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13 Love is Love Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Sep 25, 2021

There are various ways to communicate love feelings, but love tattoos can express love in a creative way. Tattoos in love with numerous symbols such as infinity, dove, greed, birds of love, and other components created by love have become a trend in young and daring people.

Love is the kinship that unites the hearts of people; love is the cornerstone of a family and any relationship. There is no true love, no false love or eternal love for us, no love is love, no other word with the most beautiful word in the world. The only good addiction, as a gentleman observed, is love.

Some people are brave enough to showcase their loves, instead of keeping their love hush-hush. Love Tattoos usually represent many sentiments such as faith, passion, hope, promise, friendship, commitment, and inspiration. You parading your love not only for your loved ones but also your parents, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and even God by having a tattoo of love.

The LGBT community has its own signs and symbols, color codes and flags to represent and differentiate between each sector of the community. These may be historical, cultural, or social sources.

The emblems that were initially picked were utilized for self-identification and expressing a united strength and allegiance amongst themselves and other organizations. But these symbols and signs are more than just signs. Just like a flag gives a sense of belonging or nationality, the symbols also give a sense of belonging to the LGBTQ community.

The emblems can have a lot of aspects and one of them is the slogan “Love is Love,” which demonstrates that regardless of your religion, sexual orientation, or sex, you have a right to choose how or who you love. Love is beyond limits and must be welcomed as it is. There are thus a few selected “Love is Love” tattoo designs that anyone can wear outside the LGBTQ community, irrespective of their sexual orientation. Take a look! Take a look!

1. Awesome Love Tattoo Design


Two sorts of love tattoo designs might exist. One where the word “love” is tattooed with several modest fonts and can contain other elements of love. This is a straight love expression. And the second is where every symbol or element that is connected to love like dove, love birds, flower, rose, heart, kissing birds or butterflies, locking the heart, and the key is tattooed on the various regions of the body.

Life, laughter and love, faith and hope tattoos are several designs, linked to a bigger concept of love. Love for humanity, natural love, all-powerful love, and even self-love.

This Love Is Love tattoo is made on the wearer’s arms in a wonderful fashion. It is also with a heart. The calligraphy utilized is quite distinctive because it uses more than one font. It’s a free-hand style. The bright background seems like it’s formed with pencil pencils.

2. Love Is Love  Tattoo On Arm


Colors can express the individual’s emotions and sentiments or the tattoo characteristic. Tattoos are mostly untold facets of human relationships that occur or occur. People regard tattoos as memories on their bodies. You don’t have to talk of sentiments or thoughts, but you may always enlighten them by tattooing the feeling. Based on this perspective, tattoos on the arm have endless motives and meanings.

When someone gets tattooed, the ink is generally permanent, but the sensation and meaning of the tattoo gradually change as the person evolves. For example, a boyfriend’s tattoo can become a tattoo for the past and learnt lessons. The tattoo period also plays an important part in determining the image of the tattoo. The important event in a person just before it is inked often serves as a vital motivation to decide to get a tattoo.

The designs can be historical or abstract. They can be scientific or cultural. However, when selected, they must match the feelings and ideas of the individual receiving the tattoo. Friendship and love can be employed with words, images, and expressions of love, gentle animals, flowers, and other symbols. Likewise, for various interpretations, alternative symbolic images and phrasing would be useful.

This Love Is Love tattoo is made on the wearer’s arms in a wonderful fashion. It is also with a heart. The calligraphy utilized is quite distinctive because it uses more than one font. It’s a free-hand style. The bright background seems like it’s formed with pencils.

3. Love is Love Tattoo Design on Back


Love is the most advantageous design for the individual who has it and the others. Because these are done permanently and will remain until death. It always helps you to be inspired and motivated. Nowadays, faith, hope, love, and tattoos are quite high in trends. As they are the nature of the person who is inked on the body.

Faith thinks that love tattoos are very much loved by men and women of all ages. You can tattoo your bracelet, forearm, shoulder, chest, back, or anyplace you choose. This can also be done with aquarelle. Faith tattoo is famous for various other tattoos such as anchor, rose, heart, ribbon birds, dove, butterfly, and many more.

This Love is Love Tattoo Design truly reveals the community it symbolizes. It’s a nice design to portray the same feelings without using many words. The LGBTQ community’s theme is the same. I particularly appreciate black and daring lines that make the design look gorgeous, together with some rainbow hues.

4. Love is Love Tattoo On leg


Large tattoos are usually very unpleasant to receive. Not simply because of the awful hours and even more than one finishing operation. However, larger tattoos are generally placed in more painful regions than others. This is why these designs generally remain with the most experienced tattoo fans. This isn’t always the case with leg tattoos, however.

The legs are a fantastic spot to record bigger tattoos with low pain. It is also a very adaptable tattoo spot. You can add bigger and bolder designs to the tattoo. But you can also deal with minimalists, and in all spaces, it will not be lost. The legs are also readily covered, in addition to versatility. You may easily wear pants and leggings and it will cover your tattoo instantaneously regardless of how large and bold it is.

