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12 Simple & Stylish Date Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 21, 2022

Tattoos have always fascinated people, not just in ancient times but also in modern ones. Their origins can be traced back to the Neolithic period. Tattooing, on the other hand, has undergone various changes.

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in the United States as a result of their diversity and other characteristics. You might be astonished to learn that over half of all Americans have one or more tattoos on their bodies. It’s no surprise that you’re living in the tattoo renaissance age.

Tattoos are worn by people from various civilizations for various reasons. Tattooing is one of the most effective methods to express yourself, whether it’s to show off your personality or to memorialize significant events in your life.

You’ll agree that numbers play an important role in our lives. Of course, we wouldn’t have anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, or a variety of other occasions where numerical figures are used if we didn’t have numbers.

Not only that but there are times when your life takes unexpected twists and turns. For example, it could be meeting someone special, accomplishing a long-awaited goal, or holding your newborn kid for the first moment.

There is little doubt that you will have many memories to remember for the rest of your life. So, what could be better than getting a tattoo that reminds you of those special days? It could be the date of your wedding or the birth of your first kid.

It might be the first day of your professional career. Perhaps the date on which a valued family member or friend passed away. When it comes to date tattoos, you’re likely to come up with a slew of options. We’ve compiled a list of amazing date tattoo designs to assist you in making your decision.

1. Roman Numeral Tattoo


The use of Roman numerals in tattoos has grown more fashionable in a short period of time. Various celebrities have embraced these tattoo designs in the media. If you’re curious about the history of numerical tattoos, keep in mind that it’s a fascinating story.

You may have imagined that Roman numeral tattoos began as a distinguished sign, as they are now, due to their widespread use. However, throughout the Roman Empire, these tattoos were employed as a form of punishment. Slaves were tagged with similar tattoos by the Romans back then. They also used to name offenders as a result of their wrongdoings.

There’s no denying that today’s tattoos not only enthrall those who see them but also help you remember important events in your life. Roman number tattoos are really cool, whether they are combined with a rose flower or a bird.

2. Animal Date Tattoo


You can get this tattoo for two reasons: to honor your deceased pet or to make your date tattoo more meaningful. With its stunning and exquisite aesthetics, the cat-date tattoo will wow everyone around you.

A cat is drawn beneath the Roman numbers, telling the unique story of your life. This type of tattoo can be placed on your chest or back, depending on your preference. Your artist will have enough room to simply add all of the nuances this way.

3. wedding date Tattoo


It’s no surprise that a wedding is one of life’s most important and joyful events. Mark your skin with the date of your bonding to express your cherished feelings for your mate. Not to add that such tattoos are frequently worn by persons who are going to marry.

A tattoo of your wedding, whether on your wrist or neck, symbolizes your lifelong love for each other. You have the option of combining the date with love birds, a heart, or a red rose. However, the expressions’ feelings will remain the same; they will demonstrate your undying love for your lover.

4. Baby Born Date


You’ll agree that hearing your child cry for the first time and holding them in your arms is incredible! After your wedding vows, the birth of your first kid is something you’ll always remember. Why not tattoo your child’s date of birth to show how much you adore them?

You can get this stunning tattoo on your wrist because it is widely used as a timely reminder. You can also add color or additional items, such as a heart, flower, or angel, to give it a more detailed appearance.

Furthermore, you can surprise your partner by sporting a tattoo like this on your baby’s first birthday or your second wedding anniversary.

5. Clock-Based Date


When it comes to date tattoos, you’ve probably seen a lot of options that contain Roman numerals. With that stated, several of the most popular date tattoos also include a clock. This is definitely the finest idea if you want to commemorate any memorable event in your life while also keeping track of the time!

Because the bulk of clocks is branded in Roman numerals, they will appear archaic yet stylish. Date and clock tattoos may appear simple, but they are quite elegant, especially if your artist adds a rose to the center.

6. Date with Heartbeat


Prepare yourself, every tattoo enthusiast seeking an out-of-the-box tattoo idea! All you need is a heartbeat with the date! A heartbeat with a date, whether it’s your first or fifth tattoo, will undoubtedly make you stand out. It not only affects your creative yet alluring style but also the depth and intensity of your relationship with someone.

You can make identical twins on your wrist and your partner’s wrist thanks to its adaptability. Not to mention, a heartbeat tattoo is one of the most popular body art designs. You can include a proposal date in addition to the design to make it even more memorable.

7. Infinite With Date

While there are a plethora of date tattoo designs available, you can choose one that best suits your personality. You may combine a date into an artistic artwork of a dream-catcher because there are so many different emblems to use with dates.

This will remind you of the day you realized your life’s greatest ambition. If you’re thinking about where to put such a beautiful tattoo, your bicep or arm would be the finest choice.

8. Planting Dates


If your favorite plant dies and you can’t seem to get over it, get this tattoo on your skin to help you heal. Furthermore, you can wear a plant with date tattoos to keep inspired and encouraged; the plant is one of nature’s most attractive characteristics, and it reflects ‘life.’ To put it another way, a tattoo like this will bring you closer to life.

9. Text with Date and Name


You can tattoo your skin with their name and the date in memory of a valued family member or a dear friend. The date can refer to the first time you met them or any other significant event that you wish to remember for the rest of your life.

The beauty of these tattoos is that they may be worn in a variety of ways. You can change the font and text, add your favorite colors, and include any object you want.

10. Phrases to Date


Some people have been driven by phrases, quotations, or words at different times in their lives. If you’re one of them, there’s no better way to express yourself than with a tattoo of that phrase. Not to mention, it will always remind you of those inspirational remarks and inspire you to keep going. When it comes to location, make sure it’s somewhere that’s easy to read.

11. Date Tattoo on neck


Life gets us to a point where we must leave our loved ones from time to time. In this scenario, don’t keep your love hidden behind your memories; instead, show it off with a tattoo. Add a date to your tattoo to show when they left you.

You can add any object that goes with the tattoo to add more details. You can also add colors if you wish. Of course, many people nowadays have gotten very creative with how they choose to have roman numerals tattooed on their bodies.

Intricate tattoo designs including clocks, pocket watches, or roman numerals. In any case, they are as stunning as ever. So, continue browsing through our photo gallery to see outstanding, stunning examples of roman numeral tattoos.

12. Date tattoo on waist


Roman numeral tattoos can be worn for a variety of reasons. As it is commonly used on monuments, the usage of this numeric system denotes history. Furthermore, it is sadly rarely used nowadays. The roman number system has increasingly been supplanted by the Arabic numeric system, which is far more user-friendly.

So, if you’ve lost someone you care about, you can get the date they died tattooed on your flesh. That way, you will always remember their memories and this day as a significant event in your life.

Another fantastic way to commemorate a special day in your life is to get a roman numeral tattoo. It is a great way to save a date, whether it is the date of your children’s birth or the date you married. Furthermore, many newlyweds have matching tattoos of their wedding date. These tattoos are also regarded as a promise.




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