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14 Stunning Carnation Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Jan 18, 2022

Flowers are the most beautiful aspect of the natural world. They are not only soothing and enticing to the eye, but they also play an important part in our life. They celebrate love, support in times of adversity, accomplishments, and friendship, among other things. The presence of flowers elicits positive emotions and relieves tension and uneasiness has important medicinal effects and is used in Ayurvedic tonics.

Flowers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own unique traits and importance. Every flower has its own set of connotations; some symbolize love, while others serve as a symbol of power or simply brighten our day. The carnation is a well-loved and well-known flower. It is Ohio’s state flower, and it represents a commitment.

These are extremely adaptable flowers that can bloom year after year if the conditions are favorable. Carnation flowers should be grown in a location that receives four to six hours of direct sunlight each day. These are lovely flowers that can be used as a local flower or as a decorative element in a vase of other flowers. The carnation’s adaptability, as well as the fact that they come in a variety of colors and formations, make it suitable for any occasion, whether it’s a little gathering or a lavish wedding.

Carnation tattoos are popular because they represent love, fascination, and individuality. Every tattoo has a rationale, and as people’s beliefs and awareness of traditions have changed over time, the artwork used to recognize and analyze tattoos has changed as well.

The meaning of the carnation flower varies depending on the blossom’s hue. Carnations are associated with protruding and standing out, as well as beginning the concepts of curiosity, distinction, and love. However, they are also associated with the caution of discontent and turndown. In this post, we will discuss how to obtain a carnation tattoo design and what the importance of that inkwork on your skin will be.

1. Red Carnation On The Upper Arm


The color of the flower’s bloom has unique and significant symbolism. The gorgeous bloom is given even more significance by its unusual flower hues. Carnations occur in an iridescent array of colors, from intense red to white and pink, nourishing and dazzling summer and nature.

The color red is associated with emotion. It evokes emotions such as love, passion, fire, blood, and rage. The gorgeous red carnation tattoo design is done on the forearm in this tattoo, which is the ideal approach to convey faith and stability because the tattoo is easily seen. It’s one of the ideal areas on your body to flaunt your tattoo and feel a sense of genuine satisfaction or pride in your work.

2. Carnation With Spooky Skeletal Grip


A flower and a skeleton have been associated with the fierce efforts of good and evil since ancient times, which is why many individuals decide to acquire a skeleton and a flower tattoo design to commemorate their triumph over hurdles. This imaginative carnation flower tattoo is applied to the wearer’s arm, where it looks amazing.

For centuries, their amazing beauty and unique features have captivated the hearts of many people. The significance of the carnation flower can also be classified based on the color of the blossom. Many different coloration connotations have been attributed to them. The most frequent carnation colors are red, white, and pink, but there are a variety of others that we will look at in this post.

3. Linework carnation


The technique of employing more lines to design the artwork is known as linework-style tattooing. This simple carnation tattoo is applied to the upper arm, where the art piece stands out. Upper arm tattoos with intricate details are fascinating, and you can add extra features to your design to make it stand out among other tattoos.

The white flower’s awe-inspiring and exquisite appearance makes it a fantastic choice for tattoos. The meaning of a floral tattoo is determined by the color of the blossom. White is associated with innocence and purity. It is a symbol of adoration, modesty, innocence, and purity.

4. A Motherhood Theme


Motherhood is an incredibly valuable turning point in one’s life that requires no introduction, explanation, or meaning. Motherhood tattoos are worn by people to show their unwavering love, passion, and dedication to their families. To enhance the beauty of your tattoo, you can add any pattern of your choice. This beautiful and heartfelt carnation bloom tattoo is placed on the forearm, where it is easily visible.

Pink flowers have long been associated with feelings of love and devotion. Pink flowers, like red flowers, are regarded as a symbol of love, but they also have other connotations, such as happiness, kindness, friendliness, thankfulness, and feminity. Pink flowers have long been associated with feelings of love and devotion.

5. Massive Carnation Tattoo


This enormous carnation flower tattoo design is placed on the wearer’s shoulder blade, where it stands out. The shoulder is a popular spot for tattooing because it is such a beautiful part of the body. It has a lot to do with strength and power. By adding a few additional abstract ideas to the tattoo, you can make it more personal.

Pink flowers, like red flowers, are regarded as a symbol of love, but they also have other connotations, such as happiness, kindness, friendliness, thankfulness, and feminity.

