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14 Cartoon Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Oct 12, 2021

Cartoon tattoos are typically an expression of fond childhood and adolescent recollections of seeing the unique cartoon artwork for the first time. For the person, the pieces serve as a reminder of a favorite character or group of characters from literature, movies, or television.

The significance of this tattoo, like most others, is mostly determined by the person who has it. Some symbols have a widely understood meaning, but it is up to the individual who has the tattoo to explain it to you.

Many people who have cartoon tattoos tell us that it is a way for them to remember their youth. Many of these cartoons evoke strong emotions or evoke a sense of nostalgia in viewers. Looking at your Thunder cats tattoo can be all you need to relive those joyful childhood memories. The sensation of huddled around the television with your friends or brothers, slogging through commercials to see your favorite Saturday morning cartoons.

His collection includes photographs of tattoos depicting characters from animated films. Typically, a lady or young person who enjoys life looks at the present world with a grin on his face and wants to show others his friendliness and iridescence is tattooed with cartoons.

Tattoos with cartoons are usually vivid and vibrant, catching the eye immediately. At the same time, each cartoon character has a different history and is gifted with distinguishing characteristics that represent nature and the inner world of the individual who created his tattoo. Sketches and images of tattoos featuring cartoons of the most popular cartoon characters can be found in this section.

Spiderman, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, the Little Mermaid, the Hedgehog, Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and many others are among them. There are numerous types of cartoon tattoos: domestic cartoon characters, Disney cartoons, and anime; fictitious characters, animals, and humans.

Tattoos are applied to cartoons depicting persons who are extravagant and unconventional. The location of this tattoo, like the tattoo itself, may be uncommon, but most importantly, it’s the ankle, wrist, shoulder blade, or shoulder.

1. Mickey Mouse Tattoo Design

It is a well-known fact that children enjoy cartoons. Those children, on the other hand, tend to grow up to be adults who enjoy cartoons as well. Although kids like a variety of films, the thrill of viewing an animated comedy cartoon will never fade from their minds. A cartoon is a huge form of expression because it can basically express anything. The ability to animate the action gives you a lot of leeways to accomplish whatever you want.


Men of all ages frequently make connections with the underlying ideas of their favorite characters’ comic flair. They’re also perfect for tattoos because they’re already in a sketched format. Among tattoo enthusiasts, cartoon figures are a popular motif for stunning tattoo designs. Every day, their popularity grows, as does the amount of cartoons available. Cartoon characters are a big part of the tattoo world, which is why more and more individuals are getting them.

Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse is one such cartoon character that we are all familiar with. We’ll go into the history of cartoons, as well as their use, significance, and symbolism in tattoos. Minnie Mouse tattoos are a must-have for anyone seeking a fun tattoo. It’s also one of the most popular Disney tattoo designs nowadays. Teenagers are crazy about Minnie Mouse tattoos.

It can, however, be noticed in young women as well. Innocence, shyness, friendship, and loyalty are all connected with Minnie Mouse tattoos. It also provides the rest of the world a flavor of your viewpoint on that character. Not only that, but it will also provide some information about you as a person. If you’re considering having a Minnie Mouse tattoo, have a look at the images below before making your decision. Make it colorful to give it a lively appearance.

2. Ninja Cartoon Tattoo Design

Ninja tattoos exude an incredibly powerful attitude that is both subtle and seductive. These ancient Japanese warriors are powerful icons of unquestioned dominance and graceful decadence.

Nothing beats a ninja tattoo for creating the atmosphere of a lethal assassin. These silent killers always wore black clothing, making them ideal for quick ink jobs. They are hypnotic because of their speed and invisibility, which is why they were the only fighters the samurai dreaded.


Their menacing blades and tossing stars are powerful elements to highlight, especially as they signify an attack in progress. Japanese katakana is typically integrated into or displayed alongside their clothes. Their identities are unknown because their faces are meant to be hidden. Individuals who cherish anonymity in their daily activities will be drawn to this trait.

Of course, we can’t talk about ninja tattoos without mentioning the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ popularity in pop culture. These odd comic characters are perhaps more common than real-life ninjas in today’s tattoo parlors. Nothing compares to the distinct Duende of Edo’s most lethal slayers, notwithstanding their magnetic qualities.

