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15 Attractive Watercolor Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Aug 16, 2021

Watercolor tattoos are incredibly beautiful and eye-catching, and they look like someone has taken a paintbrush to your skin. There are several interpretations of this technique; Some like to incorporate dark foundation shades, while others like to make blended colors the focus of the tattoo, leaving out the black ink and linework altogether.

You can also make the piece means to you from the images you choose to include in your design. For example, a butterfly represents beauty and change, while a hummingbird can be a symbol of hope and would be the perfect choice for a person recovering from conflict. All the pros of this style have some drawbacks.

Painterly tattoos are nothing new, and it is not uncommon to see someone with a waterlily or a masterpiece like Starry Night or even The Scream. But a new style of tattooing is becoming increasingly popular, and although there’s no denying its artistic appeal, some tattooists caution against it.

Since the style of watercolor tattoos is more delicate and fluid than “traditional” tattoos, it is easy to think that they are created with different tools. However, watercolor tattoos are created the same way and do not require any separate setup. The only difference is that an artist must learn several techniques, including blurs, bleeds, fades, and runs, to achieve the watercolor look, which is why it’s important to find an experienced and trained artist.

1.Butterfly Watercolor Tattoo


Watercolor butterfly tattoos are usually of different colors. So that the result is a bright piece of ink art. When it comes to butterfly tattoos, there are a lot of variations in terms of designs and styles. It is up to you which elements you will choose so that the artist can incorporate them into the original model.

Tattooing yourself with a butterfly is an inspired choice, as long as you want to express freedom, change, beauty, and hope. Although it is just an insect, the butterfly is also associated with femininity and weakness, so it can be an excellent inspiration for feminine body art.

2. Sparrow Watercolor Tattoo Design


Unleash your inner daredevil with colorful sparrow tattoo designs. Small and agile, these birds are deeply associated with fanciful meanings such as humility, freedom, and true love. The color is dense enough to go deep on the skin.

So, a colored sparrow would imply big ideas, strong ideals, and high intelligence. Birds soar high, touch the horizon, and draw closer to the higher energies of the universe. Despite this, the black sparrow tattoo also symbolizes being the messenger of something higher. We also cannot let go of other meanings such as commitment, victory, difficulty, and perseverance.

3.Feather Watercolor Tattoo Design

Feather tattoos are super trendy and happening. And like every other symbol and motif in the tattoo world, they also have deep philosophical meaning.  They have the same characteristics as birds – independence and courage.


From eagles to peacocks and even phoenixes, each bird’s feather has a different meaning. Keep scrolling to learn more about them, pick the one that resonates the most with your personality and get yourself inked!

Feather tattoos stand for free-spiritedness, bravery, and strength. This is for those who always want to believe in themselves, no matter what happens, and never give up. Chiefs and leaders of the clans wore ornamental hats with feathers to express authority, power, and knowledge. More often than not, they wore eagle wings because they believed that eagles had a connection to the sky as they soared to great heights.

4.Rose Watercolor Tattoo Design


One of the most admired and favorite watercolor flower tattoo designs is that of a rose as it symbolizes the era of love and a new beginning in a person’s life which he always looks forward to.

The different shades of red make the tattoo more spectacular and the flowing attitudes of red are amazing at a glance. Keep it classic with a red rose tattoo. This style is timeless and looks great in many different styles. Whether you choose an Asian design or something realistic, you can’t go wrong with this piece

5.Arrow Watercolor Tattoo Design


Arrows have long held an important place in every culture throughout history. They have appeared in many Native American cultures, used in history, warfare, hunting, visions, dreams, and many other signs. The arrow has appeared in ancient, modern, and even recent history.

You can have an arrow tattoo that ties together loads of cultural and historical significance. You can also draw or sketch your idea of ​​a tattoo and wait for the right time to apply it to your skin. These tattoo ideas can be filled with lots of embellishments, allowing both the artist and you to provide it with your own personal touch.

6.Peacock  Feather Watercolor Tattoo Design

Peacock is a beautiful bird. Various cultures around the world consider its feather to be a mythical and powerful symbol. Over the centuries, the meaning of peacock feathers has become part of religious beliefs and rituals. It also symbolizes balance, beauty, third eye perception, immortality, awakening, self-confidence, spirituality, resurrection, self-love, and leadership.


Throughout history, peacock feathers have been used for mystical and religious purposes by many peoples of a variety of cultures and religions. Although this tradition started with ancient Indian civilization and from there it spread to other parts of the world especially Europe. People from different cultures around the world came in contact with this beautiful bird and found various symbolic meanings of its feathers.

7. Couple Crown Watercolor Tattoo Design



A crown is the ultimate symbol of royalty. The kings and queens who take the throne are given their rights during a ceremony where they are introduced to their new ruling position. Men and, most commonly, women, receive crowns in the form of tattoos that can carry some meaning.

People who feel that they are royalty in their own right, rulers of their lives and destiny, and feel like powerful people, often choose king or queen tattoos to depict these things. King and queen tattoos are most popularly seen as couple tattoos. She is the queen of your king, and getting her emblem tattooed is a great way to send that message.

Which symbolizes your queen status, then this may be the best way for you to go. Likewise for men who feel they are the kings of their domains. But king and queen tattoos are especially great for couples who want to get a tattoo that signifies them taking on the world together, which is why these are the most popular designs for couples tattoos.

8.Star Watercolor  Tattoo Design

Star tattoos are quite symbolic, and they depict wonderful things that reflect the true personality of a person. Some of the main things that star tattoos represent are honor, ambition, hope, and success.