Leg tattoo designs are increasingly used in contemporary tattoos. Beings offer various locations to be used in all styles of body art and also offer a compelling possibility to design whole sleeve tattoos. Once on the lower range, the legs provide a beautiful large canvas with low pain alternatives for the lifeblood of your tattoo concept.

5. Love Is Love on neck Tattoo Design


A complete neck tattoo wraps your throat around to make a cool ‘collar’ appearance. Guys who wish to get ink out of the crowd should try a complete neck tattoo. With this location, geometric patterns, complex motifs, and black ink all stand out.

One of the most common men’s tattoos is on the back of the neck. It fits a smaller or subtler pattern and is suitable for the tattooing of your first neck. This is because you may disguise it with your hair or a collared shirt. However, if you have a shoulder or rear pad, a new alternative is to connect it to a tattoo on your back neck.

Neck tattoos are currently quite popular, particularly among girls. But don’t let that stupid you – the neck tattoos are not just for gals! The neck is a favorite area for everyone who loves to tint. Tattoos on the neck are one of the most adaptable tattoos. Whether you’re a lady or a guy, your neck has so many various styles and designs to select from!

6. Love Is Love On Finger Tattoo Design

Recently, finger tattoos have become increasingly trendy and why. These incarnations are not less important, while smaller than other tattoos, and can be modified to suit any style. There is a finger tattoo to suit everyone, from audacious and statement-making to little and delicate. Do you feel inspired to get your own?

Cute finger tattoos are a nice design for tattoos who are not bold enough to wear big designs. The tattoos can be subtly worn because of the little nature that makes them unique. Tattoos have become fairly fashionable worldwide. What began as a tradition in many civilizations has now become a trend in fashion. People with distinct tattoo styles can be easily spotted.

Do you plan to have your first body art? You always have to start with tiny designs to absorb pain throughout the treatment. Cute finger tattoos The designs of both genders are outstanding. Let’s look at some amazing designs Generally, tattooing is not comfy with parents’ taste buds and always keeps us wondering about being inked. But Dude!! Don’t worry about it now. Finger tattoo designs are those little ones that are not easy to see and if you choose from the following cute tattoo designs (which comprise of a little deep meaning), that will also appeal to parents. And if you were one of those who were able to be born in the inked parents’ house, you should also check out other areas to get your body to a tattoo. Your mind would blow hat.

7. Love Is Love On Foot Tattoo Design


Today, tattoos have grown increasingly fashionable due to the popular impact of superstars and celebrities of the day. For example, a young girl may begin to look for sweet foot tattoos for women when she finds them on her favorite music performers or TV heroes. A girl who appreciates romance like the current movies of the day might begin looking for a bride’s internet with colorful tattoos to view the sort of picture that she chooses on the most important day in her life.

Professional tattooists are now increasingly acquiring new customers, notably among younger people who desire foot tattoos for ladies. Like all other lifestyles, female foot tattoos exist in various shapes, designs, designs, colors and are also used for various reasons.

Cross tattoos for women on foot may be used to show Christian ladies’ religious convictions. Most ladies can wear it only for patterns of attractiveness. If the lady works with the proper artist, she can have a flawless design that matches body factors like shape, color, and foot size. Small tattoos for women on foot may work best for some ladies.

The geographical position does not appear to alter the rate at which women appear to be tattooing. A South African woman who rocks phrase foot tattoos for women and looks utterly lovely, or finds a girl from Ukraine who enjoys a hot day on the beach with a bracelet and tattooing feather. Wherever you live, whatever cultural habits your people have, women’s foot tattoos have in some way affected your life. Below are some attractive ideas that will inspire you more:

8. Love Is Love  On Waist Tattoo Design


Waist tattoo is one of the most amazing places. In this position not only females, men are also very frequently tattooed, whether male or female, but waist tattoos also have always a very seductive charm. It has the advantage that both of us can freely make the tattoo we prefer, but it is easy to hide if you don’t want someone to do that.

Girls that prefer to tattoo waist tattoos are usually independent individuals. The tattoo serves to make the woman more appealing by means of the little tail that is accompanied by messages transmitted through each tattoo.

This small love is a tattoo design put on the wearer’s tail. In this instance, the replacement choice makes the entire design a little more private. So if you want to maintain your Love is a tattoo design for yourself a little more and probably won’t talk to anyone but yourself, the tail is the best place.

In the domain of tattoos, nothing is sexier than a fantastic piece of body art, wrapped around the hip or waist of a woman. For this part of the body, creative ideas can seem boundless, and selecting the appropriate design can take time. You will get an idea of what the waist and the hips look like, whether you want to go on to cover a bigger region of the skin, and what designs are ideal for you.

