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14 Unique Mandala tattoos Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 28, 2022

Mandala tattoos are some of the most stunning and exquisite tattoo designs available. These tattoos include one-of-a-kind designs comprised of overlapping circles and various shapes. Not only is this tattoo stunning, but it also carries a wonderful sentiment that motivates everyone to have it.

With the expanding trend, a variety of mandala tattoo designs are gaining popularity among tattoo aficionados, each with its own distinct personality. Many people say that mandala tattoos look best on women because they have a feminine touch; nevertheless, guys can also wear them and they look absolutely lovely.

If you’re considering getting a mandala tattoo, you should read this article thoroughly because it contains some of the best mandala tattoo ideas and their symbolic meaning. It will help you decide where to have your mandala tatted.

The mandala tattoo carries a variety of connotations linked to religion, art, and architecture. For example, it is strongly associated with religions such as Christianity and Buddhism, and so many people acquire it as a result of its religious connotation.

Christians regard this tattoo as complete because of its circular motifs. Additionally, it has a strong relationship with the heavenly parent. According to Christianity, the mandala tattoo pattern represents reality and truth, and God is the source of all truths.

1. Mandala Tattoo


The lotus mandala tattoo is a spiritual symbol of rising above the world we live in. Buddhists think it facilitates communication with the spiritual cosmos. This is ideal for those seeking spirituality or heavenly guidance in their lives.

Gautama Buddha, one of the Buddhas, saw the lotus flower mandala as a sign that the soul can never be associated with negative experiences in life. It is unaffected, much as a lotus avoids contact with the mud and instead shoots upward.

Numerous civilizations, such as Native Americans, derive a great deal of symbolism from mandala tattoos. It symbolizes their beliefs, particularly mandala tattoo designs that incorporate wheels and clocks. This tattoo serves as a reminder to people to prioritize the important things in life.

2. Small Mandala tattoo


Many people obtain Mandala tattoos to symbolize their connection to their inner selves and to aid them in spreading peace. This tattoo is popular among yoga aficionados and people who practic appropriate meditation. Your mandala tattoo does not have to have any significance; you can have one simply for its unique and intriguing pattern.

However, tattoos become more meaningful when you form an emotional connection with them. Whatever type of mandala tattoo you choose, it will have a spiritual significance and will help you toward achieving inner peace.

3. Color Mandala tattoo


Mandala tattoos provide a plethora of tattoo designs that are suitable for practically every part of the body. The most popular location for a mandala tattoo is on the arm or hand. These sections have mandala tattoos of a medium size with some lovely details.

If you want a larger mandala tattoo, you can choose to get it on your back, chest, thighs, or stomach. These sections allow you to express yourself fully with your mandala tattoo and integrate intricate motifs and detailing.

These are a few unusual locations that need a great deal of courage, as the majority of these placements inflict significant discomfort during the tattooing process.

4. Mandala tattoo on waist


If you want to have an unusual tattoo and show it off in a seductive way, you can get it on your fingers, ankle, side neck, inside your ear, or on your spine.

It is critical to choose the proper site for your Mandala tattoo because it also plays a significant role in enhancing the tattoo’s beauty and uniqueness. If you’re still unclear of the proper placement, begin by selecting a design from the numerous excellent options presented in this post.

Once you’ve determined the perfect mandala tattoo design for you, determining the proper placement will be a breeze.

5. Sunflower Mandala Tattoo


This sunflower mandala tattoo is one of the most fascinating and delightful mandalas you will encounter. This tattoo features a coloured inked sunflower in the centre of a mandala design created with black ink and some stunning shading in black. This is one of the nicest tattoo combinations you’ll find, and it’s ideal for anyone who adores nature.

With the help of this mandala pattern, the sunflower in this tattoo reminds you to lift yourself up and focus on your inner calm. This tattoo looks best on the forearm because it is a wonderful match for this area. Therefore, get this tattoo to remind yourself and others that you are always the sunflower in their lives, spreading peace and positivity.

6. Mandala Dream Catcher


If you’re searching for something truly unique and gorgeous, this mandala dream catcher tattoo is a must-try. This tattoo features a black mandala comprised of various forms, as well as feathers and chains inked in black to resemble a dream catcher. While dream catcher tattoos are relatively frequent, they form an enthralling pair with the mandala.

The dream catcher depicted in this tattoo symbolises the blocking of unwanted emotions and thoughts and serves as a reminder to maintain spiritual tranquilly. This tattoo instils a sense of protection against destructive objects, people, and situations that threaten your inner serenity and beauty.

