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12 Unique Symbols Tattoo Design With Meaning

ByRandy Peterson

Sep 23, 2021

Why not attempt a tattoo with symbols if you’re seeking a fresh tattoo idea? Many tattoos these days have purpose; gone are the days when someone would walk into a tattoo shop and pick a random picture off the wall. When it comes to their designs, people nowadays seek individuality and innovation. In other words, they want a tattoo with some sort of symbolism or significance.

Finding a tattoo that has true meaning might be difficult at times. Because the tattoo will be permanent, you will most likely want it to have a deeper meaning. It can be difficult to make the right decision that you will still love in twenty years. Tattoos are now regarded as more of a work of art on the body, and they no longer carry the stigma they once did.

There are days when all seems to be wrong. You’ll feel as if it’s pointless to try, fight back, and keep going. There will be days when you feel like hiding your face in your pillow because you are reminded of all the awful things that have happened in the past.

But keep in mind that this is something that everyone goes through. What you truly need is a daily reminder that, despite a few difficult days, things will get better. And what could be better than getting a tattoo?

All you have to do is look around to witness a slew of people who are using tattoos to say something about their personalities, objectives, or life uncertainties.

Getting a tattoo can be done for a variety of reasons. While for some people, getting tattoos becomes an obsession as they attempt to cover every inch of their body in ink, for others, tattooing may have a symbolic value or be used to seduce others. In reality, some people are enthralled by tattoos, a condition is known as stigmatophilia.

1. Arrow Tattoo Design


Arrow tattoos are a prevalent design choice and are very personalizable for good reason. Since an arrow may be tattooed at any size and on nearly any portion of the body, there are unlimited opportunities for making an arrow tattoo unique. And it extends beyond the physical aspects of your design, arrow tattoos have a great deal of underlying significance.

The tattoos originated as a method to permanently remember personal life components with meaningful symbols, and the arrow has become a common choice of design. An arrow tattoo represents everything from friendship to war whether it has a specific significance for you or not.

Arrow tattoos are a common design choice and they are very customizable for good reason. Because an arrow is available in any size and on nearly any portion of the body, there are unlimited ways to make an arrow tattoo unique. And that kind of customization goes beyond the physical parts of your design; arrow tattoos have a lot of significance.

Tattoos were developed as a method to record one’s own elements with meaningful symbols permanently, and the arrow has been a common design choice. An arrow tattoo, representing all from friendship to war, makes a powerful and significant statement—whether it has individual significance for you or not.

2. Question Mark Tattoo Design


The intellectual, inquiring minds who examine situations and their value systems critically take this tattoo design. The tattoo question mark is linked to the inquiry of the user regarding his personal life and belief system, including sexuality and religion.

It is also worn by members of the Bahala Na Philippine gang. Since tattoos are so very personal, tattoos may have a totally different meaning for the wearer. The actor Johnny Depp is among the people who sport a question mark tattoo, whose tattoo is in its right ankle. It is a symbol of his film “The Brave” in 1997.

The Bahala Na gang, established in the Philippines in the early 1940s, employs BNG as its gang emblems, tattoos depicting question marks and daggers. Bahala Na has chapters in North America, notably in California, Latin America, and Europe, according to Bistado, while based in the Philippines.

3. Hash Tattoo Design


In English-speaking nations, the symbol # is variably known as the number sign, hash, or pound sign. The symbol has traditionally been used for a variety of purposes, including the marking of an ordinal number and a square abbreviation for pounds of ARTPOIS – derived from the now rare ART.

The multitude of names of the sign “#” has only outnumbered the many functions it served over the years. The Latin has had a colorful history since the Latin for “pound” was written as “lb” (short for libra), with a line through the top, until millions of hashtags were created daily on Twitter.

It was formerly a simple tiny character that sat on idle telephone keypads and was just used when angry telephones had to talk to reject computers on the other side and was demoted to Mac keyboard solely by tapping Alt+3. But when Twitter arrived, it was typed, touched, and clicked on prominence – a symbol that conducted all symbols. A worldwide praised crossroads of ruptured news, advertising, and laughs.

4. Dollar Tattoo Design


More ironically and contrarily, a dollar sign tattoo shows that the user is glad and realizes that money cannot purchase anything. This is a rather ironic approach to money. Usually, riches and money collection are also related to things like prestige and power.

Very interestingly, in the 18th century, the dollar sign that we know today came from Spain, more specifically from Spanish American Business Trade! The single stroke sign is therefore generated by the fusion of S and P for the Spanish peso while that with double stroke is a combination of U and S.

