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13 famous Dove tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Mar 10, 2022

Tattoos are gradually becoming more of a fashion statement than a form of body art. Tattooed people always have a story behind their tattoo design. Tattoos are expressions of a person’s viewpoint or a representation of a person’s characteristics. No matter how simple or complex a tattoo design is, its meaning will always be determined by the person who wears it.

Dove tattoos are among the most stunning tattoo designs available today. It’s a tattoo design that works for both men and women. It’s a gender-neutral design that celebrates both femininity and masculinity. It is up to the person viewing the tattoo to interpret it as he sees fit.

Some people want to get a large tattoo to send a clearer and more meaningful message to others. On the other hand, some people prefer to have small tattoos that fit perfectly around their wrists or the back of their neck. You can get any type and size tattoo you want, but keep in mind that knowing the meaning behind the tattoo is essential.

Dove tattoos are very popular right now. Some designs may depict only a single dove, whereas others may combine doves with statements or other symbolic animals and things. The more symbols in a tattoo design, the more profound its meaning. This is because each object has its unique meaning.

1. Flying Dove Tattoos on Ribbons


Dove tattoos can have a variety of meanings. The meaning of your tattoos is entirely up to your interpretation of the design. You can get a simple tattoo or an elaborate one – the choice is ultimately yours. What matters is that your design conveys a message to the audience that you cannot convey through words or actions.

Dove tattoos represent peace and harmony. Doves, unlike other animals that fight, are often calm and appear to be at peace all of the time. You will not see doves fighting with each other. You will only see doves innocently watching whatever scene is unfolding in front of their eyes.

This tattoo design is typically used by people who want to convey a clearer message if others are unable to decipher the hidden meaning behind each symbol. The dove in this tattoo design is holding a piece of ribbon in its beak. Names, special dates, favorite quotes, or life mottos are commonly embroidered on the ribbon. Because this section is in plain text, many people will automatically understand what your tattoo means.

2.  Dove with a Key and a Lock


This is another popular dove tattoo design. Couples use this design to express their undying love for one another. This tattoo is best suited for people who are in love or have a romantic relationship. The design features one dove holding the lock and the other holding the key. Both doves are flying towards each other as a symbol of unity. There are also variants of this tattoo design in which the dove with the lock waits for the dove with the key (flying dove).

The cost of a dove tattoo is determined by several factors. The size of your tattoo design, for example, determines the cost of your tattoo. If you choose a large tattoo design, you should expect to pay between $200 and $350. These prices are only valid for local tattoo shops and artists. If you want to get your tattoo done by a world-renowned tattoo artist, expect to spend at least twice as much as previously stated.

3.  clouds Dove tattoo


Many people associate this tattoo design with religion. An ascending dove is analogous to a spirit ascending to heaven. The ascending dove is frequently associated with the Holy Spirit among Catholics. However, you should be aware that this tattoo design is not limited to religious people. With the addition of the clouds, this tattoo can also represent the start of a person’s quest to pursue his dreams. When you have a dream, you naturally want to move forward and keep striving for it until it becomes a reality. That is the message conveyed by this tattoo design.

Tattoos will fade over time, but there are things you can do to delay the process. If you want your tattoo to last a long time, don’t rub it on your clothes or with your hands. During the first few weeks after getting your tattoo, you should only gently wash it and never rub it.

4.  Dove with Angel Wings



Doves have long been associated with purity and peace. Angels, on the other hand, are similar to God’s messengers. When you combine these two symbols, you are telling everyone that you are a peace advocate or bringer of peace. This design is, in fact, very timely. Many nations are at odds today. If you want to see world peace, this may help you spread the word about it.

Dove tattoos also represent unending love. Dove symbols have long been romanticized dating back to ancient times. The reason is primarily due to the dove’s distinguishing feature. A dove and its mate will live together for a long time if they find each other. When the other dove dies, the remaining dove will never find another mate and will usually die within a few days. When compared to humans, this demonstrates the strong love that exists between couples.

Dove tattoos may also represent the family. Doves are devoted and caring creatures. Doves, like humans, spend a long time with their families and raise their young.

5. Color Dove tattoo


The complexity of your tattoo’s design is another factor that influences its cost. Some tattoo artists charge an hourly fee for their services. If the design of your tattoo is extremely complex and intricate, it will most likely take longer to complete than standard tattoos. This means you’ll have to spend more money just to get it done.

The most important aftercare tip to remember is to avoid wearing too-tight clothing for the first three weeks, or until your skin has completely healed. One very good reason not to wear tight clothing is that it will undoubtedly stick to your tattoo. Wearing tight clothes will also ruin the color of your tattoo because the ink can still transfer to your clothes.

6. Watercolor Dove tattoo


The dove tattoo has become one of the most popular bird tattoos in recent years, owing to its distinct appearance and numerous symbolic meanings. The dove tattoo is a fantastic tat for both men and women because the meanings can be used by anyone and the bird doesn’t have an overly feminine or masculine appearance. Continue reading to learn why the dove is such a popular bird tattoo, as well as all of the different dove tattoo meanings that people like to use.

The dove is first and foremost a peace symbol. There aren’t many people who would imagine a dove attacking them, and there’s a reason for that. The dove is a bird that appears to be in its world regardless of what is going on around it. They also appear to be at peace at all times, almost as if they are giving others a sense of peace. This is without a doubt one of the best tattoos you can get if you want a design that expresses either your peace of mind or your desire for world peace.

