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13 Stylish Rebel Flag Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 28, 2022

The rebel flag tattoo is for those who are proud of their southern ancestry or have a strong interest in the Civil War. It is considered by many to be a very contentious design to obtain. If you’re interested in getting one of these tattoos, you’ll find that you can get the flag tattooed on your skin in a variety of ways, either as part of a larger piece or as a great sleeve design.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common rebel flag tattoo meanings as well as some of the most popular design types. The most popular reason for someone to get a rebel flag tattoo is to show that they’re from the south and that they’re proud of it, even though some people think it’s a bad thing.

You can bet that anyone who gets one of these tattoos has some southern blood in their veins and isn’t ashamed to flaunt it. Of course, it’s not safe to assume that someone wearing a rebel flag that agrees with all of the confederates’ viewpoints, but it’s safe to infer that they are proud southerners.

Do you enjoy inking Rebel Tattoo on various places of your body to show off your southern pride? Colorful tattoos with blue and red tones are known as rebel tattoos. These incredible tattoos are sure to draw a lot of attention and can be a great conversation starter.

Although some have associated such tattoos with racism, this is not the case. These tattoos represent Southern tradition and are a powerful expression of pride. These tattoos can be embellished with political slogans or figures for maximum impact, and they go well with a variety of additional embellishments.

1. The Flag That Was Ripped


This is a fantastic tattoo for anyone who enjoys nature and travels. The tattoo resembles ripped skin, but instead of blood spilling from the body, a rebel flag appears beneath it, which looks fantastic.

On the other hand, this is a fantastic tattoo for showing your support for Southern culture and traditions. This tattoo also represents the unification of Americans and their concern for one another. The Southern flag is inside the torn skin, which is painted with black ink. The tattoo looks best on the shoulder or calves, but it can also be worn on the thighs.

2. Nail art rebel flag


You’re not a big fan of wildlife or going outside? Then this basic tattoo is for you if you’re an introvert who likes to keep things simple and smooth. This tattoo, as its name suggests, is a color design of the Rebel flag that contrasts well with any skin tone.

Despite its simplicity, the tattoo serves as a source of pride for people who wear it. The flag is somewhat wavy, giving the impression that it is soaring through the air. The words “Southern Heritage” are written in black tattoo ink across the top and bottom of the shirt, allowing you to brag even more about your passion for Southern Americans.

3.  Eagle Cross


When it comes to unusual rebel flag tattoo ideas, this tattoo is one of a kind. The tattoo features an eagle clutching two steel rods in its paws, which are then linked to an American and Confederate flag. The eagle’s wings are also spread wide open to make the cross more brilliant and visible to the eyes.

It depicts the strong impact that the Southern states of America have on the economy and politics of the country, with a white head and yellow beak and eyes fixed on the Confederate flag.

Because the Eagle Cross Tattoo is so enormous, reducing its design can have a significant impact on its appeal. As a result, this tattoo should only be considered for your back or front to enhance your appearance.

4. Rebel flag  shape of a heart


This is a simple yet exquisite tattoo design that may be used on any part of your body to enhance its beauty. The heart-shaped tattoo looks best on light skin, but it can also look great on brown skin with some little touch-ups.

The tattoo is designed in the shape of a heart with a red border, as the name suggests. To make the tattoo more appealing to the audience, your tattoo artist may tint the border region with black ink. Furthermore, these tattoos can be applied to your body in a variety of ways.

Some have a simple heart shape pattern, while others have ornate textures behind them. The confederate tattoo in the shape of a heart looks best on the back of your shoulder, but it can also be worn on the neck, hands, or ankle.

5. American rebel flag



The American and Southern flags are combined in this tattoo. This tattoo’s design may appear straightforward, but it truly emphasizes the value of American unity. The flags are tied in a cross shape and attached to a wooden pole in the tattoo.

Furthermore, both of these flags have been shredded on their edges to indicate a strong tie and sense of peace and togetherness among the American people, which is wonderful. The flags’ shredded edges represent a lot more than that. Indeed, it depicts the scenario depicted in the famous American expression and motto, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

6. Micky rebel flag


Many people overlook the fact that the rebel flag is genuinely a flag and not just a tattoo to flaunt. The extreme confederate flag is a full rebel flag suspended from a sharp wooden pole with ropes and beads to make it more appealing.

This tattoo is ideal for both men and women and looks great on the arms, especially towards the elbows. The flag, which is also dangling loosely from the poll, depicts a magnificent image as it ripples in the breeze.

The rope and beads on the left and right sides of the flag make it acceptable for people of any skin hue.

7. Unique rebel flag


To demonstrate its vision, this rebel flag tattoo incorporates an eagle into its design. We all know that the eagle has a long history in American history and is still the most powerful symbol of power when it comes to the strong link that exists amongst Americans.

