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14 Loving Semicolon Tattoo Design

ByRandy Peterson

Oct 9, 2021

With regards to syntax, a semicolon is utilized to consolidate two complete sentences that are connected. While a period connotes that two sentences are expressing various things, a semicolon is utilized when two sentences are excessively firmly related such that a period would be an over-the-top partition. At the end of the day, a semicolon implies that the musing isn’t exactly over even though the sentence is—there’s something else to come.

That opinion is the thought behind Project Semicolon, a charity committed to bringing issues to light of dysfunctional behavior, self-damage, self-destruction, and compulsion. “A semicolon addresses a sentence the writer could’ve finished yet decided not to,” peruses the association’s motto frequently seen on their Instagram page. “The creator is you and the sentence is your life.”

Venture Semicolon was begun by Amy Bleuel in 2013 as a manner to motivate those going through misery, considerations of self-destruction, or self-damage to share their story and to assist with showing them that they are in good company. Starting as a web-based media development, the task urged individuals to attract a semicolon on their wrist fortitude, snap a picture, and transfer it to impart to other people.

And keeping in mind that Bleuel made the venture for everybody, it was her encounters that prompted its creation. After her dad passed on by self-destruction in 2003, Bleuel confronted her battles with psychological sickness. In 2013, she established a charity to respect her dad’s heritage and to share her own story.

“I needed to recount my story to motivate others to recount their story,” Bleuel told USA Today. “I needed to begin a discussion that can’t be halted, a discussion about psychological instability and self-destruction so we can address it and lower those rates.”

Tragically, Bleuel kicked the bucket by self-destruction in 2017. Rather than being a concise preview of fortitude, the semicolon tattoo is an extremely durable update that there is something else to come in life regardless you’re going through. Furthermore, in contrast to an indelible marker, a semicolon tattoo will go through it with you—regardless of “it” is.

1. Semicolon Heartbeat Tattoo

A semicolon is a punctuation mark used to emphasize a pause in a sentence, so you might assume this tattoo is a favorite with frustrated English teachers or grammar pedants. It has become a symbol of a person’s struggle with mental illness, and contemplation of suicide as well as their determination to keep fighting and move on.


Hearts are a well-known love symbol. This piece of body art, when combined with the semicolon, reminds the user to love themselves. It can also be interpreted as a compliment to their romantic partner or family and friends for saving them during a difficult moment in their lives.

For the most part, suicide is a taboo subject. People are embarrassed to discuss it even if they are thinking about it. However, for those suffering from mental illness or depression, it may appear to be a final resort. This semicolon tattoo conveys the idea that suicide is not the only option available and that there is more to life than that. If you’re at your wit’s end, this semicolon tattoo is a beacon of hope, indicating that bliss is just around the corner.

2. Awareness of Suicide Tattoo

It’s almost impossible to watch the nightly news or read the morning paper today without being reminded of terrorism and suicide bombers.


Nonetheless, the societal conspiracy of suicide quiet is very much alive and well. No topic, even now, is more misunderstood than suicide. It is one of the few remaining taboos

This tattoo screams a narrative if you look closely! The semicolon tattoo next to the blade marks serves as a subtle reminder that you won’t have to do it again. This tattoo, like a semicolon between two words, represents that a better life is on the way and that you must hold on to hope. This is a suicide prevention tattoo that assists motivates and tells its tale. Other possible placement locations include your finger, wrist, neck, and behind the ear.

3. Different Semicolon Tattoo Design

While you are not required to acquire a semicolon tattoo for its symbolic value, having one almost certainly implies you will be linked with it. That is why most people who acquire tattoos do so in commemoration of someone — whether a friend, a family, or themselves — or to raise awareness about mental illness, suicide, addiction or self-harm.


A semicolon tattoo is more than a visual expression; it’s often a conversation starter, which means you may raise awareness for a cause while sporting your new tat.

While Project Semicolon first wore the punctuation on the wrist, a semicolon tattoo may now be worn almost everywhere, since the sign has grown to symbolize mental illness problems and the project. Due to the semicolon’s versatility as a design, it has become a popular tattoo option, resulting in hundreds of wonderfully personalized pieces of ink. If you’re contemplating having a semicolon tattoo, here are several ways to customize and enhance the design.

