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13 Gorgeous Cover up Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Jan 6, 2022

As unpleasant as it is, tattoo regrets can occur for a variety of reasons, whether it is a long time after the tattoo was completed or shortly following. Maybe the design decision we made years ago doesn’t suit who we are now, maybe the symbolism has become more haunting than anything else, or maybe the elements and the years have simply been cruel to the ink.

Fortunately, a talented tattoo artist can help with an amazing cover-up to turn the tattoo we no longer like into something we adore, leaving no trace of the original tattoo on our bodies. It’s almost magical!

While going the laser path to have the tattoo removed permanently is a possibility, it’s also feasible to locate the proper artist who will work with anyone experiencing tattoo remorse to transform the prior tattoo into a new work of art. It’s amazing to watch these alterations that leave no sign of the previous work. Prepare to have your mind blown.

We’ve compiled a list of tattoo cover-ups that are far superior to the original artwork. There are a plethora of reasons to get a cover-up, and it’s comforting to know that the final outcome can be just as stunning as the tattoos in these photographs.

Of course, any new tattoo should be carefully considered before becoming a permanent part of the body, but if regret sets in, there’s always a method to transform it into something even more lovely.

Covering over a tattoo is a procedure in which your old tattoo is removed and replaced with a new one. In most circumstances, the method will suffice without costing you a fortune.

If your old tattoo is fading, you can get a cover-up tattoo. Dark ink makes it simple to work on light or faded tattoos.

All you have to do now is choose a design and make an appointment with your tattoo artist. The artist will also give you advice on what you should think about.

Furthermore, the design you choose to cover your old tattoo makes a major effect. It’s also possible that some designs don’t appear to be the greatest solution to your situation.

1. Neck Cover up Tattoo Design

Neck tattoos come in a variety of styles, including side neck tattoos, tattoos in the center of the neck, and tattoos on the rear of the back. A neck tattoo, on the other hand, does not have to be permanent. There are a variety of tattoo cover-up options available. Here are several floral neck tattoo designs as well as some classy possibilities like a tree tattoo, a skull tattoo, and a sun tattoo on the list of neck tattoo cover-up ideas.


A lot of people regret getting neck tattoos because of the tattoo design or the ink used. For a cover-up suggestion, a floral cover-up tattoo design works best.

Despite wearing clothing, the neck is one of the most obvious regions of the human body, and it is entirely exposed to many people. Men and women both dress up their necks with exquisite jewelry and trinkets, such as necklaces, to make them look elegant and beautiful. However, these necklaces can be costly and can appear unattractive on a variety of necks. So, if you want your neck to stand out from the crowd, what should you do? Getting a neck tattoo is a fantastic option.

It is excellent for both men and women because the tattoo can be designed in a variety of ways. You may come up with a lot of different concepts for this type of tattoo. Tattoos with beautiful patterns are popular among girls, whereas tribal-style neck tattoos are popular among men.

2. Back Cover up Tattoo Design

The most popular tattoo is a back tattoo, which is always at the top of the list for someone who already has a few tattoos on their body. Back tattoos are frequently large and cover the full-back or at least half of the back. Also, different styles and inks can easily hide the prior back tattoo.


As a tattoo cover-up suggestion, there are several designs for back tattoos for guys, such as an owl tattoo, an eagle tattoo, and so on. There are also various back tattoos for women, such as flowery tattoos. Check them out carefully and we’re confident you’ll find something you like.

If you want to cover over a prior back tattoo, a back tattoo is the most elegant solution. Wisdom, mystery, and the afterlife are all things that tattoos frequently signify. For example, here’s a photo of a back cover-up tattoo with a keyhole that hides the prior tattoo. The greatest designs for lower back cover-up tattoos. Make sure to use it as a guide and check whether it’s the best option for you!

Back tattoo placement is crucial, and if you want your neck tattooed as well, extend the back tattoo up to the upper neck. You have the option of getting a quote tattooed on the back of your neck or choosing a beautiful design. Don’t try to do both. Covering it up will be difficult.