If you are going through a difficult phase in your life, a star tattoo will guide you in finding the right direction as it also symbolizes ‘finding your way’.  It also reminds you to always be ambitious; With this, you will get all kinds of success in life. State tattoos are also related to culture and religion.

Many cultures consider themselves to be part of mystical tales, and some of these stories feature stars that also represent a person’s love for astrology or seafaring. that is one of the main things you look for when you get a tattoo. Your tattoo should tell about your personality, your beliefs, and your attitude towards life.

9. Heart Watercolor Tattoo Design

Heart tattoos are very common and come in a variety of popular design styles and symbols. Heart is a lovely symbol of feelings, love and passion and is chosen by both men and women. This symbol represents love, passion and adoration towards loved ones.


The meaning of each heart tattoo varies according to its design and depending on the person getting the tattoo. These tattoos are on top in the category of women. You can choose heart tattoos from popular designs as per your requirement of tattoo size and style.

Every style has its own meaning. These tattoo styles come in both large and small sizes. Women opt for small size heart tattoos for wrist, hip, and ankle to look more attractive and beautiful. The colors of heart tattoos reflect their meaning like yellow heart signifies friendship, the black heart signifies sadness and the red heart signifies love.

10.Sun & Moon Watercolor Tattoo  Design

A sun and moon tattoo is rich in symbolism and represents a balance between two different things. These can include life and death, good and bad signs, or masculine and feminine energies. Not only does it make a powerful statement about the wearer, but it is also impressive to look at.


There are many variations of this design, and you can choose to combine two images or make them stand alone. One thing is certain that whatever you choose, your ink will be meaningful and beautiful. In some tattoo designs, the sun and moon are intertwined, where the moon is often placed inside the center of the sun. It often symbolizes the unity of opposites rather than disagreement and conflict. Such tattoos may be black and white, but in some cases, color or shading is used on the tattoo to emphasize the lines of distinction and separation between the Sun and the Moon.

11.Nature Watercolor Tattoo Design

As you can see, there are some nature tattoos that you can choose from, and we have pointed out only a few of them that you can get. Choosing a nature tattoo will be easy for some people and quite difficult for others. If you know that you want to get some kind of meaningful landscape design or any other kind of nature like, you should think about what kind of meaning you want to add to the design and go from there.


Chances are that the meanings you choose will point you in the right direction. You may even find a way to add more images that will make the tattoo more meaningful to you!No matter what nature tattoo you choose to choose, you really should have an artist you trust who does the work for you.

It’s a good idea for artists to visit several stores to get a feel, maybe checking out their portfolio along the way. A great tattoo artist will help you make small changes to your design so that it fits perfectly on your skin. They will also make sure that you end up with a nature tattoo that you will love years from now, which is always a good thing.

12.Music Watercolor Tattoo Design

If you are looking for a musical tattoo that shows your true passion, try these designs. There are many reasons why people choose to have musical tattoos. Maybe you’re an artist or in a band and you want to symbolize your love for music. You love listening to music and have a passion for it, either way a music tattoo is a great idea.


You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love music. Everyone loves it and they should, the music is awesome! Music can be a huge aspect of your life, after all, it can be a relaxing addition to your life. Many people connect to the world through music and its love; Music can connect people together. Many people express themselves through music and something can blossom inside you. Personally, when I am alone, I find music very relaxing and makes you feel less lonely. It can be what makes you happy and takes you out of misery. Sometimes music can help you express feelings that are sometimes hard to express. Music can not only help you express yourself but can also be an inspiration for your life. Everyone loves music and if you feel the same way then having a music tattoo can happen.

13.Round Circle Watercolor Tattoo Design

When it comes to round tattoos, the symbols, of course, depend on the preferences of the wearer, both the design and the symbolic. In a general sense, circles are called symbols:


Life: The Sun as the foundation of life leads the cycle from birth to death and both being representative of life.
Cosmos: Circles also symbolize the universe, which includes everything from human life to the stars in the sky. For some cultures, the chakra also represents the deities as the doers of life and the lords of the universe.Stability: In Asian cultures, in particular, circles are used for meditation and focused processes, providing mental stability for the practitioner.
Time: Just as the Earth revolves around the Sun, so too do natural cycles such as seasonal changes and the transformation of each day into the next.

14. Cloud Watercolor Tattoo Design

Due to their meanings as well as design possibilities, cloud tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. Whether used by itself or as part of some larger designs or scenes, clouds have the ability to convey a variety of meanings. Plus, design-wise, there are many variations, as well as styles, that you and your favorite tattoo artist can work with to create the perfect cloud tattoo for you.


The meaning behind this traditional style cloud tattoo is much less concrete. Sometimes, a cloud can symbolize misfortune or misfortune, especially when accompanied by rain or lightning. For example, in the culture of China, clouds were used as a symbol of change and transformation. In Zen belief, they symbolize mortification and impermanence. They can combine the symbolism of water and air, meaning that such tattoos can represent a balance between intelligence and emotion. Similar to the realistic version of the tattoo design, it is quite possible that it symbolizes heaven – although this is not a common meaning for the traditional version of this design.

15. Rain Watercolor Tattoo Design


I think most people just love the smell of rain and especially rain, which is to die for. For some, it is the most beautiful season and you just dive in to get wet.

Don’t forget about the delicious food too. However, some people like it to such an extent that they get rain-related tattoos on them.. and of course, they become a tattoo lover for it. Undoubtedly, any tattoo with water, be it a drop of water, waves or rain, looks amazing. The water element can also symbolize the normal flow of life and the spontaneous nature. Whatever your reason for getting a tattoo, I think the list we have compiled will be quite inspiring.




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