The Confederate Flag, on the other hand, signifies the legacy and value of Southern Americans, as well as the union of these states. As a result, a combination of these emblems is exciting for any American to wear on their body.

The rebelling eagle tattoo embodies the eagle inside the Confederate Flag and, depending on the size of the tattoo, is ideally suited on your shoulder or back.

You can also use black ink to write a slogan or a political quote beneath the tattoo to show your support for or admiration for your favorite politician or president.

8. Butterfly rebel flag


If none of the other options appeal to you or you don’t have enough room on your body, this little but stylish tattoo will most likely be your best option. The butterfly tattoo is an image of a butterfly that is fully colored with the Confederate flag, as the name implies.

Furthermore, you may have this tattoo practically anywhere on your body, and it matches any skin tone well. The confederate butterfly tattoo is also small and can be worn around the neck or wrist to display your Southern heritage.

Your tattoo artist can also use black ink to tint this tattoo to make it more intriguing. The butterfly tattoo can be great for embellishing your neck, shoulder, and even lower back with a little mixture of other ornamental objects, such as beads dangling from the butterfly’s wing.

9. Flowering rebel Flag

This tattoo is based on the idea of preserving Southern history and ideals by painting flowers in confederate flag colors. This tattoo is ideally suited for ladies because it is more feminine and can be simply worn on the back and shoulders.

Furthermore, you can embellish this tattoo by placing a butterfly around the flower or adding ropes and gems to the leaves. If you extend the Confederate Flag in flower tattoo while adding chunks of art, it can take up all of your back areas. Consider a bald eagle on the side of the blossom or a crucifix draped loosely around the stems.

10. feather Rebel flag


Another reason someone could get a rebel flag tattoo is to honor a family member who served in the army of the south. In these circumstances, the owners will normally provide the family member’s name, as well as their birth and death dates. You might see a portrait of a family member in the larger designs that utilize this idea, which can look very cool if done by a professional tattoo artist.

Even though it is a bit risky, some people choose to acquire rebel flag tattoos simply because they are captivated with southern or American history in general. The current American flag and the Confederate flag are sometimes included in these pieces, but this isn’t always the case. ‘However, if you are a fan of American history and want to display it with a rebel flag design, it’s generally a good idea to include a lot of historical American imagery to help foreigners understand the meaning.

11. Small Rebel Tattoo


Others will receive a rebel flag tattoo to finish a Civil War-themed tattoo. For instance, if you wanted a large, realistic tattoo representing one of the pivotal Civil War battles, you could depict the rebel flag being carried by a Confederate soldier.

Alternatively, you might have a tattoo depicting a battle scenario with flags flying over it. You may also use the flag to mix it with the helmets, boots, and other Civil War memorabilia in the photograph.

Regardless of the sentiments associated with them, these rebel flag tattoos are unquestionably divisive, since many people perceive them as symbols of hatred. Even if you are a wonderful person who views everyone as equal, wearing a rebel flag on your skin may cause some unpleasant reactions. You shouldn’t be concerned about what others think about your tattoo if you know that before having one and the tattoo makes you happy.

12. Rebel tattoo word


In terms of design, folks can take their rebel flag tattoos in a variety of directions. If you only want a realistic rectangular rebel flag, you should put it on your forearm, back, or chest. If you have a wavy flag or even just a portion of one, you can accomplish a lot more with these designs.

If you wish to combine the flag with other motifs, the eagle, as well as skulls and soldiers, are common choices. You can use any photos you like with your flag as long as they are relevant to you and you can make them look beautiful together in a single design.

If you do decide to have a rebel flag tattoo, we strongly advise you to first decide where you want it on your body before you start designing it. You can be confident that the final design will fit just wherever you want it, eliminating the need to tweak it or find a new location.

If you’re having difficulties with this step, most tattoo artists can assist you to figure out where these flags would look nice on your skin, and then you can proceed from there.

13. Rebel flag tattoo on waist


Because almost every rebel flag tattoo will be incredibly essential to the people who get it, it’s critical to find an expert artist to design and ink it. Flag tattoos are extremely popular throughout the world, so you should have no trouble finding an artist that has drawn them before.

The goal is to locate someone that is known for consistently exceptional work, as this will increase your chances of receiving a fantastic confederate flag tattoo. You should be able to discover a favorable evaluation of a local artist if you search for it for 10 or 15 minutes.

You should get a rebel flag tattoo if it symbolizes something significant to you and you are aware that it will attract unfavorable or odd looks. You may get them customized in a variety of ways, so you shouldn’t have any trouble coming up with a unique approach to getting your flag tattooed on your flesh.

Just make sure you come up with a variety of design ideas, locate a beautiful location for it on your body, and then employ a tattoo artist to make your rebel flag tattoo look just how you pictured it.


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