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15 Attractive Samoan Tattoo Design Ideas

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 4, 2022

The Rock has an incredible Samoan tattoo that exemplifies what can be done with this style. These tattoos will appeal to you since they are intriguing and appealing to the eye. They’re the kinds of tattoos that get people’s attention. The “tatau,” a traditional Samoan tattoo design, is a traditional tattoo design. The tattoos are Samoan cultural representations.

Obtaining these tattoos is regarded as a source of tradition and legacy, and getting a tattoo is a major deal for a young Samoan guy. It is seen as a privilege. These tattoos are frequently done in pairs, therefore the young guy must identify a relative who is likewise deserving of the tattoo and get the tattoo done together. Tribal tattoos are the name given to these tattoos in America, and they are just as popular here as they are there.

People have flocked to these tattoos over the years, and they appear to be growing in popularity. You won’t see many true Samoan tattoos because they are only given to the deserving, therefore not everyone can acquire one.

We have a few wonderful styles that you may check through to pick something that you will adore for the rest of your life. These are striking looks that will make you stand out wherever you go. Take a look at these incredible Samoan tattoo designs that you’ll never forget.

Because you have such a vast area to work with when designing a sleeve, you may be rather inventive. Not only that, but you may even obtain designs that twist and revolve around your arm.

These tattoos have a lot of value in Samoan culture, which is why getting one is such an honor. It’s not about obtaining a sexy tattoo design or simply liking the look of a tattoo. It’s all about respecting the culture and being deserving of the tattoo. Long needles, not tattoo guns, are used to create these tattoos.

As a result, they are extremely unpleasant, and they can even be painful when utilizing tattoo guns, due to the amount of detail needed in getting a tattoo, as well as the length of time it takes to get a tattoo. If you’re a tiny person with little padding beneath the skin, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble, and it’s going to be a lot more uncomfortable. This is something to think about before getting one of these tattoos.

Rather than using a tattoo gun or machine, these tattoos are frequently done with a tattoo comb. Of course, in America, they don’t do it that way; they always use a tattoo gun. To insert the ink, the guns employ a needle that punctures the skin.

1. Neckl Samoan Tattoo


This Samoan design has a really macho appearance. The appearance is reminiscent of ancient warriors. There is a face that is revered that looks like a heavenly sun. The other decorations that cover the neckline give it an imperial sense. Wrestlers and men who enjoy war and conflicts would want to have a Samoan tattoo to display their masculinity.

The Tatau art, which is at the heart of Samoan culture, goes beyond ornamentation to represent manhood and tribal realities. It depicts the Samoan tribe’s important rite of passage. In a way, it also serves as a jewelry designer. The neckline and elbows are so beautifully carved with fine craftsmanship that they look like a piece of jewelry. The outline is given a hazy shade, resulting in an embossed design that appears to be a three-dimensional pattern.

In Samoa, however, this is not the case. Samoan tattoos are applied with a tattoo comb attached to the stick’s end. After that, the stick is dipped into the ink. The comb is placed against the person’s skin, and this is where the fun begins. The artist hits the stick with a mallet to practically drive the ink into the flesh of the deserving man who gets the tattoo.

It’s easy to see why it’d be so much more painful than getting a tattoo with a tattoo gun. The tattoo is completed by continuously striking the mallet. The buzzing of the tattoo gun is normally audible, but with the tattoo comb and mallet, all you hear is the tapping on the wood.

2.  Diagonal Lines Samaon

When it comes to Samoan-style tattoos, we’ve all seen a lot of whole body and full back designs, as well as a lot of chest and leg designs, but this one stands out. This is one of the most stunning Samoan tribal tattoo designs, and the placement is the selling point.

The entire pattern is done on the front half of the body and is spread diagonally from one corner to the other. It has a complex pattern that covers a large portion of the body, but it also looks quite nice and tidy.

Images found in Samoan tattoos are comparable to those found in their artwork. In American society, these cultural icons may be seen everywhere. You may have even seen some of these Samoa-themed design son American t-shirts. The styles are frequently curved or spiky, giving them that distinct aesthetic that we are all familiar with.

Some of these styles can be found on the Tap Put brand, which produces a large number of t-shirts. Professional wrestlers, particularly tribal wrestlers, frequently have Samoa motifs on their clothes. These tribal emblems have also appeared in fabric patterns and even wallpaper.