The dollar symbol can have several meanings, depending on the style you choose. It can signify, for example, a desire to be affluent and successful. Virtually speaking, the fantasy of richness or money is usually linked to the gain in dollars. The sign for the dollar on your arm or wherever visible would give you a boost to work hard and achieve your goals.

More ironically and opposite, a symbol tattoo in the dollar also signifies that the user is happy and knows that money can’t purchase everything. This is a rather ironic approach to money.

The collection of wealth and money is usually also linked to things like prestige and power. It may indicate something positive, and in this case, it will give you confidence and inspiration and it may be linked with positive feelings of life such as success, prosperity, or bad sensations leading to unpleasant emotions such as envy and hate.

5. Punctuation Tattoo Design


Pointing tattoos appear to be all the fury these days because they take a little space on your skin and usually have profound meanings for their owners. This is certainly the case for quotation marks, even though they are not as popular as some of the other punctuation possibilities. However, as you will learn on this website, most quote marks work for almost everyone, making them a great choice.

If you are interested in tattooing quotation marks, you should know all the meanings before committing. There’s a good chance you will discover about the marks you didn’t know before. You can realize that, in reality, it isn’t the kind of tattoo for you, or that it’s even more wonderful than you thought before. In any case, you always need to know as much about the tattoo design you acquire before it is inked on your skin.

As the most prevalent reason people get tattoos for quotes is that they want to show they have the capacity to make their own story. This is a fantastic meaning for those who desire to live a unique life instead of a “regular” life. Interestingly, this might be highly personal for the owner or the type of message they wish to express with the public. It’s one of those meanings that most people don’t know about, but when you tell them it makes sense instantaneously.

Another fascinating reason some people receive quotes is that they want to show that even when they aren’t talking they have a lot to say. It’s a terrific way to employ if you’re a quiet person with a great personality just underneath the surface. The truth is that millions of people have a lot to say, but have difficulty in speaking it loudly, therefore this is a meaning which can be a perfect fit for many.

6. Ampersand Tattoo Design


The ampersand is an allusion image that can be a multitude of meaningful meanings according to the purpose of the symbol. It is above all a mark of continuance, a truly inclusive Latin additive relic. Ampersand (&) is a typographical symbol created by the condensation of the Latin word “et” which means “and.”

The “&” is a visual image of thee and t being cut together. When composing manuscripts, it saved both time and space for the writer to write an ampersand and not the scripted “et.” In recent times, the ampersand has become a design element that offers additional visual interest.

Due to the significance of the symbol (it is indeed referred to as a logo – a symbol that represents a word), the ampersand represents a continuation. To conclude the sentence, the conjunction “and” instantly requires a supplementary clause, or further information, description, or narrative.

An ampersand is a hint of the future, an expectation that something else will happen. It could be the end of a rough moment and the follow-up to a brighter road. Although it may seem strange that someone uses various meanings for his ampersand tattoo, it actually works rather well for most individuals. All of us go up and down in our lives so that the ampersand tattoo can reflect all these changes, good and bad.

7. Semicolon Tattoo Design


The tattoo is a tattoo of the semicolon punctuation symbol (;) used to express affirmation and solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction, and other problems related to mental health.

A semicolon is used in grammar to unite two complete linked phrases. While a time means two sentences state separate things, when two phrases are so closely linked that a period is too long a break, a semi-column is employed. In other words, a semicolon implies that despite the phrase is — there are more to come.

This is the notion behind the Semicolon Project, a nonprofit aimed at promoting awareness of the mental illness, self-injury, suicide, and addiction. “A semicolon is a phrase the author could have finished but did not choose,” the organization slogan says repeatedly on its Instagram page. “You are the author and your life is the sentence.”

The Semicolon project was launched by Amy Bleuel in 2013 to empower those who experience despair, suicidal thinking or self-harm to tell their stories and to demonstrate they are not alone. The project started as a social media movement and invited individuals to draw a semi-colon in solidarity, snap a photo and post it to share with others.

And while Bleuel made the project for all, it was the creation of her own experience. After her father died in 2003 through suicide, Bleuel confronted her own mental illness challenges. She started a non-profit organization in 2013 to honor the memory of her father and share her own story.

“To motivate people to express their tale, I wanted to say my narrative,” Bleuel told USA today. “I wanted to open a debate about mental illness and suicide which cannot be halted so that we can tackle it and lessen those statistics.”

Unfortunately, Bleuel died in 2017 as a result of suicide. But her legacy continues through the project Semicolon, which has expanded from images from arms to full-length tattoos. The semicolon tattoo, instead of being a short snapshot of solidarity, is a lasting reminder that there will be more to come in life regardless of what you are experiencing. And unlike a permanent marker, it passes through a semicolon tattoo – regardless of what it is.

