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14 Waist Tattoo Designs for Women

ByRandy Peterson

Nov 17, 2021

Many ladies desire a hip tattoo. This is because a tattoo on the hip is not only deeply personal and mysterious but also seductive and attractive. Several hip tattoo designs are thought to be appropriate. Furthermore, the hip region is broad enough to accommodate a tattoo of reasonable size, allowing you to choose a pretty large tattoo design if desired.

Let’s take a look at some of the good and bad features of hop tattoos so you can make an informed decision about the tattoo you want to have. When weighed against other portions of the body, each tattoo site has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This also applies to hip tattoos. You have hip tattoos for women that are adorable, seductive, highly personal, and mysterious.

The majority of people believe that the hip comprises the outside portion of the hip, which is incorrect. The hip region is rather large, allowing you to have a larger tattoo if desired. Hip tattoos may be stretched to the back. When wearing low-cut jeans, a skirt, or a pair of shorts, some ladies do this as well as on the outside hip for exposure.

If you get a lower-lying hip tattoo, you will only have a few occasions to show it off. This is the way to go if you want the tattoo to be seen by select individuals during personal occasions. Women may get a hip tattoo just because they desire one, rather than for any of the reasons listed above.

The beauty of an upper hip tattoo is that it may be exhibited or covered up as desired. Most people acquire tattoos to show them off, however, there may be times when concealing your tattoo is necessary. Some hip tattoo patterns may be extended to the back, legs, groin, and sides.

These encompass a wide range of components, and there are several symbols and designs to choose from. The thing about hip tattoo designs is that almost any design may be applied to this area. Because hip tattoos are so popular among women, the design components tend to be female-oriented as well. Here is a list of some of the most popular tattoo symbols for women that may also be utilized for hip tattoos.

1. Heart Tattoo Design

The first thing that springs to mind while thinking of female tattoos is most likely to be heart tattoos. Women’s heart tattoos are a timeless design. These have been around since the early 1900s.


Tattoo designs are often chosen because they hold special importance for the individuals who get them. Perhaps the popularity of these tattoos might be attributed to the wide range of meanings that hearts can represent.

People used to get heart tattoos to express their religious beliefs as early as the 1800s. Depending on your religious beliefs, you may believe that the heart is the spiritual center of your being. People nowadays, on the other hand, choose to get their bodies tattooed with heart motifs to represent love. Having a heart-shaped object also has the benefit of allowing you to engrave the name of a special someone within or around it.

Women’s heart tattoos have evolved through time to become increasingly intricate and colorful. Tattoos in the heart shape aren’t the only option for people who want this style of tattoo. Tattoo designers, as well as ladies who desire to get inked, have come up with a variety of designs they may use. Depending on the tattoo, a cupid or two love birds may be included.

Women’s heart tattoos that are highly sought after frequently incorporate floral motifs. The location of the tattoo on the body can also have an impact on the design. When getting a tattoo on your wrist, keep things simple with a simple form and portrayal. However, if it’s on the arm, the design is more likely to be complex.

2. Heartbeat Tattoo Design

EKG line tattoo is another name for a heartbeat tattoo. The wavy lines that appear while the heartbeats are quite similar to the tattoo’s design. Tattoos can have a variety of meanings, such as commemorating a loved one or marking a milestone.


It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the meaning of a heartbeat tattoo before getting one. It’s a popular design, yet the tattoo has deeper meanings, like the passage of time. Each minute is significant and should be spent properly, as the design serves as a reminder to the user.

If someone has tattoos on their body, it might be a sign that they value life, especially after going through a life-threatening incident. Alternatively, it might imply that the clock is ticking and that the passage of time is accelerating. Couples’ devotion and love might be shown by the tattoo.

The design of heartbeat tattoos is straightforward, and they may be combined with other stunning features. The design may be customized in such a manner that it communicates the wearer’s deepest emotions.

A heartbeat tattoo on the wrist looks great. Most heartbeat tattoos are done in one or two colors, therefore it’s important to work with a skilled tattoo artist while creating the design.

3. Music Tattoo Design

One of the most prominent ways that music lovers express themselves symbolically is through musical notation. Music notation comprises everything that can be seen on a piece of paper, such as musical notes (eighths, quarters, halves, and wholes), bass and treble clefs, bars, and measures (which generally include notes), and even a time signature.


The significance of these tattoos is completely up to the individual who has them since they typically symbolize a pivotal point in their life when music had a profound impact on them. Music notes are popular music tattoos because they can be placed almost anywhere on the body and they symbolize all a person cherishes about music.