With the massive assortment of murderous ninja tattoos that we have mobilized in this guide, you can enjoy a taste of feudalistic wonder!

3. Cat Tattoo Design

This will be a tribute to all the cats. It’s not that we don’t like dogs; believe us when we say we can always hang out with a puppy companion at our side, but we do adore our cool felines.

It’s true: some cats don’t mind if you’re present or not, as long as they’re fed and their litter box is clean. There are, however, those adorable cats who wait for you to get home, cuddle you when you’re unwell, and make you laugh with their absurd curiosity.


These cat tattoos are for those stylish little fuzz balls who genuinely care about their human partners.

Cats are also referred to as “guardians of the underworld” or “guardians of another realm.” Various religions have diverse views on cats. However, this species has always awed humans with its cryptic character. Here are a few Cat tattoo ideas for you to consider.

Whatever design you choose, it should reflect something you value and convey the same message. It’s fun, though, every now and then to have an ambiguous tattoo, such as cat tattoo designs, that leaves people guessing. So experiment with your senses and imagine something other than what is anticipated to appear. That is the aspect of cat tattoo designs that requires artistry.

4. Anime Tattoo Design 

Anime tattoos are more than just a collection of tattooed cartoons. Anime is not on the same level as Bugs Bunny and Sponge Bob Square Pants for Japanese anime fans (and some animation fans outside Japan).

To understand what kind of artform anime is, we must first look at the manga. Manga is the Japanese equivalent of a comic book, consisting of a series of printed images with highly stylized illustrations that follow a specific “type.” Japanese anime is an animated cartoon adaptation of a manga that is brought to life using celluloid or computers.


Anime cartoons have gained a large audience in the western world over the last few decades. Though early cartoons such as Astro Boy, Kimba, and Speed Racer exposed us to the anime style of drawing, it is children’s cartoons like Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z that have caught the western imagination and propelled anime to the forefront.

The ultimate Goku and Dragon Ball Z fan would love to acquire a tattoo replica of this anime character. In terms of composition, color, and style, it’s one of the coolest whole back tattoos. The tattoo artist achieves the vitality, vibrancy, and exaggeration of an anime character’s facial features, especially the wide round eyes, thick dark brows, button nose, and massive ear to compliment the long hair

Because of the dragon details in the background, which precisely complement the color tones of the closed fist lifted in the air, it appears larger than life. The tattoo artist filled in the blanks with popular Dragon Ball Z features. The composition, the way the content was put to fit the canvas, and the concentration on the subject matter to make everything look coherent, are what really stand out. Then there’s the color play throughout to keep the piece looking balanced. Artists used realism in shading and contouring to bring depth to the tattoo without sacrificing its comic book appeal.

5. Simpsons Tattoo Design 

Tatiurovki Simpsons are solely visual in nature and convey admiration for the renowned cartoon’s owner. Characters like Bart, Homer, Lisa, and others in the animated series have a good attitude toward this role. There are numerous fan organizations dedicated to favorite cartoon characters, which are highly popular in tattooing.


The Simpsons have been on the air since late 1989; that’s nearly 30 years! True Simpsons fans are familiar with all of the characters, but they do have favorites. They also remember nearly all 600+ episodes and can repeat their favorite quotations and catchphrases from the long-running animated series.

The Simpsons are, in my opinion, one of the most popular cartoon shows in television history. As a result, it has a large following among both men and women all over the world. If you enjoy the program and its characters and are well-versed in all things Simpsons, why not get a tattoo of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, or Maggie? First and foremost, you must select a location for your new tattoo.

Forearms, shoulders, legs, and ankles are the most prevalent. Second, choose your favorite character from the primary cast, such as Ralph Wiggum or Patty and Selma. Right now, scroll down to see all of the tattoo ideas that are both humorous and cool. Get motivated!

6. Adventure Time Tattoo Design

Adventure Time was an instant classic on Animation Network, and its universal appeal to both children and adults catapulted it into the ranks of other cartoon greats. The show’s witty comedy, cartoon buffoonery, and endearing characters make it ideal for a comic tattoo.


