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15 Amazing Infinity Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Jan 15, 2022

Infinity is a profound concept, and having a symbol of it tattooed on your body delivers a powerful message. Whether you appreciate the loop eight-esque insignia for its beauty or have a personal connection to the concept of infinity, you can’t go wrong with a tasteful infinity tattoo, especially since it will be visible on your body for the rest of your life.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best infinity tattoo ideas to get your creative juices flowing, as well as the symbolic significance behind the well-known symbol.
Infinity is a common symbol in jewellery, clothes, and tattoos. A figure of eight loop is the basic pattern, but it can be adorned with different components to make it distinctive.

Of course, infinity refers to something that is limitless, without beginning or end. John Wallis, an English mathematician, was the first to invent the sign in 1655. It’s a mathematical term that refers to the concept of infinity in numbers. It does, however, have a sense that is tied to continuity and the eternal outside of academia. This could be a reference to your soul or a relationship you have with someone.

Let’s have a look at some infinity tattoo ideas now that we know what the significance behind the symbol means.

1.Mini Infinity Tattoo

Infinity symbols go well with minimalist tattoos, which are all the rage right now. Because of the design’s simplicity, it would go well with almost any other type of body art. Plus, if you need to keep your tattoos hidden at work, it can be incredibly discreet.

2. Infinity Tattoo with heart


Adding a heart to the infinity sign, which depicts thoughts of continuity, is a terrific way to express everlasting love. Why not use your body art to represent that you’re in a relationship that will endure forever? It doesn’t have to be romantic love; it might be love for your child or another member of your family.

3.Infinity Tattoo With Feather


Feathers are a popular tattoo design that evokes flight, freedom, and the elegance of the bird species. Feathers have a delicate texture that is both intriguing and pleasing to the eye. When combined with an infinite sign, you may give your tattoo a whole new meaning and make something truly unique and eye-catching.

4. Infinity Tattoo with Bird


Bird tattoos are just as good as feather tattoos. This is because they are magnificent creatures with a romantic aura of freedom due to their ability to fly away at any time. Keep in mind, though, that the bird you choose will change the meaning slightly. Peacocks, for example, are symbols of boldness and pride, while phoenixes are symbols of rebirth and rejuvenation.

5. Infinity Tattoo with Feathers & birds


Birds and feathers, of course, go well together. They take on a whole new significance when coupled with the infinity symbol, representing the cycle of life as well as the pieces of ourselves we leave behind. The feathers of a bird survive even after it has died. This is a strong message, and the birds and feather tattoos are quite appealing.

6. Infinity Tattoo with quote


When it comes to tattoos, some people like visuals, while others prefer words to images. Why not mix the two and use an infinite sign with a meaningful word or line of text? If you wish to stick with the concept, use a term that also means “infinity,” such “eternal” or “forever.”

7. Double Infinity Tattoo


An infinity tattoo represents immortality, but a double infinity tattoo has much greater power. It can also represent individual lives’ linked infinity lines. It may, for example, signify how you and someone you love will be bonded for all eternity.

8. Infinity Tattoo with Floral


Floral patterns are frequently delicate and feminine. Why not choose a floral pattern for your infinity tattoo to provide a light, beautiful touch? You can use roses for a very romantic and slightly dramatic effect, or daisies for a more laid-back and adorable approach. You may also choose whether you want to add a splash of colour or keep things basic with black and white.

9. Infinity Tattoo with Animal


It’s a terrific idea to incorporate animals into your infinity tattoo. Snakes are very effective because they may be realistically coiled into an infinity shape. However, if you want to express your unwavering affection for a pet, you might have your cat and dog drawn into the design. Dolphins or butterflies are also popular choices. In the end, it’s a matter of choosing your favourite animal!

10. Infinite Tattoo with Cross


A cross is a popular tattoo design, both in terms of aesthetics and deeper meaning. If you’re religious, you might want to incorporate the symbol of the cross into your tattoo design to show your unwavering devotion to God. You may also want to include a bible verse to help reinforce the Christian significance of your body art.

Even if you aren’t religious, the cross over all aesthetic may appeal to you. You can make a cross by interlocking separate infinity symbols or by adding a cross somewhere along the symbol’s chain. Once again, the choice is yours!

11. Infinity  Tattoo with Arrow


As the name suggests, an infinity symbol is used to show that something is infinite, which means that it doesn’t run out of time. It’s common to get a tattoo with the mathematical sign because it can show that you love someone forever. When you add an arrow to this design, it takes on a whole new meaning.

The arrow was very important to the Native Indians, and they used it all the time. Arrows also meant direction, force, movement, power, and where you were going. When an arrow pointed to the left, it meant warding off evil. When it pointed to the right, it meant protection, and when it pointed down it meant peace.

Arrows are a tattoo staple that can be found in a variety of classic designs. If you like the look, you’re in luck because adding an arrow to your infinity symbol tattoo is very simple.

12. Infinity Tattoo with Name



The infinity tattoo is an excellent way to express your love for another person — or even multiple people. You can write their name in the infinity symbol’s line, and that person will be symbolically linked to you for the rest of time. A love partner, a parent, a sibling, or even a pet might be this person!

13. Infinity Tattoo with Music


As you know, each tattoo has a storey behind it. There are a lot of different types of tattoos that have different meanings. Tattoo ideas can come from anywhere, no matter what kind of religion, culture, or other thing they are about. In this post, we’re going to show you the best infinity tattoo designs that you could get for your next tattoo. The infinity symbol tattoo is based on math or physics terms, and it looks like this. Almost all of you like infinity tattoos because of the symbolism behind them.

The infinity symbol shows that infinite, endless, and limitless things are possible. Infinity tattoos are becoming more and more popular because of their unique look. Infinity tattoos can be combined with other tattoos, such as heart, love, hope, family, boyfriend, faith, feather, birds, and many more. They can also be done alone.

14. Infinity Tattoo with Butterfly


On feet, a really lovely infinity butterfly. Love, endless life, independence, and strength are all symbols of this stone. Tags: Daughter, Beautiful, Mother, Sister, Sexy, Twin, Elegant, Cool, Creative, Easy.

Butterflies are commonly chosen to represent a moment of change in a woman’s life since they symbolise freedom, beauty, and change. Other feminine tattoo motifs, such as flowers, birds, and delicate patterns, are frequently paired with butterfly tattoos.

The infinity symbol – which resembles an upside-down number eight – is a popular tattoo design because it may be imbued with symbolism specific to the wearer. Timelessness, eternity, and a never-ending cycle are all represented by infinity symbols.

15. Water colorful Infinity Tattoo


One of civilization’s most universal symbols is the infinity loop.

The infinity symbol is one of the few glyphs that is instantly identifiable and full of meaning.

The infinity symbol can be used to symbolise a friendship or love relationship’s unending link. Others employ this symbol in a more esoteric way, incorporating it into abstract motifs and sacred geometry tattoos.

The collection below shows a variety of tattoo styles that incorporate the infinity symbol and will help you choose the perfect design for your future tattoo.





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