3.  Leg Cover up Tattoo Design

Many people choose to have tattoos, but they don’t always come out the way we had hoped. This artist reworked and re-imagined a basic note into this gorgeous pattern using the swirls of the G-clef.

With this magnificent Black tattoo, this faded received a tremendous makeover. It looks stunning on the leg and replaced a tattoo that was badly showing its age, resulting in something completely new.


The size of the new or cover-up design will always be larger. It is possible that you will not receive the size of your choice. However, with a large portrait of a delicate tribal pattern, you will be able to fully conceal an unsightly design.

It is fair to say that larger designs allow you to experiment with bolder styles and imagery. And, if you’re still unsure about inking a significant section of your skin, talk to your artist about it to come up with a great design.

4. Arm Cover up Tattoo Design

Tattooing has taken on a new look in the modern-day. These many forms of tattoos that conceal sub tattoos are quite popular among today’s youngsters. This arm tattoo is considerably more appealing. This black and grey color scheme tattoo is becoming increasingly popular.


This painting makes use of negative space in the geometric design to assist add diversity to the cover-up of an old tattoo. The idea here is to be able to package unusual black shapes into something new by reshaping lines of tattooed flesh into more artistic shapes.

Quality cover-ups need considerable expertise and devotion on the part of both the artist and the subject, who may become a little crazy in their search for the perfect repair. This tattoo now appears to be a superb blend of realism and abstract new wave in order to showcase a lovely raven. Except for a handful of sweeps from prior shading that have been smoothly integrated into the current work, all traces of the former work have been eliminated.

5. Hand Cover up Tattoo Design

Hand tattoos are notoriously difficult to remove. Many people choose to get tattoos on some of the most visible parts of their bodies without considering the life-altering consequences. Fortunately, there are talented artists who are capable of applying a variety of images in a variety of different styles to create compelling designs that conceal the existing ink perfectly.


Seeing your tattoo fail to live up to your expectations is extremely depressing. You may be at a loss as to how to get rid of an unattractive tattoo design at this point. The squandering of time, money, and effort becomes a concern as well. Additionally, you may consider making a concession to the situation.

Accepting an unwanted tattoo is a difficult nut to crack. However, because it was intended to be flaunted, you would need to conceal it now.

6. Foot Cover up Tattoo Design

It’s difficult to find little foot tattoos because most males and girls like large tattoos on their feet. Because your feet are concealed the majority of the time, you can try any type of tattoo design on them, but it doesn’t mean you should get an unsightly tattoo. We’ve compiled a list of 50 elegant foot tattoo designs for both men and women.


I often tell my clients not to have bright tattoos on their feet. This is because colorful tattoos fade much faster on the foot, and you will come to regret your decision.
In foot tattoos, the placement of the tattoo is also very important. This flower tattoo, for example, will be covered beneath socks and sandals. According to some sources, even Dolly Parton has a little tattoo on her foot.

When you got your first tattoo, the ink was deposited at least one millimeter beneath your skin, into the dermis — a layer beneath the epidermis (skin). The ink is deposited anew in the same dermis where the ink from the prior tattoo is already present during the cover-up process.

The fresh ink’s pigment does not mix with the pigment in your old tattoo. These two hues are mixed together to make a new color. It’s possible that dark inks will dominate the mix. Under your skin, blue and red, for example, combine to form purple.

7.  Tribal Cover up Tattoo Design

You may have noticed numerous tattoos with black inked lines and a unique style. To be sure, these tattoos are not some expensive, one-of-a-kind design; they are tribal tattoos. Tribal tattoos are fairly popular among tattoo enthusiasts these days since they not only allow them to display some amazing artwork on their bodies, but also enable them to embrace their culture and heritage.


Tribal tattoos have existed for hundreds of years and come from a variety of different tribes throughout the world. Tribal tattoos are relatively inexpensive, as they frequently feature simple motifs; nevertheless, some tribal tattoos are quite comprehensive, as they incorporate color. If you want to honor your decedent’s ancestors, you should consider getting a tribal tattoo.