Adventure Time debuted on Cartoon Network in 2010 as a children’s show, but it quickly gained a following among adults who enjoyed the show’s zany brand of humor, references to popular video games, and innovative storyline. Adventure Time is no more just a kid’s show, with millions of viewers of all ages tuning in. Adventure Time frequently mixes mature themes (including allusions to a nuclear apocalypse) as well as a dark sense of humor.

A fan of the show who wants such a tattoo can choose from a variety of characters from the show, each with their own personality and outlook on life. Because Adventure Time features such a diverse cast of characters, each one would almost probably transmit their own personality into the wearer.

Adventure Time tattoo isn’t quite as sweet and cuddly as some of the other cartoon character tattoos out there, so it’s best suited to a man with a sense of humor and even an affection for childishness. This tattoo would be ideal for a show fan who isn’t too serious about himself. An Adventure Time tattoo, when done correctly, is a terrific choice for someone with a distinctive and quirky personality.

7. Smurfs Tattoo Design 

Smurf (original French name Schtroumpf Costaud) is the main character in the Smurfs comic books and animated series and has appeared on the show for the whole run. He works out in the mornings and has a lot of exercise equipment at his house. Hefty is also the most athletic of the Smurfs, capable of climbing lofty trees and bringing down whatever is up there with ease. The heart-with-arrow tattoo on his right upper arm is immediately identifiable, yet it can also be seen on his left upper arm or both upper arms.


He has the ability to bend metal poles, which can only be bent by machines. The Smurfs were first conceived and launched as a series of comic characters in 1958 by Belgian comics artist Peyo (a pen name for Pierre Culliford), under the name Les Schtroumpfs. There are over 100 Smurf characters, and their names are based on descriptive descriptors,

such as “Jokey Smurf,” who enjoys playing practical jokes on his fellow smurfs. The first female Smurf presented in the series was “Smurfette.” The Smurfs wear Phrygian caps, which have come to symbolize independence in modern times. The word “smurf” is a Dutch translation of the French word “Schrumpf,” which Peyo claims he coined at a meal with fellow cartoonist André Franquin when he couldn’t recall the word salt.

The Smurfs franchise originated as a comic book and has since extended to include advertising, films, television shows, ice shows, computer games, theme parks, and dolls.

8. Betty Boop Tattoo Design


Betty Boop is a well-known animated character. Across the years, this character’s popularity has increased all over the world. She was shown as sexual, but yet innocent and childish in nature. Her figure, on the other hand, was far from childish. Everything had an element of purity, tenderness, and simplicity to it.

Betty Boop tattoos aren’t one of the more popular tattoo styles, but they do have a dedicated following. Teenagers and college students are frequently seen with these girly tattoos. These tattoos can be depicted in a variety of ways. Add some vibrant colors to make it more stylish. There are many more designs in this Betty Boop tattoo, including a pocket watch, cards, and pool balls.

9. Luffy Tattoos  Design

If you’re a fan of the popular anime series One Piece, you’re probably familiar with the main character, Luffy. Luffy’s unique features have made him a popular character. He is shown to be attracted by the idea of being a pirate since he believes it will provide him with the much-desired independence he has been seeking. Luffy is a popular character among fans, which is one of the main reasons why he was chosen as a tattoo. The majority of the time, boys love to have this tattoo on their forearms. Apart from being an anime protagonist, Luffy is also a famous tattoo design, as evidenced by his popular straw hat.


Monkey D. Luffy, also known as Luffy, is the main character in the anime manga series “One Piece.” One Piece was first published as a manga or Japanese comic book. One Piece premiered in 1997, and a year later, a 30-minute film named “Defeat Him! The Pirate Ganzack!”

They are continuing writing material for the manga and the 1999 television series, despite having issued 88 volumes of the comic since the 1990s. Since the anime’s debut in 1999, they have produced a total of 828 episodes and counting. Monkey D. Luffy’s story begins with Luffy as a young man who dreams of sailing across the East Blue Sea in search of a legendary treasure known as “one piece.”

