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15 Adorable Roman Number Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Jan 11, 2022

Roman numerals as a tattoo design can symbolize and signify a wide variety of things. These can be used to refer to significant occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, as well as highly valued and sentimental recollections. Continue reading to get ideas and a stunning design that will pique your attention.

Tattoos can be represented in a variety of ways, but one of the most unique and catchy is through Roman number tattoo designs. These numbers are typically fashioned to represent a single significant day or number in one’s life. These Roman number tattoos appear to be quite simple, yet they give you a distinctive appearance and make you stand out in a crowd.

Roman numerals are ancient Roman numerals. These can be any of the Roman numbering system’s letters. I equals 1, V equals 5, X equals 10, L equals 50, C equals 100, D equals 500, and M equals 1,000. Once completed in this manner, the tattoo will appear much more unified and lovely, which is why many people enjoy the notion.

You may place this tattoo in any location that suits your style and preferences. The majority of males choose to wear it around their chest or calves. Women particularly enjoy wearing this design around their wrists and collarbones. Maintain a focus on something particular and relevant to you.

1. Spectacular Roman Numerals Tattoo Design


Styling a roman tattoo design on the ribs is not easy due to the amount of discomfort involved. A tattoo enthusiast has designed various dates to appear as if they are memorable occasions for his family members, and the flowers give the image a more glittering and tempting appearance.

This forearm tattoo is equally suitable for men and women. If you’re a perfectionist when it comes to tattoos and has a specific date in mind that you’d like to cross out with red ink, try this design. It will take approximately two hours to place.

2.  Classic Roman Numbers Tattoo Design


For some, their birth dates are extremely significant, and they regard them as extremely auspicious, as they begin all good work on that date alone. The individual has tattooed the number on their wrists, which looks to be quite basic but holds significant meaning in his life.

Want to completely design the tattoo and demonstrate your affection for your loved one? Make a name tag for them and tattoo their date of birth all over their arm. This way, everyone will know who your special someone is and when they celebrate their birthday.

3. Roman Numerals Tattoos On Arm


This is an eye-catching tattoo design displayed on the lady’s collar bone, where her name is sketched in a flowing typeface alongside the date in Roman numerals, providing an incredible look to the wearer’s identity.

Choose this adorable small angel tattoo and print it alongside your roman numbers. With this tattoo, you’ll demonstrate your love for your baby and your enthusiasm for the relationship you two now have or are about to establish. If you have recently given birth to your first kid, this concept is ideal for you.

4. Roman Numeral Tattoo With Wings


Collarbone tattoos are for folks who aren’t afraid to wear something bold and beautiful. You can use these Roman numerals and include these wings in your design. The end product will demonstrate that you are mourning and are finally ready to let go.

As the black rose represents mourning or the loss of close ones, a rose flower design in black and Roman numerals is outlined on the forearms, giving the wearer’s hand a magnificent look. It is possible that the wearer envisioned these tattoo roman numerals to pay homage or tribute to a loved one who has passed away.

5. Numeral Tattoo Design in Roman Numerals


If you’re looking for something stylish and adorable, these butterflies are for you. These are indicative of a person with a good sense of humor and compassionate nature. When this royal blue color is mixed with butterfly wings, the result is ideal for mystical women and people who appreciate colorful tattoos.

A tattoo should be placed in such a way that it gives you a distinguishing appearance and makes you feel unique in a crowd. Here, the lady has sketched her unforgettable date in Roman numbers on her fingers for the benefit of others who are curious about the day’s mystery.

6. Artist Roman Numeral Tattoo


Simple and adorable yet really effective! If you appreciate elegance and are a fan of Roman numerals, this tattoo is for you. It will look great for both genders and is not prohibitively expensive or difficult to create, which means you can book it with the majority of tattoo artists and tattoo salons with confidence.

This is another eye-catching and attractive approach to express a Roman numeral tattoo design on the sides of the hands, strengthening the personal individuality by many folds. The numbers are written in ink in cursive form, which gives them a fashionable and interesting appearance at first glance.

7. Attractive Roman Numeral Tattoo Design


Consider this tattoo across your chest if you prefer delicate and charming designs. This design should take approximately two hours to create. The majority of women prefer this positioning and ink color combination. When combined properly, black and red can appear delicate and feminine as well as stylish.

Here is an outstanding Roman numeral tattoo design for females that is certain to attract attention and make you appear more fashionable than before. The tattoo enthusiast has highlighted some dates on the margins of her foot, which complements her clothing.

8. Sparkling Roman Letters Tattoo


For those who can endure the pain, this side-stomach tattoo and side print of Roman numbers are available. A word of caution, as side stomach and stomach tattoos, in general, are pretty painful. Take your time and exercise caution when it comes to these or similar designs. The ultimate outcome will appeal to individuals who thrive on being exceptional.

It’s an appealing and alluring tattoo design drawn on the woman’s ribcage; the date or these numerals must be very close to her heart, a person she adored. When paired with a backless top, the tattoo enhances the woman’s outfit and gives her a dazzling appearance.