7. Small Dove



If you are known for your calm demeanor, a dove tattoo may be the best bird tattoo for you. The dove appears to be patient and calm at all times, making it an excellent animal tattoo if you share those qualities. When it comes to design for this dove tattoo meaning, it is probably best to have it perched rather than flying because it will easily convey a very calm bird. Of course, you can also have the dove sleeping in a tree to emphasize the point.

While the white dove is one of the most common, there are hundreds of different species of doves and pigeons (which are specified within the same family) that are all different colors. The color of your dove will not change the meaning of your tattoo, but it will affect the surrounding designs if you include any. It’s a good idea to look at as many dove species as possible before settling on a color so you don’t end up regretting your decision later. You can even use your colors as long as the image still looks like a dove.

8. Outline tattoo


The white dove is well-known throughout history and has been used as a symbol in literature and history, primarily in Christian contexts but also in other cultures. For centuries, the Christian dove has been depicted with an olive branch in its beak to represent human harmony. This may be the best way to show that your dove represents peace, though people who are not Christian may prefer to use another dove design.

Noah sends a dove from the mythical Ark to search for land in the Christian biblical chapter Genesis. The dove returns to Noah with an olive branch, indicating that God’s wrath has passed and that dry land can be found. As a result, the white dove has come to represent peace and calm and is frequently depicted with an olive branch in its beak.

Later in the Bible, the dove is used as an anthropomorphized symbol of God, who comes to Earth during Jesus Christ’s baptism. As a result, these dove tattoos are highly spiritual, which is exactly what some people seek. You can get this dove tattoo design on its own or combine it with a few other religious tattoo images to make the meaning clearer to those who are unfamiliar with the story.

9.  Dove Tattoo on back


doves are also a well-known symbol in Christianity, as they appear in the Song of Songs, an Old Testament book about love and lovers. Because doves naturally choose one mate for life, the dove is a symbol of eternal bonding and devotion within relationships and love. This strong pair bond also emphasizes their portrayal of peace and love.

Both within and outside of the Christian faith, the dove is regarded as a messenger. Back in the day, the dove was used to deliver messages for people, and it was also known to deliver messages from God. Whether or not you are religious, this “messenger” meaning may work well for you if you are the type of person who enjoys spreading your message. Again, this could be interpreted as a religious dove tattoo meaning or as a “messenger” meaning.

10. Dove tattoo on waist


Rock doves, which are closely related to homing pigeons, are used as a symbol of stealthy communication within the Royal Air Force because they were used to send messages over long distances and return to the source. Humans have relied on them for centuries for this purpose. Many people would benefit from this dove tattoo meaning. Air Force members may get a dove tattoo to show their pride in their military branch, while others may get it to represent their willingness to travel long distances to share their messages.

Doves are frequently depicted in flight to convey their freedom and ease as they sail through the sky because of their association with tranquillity. Many bird tattoos can represent freedom, but the dove tattoo is a good one to get if any of the other dove tattoo meanings on this page appeal to you. Because the dove is a larger bird, its wings spread as wide as possible can look fantastic as a chest or back piece. Those who use the “freedom” meaning will frequently use other designs to emphasize that meaning, such as their country’s flag or even a tree, which pairs well with the dove.

11. Sun With Dove tattoo


A sun, clouds, or a point of bright light are frequently included to highlight the bird’s benevolent qualities. If you’ve always been told that you’re a kind and thoughtful person, and you’re proud of it, you might want to consider getting a dove tattoo with some light surrounding it. These tattoos are typically larger to accommodate a large dove flying with the sun in the background, but they can also be smaller. It all depends on how detailed you want the design to be.

The dove can be combined with a rosary, crucifix, banner with a biblical passage, or any other Christian iconography to create a more religious image. This requires more planning because you don’t want the piece to be too busy or distracting. You’ll want to work with an artist who can make all of these different images stand out while keeping the focus on the dove. Again, these do not have to be large tattoos, but most people will get them larger so that none of the other images are “lost” in the piece.

12.  compass Dove Tattoo


Whether religious or non-religious, the dove is a clear symbol of tranquillity, calmness, and peace. That’s important to remember because some of the other dove meanings may not be as important to you. Whatever type of dove tattoo you get, the meanings of peace and tranquility must be meaningful to you. If you simply like the look of the dove, you might want to use it as a secondary image in your design because most people are familiar with its primary meanings.

Once you’ve decided on one or more dove tattoo meanings that you like, it’s time to create the actual design. Do you want the dove to be the only design on the page? Do you prefer a larger peace with a variety of symbols representing one or more of those meanings? In any case, you’ll want to collaborate with your tattooist or an outside artist to ensure that it fits where you want it and looks good for years to come. If you take your time in coming up with dove tattoo meanings you like and a design you like, you will most likely be very proud of this tattoo.

13. Peace  Dove Tattoo


Because of its association with victory, the flying dove is primarily used as an icon of peace and tranquillity. Archetypes older than Christianity, such as the Aramean goddesses Inanna and Ishtar, can be associated with a peaceful feather or dove.

There are also references to the ancient “Epic of Gilgamesh,” a text that predates every other interpretation. Because of Venus and Aphrodite in Roman and Greek mythology, the dove tattoo idea is also frequently associated with love. The dove was associated with peace and tranquillity in the absence of war in Greek mythology, where it was used as a powerful symbol in conjunction with the olive branch to represent victory.


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