Luffy will be crowned King of the Pirates once he has the one-piece treasure in his possession. However, completing this job will not be simple. Luffy then sets out to build his own group with whom he may go across the sea in pursuit of his quest of discovering riches. Luffy and his crew, whom they dub the “Straw Hat Pirates,” embark on an expedition, picking up and meeting new crew members and friends along the way. There are a total of 9 Straw Hat Pirates in the crew. Tattoos depicting the series and story have been seen on fans of the anime and comics.

10. Alice  Wonderland Tattoo Design 

These tattoos are perfect for anyone who loves Alice in Wonderland, or the characters from the story. Tattoos can be based on the look of the characters, or what one or more of them stood for in the story as well as what the book’s characters stood for. Alice in Wonderland is as well known for its artwork as it is for the story, so it’s only natural that people want Alice in Wonderland tattoos. On this page, we’ll look at the story, some of the characters in the story, and some fantastic Alice in Wonderland tattoos.


From the mid-nineteenth century until today, Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland served as a tapestry of imaginative stories and characters for countless children and adults. This makes Alice in Wonderland tattoos a little more interesting than other types of tattoos because these designs are appealing to people of all ages. Some people adore one of the characters, while others recall vividly watching some of the story’s events unfold.

The original tales of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland have been adapted several times, the most popular of which is the Disney cartoon film created in 1951, though numerous versions have been produced. This gives people looking for Alice in Wonderland tattoos even more options. You can use artwork from the original books, or you can get your tat based on a more modern version of those characters and scenes.

The allegorical and wildly imaginative characters are instantly recognizable and hint at an eccentric soul. These could be some of the best tattoos to get if you just want to show the world that you’re a little odd and proud of it! You can pretty much pick any of the characters in the story for that because they all brought their own eccentricities to the table.

The Cheshire Cat, a striped rotund feline with a wide, exuberant grin, is one of the most well-known characters from the stories. He speaks in riddles and encourages others to question and investigate his paradoxes. The Cheshire Cat, often depicted in the violet and lavender stripes popularised in the Disney film, is a symbol of unconventional genius. The cat is a source of intrigue and mystery, as well as a symbol of mischief and cunning.

11.Maneki Neko Tattoo Design

Maneki Neko will attract good fortune and money if it has its right paw up. Customers are drawn to the left paw. In some cases, someone will want to attract both, so both of the cat’s paws are raised. Both paws raised can also be interpreted as a protective symbol.


The Maneki-Neko is a popular Japanese figurine that is thought to bring good luck to its owner. They are typically made of ceramic or plastic in modern times. The figurine depicts a cat, typically a calico Japanese Bobtail, with its paw raised in a Japanese beckoning gesture. The figurines are frequently displayed near the entrance of shops, restaurants, pachinko parlors, dry cleaners, laundromats, bars, casinos, hotels, nightclubs, and other businesses. Some Maneki-Neko has a mechanical paw that moves back and forth slowly.

Maneki-Neko comes in a variety of colors and styles, with varying degrees of detail. White, black, red, and gold are common colors. Maneki-Neko can be found in the form of keychains, piggy banks, air fresheners, pots, and a variety of other media in addition to statues. Maneki-Neko is sometimes simply referred to as “lucky cats.”

Maneki-Neko is typically depicted seated, holding a koban coin and raising one paw in a beckoning gesture. To some Westerners (Italians and Spaniards are notable exceptions), the Maneki-Neko may appear to be waving rather than beckoning. This is because some Westerners and Japanese recognize different gestures and body language. The Japanese beckoning gesture is made by raising the hand, palm down, and repeatedly folding the fingers down and back, giving the appearance of a cat.

Maneki-Neko can be found with one or both paws raised (and sometimes both). The significance of the raised right and left paw varies depending on time and place. A statue with its left paw raised is meant to attract more customers, while one with its right paw raised is meant to attract more money. As a result, it is also said that the one with the left paw is for business and the one with the right is for home.

Some Maneki-Neko has moving arms that are powered by a battery or solar panel and are perpetually engaged in the beckoning gesture.

12.. Calvin and Hobbes Tattoo Design 

Calvin and Hobbes were characters in a hilariously clever comic book that many people read as children and still read today. The artwork in Calvin and Hobbes’s books was addictively classic, and it was combined with a wacky sense of humor. Everyone’s newspaper made Calvin and Hobbes famous. The Sunday comics gave us a look into the lives of these two unusual friends.


