at dawn, like new life, or things that happen at dusk, like endings. This is, of course, up for interpretation, but it opens up a whole new world of symbolism, which is always interesting.



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