6. Carnation in Black & Gray


With classic black and grey ink, tattoos stand out even more. The removal of colors and the inclusion of deeper shades make tattoos more imposing, allowing them to stand out amid other tattoos. The importance of black and grey tattoos differs depending on the artist. Love, memories, rebellion, religious convictions, fate, or fear are the most common implications linked with black and grey tattoos. This lovely carnation tattoo is created with black and grey ink and placed on the forearm, where it is easily visible and recognizable.

7. Remington Carnation Tattoo


Remington is a Christian newborn boy’s name that represents the protecting power and wisdom of the black magnificent bird raven. This carnation flower tattoo is done on the forearm, and it stands out quite well.

To put it simply, carnations symbolize love and admiration, interest and distinction. The flower, which first flowered over 2000 years ago, has amassed numerous tales, legends, and symbols. Each color represents a different aspect of the flower. White carnations are thought to symbolize pure love and good fortune.

8. Black Carnation


The tattoos only have a dark profundity because of the black ink. Black flowers can appear nice, even if they don’t mean anything to the wearer. However, black is typically linked with strength, darkness, and evil. It is not necessary to choose the color for some sort of significance to manifest; you can use this link for creative purposes as well.

Dark red connotes intense love and affection, whilst plain red connotes adoration. Purple connotes capriciousness, impulsiveness, and unpredictability, whereas pink has a considerably higher symbolic value than the others; it is thought that pink carnations were the first to grow on Earth, sprouting from the tears of the Virgin Mary. As a result, they would continue to symbolize the mother’s unflinching devotion. Before you have your carnation tattoo permanently inked, double-check the meaning you’re going for.

9. Rose Carnation


The rose is one of the world’s most widely recognized emblems of love and beauty. This stunning carnation tattoo design, which includes rose flowers, is done on the forearm, where the ink work is intimidating. To make your art piece stand out, try covering the forearm with more lovely natural components.

Carnations are lovely flower that is frequently associated with pleasant emotions such as love, affection, gratitude, and admiration. The carnation flower is distinct from other classic floral tattoo designs in that it is available in a variety of hues to represent strong emotions.

10. Carnation, daffodil, and Larkspur


The daffodil is the first flower to emerge in the spring, signaling the end of winter. It is a symbol of new beginnings and rebirth. Larkspur is a vivid July birth flower that indicates strong attachment, love, and affection. The carnation tattoo design, which includes daffodil and larkspur flowers, is done on the wearer’s thigh in the image above.

Carnations date all the way back to Diana in Greek Mythology and were also associated with early Christianity. Carnations were thought to have sprung from the Virgin Mary’s dropped tears during Jesus’ crucifixion. This vision of Mary – the archetype for a mother’s love – produced a strong linkage between carnations and love, but this lovely flower has additional implications that can be used in body art.

11. Grateful carnation


The use of grey and black ink in tattoos is dependent on the design and thickness of the ink used to create depth in the artwork. The simple carnation tattoo design is done with grey and black ink on the forearm in the above tattoo, where the artwork is easily recognizable. The finest method to show off your inner strength and faith is to get a tattoo on your forearm.

Continue reading for some incredible flower tattoo ideas that will inspire you to get your next piece of ink. These stunning tattoo designs are also dense with symbolism. Connecting the purple ribbon to cancer awareness or matching the hue to script as a sign of faith are excellent elements for a straightforward flower meaning.

12. Stunning carnation


You’ll have to make your own way around it to make your carnation flower tattoo design seem unique, whether it’s by adding a new color, creating a different style, or adding some unique components that may or may not be unique to you. This tattoo of a carnation blossom on the upper arm is quite impressive.

I believe that the third watercolor tattoo is an absolutely stunning design. The looser usage of watercolor yellow (sunflower) and red (carnation) against the slashing line drawing of the outlines and stem has a tremendous effect

13. Small Carnation Tattoo


Including other natural components in your carnation flower tattoo design is a fantastic and innovative idea. You can incorporate other birds and creatures into your carnation flower tattoo design, such as rabbits or snails. To make your flower tattoo design more impactful, you can choose to include insects such as bugs and butterflies.

Sometimes the best thing we can do for our permanent inkwork is to keep the artwork simple. This lovely carnation flower tattoo is done on the forearm, and the inkwork is just stunning.

14. Watercolor Carnation Tattoo


Adding extra flowery-patterned motifs to your floral-themed tattoo is a terrific way to make your permanent art piece more unique. This gorgeous carnation flower tattoo, which also includes other flowers, is done on the thigh, where the inkwork is stunning.

A collection of carnation tattoo designs are done on the upper arm in the above tattoo, where the ink work looks overpowering. To give your artwork a distinctive look, try covering the upper arm with a group of gorgeous carnations. This tattoo is a representation of creativity, love, and thankfulness.

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