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13 Stylish Parrot Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 5, 2022

The parrot tattoos allow the person to flaunt their own individuality or clandestine side in a vibrant way. Many civilizations hold these symbolic creatures in great regard, and their symbolism is as varied as the color combinations of their feathers.

Consider the parrot’s devotion and friendship, as well as the fact that they flourish in a flock and play well with others. Many ancient societies held the parrot in high respect due to the incredible color combinations of its feathers. In many cultures, parrots have served as essential symbols.

For example, in numerous cultures, the parrot’s affinity for sound and unique ability to replicate the sound of the human voice has made them a symbol of communication. The parrot is a symbol of love and courting in Hindu tradition.

Hopi people believe that the parrot represents abundance in Native American tradition. Parrots are typically found in the tropics, such as the Amazon, and represent rainforest ecosystems.

Getting a tattoo of these wonderful colorful birds can symbolize interest in environmental issues or concern for topics like deforestation or global warming.

While the colors of parrots can be as distinctive as a human fingerprint, the myriad meanings associated with these amazing colorful birds resonate with many tattoo enthusiasts. These tattoos of parrots can represent human compassion, communication, and the opportunity to explore new places.

The fact that parrot tattoos look wonderful on both men and women, on the shoulder, arm, legs, chest, or back, is one of their most enticing aspects. The color scheme you chose for your design reveals a lot about your originality, boldness, and personality.

The parrot tattoo design can be drawn in a number of different ways, each with its own meaning. Tattooing a parrot on a totem design connects its meaning to Native American culture or a person’s own ancestors.

The lovebirds, two parrots perched on a perch with hearts in the backdrop, represent courtship and love, intelligence and communication, as well as fun and friendship. Others admire the idea that this incredible bird may outlive its owners, symbolizing longevity, perseverance, and resilience.

1. Parrot Tattoo


These parrot tattoos are a representation of all that is wonderful in nature, with a hint of drama thrown in for good measure. This tattoo design works well as a single bird or a pair of birds soaring or perched and singing their hearts out.

Parrot tattoos, like other animal tattoos, are very evocative of the animal’s attributes and characteristics while also allowing the user to express his or her own personality. Linking your design to a specific culture or artistic style is another method to express your own unique take on this animal.

Birds’ symbolism is multi-layered and meaningful: their ability to fly denotes a desire for freedom or escape; their songful harmonies emphasize the necessity of communication, and their proclivity for roaming in flocks denotes a desire for loyalty and companionship.

2. Tiny Parrot Tattoo


Parrots share these characteristics with other birds, but they also have their own distinct characteristics. Parrots are naturally gregarious and clever birds, and they are well-known for their capacity to speak human languages and ‘parrot’ their owners’ speech.

This communication quality of language, as opposed to that of another bird, may motivate you to get a parrot tattoo, but you’ll need to decide which sort of parrot you want to depict in your design. However, of all of these varieties of parrots, the Macaw parrot is the most popular and most likely to be featured in a tattoo design due to its striking and vibrant coloration.

This species is often linked with pirates, who are frequently depicted sailing the high seas with a parrot on their shoulders.

3. Parrot  Tattoo With Flower


Parrots are frequently found in tropical places, such as the Amazon, and can thus represent these regions’ habitats and rainforests. Choosing a macaw or toucan, which is instantly visible and brightly colorful, can show an interest in environmental issues such as deforestation and global warming.

Because there are so many various varieties of parrots and civilizations that value them, the symbolism of your parrot tattoo can really be whatever you want it to be. Consider these possible parrot tattoo meanings, as well as what you’d like the parrot to represent: is it a symbol of your communicative personality,

Make the design even more distinctive by working with your tattoo artist! The following are some examples of generic definitions. Consider whether there is a particular culture or trait that you want your parrot tattoo to reflect when deciding on a design, as this might add some fantastic individuality to your design.

4. Parrot Tattoo With Heart


Having a parrot tattooed in a totem design, for example, will connect its meaning to Native American symbolism and culture, as well as your own. Parrot tattoos are beautiful unisex tattoos that can be worn by both men and women.

They’re also highly adjustable to the size of the area you want to be inked, so whether you want a small parrot head on your inner wrist or a full-back design, you and your tattoo artist can come up with something that works for you.

For many people, the parrot is virtually synonymous with pirates and pirate lore: you can thank Robert Louis Stevenson, who depicted pirate commander Long John Silver with a parrot on his shoulder in his renowned adventure narrative Treasure Island.

5. Parrot Tattoo With Sea


However, there is some truth to this type of fiction: many pirates were stationed in the tropical islands of the Bahamas, Jamaica, and other Caribbean hotspots, and pirates were certainly in abundance there.

A parrot tattoo with a pirate can represent freedom of adventure, a “live fast, die young” mentality (many pirates only roamed the high seas for a few years before being caught and executed), or simply a fascination with piracy’s history and stories.

There are a number of different ways to merge the two features into a parrot tattoo with a pirate. If you’re a big admirer of Stevenson’s novel, you can show it off by making your pirate look like Long John Silver, complete with peg leg! If you want a different pirate (such as Calico Jack, Blackbeard, Ann Bonny, or a plethora of others), or simply want a basic pirate design with a parrot sidekick, this is also possible.

Remember that pirates were both men and women, therefore this option is suitable for both sexes! If you want a smaller tattoo or just a parrot tattoo, you can still add a piratical element by giving the parrot an eyepatch or a peg leg, or having it carry a bottle of rum!

