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13 Unbelived Japanese Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Nov 30, 2021

1. Japanese Dragon Tattoo Design

One of the most popular tattoo designs for males is dragons. These animals are fierce, strong, and mysterious, and they may be found in myths and legends from all across the world. Dragons are revered for their strength, wisdom, and power all throughout the world, from China to Wales.


Dragons are a flexible tattoo option. Because of the curved shape, your tattoo artist can ink the pattern anywhere on your body, including your torso, back, leg, and bicep. A dragon tattoo, whether little or large, looks awesome. So, whether you desire a fiery dragon or something more delicate, keep reading to find the ideal design for you.

Dragons are thought to represent a loving power. They are thought to improve the general betterment of manhood because they represent wisdom and strength. This magnificent dragon tattoo is a work of beauty in and of itself. It looks even better with the faint pink splash of color.

The dragon’s angry expression contrasts wonderfully with the gorgeous flowering flowers, giving the design a feminine touch.

2. Japanese Samurai Tattoo Design

Few opponents could have a chance against the Samurai’s mastery in martial arts. Intricate and fascinating tattoo designs are inspired by Japan’s legendary warrior class. The samurai practiced Bushido and swore their allegiance to values like courage, honor, and respect.


These were the guiding beliefs that kept them strong in times of upheaval, whether it was life or death.From a technical and creative standpoint, the noble warrior tattoo is quite popular, and the classic menpo or Samurai mask may be found in a variety of tattoo designs and hues.

A samurai tattoo symbolizes honor, respect, service, heroism, and commitment. These warriors defended Japan’s citizens from any potential attackers.

This iconic artwork depicts a samurai riding a horse and fighting a dragon in a battle scene. It’s a one-of-a-kind masterpiece because of the rich color palette and well-defined form. It’ll look fantastic all the way down your leg.

3. Japanese Crane Tattoo Design

The crane has many names, including “heavenly crane,” “crane of good fortune,” “bird of pleasure,” and “bird of peace.” Throughout Southeast Asia’s traditional traditions, it is regarded as an auspicious bird.


When Chinese workers arrived in America, the iconography was misapplied to storks instead, but the message remained the same: the stork delivered newborn infants to happy families. After World War II ended, the traditional symbol of the crane rose in favor in Japan, as a war-torn populace prayed for long-term peace and prosperity in the aftermath of such horrible suffering.

The crane has soared throughout western culture like the huge bird itself, with its wings stretched wide. Its image in tattooing is used to express hope and optimism for a bright and peaceful future, but it’s also come to mean more for many American men: the crane represents a man with the strength, dependability, and sense of responsibility required to achieve and maintain that peaceful and hopeful optimism.

Crane tattoos are popular among young professionals and entrepreneurs hoping for a lucky break in their quest to secure a better future for themselves and their families. They’re common among guys who want to make the world a better place, whether through fighting for their freedom or simply being the greatest version of themselves every day. A crane tattoo is a symbol of pride in one’s endeavors to better oneself.

Cranes, also known as Senbazuru, are said to symbolize prosperity and endurance. This captivating artwork features an open-winged crane standing on a pink lotus. The intricate design and use of dusk colors add to the allure of this artwork. This is an excellent tattoo for your upper back.

4. Japanese Geisha Tattoo Design

A geisha tattoo is a symbol of feminine strength. It symbolizes enigma, beauty, and secret.
This stunning tattoo of a geisha revealing her face beneath a cat mask is very stunning. Her floral headband and neck tattoo add to the whole look.


If you enjoy unusual designs, this is the tattoo for you. This tattoo should be done by a seasoned artist that specializes in portraits.

Japanese culture buffs are enthralled by how deeply Japanese customs are embedded in tattoo designs. The geisha tattoo is a popular tattoo that originated in Japanese culture. Geisha tattoos are generally done in larger designs and worn on greater areas such as the full-back, full arm, and other locations to symbolize beauty and mystery.

Because geishas are frequently misconstrued as women of the night, a Geisha tattoo is a fairly unusual design. The Geisha culture, on the other hand, is much more than a prostitute; it reflects the overwhelming appeal and seduction that a beautiful and intellectual woman may elicit.

Both men and women in Japanese culture have tattoos depicting geishas. One thing to keep in mind regarding a Geisha tattoo is that it contains a lot of details, necessitating the use of a large size.

5. Janpanse Sleeve Tattoo

Are you looking for a significant full-sleeve tattoo? Try out this intricately shaded Japanese design. This full-sleeve tattoo includes a wave of wonderfully painted fish, with an ogre’s head on top. One of the earliest Japanese tattoo designs is this monotone tattoo with a lot of shading and highlights.


Sleeve tattoos can take up any proportion of the arm, from a half sleeve finishing above the elbow; a three-quarter sleeve that finishes mid-way up the lower arm (to be fully covered when wearing a shirt); or a full sleeve that finishes at the wrist.