There are several ways to express one’s love of music, including using a measure or clef to show one’s affinity to the song’s message. When it comes to musicians, some choose to have only the bass clef tattooed, while others want to have the clefs of both the bass and the treble. Getting a music tattoo is an excellent idea if you play an instrument and want to convey how much it means to you.

The guitar is perhaps the most common tattooed instrument. These tattoos are popular among those who don’t even know how to play the guitar but yet enjoy music and the aesthetic of the guitar in tattoo form. For a more personal touch, buy an acoustic guitar or electric guitar of your choice, or build something entirely new.

4. Rose Tattoo Design

Flower tattoo designs are certain to be trendy in the future. Men love dragons, but women love flowers even more. It might be the color, form, aroma, or a mix of these things that piques people’s interest. Flowers can soothe and uplift a person. With a floral tattoo, you’ll always have a beautiful, everlasting reminder of the time and love you put into it.


When done correctly, rose tattoos look gorgeous on a lady. Although we’ve seen rose tattoos on guys, women seem to prefer them thus far. Men tend to shy away from getting flower tattoos because they associate them with a softer, more feminine side of their nature. To see an enormous macho dude with six-packs and a floral tattoo on his forearm is a strange sight. However, if the flower tattoo is coupled with a skull, the gentler connotation of the flower will be balanced out by the skull’s guts, courage, and fearlessness.

Roses symbolize many emotions depending on the kind. The crimson rose, for example, symbolizes real love and respect, as well as courage and passion. A red rose is a traditional way to show love and passion in movies and real life, too. As an alternative to gifting a rose to a beloved, consider getting a tattoo of a rose with the name of the person you love on it.

The floral tattoo would signify your undying love and respect for her in this way. A yellow rose tattoo can be a good option if you can persuade the tattoo artist to add some other colors to the flower tattoo. In Victorian culture, yellow flowers symbolized enmity. While this may have been true in ancient times, in our modern society they symbolize the hope of a fresh beginning as well as friendship, happiness, and freedom.

With a pink or white rose, you’re showing elegance and gentleness, while with a lavender rose you’re showing spirituality and purity. The ink of a blue rose denotes mystery and the accomplishment of “the impossible.” Getting a black rose tattoo means you’re mourning the loss of a loved one or you’re particularly down on your luck in love.

5. Message Tattoo Design

Don’t get a quote tattoo until you’ve read this! Before getting quotation tattoos, make sure you know a few things. Before getting a tattoo of a quotation, think carefully about what you want it to say.


More and more individuals today want to have words tattooed on their bodies rather than an image or sketch. Some of the tattoo quotation phrases offered have quite deep meanings, and they may be inked on various parts of the body. Thus, the tattoo will act as a continual reminder of the message you want others to take away from it.

A tattoo artist with plenty of expertise in tattooing phrases should be your first choice. Working with an artist who is skilled at creating scripts and letters is something you wish to do. Make certain you have a look at some of their previous work before hiring them.

Because the text on these tattoos will be tiny, you’ll want a tattoo artist with experience who won’t let the letters run together.

6. Cherry Tattoo Design

The cherry, although being a nutritious fruit, is also linked to fertility, love, and sexuality because of these associations. An understated yet effective cherry tattoo may transform its owner from plain to seductive in an instant.


Cherry tattoos aren’t just for women, despite their link with sexuality and reproduction; guys can have them, too. Learn more about tattoo symbolism and why it’s popular among both sexes in this article. Since 300 BC, people have been cultivating cherries, which come from the same tree.

The Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks all employed it in their cooking for centuries. The Cherry tree is also revered in Japan and China, where it is regarded as a culturally significant emblem. The cherry is one of several fruits connected with sexuality and reproduction. The strong flavor and blood-red hue of a ripe cherry are often compared to a person’s first love experience.

The most common meanings of cherry tattoos are purity and virginity. When a cherry is picked, it depicts the fading of youth. In contrast, a cherry surrounded by a ring of flames expresses passion, desire, and lust.

Women are more likely than males to have cherry tattoos, owing to their symbolic meaning. Females have cherry tattoos on their pelvis, hips, and lower back because of their sexual overtones.

These tattoos not only signify sexuality, but also youth. Having a tattoo of a cherry on a woman’s skin when the stem is still attached denotes youth, as stemmed cherries are often juicy and picked straight from the garden. Consider the significance of this tattoo if you plan on getting one as a woman. If you chose to show off this tattoo in public, be aware that some people may find it offensive due to its sexual connotations.

