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13 Wonderful Geisha Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 28, 2022

People are designing new tattoo styles, varieties, and processes as the popularity of tattoos grows. The Geisha tattoo is one of the most current forms of tattoos. The Geisha is a female Japanese entertainer who many regards to be the pinnacle of femininity and elegance.

Artists have created innumerable geisha tattoos, some inspired by traditional Japanese culture and others with a more modern vintage twist. Here are some beautiful Geisha tattoo ideas whether you are new to tattoos or wish to join the ever-growing trend.

The artist creates a new scenario and clothing for the fictional character Kitana from the Mortal Kombat game. She wears a traditional geisha dress while standing under a sakura tree, holding her distinctive fan blades vertically while concealing her face, and her emerald green eyes stare at the viewer.

The artist takes a more anime style to the heroine, adding many brilliant colors as she stands beautifully beneath the tree wearing a dress with a color scheme similar to her original dress. The tattoo represents beauty but not at the expense of timeliness, and it signifies female assertiveness.

The artist is right to the point in this tattoo, which boasts minimalism and elegance, with a very simple design and style. A face painting on the customer’s arm depicts a woman dressed in traditional geisha clothing and makeup, accompanied by her accessories.

She has a pale face and wide eyes as she stares off into the distance, her fan covering her neck all the way to her chin. The fan features the customer’s name in Japanese, as well as clouds in a beautiful blue sky. The artist pays close attention to the linework as well as the water-coloring of the tattoo, which adds another level of detail to the finished piece.

1. Sci-Fi Geisha


The artist draws inspiration from the popular Terminator films, creating a beautiful blend of pop culture and Japanese history. Her hair, which is only the Geisha’s head, is dark with light tints of white and is tied in a traditional bun.

The tattoo features amazing linework in a monochrome style, with one-half of the face lifting out to reveal the Geisha’s mechanical innards. As the audience sees the imaginative yet terrifying sight of the Geisha, the animatronic head’s eyes stare soullessly out the window. The tattoo, which was done on the customer’s arm, represents deception and skepticism on what seems on the surface.

2. Outline Geisha


The gazing geisha tattoo is stunning because it is simple yet detailed, clever yet elegant. The tattoo, which stretches from the shoulder to the elbow, depicts a geisha clutching a traditional Japanese umbrella and fan and gazing mesmerizingly into the distance.

The tattoo is given a paintbrush-like feel by the artist, who uses watercolor to bring the vibrant landscape to life. The observer can see a half-portrait of a woman walking through a garden, with lilies and clouds clearing the path for her. While the artist has left the tattoo’s meaning open to interpretation, it is absolutely beautiful to look at.

3.  Lovely Geisha


Inspired by the protagonist’s final foe in the film Kill Bill Volume 1, the artist crafts a scene featuring a geisha armed with a sword.

The woman, who is dressed in a traditional kimono and wields a historically authentic katana, also has tattoos that run between both of her exposed shoulders and to the neck. The artist depicts the woman with tiny cuts on her face and blood trickling from the katana in a monochromatic setting. The tattoo is a half-body portrait of a woman, and it represents female empowerment.

4. Amazing Geisha.


Anime, a visual form of Japanese art, is well-known throughout the world for its distinct graphic style. The tattoo depicts an anime geisha with very intricate hair held together by linework that holds numerous flowers and accessories.

Another half-body portrait, this time of a geisha wearing the customary kimono and haircut. With its dull dark colors, the artist creates a melancholy atmosphere in the setting. While there is no specific meaning in the picture, it is up to the viewer to make their own interpretation.

5. Gorgeous Geisha tattoo


The ephemeral geisha tattoo is a one-of-a-kind design with a profound message. The tattoo depicts a well-dressed geisha in traditional attire passing through a dark and bleak setting.

As the geisha runs, viewers can see the thick clouds in the backdrop slowly exposing the moon but providing little to no light to the dense woodland that surrounds her. The scene represents a break from the standard and mediocrity.

This is demonstrated by the artist’s use of a boring monochromic blackwork background that surrounds a geisha sporting brilliant, color-filled watercolor tattoos. The fleeting geisha holds a powerful message of rising from the confines of mediocrity.