Do you enjoy tattoos that are both creative and intricate? If so, you should have a look at this tattoo design! It is ingeniously crafted so that budding flowers may be seen in the semicolon outline. The semicolon surrounded by growing roses represents your hope for surviving despite your mental health challenges. Isn’t this a fantastic and unique method to design your semicolon tattoo? This tattoo can be placed on your back, shoulder, arm, leg, or hips.

4. Sun & Moon Semicolon Tattoo Design

Throughout human history, the sun and moon have been the topic of visual arts, literature, poetry, and many other forms of expression. The moon, like many of nature’s counterparts – day and night, darkness and light, male and female – is the natural counterpart to the sun.


The sun and moon, when combined in a design, symbolize a universal belief and representation of the blending of opposites.

Almost everywhere in the globe, the sun is a male figure who represents strength and power. The moon, on the other hand, is regarded as a feminine figure and symbolizes serenity and stability. Sun and moon tattoos represent a fundamental life principle: where it is good, there will also be evil. They symbolize the duality of human nature – everyone has a dark and a light side.

The goal of Sun & Moon  Semicolon is to raise awareness about mental health, depression, and suicide. This tattoo of the word  ‘Sun & Moon’ with a semicolon is so beautiful and simple that it inspires you to wish for a better and happier next chapter in your life.

It’s all about creating positive feelings and thoughts through your tattoo. If you like this tattoo design, you can choose a typeface and apply it to any part of your body. A minimalistic tattoo has the advantage of being able to be placed anywhere on your body, including your neck, wrist, sleeve, upper arm, finger, and shoulder.

5. Heart Semicolon Tattoo Design

The heart sign is often seen as a joyful, passionate, and loving tattoo, literally! The hue of your selected heart, on the other hand, may symbolize a variety of things. A dark heart tattoo, for example, may symbolize death and sorrow, while a yellow heart tattoo can represent a fresh start! It may be seen as a love tattoo or as a remembrance of a personal loss.


If you like passionate, personal, and heart-warming designs, you can have a heart tattoo. They are ideal for individuals who have gone through a difficult time, and they will also fit you if you want to devote anything to your loved ones! You may also get a heart tattoo that matches!

This is one of the most popular and beautiful semicolon tattoo designs out there! It is shaped like a heart with a semicolon as part of its outline. Perhaps it’s to remind the user to love themselves despite their difficulties.

A semicolon tattoo is a poignant reminder of how far people have come after going through despair or tremendous challenges in life. This beautiful semicolon tattoo design can be worn on the wrist, neck, back, leg, shoulder, or behind the ear.

6. Color Semicolon Tattoo Design

Tattoos have long been used to show one’s inventiveness and celebrate one’s individuality. Most of us undoubtedly pass hundreds of individuals with tattoos every week of our lives without giving any consideration to what they may signify. We just observe and enjoy their beauty from afar.


People acquire tattoos for a variety of reasons, including inspiration, remembrance of loved ones, the commemoration of significant events, or just because they enjoy the way they look. More often than not, there is a deeper significance behind someone’s tattoo than meets the eye, and those meanings are very unique to the bearer.

Because its message is already lovely, a semicolon tattoo does not require much design. This modest semicolon tattoo serves as a gentle reminder to the wearer and anyone else who sees it that their narrative is far from over. Can you believe that something so small and insignificant can communicate such a powerful message?

This is one tattoo that you should get inscribed on your body without hesitation. This little semicolon tattoo can go on any part of your body, including your ankle, finger, neck, shoulder, rib cage, and foot. You might go for a plain black ink look or go for vivid color.

7. Floral Semicolon Tattoo Design

You have a lot of options when it comes to designing a semicolon tattoo. The addition of a lotus shape above the semicolon adds to the overall appeal of the tattoo. The lotus blossom is seen as a symbol of self-elevation and ascension.


This is a basic outline that looks amazing on the back of your neck inked. This tattoo can also be worn on the back, leg, shoulder, or upper arm.