7. Tiny Tattoo Design

You want a tattoo on your lower back, but are you sure? Assuming this is the case, we think it would look fantastic. However, you must have a clear idea of what you want in mind before going into a tattoo parlor and asking Mr. Ink to ink anything on your lower back. Keep in mind that these tattoos are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs. However, we strongly advise you to consider getting a few minor tattoos on the lower back.


The practice of wearing art on one’s lower back appears to have evolved. Tattoos on the back are becoming increasingly popular among people today. The greatest place for an artist to work is on your skin, which is like a huge canvas. Although it may seem risky to have this procedure done on your lower body, it is perfectly acceptable. We think it’s a good choice because of the location.

Because it’s so little, you can simply hide it beneath your shirt while you’re not using it. If you don’t tell anyone, no one will know you did it.

This is one of the main factors influencing people’s decision to relocate here. In social situations, you may draw attention to it by dressing in a way that does just that. You will be able to conceal it at work while showcasing it on your social evenings with friends, and vice versa.

8. Bold & Cute Tattoo Design

A woman’s waist is a highly attractive feature of her body. Ladies used to wear jewelry to make their waist look more fanciful, but nowadays women can’t wear jewelry all the time since they have so much to accomplish. But if she wants to be cool, she has a lot of tattoo options.


Yes, ladies have tattoos on their waists. They choose whether to get tattoos on their front waist or their rear waist. If you’ve ever thought that others treated you unjustly because of a horrible combination of tattoos and your personality, you don’t have to be doubtful or unhappy anymore. We have compiled a selection of tattoo designs for you.

You’ve probably met arrogant folks, but instead of reacting angrily, utilize tattoos as your weapon. Waist tattoos can be in the shape of a vine, flowers with little leaves in a lace circle, or miniature birds repeated in a horizontal line. Designs of a tiger’s face, angel’s wings, sassy horizontal lines with verticals, and dot fusion You may have your tattoo artist create gorgeous tribal tattoos on your back waist.

It might be difficult to remove this sort of ink from your body. In reality, it will be rather expensive to do so. This is why we emphasize how important it is for you to choose something you truly enjoy.

Sure, you’re married to Austin right now, but will you be married to him in a few years? One of the most common blunders is having someone’s name almost etched into your flesh. Why not use a cool design instead of a name? There is bound to be a design that you will appreciate.

9. Love Tattoo Design

One of the most striking placements is a waist tattoo. Not only women but also males are frequently inked in this area; whether male or female, waist tattoos have an alluring allure. It has the benefit of allowing us to freely design the tattoo we want while also making it easy to conceal if we don’t want people to see it.


“There can’t be a finer feeling than loving and being loved!” Isn’t this a true statement? Love is what holds the world together and keeps us alive. It is critical to express one’s affection for someone since it may bring people together and foster a pleasant friendship.

There is no better feeling in the world than hearing someone declare to you, “I love You!” Many people, however, are not comfortable stating it out and choose to express themselves through other means. For decades, people have used love tattoos to express their feelings artistically.

They have never gone out of style and are among the most popular tattoo designs. In this post, we have selected the greatest love tattoo ideas and played Cupid for you!

In the past, people used their bodies as a canvas to engrave love inscriptions and freely announce their affections for someone. Getting love tattoos inscribed on one’s body has now become a tradition for couples and partners. Love tattoos represent closeness, affection, infatuation, and connection to one another. They are full of secret messages and symbols that reveal the person’s inner sentiments. Love tattoo designs may also convey a person’s attachment to their parents, siblings, family members, or even their favorite idols.

10. Letter Tattoo Design

A single letter might be the entire tattoo in its most basic form. This could be a person’s surname, symbolizing their family or ancestors. This letter is frequently portrayed in a detailed and ornate manner. This is a result of a long history of illumination in northern European societies.


Illuminated manuscripts were documents that were embellished to produce beautiful works of art, usually religious. The passage’s opening letter was magnificent, and it could have taken up a whole page.

Unlike a family name letter, this is usually more personal and specific. Inking someone’s initials on their body might serve as a sort of remembrance or commemoration. It’s a way to have that person with you at all times. These initials can be drawn in a variety of fonts or typefaces, which is the style in which the alphabet’s letters are drawn. This style alters the appearance of the letters without altering their meaning.

English majors, novelists, journalists, and printers, for example, may have a particular fondness for the English alphabet. Teachers might also get an alphabet tattoo. Learning the English alphabet, writing, and reading are all essential components of education and academic success.

While many individuals are familiar with the alphabet and its origins and history, some have a strong affection for it and the English language. An alphabet tattoo can be a highly moving and intensely personal body modification as a result of this love. The English, or Roman, the alphabet is just one of many that are used around the world.