Elements that traditionally appear in Japanese sleeve tattoos include Dragons, Masks, Koi, Flowers, Phoenixes and Deities. Here is a selection of Japanese Sleeves done by our artists at Cloak and Dagger Tattoo Parlour London.

The popularity of Japanese sleeve tattoo designs outnumbers all other sleeve varieties. Tattooing has a long history in Japan. Irezumi (traditional Japanese tattooing) has been practiced in Japan since 10000 BC. Japanese art, whether in the form of anime or architecture, has long been adored around the world.

Traditional Japanese tattoos are no exception. Even though the Japanese government has occasionally made tattoos illegal, this has never stopped individuals from obtaining them. The Irezumi art reached the west after crossing the seven seas.

6.  Japanese Turtle Tattoo Design

Turtle tattoos (Minigame) are symbolic of knowledge, durability, wealth, and security in Japanese culture. This one-of-a-kind turtle tattoo is truly distinctive. The placement of Roman numbers on the shell’s rim to make it look like a clock adds a layer of mystery to this tattoo. This is a fantastic tattoo sleeve.


The turtle is well-known in Western society, but its Japanese counterpart has yet to be widely adopted. The Japanese turtle, with its dramatic appearance and reputation as a harbinger of wisdom, fortune, and life, may not be a common tattoo choice, but that’s all the more reason to be among the first to get one.

The Japanese turtle is commonly drawn in water, with sharp, primal features and a trailing tail of seaweed (the latter an indication of its regal longevity), a detail that adds even another rich layer of context to its tattoo portrayal. The Japanese turtle is thought to represent the importance of wisdom before longevity; after all, what good is a long life if it isn’t one filled with wisdom?

Your personal Japanese turtle tattoo is a work of art as well as a powerful symbol to aid you in navigating both calm and turbulent glasses of water. The Japanese turtle, if it appears in your dreams, represents a need to go deeper into one’s own psyche and discover the truth inside the reeds of knowledge.

Turtles are universally associated with patience over speed, with the benefits of patient diligence over a full-throttle approach. By way of self-reflection, the Japanese turtle dives one level deeper, symbolizing long-lived and joyous plenty.

7.  Traditional Japanese Dragon

Traditional Japanese tattoos were often black in color, with a lot of shading, which distinguished them apart from other tattoo designs. This lovely design of a dragon uncoiling across the entire back is stunning.


For its genesis tale and subsequent legends, Japanese mythology draws on Shinto, Buddhist, and folkloric beliefs. Several deities are thought to have appeared at the same time as the universe and were collectively referred to as kotoamatsukami.

Seven generations of gods (individually known as kami) appeared after the creation of heaven and earth and were known as kamiyonanayo or the Age of the Gods’ Seven Generations. The kamiyonanayo, according to Japanese legend, was made up of twelve gods, two of which functioned as the first, individual Kamis known as his origami, and the other 10 as male-female pairings, either siblings or married couples.

Many other gods and goddesses arose from these deities, as well as other creatures who served as their guardians, messengers, soldiers, and enemies.  They were also thought to represent strength, knowledge, and success.

8.  Japanese Tiger Tattoo Design

The tiger tattoo is quite popular among tattoo enthusiasts from all areas of life. It is a potent emblem not only in Asia, where all modern tigers are descended from Asian tigers but also in many civilizations.


As a result, tigers have become a popular tattoo motif in a number of Asian countries, including India, Malaysia, Burma, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and Cambodia. Its fury and majestic looks have given it significant symbolic significance in tribes all around Africa.

The tiger is a sign of strength, passion, fury, and sexuality. It also symbolizes beauty, speed, ruthlessness, and wrath, and its occurrence in a dream is usually an indication of fresh strength or passion awakening within an individual.

A tiger represents bravery, vitality, and self-assurance. This gorgeous tiger outline tattoo gently rising to pounce on its victim is as lovely as it gets. Its terrifying eyes come to life because of the careful sketching.

9. Japanese Snake Tattoo Design

The snake is one of the most popular and eye-catching Japanese tattoo designs for guys. It lacks the links to evil and temptation that many Americans have grown up within largely Christian nations. The hebi (Japanese snake tattoo) can have a variety of metaphorical meanings. It’s frequently associated with phallic/sexual symbols, yet it’s also associated with the element of water and protection.


Serpent tattoos, like those found in many other cultures and mythology, are associated with rebirth and immortality due to the reptile’s ability to shed its skin and begin anew. A hebi tattoo is frequently paired with a secondary design (keshoubori), such as peonies or cherry blossoms because these flowers correspond to the snake’s migration cycle in the spring.

A common design is the Japanese pit viper. The “mamushi” is a stunning creature with a circular pattern on its back and a more realistic black and white mosaic on its belly. This deadly snake, despite its diminutive size, is a master at creeping up on its prey when they are least expecting it.