6. Glow-in-the-Dark


The tattoo is a stunning work of art that depicts a gorgeous scenario of a geisha standing in the dark. A face portrait, style, and design are simple but contain a lot of detail as a firefly partially illuminates the gorgeous woman’s face to reveal the traditional Japanese cosmetics and wide shining eyes.

One of the blue eyes shines from the firefly’s light, while the other has a glimmer of dark and dull blue color. The artist accentuates the entire picture in a lime green tone, making the tattoo stand out.

7. Mini Geisha Tattoo


While this tattoo is another picture of a face, it is considerably different in terms of representation and connotation. The artist depicts a geisha with the traditional haircut and attire that peeks out just below the neck. The tattoo depicts a geisha with a vine-like face and hair made of branches, with flowers and leaves growing from the branches.

The artist demonstrates great natural beauty with vivid green and deep brown tones. The artist also depicts the geisha’s face withering away as the plants and flowers wither. The scenario has significant symbolic significance in terms of conserving and protecting the natural environment.

8. Tradition Geisha Tattoo


The artist produces a half-body depiction of a stunning geisha with uncommon characteristics for a tattoo with a profound message. While her clothing and accessories are bright and colorful, and she is wearing traditional makeup, tears fall from the woman’s eyes while her lips are stitched shut.

She greets her audience with a friendly smile, despite the faint crimson blood seeping from her wounds. Because she is not allowed to talk, the tattoo represents oppression and gender inequality. She is a statue left to be adored and praised.

9.  Simple Geisha Tattoo


While many artists have created incredible scenes, often the most simple techniques are the most gorgeous. The tattoo depicts a young geisha in traditional Japanese attire, complete with traditional make-up and haircut.

Her skin is pale, and she wears red lipstick and has dark hazelnut eyes. The colors are brought to life by an outstanding combination of line work, dot work, and watercolor. The woman blushes as vivid pink petals and blossoms fall on her bright green dress while carrying a Japanese orange fan with a Hokusai wave sketched on it.

10. Color  Geisha


One of the more beautiful scenes in the tattoo is a geisha healing her wounds by a river. The artist’s meticulous blackwork depicts the geisha cleaning the blood from her wounds while sitting across the temple at the river.

Her katana rests by her while countless blossoms fall from the branches above her, all in a monochrome setting. As the woman cleans her wounds, the peacock follows her and gives shade with its feathers. Despite the lack of color, the landscape is capable of telling time and season through the smallest details.

12. Black ink Geisha


The artist depicts a young woman walking ahead while peering behind, holding an umbrella. She wears traditional makeup and clothing, and her umbrella protects her from the snow. Her lovely gown leaves a trail of feathers from her sleeves, disguised as wings, and her long hair reaches the obi (sash) of her gown.

While the image is mostly black and white, there are some colored shadows on the lines of her garment and her umbrella. The indifferent is a full-body image designed to be tattooed on a person’s back.

It has a lot of figurative meaning. The tattoo depicts a youthful, vibrant geisha standing alone in a dreary town with no other people in sight.

 13.  Japanese Geisha


Because many people regard tattoos to be works of art, both artists and consumers express themselves through the meaning that the tattoo holds. This tattoo depicts a lovely geisha holding a youngster in her palm, shielding it from the dark and dimly lighted wilderness.

The sun shines down on the lady and the baby, showing cuts and bruises all over the woman but leaving the infant unharmed. The artist presents a story of love unlike any other via faint red and orange colors, and while the sun shines on the woman and her child, they are shrouded in full darkness.

14 Watercolor Geisha

Gillian Turner - Colour Tattoo | Big Tattoo Planet

Because of the current issue of global warming and deforestation, this tattoo accentuates both natural beauty and the attractiveness of a young geisha without makeup.

The tattoo depicts a woman staring off into the distance while her accessories fall off. A swath of flowers and trees encircle the woman standing in the garden. The artist employs delicate linework and boasts incredible realism while maintaining a classic feel to the overall tattoo, which is colored with watercolors and ordinary ink.

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