6. Love Parrot Tattoo



Tattoos of parrots are known for their cleverness. The tattoo parrot sketch is always done in vibrant colors, and the image is frequently placed to the shoulder, back, or chest. In either instance, a tattoo like this will adorn the host’s body.

Parrots are particularly unique birds since they are the only animal species capable of reproducing human speech. Many people believe they can imitate human sounds, which is reasonable given that some people can converse with them.

7. Black & White Parrot Tattoo

Furthermore, parrots grabbed attention due to their brilliant and attractive plumage. They are always related with human characteristics such as selfishness, narcissism, pride and arrogance, a desire for just external beauty, mindless copying of others, an exceptional memory, a carefree attitude to life, carefree, talkative, and fun.

The parrot is a Christian symbol that is referenced in the depiction of paradise and has a typically good connotation. It’s also linked to a representation of the Virgin Mary. The parrot was identified with the goddess Guanyin in ancient Chinese and Japanese civilizations, who is known for her unique benevolence.

This emblem had a completely different meaning in ancient Indian culture, with the parrot embodiment of sexual desire, all erotic, sometimes related with falling in love, and his poetry.

8. Parrot Tattoo on Tree


Some people revere the bird, believing it has the power to predict and bring rain during droughts, while others are wary of it, believing it to be a symbol of human stupidity, reliance on anything, or serious illness ( Maya people ).

The meaning of a parrot tattoo is narcissism, an optimistic attitude, and a burning desire to succeed in life. Parrot tattoos can also express a desire to promote and embellish a realistic world. Of course, this tattoo is perfect for creative types, as well as persons with a good sense of humor, who are unique, gregarious, charming, resilient in any situation, and easygoing.

9. Parrot Tattoo on Back


Tattoo of a parrot that is suitable for both men and women. This vibrant image becomes an expressive reflection of the inner world, demonstrating kindness, openness, and the ability to provide a helping hand in tough circumstances. A tattoo in a realistic style is popular, as is a tattoo in a cartoon style. Most importantly, a parrot sketch tattoo is one-of-a-kind and painted uniquely for you.

Women and men alike are sporting bird tattoos. The bird itself represents the soul’s and mind’s liberation. Many people regard them as a triumph of good against evil. They also play an important role in folklore and culture, earning them a high level of respect in many parts of the globe.

Despite the fact that the bird is revered in many regions, it is a sign of negativity in others. If you’re thinking about getting a bird tattoo, do your research and choose wisely. Even while birds are beautiful, you will have to live with them for the rest of your life, so choose wisely!

10. Couple Parrot Tattoo


As previously said, parrots are symbols of love and romance in several cultures, and the lovebird parrot species is particularly suited to convey this parrot tattoo concept. Lovebirds are smaller than some of the more well-known parrot species, yet they are just as clever and communicative, as well as more entertaining and sociable.

The lovebird tattoo is a beautiful symbol of love and friendship because lovebirds thrive best in couples. Instead of getting your spouse’s name tattooed on you, get a set of matching lovebirds!

With a bent beak, powerful legs, and clawed feet, the parrot, also known as psittacines, is the most diverse bird series. They might be brightly colored or multicolored. People get parrot tattoos for a variety of reasons, including their intelligence, strength, and friendliness. They represent intelligence, wit, compassion, and freedom.

11. Realistic Parrot Tattoo


While some parrot tattoos are more cartoonish or amusing in character, others are more evocative of nature, allowing the tattoo to signify environmental and conservation issues, as well as your heritage and culture.

Making a scenario surrounding the parrot with a few leafy trees, flowers, or sun to fully draw attention to the parrot’s habitat is a terrific approach to achieve this emphasis on environmentalism and/or the rainforest.

The parrot tattoo is a tattoo that will pique your interest. Parrot tattoos are really popular. Women and men both have parrot tattoos. The parrot can also have a symbolic meaning for the person who wears it.

12. Watercolor Parrot Tattoo


The parrot tattoo, like any animal tattoo, includes the parrot’s options and characteristics. Parrot tattoos are also considered old-school tattoo designs, and they’re frequently seen in pirate-themed tattoos.

Parrot tattoos, on the other hand, are usually depicted individually. The wonderful thing about the parrot is that it makes for a fantastic colorful tattoo design.

However, there are a plethora of distinct parrot tattoos, each with its own set of meanings and reasons. In this post, you will learn about the many parrot tattoos and their meanings, as well as why individuals enjoy getting parrot tattoos.

13. 3D Parrot Tattoo


Tattoos aren’t normally considered top-tier tattoo designs, yet they are made by a large number of people. Some people compare the parrot to the phoenix because of the phoenix’s gorgeous rainbow feather. Parrots have some of the most beautiful and vibrant colors on the planet. That is excellent, and you also get a fantastic tattoo design as a result of the appealing colors.

If you’re looking for a vibrant and beautiful tattoo, a parrot tattoo is a good choice because nothing will go wrong.¬† There are a variety of approaches for parrot tattoo design, and the parrots are shown in this way.

Some parrot tattoos are depicted in a realistic way. These tattoos are extremely detailed and colorful. It depicts the true beauty of the parrot’s personality. Various parrot tattoos are depicted as cartoons. Some of you may be familiar with the intoxicated “parrot.” This is a popular Cartoon Parrot Tattoo variation.

These designs imitate the drunken parrot. This parrot may be costumed as a pirate, complete with a hat and eye patch, and a bottle of brandy will frequently be seen close to the parrot.

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