9. Love Is Love Tattoo On Ankle


If you want a fresh tattoo, then why not attempt a tattoo on the knee. There is simply something about flirting and funny ankle tattoos. For decades these tattoos were beloved because they are so sweet. You can practically get thousands of tattoos on your knees; the sky is the limit of ideas. Many individuals merely want something tiny, and the ankle is the place where something small can be placed.

Tattoos with ankles are graceful and lovely. They may come in numerous sizes, but most of the time women like little tattoos on their knees. Tattoos are now more socially acceptable than ever before. All you have to do now is choose a tattoo design you will cherish forever. There are a lot of various pictures to chose from and you can decide if you want one in color or black and white.

Here are some tattoo designs for ankles. The ankle is one of my preferred tattoo sites. It is a cool place to get anything little, bizarre or enormous, and scary, everything is up to you my friends, and here is a list to inspire you and possibly come up with some insight into your future tattoo.

 10 Love Is Love Rainbow Tattoo Design


Rainbows are commonly related to homosexual pride, but they also represent overall variety and equality. They’ve been known to give people hope, and they’re the silver storm lining. Rainbows are linked to so many positive and beautiful things. Moreover, who doesn’t adore a small color? If you want an inspiring tattoo but you’re not really in the entire quotation tattoo, rainbows can be the answer.

They’re even trippy, making these ink ideas an unusual combination of funky and amazing. The Rainbow signifies peace and serenity as well as calmness following a storm. The light breaks through the rain and cloud once a storm passes. This might indicate personal healing after a traumatic moment in your life, or it can also be a reminder that wonder may be seen in our lives at any time.

This design is based on some comparable notions on the wearer’s bicep. It is made on the bicep because it is power and courage. Thus, love is a tattoo design that can show you the freedom and courage to love anyone you desire. I think the choice of placement is quite incredible and significant.

11. Love is Love Wings Tattoo Design


A wing is a unique sign of swiftness and is extremely simple or realistically rendered. This is really about taste and affordability. Most individuals would want the size of their backs on their wings, but occasionally they don’t look amazing and sometimes the price is just too costly.

More frequently, an Angel wing is represented as a symbol of purity and innocence or righteousness in the back of the shoulder blades. Large detailed wings of angels, sometimes darkly colored, portray a Christian warrior of justice, the archangel. Most angel wings are fairly elaborate, so be sure you get to do the work of an expert artist if you choose one of these designs.

A flange, usually with an appearance like an illustration, is employed more softly as a symbol of a cherubic angel; rather than a strong image of mild cordiality. This sort of wing, positioned in the midst of two wings or above a single wing, frequently includes a halo to underline the angelic motif.

This tattoo of Love Wins is quite emotional and put on the arm. The legs and neck are more areas you can build this design. It’s a great design with nothing too stubborn. I appreciate how the heart was formed in audacity to stress the sense of love and to finally provide a strong platform for the slogan Love is Love. Love is Love. The background appears like an LGBTQ flag in this tattoo design.

12. Love Is Love Human tattoo Design


If love is in the mood, why should your body be deprived? If you ask for the means, the answer is love tatts. These days, love tattoos have become a huge genre. Affection tattoos are imaginative to demonstrate love for those you love, that they grow closer to you. Among the love tattoos, there are many designs, ranging from the roses to the heart, the greedy bow and arrow, the inks of names, the closed lips, and much more.

Love tattoos can basically contain any love-related symbol or motif according to the wearer’s desire and the ability of the artist. Love Tattoos paints several feelings such as trust, passion, faith, hope, friendship, dedication, and aspirations. One might express love for a friend, a partner in life, or mother, dad, and even God. However, what is vital here is that you should realize its relevance entirely before getting a tattoo imprinted on your body. Don’t shake for a tattoo without knowing what it means. Here you can find incredibly popular tattoos of love with their significance.

Love is certainly love, and it should be a human right to have complete freedom to whoever they choose to love. It’s a fantastic design to be made on your wrist and looks excellent. I appreciate the way the heart is tied to a cross sign. It gives the design a bit of a sacred feel. It also makes a very big message by incorporating religion into something that some people understand to be condemnable.

13. Love Is Love Scan Tattoo Design


The One Love tattoo is an interesting one because many people have different meanings. It’s also a little tattoo for writing, making it a very attractive alternative for folks who don’t want to cover their skin with too much ink. On this page, we’ll look at some of the One Love tattoo meanings and will also discuss some strategies to make your lettering appear amazing on your skin.

The one thing that most people can agree upon is that the One Love tattoo depicts love in some form. It could signify that the owner of the tat has a special love or could potentially represent all and/or whatever they love. It is one of the other alternative love tattoos that people want to get when they don’t want to have a cardiovascular love tattoo.

This love is a tattoo design that is quite imaginative. Once you start researching, you will probably uncover anything so distinctive and imaginative as this design. Here you may see a colorful barcode, initially black and used for stuff. Here, this love is a tattoo of love that suggests the individual has everything to do with the freedom to love from within.

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