7. Watercolor Mandala Tattoo


Want to spice up your body tag with some unique features? You might want to give this mandala watercolour tattoo a try. It features a large black inked mandala with splashes of purple, blue, and pink in the backdrop.

The watercolours in this tattoo draw attention to the mandala and offer a wonderful touch. You can experiment with various watercolour combinations to find one that works for you. Therefore, incorporate this innovative approach into your tattoo and proudly display your beautiful mandala on your arm, legs, or back.

8. Printed Mandala


This printed mandala pattern tattoo is ideal if you’re looking for a detailed design that makes a bold fashion statement. This tattoo features the typical mandala floral design, but with the addition of a printed design that gives the illusion of having a digital design printed on your hands. Thanks to the tattoo artist’s abilities, he or she has created some incredible shading and intricacy with black ink.

Additionally, this tattoo resembles a dream catcher due to the presence of a few strings of diamonds dangling down. This is the ideal woman’s mandala tattoo design and will look amazing on your side thigh or back.

9. Mandala Wolf


If you’re looking for a unique or amazing mandala tattoo, this mandala wolf tattoo is an excellent alternative. The mandala and the Wolf form an unbeatable pair that compels you to include it immediately into your tattoo. This tattoo depicts a black-inked Wolf’s face, which is composed of several mandala motifs.

The mandala wolf face adds an element of tribalism and antiquity to this tattoo. Numerous tribesmen continue to wear it now due to its unusual appearance.

This tattoo represents progress in life and your commitment to self-improvement. Additionally, it represents your knowledge, positive energy, and your ability to put your strength to good use. There are numerous locations for this tattoo, but it looks best on the legs or forearm. This way, it will be accessible to everyone, and you will be able to see it easily as well.

10. Mandala Heart


Additionally, you can try this basic yet elegant mandala heart tattoo to create a charming, adorable tattoo on any part of your body. This is one of the most placement-friendly tattoo designs, as it can be done on any part of the body, including the arm, collarbone, neck, or other regions that suit you. This tattoo has a mandala-inspired black heart.

The heart’s centre features a mandala lotus flower design, which adds to the tattoo’s beauty. If you want a more appealing appearance, you might have coloured ink added to the tattoo. This tattoo is ideal if you’re looking for a simple yet unique design.

11.Mandala Tattoo with Stars


Another beautiful mandala tattoo design is this star mandala tattoo. This tattoo is suitable for men and women and will leave you with some unique body art. It features a circular black and grey drawn mandala with a bold curved star in the centre. This tattoo incorporates numerous elements, which adds drama and interest.

This tattoo may take longer to complete owing to the intricate design, but it will look fantastic once completed. The greatest location for this style of tattoo is on your shoulder, which provides adequate space, or on your back..

12. Mandala tattoo onĀ  hand


The name ‘Mandala’ is derived from the Sanskrit language, which denotes fullness or wholeness. Sacredness and holiness are symbolized by mandalas in several religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Original Mandalas were based on four squares and a circle in the centre of an inner structure.

They were utilised during Vedic rites to create a sacred zone and capture the performers. As a recent fad, many people are getting Mandala tattoos inked on their bodies. Complex geometric patterns are intriguing in terms of both their design and the meanings they carry. Let’s take a closer look at these stunning Mandala tattoos and their significance.

13. Unique Mandala tattoo


Mandalas are employed in spiritual and religious rites, as well as in meditation. For the purpose of meditation, several religions, including Buddhism, make use of Mandala art to create a sacred space.

An additional meaning of mandalas is their representation of symmetry, equilibrium, and perfection. The Mandala’s circle represents both the circle of life and the oneness and peace it represents. Mandala tattoos are popular with those who seek a sense of balance and completeness in their lives.

14. the Lotus Mandala


The lotus flower is the centerpiece of this tattoo design. The dot technique used to create this lotus mandala tattoo gives it a simple, organic appearance. The delicate drop chains are a lovely finishing touch. Such a lotus symbol is commonly used in Buddhism to represent the purity of the soul. Lotus tattoos come in a variety of colors, each with a somewhat different design.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider getting a gorgeous mandala hand tattoo. The front of your hand is covered by this beautiful tattoo. The attention to detail is superb. Whether you’re an aspiring tattoo artist or a college student, this is the perfect design for your hand. This traditional mandala tattoo is one of the greatest.


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