Calvin, a six-year-old boy, has an odd relationship with her stuffed tiger, Hobbes. Calvin and Hobbes dominated the newspaper comics because of their clever yet risky approach to making people laugh all over the world. Calvin and Hobbes Tattoos are simple to make because of the bold outlines. The images will stand out on the skin. Tattoos have always looked better when they were outlined.

They also provide a lot of contrast in a tattoo. Calvin and Hobbes look best in bright or faded colors, but they can also be done in black ink. These tattoos are generally done with brilliant simplicity. The adage “less is more” may apply here, as an overly busy scene may not be true to Calvin and Hobbes’s form. Walking across a river on a fallen tree by Calvin and Hobbes is a prime example of this. Calvin and Hobbes sitting on a rock while Calvin plays with his toys and Hobbes read a newspaper is another example of the comic strip’s simplicity.

Calvin and Hobbes can be tattooed as individuals or as part of a larger scene. The majority of people will get a tattoo of a square or scene from a comic strip. A scene will provide the viewer with a thorough understanding of the tattoo, but it is not the only option. If you don’t want to incorporate an entire scene into your tattoo, you could have them show off one of their many countless expressions.

Calvin and Hobbes can also be found in a variety of modes of transportation, including wagons, boats, and even spaceships in some of the more recent editions. All of these are excellent choices for your next Calvin and Hobbes tattoo. Make sure to do a lot of research and look at both old and newer images. You might come across a quote that you like as well. If you do, don’t be afraid to incorporate it into your tattoo. Choose whether you want a detailed image of the two of them or a cartoon-style tattoo.

13. Tom & Jerry Tattoo Design

One of the most beloved cartoons in the world, Tom and Jerry can be motivated by nostalgia for the immortalization of the iconic cat-mouse-duo in ink by men who grew up watching the show. This design also has the advantage of being easily identifiable, so if you’re looking for an idea that you won’t have to explain, this could be a good option.


Because Tom and Jerry are constantly pulling pranks on each other during the show, a Tom and Jerry tattoo may indicate that the wearer enjoys mischief. A Tom and Jerry tattoo could also indicate that the wearer is young at heart and appreciates the little things in life.

And, because a cartoon tattoo isn’t always meant to represent a deeper meaning, chances are a man with a Tom and Jerry tattoo doesn’t take himself too seriously, which is a sign of a well-balanced personality. Because the cartoon duo gets up to a variety of antics, you’ll have a plethora of options if you choose a Tom and Jerry piece. Many people with Tom and Jerry tattoos have chosen Jerry on one side of their body and have Tom tattooed on another part of their body.

Others have chosen a portrait-style tattoo of Tom and Jerry smiling together. Most Tom and Jerry tattoos are in color because the cartoon is, but you could add a vintage twist by having both characters in black and white.

14. Spider-Man Tattoo Design

There are several Spiderman tattoo designs to pick from, and not all of them are suitable for everyone’s tastes and personalities. Some people like to have simply small Spiderman images tattooed on their bodies, while others prefer a full back piece of artwork. We’ll go through various Spiderman tattoo meanings in this article for individuals who want some or all of them on their bodies.


Spiderman tattoos are quite popular among people of all ages. Spiderman is a nice character to put on your body whether you’re a youngster or a teenager because he’s so charming and personable. This is especially true when choosing a little tattoo design for Spiderman. Because Spider-Man is such a popular character, many people prefer to acquire Spider-Man tattoos on their legs, wrists, arms, and even their faces. You can choose from a variety of minor tattoo design ideas for Spiderman.

His uncompromising morality rubs off on others who wear his creations, giving him a wonderfully fashionable air of utilitarian impulses.

Optical illusions are prominent in this field as well. Skilled artists can make it appear as if the flesh is being peeled away, revealing his distinctive red-and-blue costume beneath. Naturally, graphic novels can be used as a source of inspiration as well. Some of the most snazzy Spiderman tattoos are simply reimaginings of a guy’s favorite comic. Even the text boxes can be used to make a direct statement with machismo.



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