To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of various tribal tattoos from other civilizations that feature intricate inking. While you may feel that the best way to cover a tattoo is with a bright, vivid color, this is not always the case. For instance, if you tattooed a simple red square over your ex’s initials, the letters would be apparent through the color.

Thus, the ideal cover-up tattoos are detailed, vibrant, and have multiple lines and shading. This way, any apparent lines can be quickly concealed.

8. Geometric Cover up Tattoo Design

Many people adore geometric tattoos because they evoke feelings of balance, symmetry, and even mystery. Almost any design can contain a geometric element, adding interest to your chosen piece. For instance, you can get a wolf tattoo that emphasizes the animal’s lines and shapes, creating a truly unique design, or you might get a plain triangle inked.


Each option is replete with significance, ensuring that you will discover something profound. In terms of placement, it’s entirely dependent on the image picked, and you can go for a large and intricate design on your thigh or forearm or a minimalist tat on your wrist. If you want to make a statement with your next modern piece, continue reading to get all the inspiration you need.

You’ll be pleased to learn that a cover-up tattoo can assist you if you’ve made an error inking your preferred design. The procedure and cost will vary according to the design, the tattoo artist’s expertise, and the amount of rework required. This page discusses every aspect of cover-up tattoos.

The cover-up is virtually incidental in this composition. The geometric style of the central work is quite stunning, and it is executed with wonderful accuracy and clarity. At the very end of the piece, the artist chose to employ some heavy kohl shading to cover over the preceding barbed wire tattoo’s ugliness. It is likely that some additional work will be required to complete that area of the item.

9. Forearm Cover up Tattoo Design

Forearm tattoos, such as inner forearm tattoos, side forearm tattoos, and upper forearm tattoos, are quite popular and coveted among young adults. However, some people regret getting them because of the tattoo’s poor design or the requirement to get it removed at work.


Forearm cover-up tattoos, including forearm cover-up tattoos for women and men, are listed below. We hope that this list of forearm tattoo cover-up ideas will assist you in removing that old tattoo. Check out the entire list!

For a nature enthusiast who wants to hide a tattoo, tree tattoos on the forearm are the perfect option. If you have a tattoo on your sleeve that you regret, woodland sleeve tattoos are the ideal option for you. If you have a tattoo on the top side of your forearm, you can also have a forearm tree tattoo. For example, here’s an example of a name tattoo being hidden so easily with a forest band tattoo.

Furthermore, the majority of tattoo artists believe that black is the most effective color for concealing practically any old tattoo. Many individuals dislike the idea of having black ink all over the design, but it sounds better than having to live with the previous tattoo.

10. Lettering Cover up Tattoo Design

Letter tattoos are getting different praise in their place. Nowadays new fashion is being seen in love and relationship to get name tattoos which are looking very attractive and decent in tattoo designs. When you’re deeply in love and committed to someone, getting their name permanently inked on your flesh seems like the ideal way to commemorate your feelings.


However lovely this may appear in the time, in the event that you break up, it naturally becomes a little unfortunate. If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely found yourself in a similar, unfavorable circumstance. You can, however, see it as an opportunity to get a new piece of body art that you would undoubtedly prefer.

Name tattoos, like relationships, don’t have to last a lifetime. Name tattoos, like other tattoos, can be covered up with a completely new design. In most cases, a tattoo artist will create a new image using the existing lines and marks of the name tattoo as a reference.

The initial step in having a cover-up tattoo is usually to have the tattoo laser removed to start the fading process. Once the tattoo has faded to the point that the lines are barely visible, the various marks and lines can be repurposed to create new artwork.

You don’t have to go into removal procedures knowing exactly what kind of cover-up tattoo you want. After the name has faded, you can collaborate with your tattoo artist to design something that complements the shapes and lines you currently have. Many tattoo artists are gifted in this area, and they can come up with a plethora of unique ideas for tattoos. Indeed, it is a creative challenge for artists, and they frequently look forward to working on cover-ups.