8. Equal Tattoo Design


There are a lot of examples when looking for a basic tattoo with a purpose. The world is full of small symbols with great messages, and the same signal is an example of a world trend for several years now and it is time that this message came out. We are in a moment when people of all kinds are calling for equality and many of us in the train are helping them to achieve what they deserve.

Equality is something every person has the right to and with a world that is much more conscious, the battle is getting stronger and many more every day.

One method to show your support for the cause is to get the same sign tattooed. The equal tattoo is a means to promote many people’s cause in a modest symbol. The tattoo meaning of the same sign is highly essential and people who realize this choose different ways to sustain the cause and get it inscribed on your body.

Many may think this picture is only a technique to achieve a mathematical equation, but it is much more than that. The same sign is the Human Rights Campaign emblem now and it has become one of the world’s most recognized symbols for bisexual, gay, transgender, queer, and lesbian groups. It has become the symbol of equal rights for the LGBTQ worldwide and, in particular, the USA.

9. Comma Tattoo Design


When you are seeking a meaningful tattoo, there are many choices. There are almost too many to select from with the internet and so many people inked. Animal tattoos have a lot of significance. Symbolism is infinite, from birds to lions to fish. You also have numerous meaningful objects. You could definitely see 30 objects around your house that have a symbolic meaning for someone in the world.

The question arises. The question. How do you choose to do this? Most of the decisions you make to get a tattoo is about how you feel. Everything has meaning therefore if you can come up with a tattoo that reminds you of a technique or a way of calming your anxieties, you could have chosen it correctly.

You may even be the guy who’s not flamboyant, yet nonetheless want a tattoo. You have to pick something simple with a strong message in this scenario. Punctuation tattoos are one of our most popular tattoos these days. Pointing tattoos are enormous in current days, and the tattoo is merely one of many to be received. The comma is generally small so that it can be placed almost anywhere on the body and it can have a variety of meanings. The comma tattoo may of course be part of a larger text tattoo, but the commas don’t have any meaning in these circumstances.

The fact that the significance of the comma tattoo is not evident in all of its own. It lends its owner an air of mystery, sometimes the effect they desire to give. It’s the kind of tattoo that forces people to ask what the owner’s doing could be. This is not the sort of tattoo that people regret even if at some point the “mysterious” meaning wears away.

Commas divide two parts of a sentence, hence the tattoo of a comma could signify that the owner has split from another person or has influenced his life. Because most of the comma tattoos are smaller, the “separation” can be placed inside other tattoos to maintain the owner’s privacy.

10. Curly Bracket Tattoo Design


The musical terminology for this mark joining bars is embellished and brace and connects two or more lines of music that are played at the same time. They define sets in mathematics and, by writing, can similarly be utilized, “Select your animal {goat, sheep, cow, horse} and follow me.” They contain groups of statements in several programming languages.

The word bracket is connected to the French baguette, which is literally the piece surrounding the… um, a man’s cud that resembles the architectural characteristics of the bracket.” About 1880, the brackets also meant “a group braced together in a graded system on an equal footing.” This (bracketing with other people) is possibly the place from whence sports brackets began. Aha!

11. Square Bracket Tattoo Design


A square tattoo denotes honesty, sincerity, straightforwardness, intelligence, veneration, decency, honesty. Geometric tattoo figures pertain to a particular tattoo style. Equal and rational figure lines are very important. They are typically interpreted spiritually and mystically. In Asia, tattoo linearity is strongly linked to the spiritual renaissance.

The image and integration of the four elements into figures came from the Arab countries. The tattoo owner is likely to be fortunate and successful. In addition, the person with such a tattoo is probably open, honest, and nice to all. He would never envy and be a hypocrite to other individuals.

Svarog Square is the most prevalent sign for the Slavs. This emblem symbolized protection against malevolent intentions in ancient times. They thought Mother Nature was behind it. If the square has a fire, then it is regarded a charm that protects against evil spirits and outside influences.

12. Exclamation  Tattoo Design


The tattoo designs of the exclamation mark are not very mainstream designs. Not everybody is looking for pinpoint tattoos, and some people simply want something everyone doesn’t have.

These are the best tattoo ideas for those who are passionate about life or always ready for a little adventure. One of the good things about tattoos with exclamations is their basic designs and tiny sizes. Since a tattoo design with an exceptional mark might be relatively little, it can be readily inked everywhere, including a finger or a toe.

It can also be tattooed in an unexpected, out-of-the-way portion of the body if you choose. If you are looking for some fantastic tattoo design ideas, don’t search any further, we’ve included a collection of some great designs! Bold mark tattoo designs fit perfectly on the wrist side. They can also be small enough to hide here.

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