Tattoos are today seen as works of art and a means of self-expression. These days, floral tattoos are getting more trendy. Depending on where they are inked, the color, design, position, and size are selected to represent a range of personal meanings.

This tattoo is being created in a unique way to represent the message or location on the body. Flowers have traditionally been utilized in a variety of ways to visually convey love, friendship, appreciation, and memory. Flowers have a feminine taste in depiction, which may be one of the main reasons they are selected for inking. However, it should be mentioned that many men like floral patterns, with rose and cherry blossom being two of their top preferences.

Various flowers and hues will represent different things. A red flower design represents a fiery desire, while a white flower design represents purity. A yellow flower may represent jealously, while a violet rose can represent someone modest and timid. Flowers tattoos come in a variety of hues and designs, offering people who want them lots of significance.

8. Suicide Survivor Semicolon

“When an author has the option of ending a sentence but decided not to, a semicolon is utilized. The sentence is your life, and you are its creator.” It began as a day to encourage people to write a semicolon on their bodies and take pictures of it, but it soon evolved into something much more significant.


Nowadays, individuals from all over the globe are getting the ink as a memento of their triumph, hardship, or anything else they’ve managed to make it through.

‘As a result, I continued to live.’ This statement encapsulates everything! Get this tattoo as a symbol of strength if you’ve suffered from depression or attempted suicide. Accepting your mental problems and struggles has no shame or stigma attached to it.

In truth, this tattoo is meant to celebrate your willpower and fortitude, which let you endure even the worst of storms. The sentence is printed over a stunning watercolor splash, and the semicolon tattoo maintains the focal point of the tattoo. Although this pattern is on the wrist, it would also look beautiful on the neck, hip, leg, or even the foot.

9. Semicolon Tattoo in Watercolor

A watercolor tattoo is a brilliant, vibrant marking composed of a variety of subtle color gradients and methods that provide a more progressive color fade-out. This effect is meant to resemble the qualities of a traditional watercolor painting, thus the style’s name.


Because the style of watercolor tattoos is more delicate and flowing than that of “conventional” tattoos, it’s easy to mistake them for being made with other tools. Watercolor tattoos, on the other hand, are made in the same manner and do not need any special equipment.

The main difference is that an artist must master a variety of methods to create a watercolor appearance, such as blurs, bleeds, fades, and runs, which is why it’s critical to locate an experienced and skilled artist.

This colorful splash semicolon tattoo is a fun twist on the standard style. When the tattoo design is little, a splash of color can add some interest! The watercolor background effectively complements the dark ink and gives it a more lively appearance.

It could just indicate that you are set to go on a colorful journey ahead of you, so don’t give up just yet. Because of its magnificent colors and strong semicolon pattern, this tattoo is an eye-catching tattoo that is placed on the wrist. It can also be worn on the leg, hip, ribs, chest, or neck. This tattoo is very light and enjoyable to look at!

10. Butterfly Semicolon Tattoo Design

The butterfly is a popular tattoo subject since it is one of nature’s most beautiful animals. The tattoo wearer’s butterfly tattoo may have some different meanings.


As a flying insect with large wings, one of the most popular butterfly tattoo meanings is freedom. The capacity to fly has long been linked with independence and liberty, especially because humans do not possess the ability to do so on their own. Because they begin their existence on the ground as a caterpillar before breaking free and learning to fly, butterflies are also frequently linked with optimism.

There is a significant connection between butterflies and the concepts of rebirth and resurrection as well as transformation and metamorphosis. Indeed, the butterfly is unique in that it starts life as one thing before transforming into something different, frequently regarded much more beautiful and flawless than before.

If you look attentively at this semicolon butterfly tattoo, you’ll notice that it has a significant meaning. The butterflies left-wing are black and white, while the right-wing is colorful. This indicates that, even though you are going through a difficult time right now, there will undoubtedly be a better day tomorrow.

Isn’t this a great way to stress the message of the semicolon tattoo? Choose your favorite butterfly wing design and have it tattooed on your arm. It’s also possible to get it tattooed on your wrist, shoulder, or foot.

11.  Project Semicolon Tattoo Design

Project Semicolon is a faith-based, non-profit organization devoted to providing hope and compassion to people suffering from despair, suicide, addiction, and self-injury. Project Semicolon exists to encourage, love, and inspire.