11. Watercolor Cover up Tattoo Design

A watercolor tattoo is a vibrant, colorful design made up of a variety of subtle color gradients and techniques that provide a more gradual color fade-out. This effect is meant to resemble the features of a traditional watercolor painting, from which the style derives its name.


When you think of tattoos, you probably think of strong, dark outlines and excellent shading; yet, watercolor tattoos have been increasingly fashionable in recent years.

Watercolor tattoos have a more delicate and fluid aesthetic than “conventional” tattoos, therefore it’s easy to assume they’re made using different tools. Watercolor tattoos, on the other hand, are made in the same way and don’t require any special equipment. The only difference is that to produce a watercolor effect, an artist must acquire a variety of methods, including blurs, bleeds, fades, and runs, which is why it’s critical to hire an experienced and skilled artist.

Of all, just as every tattoo is unique to the person who receives it, there is no such thing as a “perfect” watercolor tattoo design. Because it is based on a watercolor painting, the majority of watercolor tattoos do not have an outline or, if they do, the colors tend to extend outside of the lines to create the impression of water dripping and drying. Some, on the other hand, are one-of-a-kind in their usage of the watercolor effect to enhance a design.

12. Peacock Cover up Tattoo Design

A little peacock tattoo or a peony tattoo is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see on someone’s body. In order to disguise a back tattoo, consider getting a large peacock tattoo, peony tattoo, or phoenix tattoo that is larger than the previous one. In many cases, tattoo artists find it interesting and challenging to cover up a drab tattoo with a cover-up tattoo that has a variety of inks and colors.


In a lovely and effortless style, a colorful peacock back tattoo covers up with brilliant colors such as pink, purple, and different blues conceals the previous tattoo.

The peacock tattoo that you can receive in the art of tattooing is a fantastic method to display some of the most beautiful designs and colors that the tattooing industry has to offer. Get into the trend of peacock tattoos to make oneself more colorful and vibrant. Without further ado, get started with the beautiful tattoo styles that are featured here.

Peacock tattoos are becoming increasingly popular today, as they are utilized as a key to symbolize immortality, a person’s pure soul, and the rebirth of the dead. In China, the peacock is thought to symbolize the divinity and ranks of the gods and their ancestors, as well as their predecessors’ divinity. Later, they were referred to as “royal birds,” and they have long been associated with the concept of an unbreakable pledge.

There are a variety of reasons why you should select the amazing designs that are comprised of brilliant and vibrant colors from the numerous internet stores. You can also get these tattoos done as a memorial to a loved one who has passed away. The peacock is often considered to be a symbol of love.

13. Eagle Cover up Tattoo Design

A tattoo of an eagle on any part of the body is a classy yet powerful tattoo design. Whatever the size of the eagle tattoo, whether it is small or large, eagle tattoos represent the qualities of wisdom, power, and spirituality. Back tattoos are frequently chosen because they are large and cover the entire back. Getting an eagle tattoo on your back is the best option if you want to conceal a back tattoo but also want something large and symbolic that represents strength or spirituality.


The new or cover-up design will always be of a larger scale in terms of size. There is a possibility that you will not receive the size that you requested. You will, on the other hand, have the opportunity to completely conceal an unattractive design by using a large portrait of a delicate tribal design.

It would not be incorrect to say that larger designs allow you to experiment with more extreme styles and images. In addition, if you are concerned about inking a large area of your skin, do not hesitate to discuss it with your tattoo artist in order to come up with the best possible design.

A wide range of colors, from blues and browns to black and white, are used to cover old tattoo designs. When it comes to concealing dark ink that has already been applied, colors such as orange, red, and yellow do not provide the appropriate amount of coverage. Tattoo artists use vibrant colors to fix designs that have been drawn in vibrant colors. You should’ve chosen colors that are bold and dark in order to conceal your previous tattoo.



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