3. Arm Samoan Floral


Even when it comes to tribal or Samoan tattoos, floral motifs provide a wide range of alternatives. You don’t need to get a rose tattooed on your body just to have a floral design. If you look closely at this Samoan tattoo, you’ll notice a hibiscus on both sides with band Samoan elaborations that wonderfully span the top portion of the forearm. The traditional Samoan patterns are sophisticated and artistic, and they are appealing to both men and women.

You may be wondering what these photos even mean, and that’s perfectly fine. In actuality, they don’t all signify the same thing; they all have various connotations. There are many various types of tribal symbols to be found in these tattoo designs.

Floral, Sun & More the symbols. When it comes to Samoan tattoos, turtle shells are frequently used. Each tattoo sign can have up to five different meanings, which is what makes them so cool and noble. Longevity, fertility, tranquility, and wellness are all symbols associated with turtle shells.

There’s a chance you’ll have the same symbols as someone else with a tribal tattoo, but they’ll symbolize something entirely different. The nice thing about these tattoos is that they guarantee that your tattoo is unique.

4. Samoan Back Tattoo


Among the Samoan Tattoos, this is a simple and modest design. The pattern created in the circular bounds represents ocean waves, with a shark teeth design in the upper round of the circle. Similarly, all patterns in a Polynesian tattoo represent something that is part of the ancient belief system.

Because of its simplicity, this round Samoan tattoo looks nice on both men and women. Its attractiveness is enhanced by the black-inked design. This Samoan tattoo design can also be done on the back. This motif can be found in modern Samoan tattoos. Other than the classic Polynesian sharp-edged shapes, modern Samoan designs incorporate geometrical shapes and circular motifs.

5. Feminine Samoan


What a lovely pattern. At first glance, any girl would fall in love with the design. What’s the deal with only girls? Boys would swoon over such a stunningly attractive backless tattooed girl. The Samoan Tattoo is a feather-like design with fantastic mixes and profound patterns.

People who are influenced by Samoan culture typically incorporate symbols from nature, like as butterflies, birds, turtles, shark teeth, and feathers, into their designs. People even carve a tattoo behind the ear, despite the fact that it is quite painful. People, on the other hand, suffer for their enthusiasm.

6. Girls’ Samoan Spinal


This is a design that runs the length of your spine, forming its structure with traditional Polynesian motifs. The combination of these symbols is then used to communicate various meanings. However, to the untrained eye, it appears to be a lovely drawing of your spine.

The tattoo is the most widely used Polynesian word in the English language. Many disagreements exist over when and how the word ‘tattoo’ came to be employed, although there is no question that it is a modification of the Polynesian word ‘Tatua.’

As a result, Samoan tattoos are the original type of tattoo. Their patterns have a tribal feel to them, and they are always black and white. Despite this, they always manage to appear elegant and sophisticated.

7. Women’s Samoan Foot Tattoo


Floral motifs and other traditional Polynesian symbols are among them. Because the flowers give it a more feminine appearance, only women choose these tattoo designs. Many shells can be found in Samoan tattoos. The majority of these are turtle shells, which represent longevity, fertility, health, and peace. It also depicts seashells, which represent shields, protection, and intimacy.

They also use the ‘Marquesan cross,’ which represents the delicate balance of nature’s various elements. Several other common symbols appear in Samoan tattoos. These tattoos are very common and cover a large portion of your body.

A beautiful example of overall body art is a Samoan Tattoo. If you are naturally a warrior, you should choose Samoan nature. We’ve compiled a list of the best Samoan tattoo designs with pictures and meanings for you in this article.

8. Samoan forearm


This tattoo wraps around your forearm like a beautiful band. It appears to be a piece of jewelry worn by ancient Egyptian pharaohs. It has the same overall appearance as other Samoan tattoos, but it represents whatever the symbols on it represent.

This Samoan design has a very manly appearance. The appearance is reminiscent of ancient warriors. There is a face that is worshipped that looks like a holy sun. The other designs that cover the neckline give it an imperial feel. Wrestlers and men who enjoy war and fights would love to get a Samoan tattoo to show their masculinity.

9. Sleeve  Samoan


Because the best Samoan tattoo designs are those that cover and extend over large areas, this one is certainly among the top Samoan tattoo designs. The top half of the chest is wonderfully inked with an attractive design, which also serves to conceal the toned chest muscles.