People will be surprised and delighted by a Japanese snake tattoo that wraps around the wrist, winds around the bicep, or curls around the thigh, especially if it peeks out from undergarments. There are also options for beautiful snake coloring, such as vivid greens, blues, and yellows.

The Japanese snake tattoo (Hebi) represents a protective shield against disaster and illness. It is also used to symbolize knowledge, wealth, and transformation by some people. This tattoo’s enticing black snake and red chrysanthemums are very captivating.

10. Forearm  Japanese Dragon

The serpentine wizards of ancient eastern thinking are dragons. Their legend is rooted in culture and tradition. These beasts are ancient and majestic, and they represent strength and knowledge.

Dragons represent various characteristics of physical and mental empowerment, such as self-contemplation, intuitiveness, and mastery of one’s physical and emotional environment, and inspire a Zen philosophy of life.

The craftsmanship of a dragon tattoo serves as a declaration and a reminder that one must continually seek to acquire great wisdom and maturity.

Dragon tattoos are as individual and unique as the people who wear them. They are meant to motivate men to pursue education, self-reflection, and inner tranquility. The use of ink to depict these ancient reptiles personifies a man’s inner struggle to subdue the fiery beast within.

The forearm can be transformed into a statement masterpiece with an artistically exquisite dragon tattoo. A dragon tattoo that runs the length of the forearm will elicit stunned praises thanks to its exquisite detail and vibrant color palette.

The finest spot to show off your tattoo is on your forearm. This black and grey dragon graphic is a powerful symbol. This dark-hued dragon is nicely colored and will lend a bit of mystique to your ensemble.

11. Japanese Phoenix Tattoo Design

The Japanese phoenix tattoo is a great way to show off your incredible inner strength. The phoenix tattoo is unlike any other mythical symbol in terms of historical significance. The phoenix rising from the ashes, stronger than ever, shows your unwavering determination to achieve your objectives.


Enjoy the symbolism of rebirth and endless life with this saying at your side. Even if you’ve been put through the wringer, the fearsome phoenix implies that you’ve come out on top.

The Japanese phoenix represents healing and purification in addition to its mystical majesty. The phoenix not only rises from the ashes immortal, but its famous tears also cure wounds. The fiery phoenix is the ultimate emblem of body and soul purification, as it passes through fires that purge sins and ailments. The Japanese phoenix is a beautiful warrior who looks wonderful on an arm sleeve, back tattoo, chest tattoo, or anywhere else on the body.

Japanese phoenix tattoos provide a lot of room for personalization. The phoenix design can be as cute or as fierce as you want it to be, with features that are both aquiline and reptilian. This legendary creature can be any hue, but most traditions relate this magical bird with the sun, thus brilliant colors are preferred.

This phoenix represents your metamorphosis into a better man, just as the sun rises and sets to guide men through time. With the Japanese phoenix tattoo, you may reinforce the best qualities of this strong revival.

Although the phoenix is a Greek mythological creature, it has been embraced by numerous cultures. This reincarnation and immortality sign is a lovely addition to your arm. It’s the perfect design to be imprinted on your flesh because of the brilliant color palette and historical Japanese painting style.

12. Japanese Wave Tattoo Design

A wave tattoo represents freedom, adaptability, power, and vitality. This stunning artwork with big sea waves is ideal for anyone with a sense of adventure. This tattoo has a three-dimensional look thanks to the water spray done with white dots.


Water is an important symbol for the Japanese, not only because the country is surrounded on all sides by water, but also because of the long history of the Japanese people’s association with the sea’s strength.

Japanese symbols are generally linked by symbolism or seasons, and they play off each other with studied similarity and relevant imagery.

Wave tattoos are often associated with strength, fluidity, and movement. These tattoos are sometimes combined with animal themes such as koi, oni, or dragons, or they signify life’s ever-changing nature.

Waves are among the most commonly used elements in Japanese art, with works by well-known Japanese painters achieving international acclaim. Some pieces, such as Katsushika Hokusai’s iconic “Great Wave,” have been directly transformed into tattoos or utilized as inspiration.

13. Japanese Koi Tattoo Design

Koi is a Japanese term that means “carp,” thus koi fish are also known as cap fish. Koi fish tattoos have become one of the most popular tattoo designs that one can select. Its popularity stems primarily from its attractiveness and vibrancy.


Colors have a way of bringing any design to life and giving it a more appealing appearance. Wearing a koi fish tattoo can improve a person’s visual appeal.

Both men and women look beautiful with koi fish tattoos. The fish themselves are incredibly energetic, especially when discovered in their natural habitat. Many people find the fish to be associated with a variety of meanings and symbolism that they may relate to. The design below is stunning and features a lovely color scheme.

The koi represents determination, strength, and bravery. The only fish that can swim upstream, according to mythology, is the koi. The Gods transform the koi into a golden dragon if it reaches the Dragon’s Gate. As a result, the koi fish is seen to symbolize endurance and progress.

The tattoo’s message is loud and clear in this vibrant picture of a koi fish traveling upstream.

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