11. Bird Tattoo Design

Women are particularly interested in waist tattoos, which are designs that are placed around the waistline. They not only provide a mysterious and personal appearance, but they also provide a gorgeous and sexy appearance. This is an excellent location for a large tattoo to be placed on the body. Waist tattoos are typically sexy, cute, and intensely personal in their expression.


They appear mysterious at times, especially when peeking out from the sides of the clothes. The Waist Tattoos can be worn up to the back of the waist. Tattoos on the upper waist can be displayed or hidden depending on your preferences.

The waistline of a woman is a very attractive part of her body. The wearing of ornaments to accentuate the waist part was once fashionable for women; however, due to the overwhelming amount of work that women have today, they are unable to do this regularly.

However, if she chooses to make it excellent, she has a wide variety of tattoo designs to choose from. Women who get tattoos on their waists do so on their own accord, deciding whether to get tattoos on their front waist or back. We’ve compiled a collection of waist tattoo designs and ideas to serve as inspiration for both girls and women.

Bird tattoos are popular because they can be worn in a variety of ways. They can be found in a wide variety of cultures and are suitable for a wide variety of tattoo styles. birds represent independence and freedom, as well as peace, optimism, and happiness in various cultures.

12. Peacock Feather Tattoo Design

The peacock tattoo that you can get in the art of tattooing is a fantastic way to display some of the most beautiful designs and colors that the tattooing industry has to offer. Get into the trend of peacock tattoos to make yourself more colorful and vibrant. Without further ado, get started with the amazing tattoo styles that are shown below.


Peacock tattoos are becoming increasingly popular today, as they are used as a key to symbolize immortality, a person’s pure soul, and the rebirth of the dead. In China, the peacock is believed to represent the divinity and ranks of the gods and their ancestors, as well as their ancestors’ divinity. Later, they were referred to as “royal birds,” and they have long been associated with the concept of an unbreakable oath.

There are a variety of reasons why you should select the fabulous designs that are comprised of bright and vibrant colors from the various online stores. You can also get these tattoos done as a memorial to a loved one who has passed away. The peacock is also considered to be a symbol of love. Tattoos of peacocks are extremely elegant and beautiful.

Not only that, but celebrities such as Skylar Gray, Cardi B, Paris Jackson, Rachel Diane Weiner, and Margaret Cho have been spotted with beautifully inked peacocks on their bodies as well as other people.

Even though there are many different types and designs of tattoos available, we’ve compiled a list of the top fifteen that we’ve handpicked for you right here. Choose whichever option appeals to you. Listed below are some of the most beautiful and popular peacock tattoo designs available, along with their meanings and images, which are particularly well suited for girls and women. Peacock feathers are a rare type of tattoo for men to get done.

13. Star Tattoo Design

Many different star tattoo designs are available, all of which appear to be stunning. Every type of star tattoo is available, from large constellations to night skies to tiny little strings of stars fluttering down the wrist. Right now, we’re taking a look at 65 of the most beautiful designs available – for both men and women.


Star tattoos are extremely popular among both men and women who want to get them. Depending on the style and artist, it is possible to get very simple tattoos or very complex tattoos of stars. There are many different types of stars. They also hold a great deal of significance and symbolism of our absolute favorite star tattoos have been compiled for your viewing pleasure.

Sailors are no longer responsible for the creation of star tattoo designs. There are numerous ways in which star tattoo designs can be inked on the skin by people from all walks of life.

Many people associate star tattoos with lofty aspirations, accomplishment, perseverance, hope, protection, or an illuminating event of some sort. Aside from the various symbolic meanings, star tattoos are also visually appealing and cool because they can always provide you with a sense of balance and enjoyment.

14. Wings Tattoo Design

Generally speaking, wings of any kind or form represent freedom, the power to release oneself from the shackles of whatever it is that is holding or binds them, or both. This is one of the most common tattoo meanings in the world, and the use of wings is one of the most effective methods to convey that meaning visually.


Use this wing tattoo meaning if you want to move on from anything that has been holding you back for a long time, or if you just want to feel free to pursue your dreams.

The wing or wings are an icon of flight and a sign of something that humans are incapable of accomplishing, and as such, they become a symbol of hope for something greater than one’s own life.

It’s likely that if you’ve seen someone wearing one of these designs, you’ve seen that they’re motivated to accomplish more with their lives, but it means much more than that to them.

Those who get a wings tattoo will frequently want to demonstrate that they want to do something different from the ordinary so that they may look back on their lives with pride when they are older.







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