This design combines a butterfly with a variety of tribal designs to create a unique and inventive aesthetic. The shaded areas and lines give the whole thing a very technical appearance, and it’s difficult to realize it’s all done by hand.

10. Men’s Samoan Full Leg


This tattoo goes all the way down the length of your calf muscles. It features all of the traditional Polynesian ocean, fish, and other motifs. The amazing manner the many symbols are assembled to blend into one another and emerge as lovely artwork is the great expertise of Samoan tattoos!

It’s a lengthy chapter if we want to learn everything there is to know about Samoan tattoo designs and meanings, but it’s also a fascinating one. We’ve seen a lot of back tattoos so far, but these Samoan tattoos appear to be more daring than others.

These tattoos resemble warrior tattoos and portray a great deal of bravery, which is typical of Samoan tribal tattoos. The tattoos’ appearance makes them excellent choices for those who want to showcase their backs with large motifs.

11. Samoan Circle Tattoo


There is always a distinction between Catholic and non-Catholic tattoo designs, but it is incorrect to believe that the cross is only utilized in the former. A circular design with a cross in the middle may be found in this Samoan tattoo, but the cross is more of a tribal cross emblem than a Catholic cross.

This little tattoo also has a variety of additional symbols and motifs. This tattoo is very nice and clean, thus it may be applied to any part of the body. The Tatau art, which is at the heart of Samoan culture, goes beyond adornment to represent manhood and tribal facts. It depicts the Samoan tribe’s important rite of passage. In a way, it also serves as a jewelry designer.

The neckline and elbows are so beautifully carved with fine craftsmanship that they look like a piece of jewelry. The outline is given a hazy shade, resulting in an embossed design that appears to be a three-dimensional pattern.

12 Samoan Feather Tattoo


We’re not just talking about tribal designs and warrior prints when we talk about Samoan tattoo designs. Samoan patterns, such as this one, come in a wide range of styles. The inside of the feather has the same Samoan curves and designs as the outside.

With all the delicate curves and symbols, the degree of talent is clearly obvious, and this is one of the reasons why Samoan tattoos are so popular around the world; they appear so graphical, and the measurements are just so accurate from all angles.

13. Samoan Shoulder Tattoo


This type encompasses your complete shoulder blade as well as a significant portion of your upper bicep. It has the standard symbols as well as swirls and spirals to fill in the blanks. This process is frequently aided by the use of ocean symbols.

Because the people believed that the ocean was where one went after they died, the ocean became a symbol of death to the world beyond in Samoan culture. Many people are only concerned with the appearance of the tattoo and are unconcerned about what it represents or whether or not they are deserving of a Samoan tattoo.

You can have a tattoo with symbolic meaning if you want, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. You don’t have to come up with a unique meaning for it; just make sure you can tell a decent narrative if someone asks.

14. Full Arm Samoan Tattoo


This type of tattoo covers the entire length of your arm. It’s similar to having a whole sleeve tattoo. Samoan Tattoo appears to be a piece of armor you’re wearing. It features traditional Polynesian symbols and looks just as good as the rest of the Samoan tattoos.

you don’t, you’ll almost certainly stumble into someone who wants to know what it means, and you won’t be able to provide them with any information. If someone approaches you to inquire about your wonderful design and you have no story to tell, you will feel ridiculous.

Many individuals plagiarise tattoo designs, but it’s a lame narrative, and you don’t want to be forced to admit that you have a cool tattoo but have no idea what it signifies. It’s fine to desire a cool design; just make sure it has meaning for you.

15. Samoan Tattoo Sun On Arm


Many tattoos in Samoa feature suns. They are frequently used in conjunction with other common symbols to convey vital messages. In Samoan tradition, the sun represents wealth, brightness, grandeur, and leadership. This is the sun’s more generic meaning.

However, by including different symbols and designs, this can be changed. The type of rays employed, as well as the sun’s expressions, are crucial determinants of what the tattoo represents. you tell the incorrect person that your tattoo has no meaning, you’ll feel silly since you’ll be asked why you got the tattoo in the first place.

People usually want to know the story behind these tattoos because they are made for history, culture, and purpose. They’re the types of tattoos that demand more than a passing glance.

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