“A semicolon indicates a sentence that the author might have finished but decided not to. The sentence is your life, and you are the author “is the statement on Project Semicolon’s website. Amy Bleuel created Project Semicolon in memory of her father, who committed suicide.

When my life was plagued with the agony of rejection, bullying, suicide, self-injury, addiction, abuse, and even rape, I continued battling “Bleuel explains.

12. Cat Semicolon Tattoo

For many individuals, the semicolon tattoo has come to represent strength and unity. This basic design may be an eye-catching ink choice, but it seems to carry a deeper meaningful message that is difficult to ignore once seen in person.


The message is profound – this artwork represents the battle with despair or suicide attempts, as well as the triumph over these obstacles. Those who are suffering and understand this sign may feel a particular connection with those who have the same mark on their skin; knowing that there is assistance available if required helps them keep going when times are difficult!

For ages, cats have been linked with change and independence in Japanese mythology. They were regarded as protectors of the underworld in Celtic culture. Cats also symbolize good fortune and roaming spirits – a person who never settles down and is always looking for new experiences.

It’s such a cute concept to have a semicolon tattoo with the higher dot making the contour of a cat’s face. It might be a memorial to a cherished pet who stood by your side during a difficult period. Cats, on the other hand, have symbolic importance in many civilizations. They are thought to be the underworld’s defenders.

They can also indicate good fortune, metamorphosis, and a hopeful wandering spirit. Cats are frequently combined with a semicolon tattoo for these reasons. This tattoo can be done on your wrist or ankle.

13. Crossed Semicolon Tattoo

Because of its profound and personal connotations, historical and cultural importance, and readily adjustable design, crosses are very popular tattoos. A cross tattoo is a popular design for both men and women, and it may be put nearly anywhere on the body, either alone or as part of a bigger design.


The cross may symbolize a variety of various meanings depending on its size, style, and other features, making it an ideal tattoo for nearly anybody!The cross is by far one of the most recognized and oldest symbols in the world. It is also one of the most popular tattoo designs. While the cross tattoo may seem to have a simple (and strong) Christian connotation, it is really a far more complicated symbol. On this page, we’ll look at all of the many meanings that may be connected with a cross tattoo.

Crosses are often used to symbolize a person’s commitment to their religion or faith, but they have also been used to commemorate or remember a loved one who has gone away. Because it is such a strong symbol, even people who are not religious may get a large cross tattoo to commemorate a lost loved one. A devout individual may, of course, use the cross tattoo for the same purpose.

Suicide survivors who follow Christianity frequently integrate the cross into their semicolon tattoo. The cross represents Jesus Christ’s sacrifice to save his followers. It is a method for Christians to rekindle their trust in God and to be reminded that they are not alone. It advises them to maintain believing in themselves as they continue their journey, that they will succeed.

14. Wings Semicolon Tattoo Design

Wings, in whatever shape or form, are often associated with freedom, the capacity to break free from the shackles of whatever holds or binds them. This is one of the most popular tattoo meanings in the world, and wings are a great method to convey it.


If you want to move beyond anything that has been holding you back for a long time, or if you just want to feel free to pursue what you truly want to accomplish with your life, you could utilize this wing tattoo meaning.

The wing or wings are an emblem of flight and a representation of something human beings are incapable of and therefore serve as a symbol of hope for something bigger than life. If you’ve seen someone wearing one of these designs, you’ve probably seen that they desire to accomplish more with their life, but it signifies so much more.

Those who get a wings tattoo frequently want to demonstrate that they want to accomplish something out of the ordinary so that they may be proud of their life when they are old.

This lovely semicolon tattoo with a butterfly wing on one side is a fantastic illustration of growth and transformation. When it comes to tattoos, butterflies represent metamorphosis. A butterfly is also seen to represent rebirth by many people. For these reasons, many survivors combine it with a semicolon to represent their figurative rebirth and progress. They were despondent and suicidal at one point, but have since recovered. It will serve as a daily reminder of your incredible transformation if you wear it on your wrist, collar, foot, or shoulder.

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