9. Remembrance Roman Numeral Tattoo


You can also get roman numeral tattoos with your birth date, but it would be even more impressive if you added a timepiece with your birth time. Rather than a simple numeral design for your date tattoo, I would suggest a calendar style.

Rather than getting your birthday tattooed, you can also get your lucky numbers inked on your body in this manner. Many people enjoy getting inked with their anniversary date. You can enhance this design even further by including a heart or heartbeat, as demonstrated here.

Certain individuals design tattoos to express a message to the world about something that is very symbolic and significant in their lives. On the sleeves are a miniature palm and footprints, as well as two names and dates in Roman numbers, informing the world about his children’s birth dates and names.

10. Roman Numeral Tattoo With Rose


Roman numerals are an excellent technique for inking significant dates or lucky numbers. The best part about these tattoos is how significant they are to the wearer. To make their piece more personal and meaningful, many men choose to incorporate additional elements, such as a feather or a rose, into their design. The flower is one of the most popular tattooed symbols due to its high symbolic value.

It symbolizes the delicate balance of pleasure and pain; as lovely as the rose is to look at, the thorns can also be harmful. Additionally, the color you choose has an effect on the meaning. For instance, red is associated with passion and love, whereas black is associated with loss and death.

However, as Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire, the practice of tattooing slaves gradually ceased, though some slaves retained their tattoos. The younger generation developed an admiration for tattoos and began voluntarily sporting them.

This is an amazing tattoo roman numbers design depicted on the tattoo lover’s hands. It features a clock and the time is printed in Roman numbers. The small mesmerizing blooms give the image a more expansive appeal. Both men and women are capable of inking this style.

11. Roman Number Tattoo With Heartbeat


We are all connected in some way to numbers. Perhaps it is a significant date, such as your wedding day or the birth of your child, or perhaps it is a lucky number. The allure is that each one is unique, which results in deeply personal and visually interesting tattoos.

In comparison to the Arabic numeral system that we use on a daily basis, Roman numerals are less common. These various arrangements can be used to symbolize significant events in your life. Sentimental men frequently incorporate additional elements into their body art, such as a feather, a loved one’s name, or a rose, all of which add to the ink’s potent symbolism.

This is a magnificent tattoo design that is stylized in an infinity form on the tattoo enthusiast’s hands, with a date scribbled in a Roman numeral pattern on one edge and a feather adding a dazzling touch to the image. The ingenuity in this design gives it an appearance of being stunning and an attention-grabbing tattoo design.

12. Roman Numeral Tattoo With Clock


Many men are drawn to clock tattoos due to their symbolic nature. The timepiece is popular with those who reflect on their mortality and is frequently associated with life and death. Your choice of where to have the hands come to a halt is also significant.

This can be used to commemorate the birth of a child or to pay tribute to a loved one who has passed. These designs are frequently intricate and detailed, resulting in a stunning finished effect. Having said that, they will also cause greater discomfort and will be more expensive due to their time-consuming nature.

Tattoos have long been seen as an excellent means of communication; this tattoo image portrays the same, with the subject inking his beloved birth date on his hands and scripting the magical words that can once again make you fall in love.

13.  Roman Numeral Tattoo on the Wrist


When choosing a tattoo design, the placement is frequently just as critical as the design itself. If you want to ink a particularly meaningful piece, it may be a good idea to choose a location on your body where it will be visible every day, such as the wrist.

You can use them to remind yourself of significant dates and why you got them tattooed in the first place. However, there are some disadvantages to this spot; it is generally more painful due to the thin skin and lack of muscle. Additionally, wrist pieces fade more quickly due to their exposure to the elements.

These are the tattoo patterns that both men and women have on their hands in the date have been styled in Roman numbers and vice versa, enhancing their majestic appearance. This roman numerals tattoo on the wrist emphasizes that regardless of the circumstances, they will always be together and capable of successfully overcoming any weird situation.

14. Roman Tattoo Design On Waist



Perhaps the most popular placement for a tattoo is the arm, and for a good reason. For starters, it is a location that is not considered high on the pain scale. It is also great if you want to show off your ink or if you prefer it to be concealed. Other parts of your body are great for getting tattoed, but you can’t always see them, whereas, on the arm, you’ll be able to look at and appreciate your design every day. For this reason, it is best to make sure it is a piece that you love.

What could be more seductive and enticing than female back styling? The lady has inked a memorable date on her back, which has significant meaning in her life and is an easy method to communicate it to others. When you begin to play with your hair, the tattoo becomes visible and is enhanced in appearance.

15. Roman Number On Muscle Tattoo


Men who want to show off their muscles and one of the most masculine parts of their bodies will gravitate toward a bicep tattoo. The location looks fantastic with ink because it can enhance the shape, and it’s a spot you can flaunt if you so desire. Additionally, it is simple to conceal if you do not wish to flex. While there are numerous advantages to having a design in this location, it will cause some discomfort due to the nerve endings on the underside of the arm.

Tattoos are an excellent and amazing way to communicate your happiness to the world without using words. The individual displayed his child’s name and birth date in Roman numerals, symbolizing a father’s love for his child.

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