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12 Good Looking Celtic tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Mar 9, 2022

The Celtic tribe was one of the most influential tribes that spread throughout Europe, including Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales. This tribe was known for its fierce warriors and fashion sense. Tattoos were more of a necessity in the Celtic tribe because they marked men as warriors. People regarded these tribesmen as powerful and powerful, especially if they had a Celtic knot tattoo on them.

The Celtic knot was the first Celtic tattoo to appear; however, many other designs and meanings emerged years later. Celtic tattoos may appear to be very old to you. Even today, many people get different Celtic tattoos on their bodies because of the distinct meanings and beautiful designs. Celtic tattoos are notable for their swirls and lines, which make them one-of-a-kind and worthwhile to obtain.

If you want to get a Celtic tattoo, you should look through the various ideas below that will pique your interest. You will also learn about the various meanings associated with each tattoo. So have fun looking for the best Celtic tattoo.

Celtic tattoos have many meanings that are quite symbolic and have a positive reflection on people’s lives. The Celtic knot is one of the most popular Celtic tattoos, and it has several meanings. Celtic knots represent the fact that life is an ongoing journey that crosses both the physical and spiritual worlds and has no beginning or end. As a result, it represents both eternity and nature. Celtic knots also have a religious significance because they represent the bond between humans.

1. Celtic tattoo


Celtic knot tattoos also represent time, motion, and wind, which are depicted by the swirls and lines in this tattoo. Some of these lines may also have mythological significance, as they may represent dragons. It also represents bravery, protection, and powerful energy. If you recognize these powerful characteristics in yourself or want to remind yourself of them, you should get a Celtic tattoo.

Celtic tattoos represent men’s superiority and strength; however, many women now wear Celtic tattoos, and some designs have a feminine touch. Once you know why you’re getting a Celtic tattoo and have researched the meaning, selecting a design won’t be difficult.

2. Celtic Tree


If you want a meaningful and spiritual tattoo, this Celtic tree tattoo is a great option. This tattoo features a black-outlined tree with roots and leaves that grow out in Celtic patterns in a circle with a black-inked background. It represents a person’s roots and how he or she has a strong connection to his or her ancestors. This type of tattoo is typically worn by men; however, women can pull it off best on their back or elbow.

3. Celtic Fish


This Celtic fish tattoo is more akin to a zodiac tattoo for those whose birthday falls between August 5th and September 1st. This tattoo features a Celtic design fish made of Celtic knots and swirls, as well as the Celtic symbol inked in black and brown. This tattoo represents a person’s brilliance and excellence, as well as their level of introspection. Even if your birthday isn’t in the exact month, you can still get it if the meaning fits your personality. This tattoo would look great on your arm or back.

4. Celtic Feathers



If you’re looking for a feminine, artistic way to show off your Celtic roots, this Celtic feather tattoo is a must-try. It comes with a black inked feather with Celtic lines and swirls. The appearance of this tattoo is quite mesmerizing; many people get it solely for its unique and beautiful appearance. This tattoo represents the transcendence of the earthly realm, and Celtics thought the feather belonged to a black raven. This tattoo looks great on your forearm, arm, or leg. You can choose to have some colored ink added as an extra touch.

5. Celtic Turtle


If you’re looking for a subtle but meaningful Celtic tattoo, this Celtic turtle tattoo is a great option. This tattoo features a small turtle inked in green with Celtic patterns and some black shading. The Celtic knots on the turtle represent wisdom, and this tattoo represents longevity. If you’re looking for ways to gain wisdom in your life, this tattoo could be useful. You can get this tattoo done anywhere on your body. The wrist, collarbone, or hand are the best places to start.

6. Celtic Triquetra Symbol


The Celtic Triquetra symbol is important in Celtic tattoos and has been a popular tattoo since Celtic times. This tattoo features a three-sided triangular design inked in black and surrounded by a circle. This tattoo represents the moon and the sun because the trinity sign depicted in this tattoo may represent the phases of the sun and moon.

It also represents nature and the spirit. This symbol was believed by the Celts to represent their lunar goddess; thus, it also represented a free-spirited female and beauty. Because this tattoo is small in size, you can get it tattooed on your wrist, back, shoulder, or anywhere else you want.

7. Celtic Warrior


You can also try this stunning Celtic warrior tattoo. In a traditional Celtic design, this tattoo depicts a black and grey inked man holding a bow and arrow, ready to take his shot. This tattoo is stunning, especially with the Celtic design, and would look great on a sleeve. This tattoo symbolizes power, status, heroism, manhood, and durability.

This tattoo is commonly worn by men because it allows them to identify themselves as household warriors who can assist in any trials. If you like sleeve tattoos and want something that will cover your entire body, this is the tattoo you should get without hesitation.

8. Celtic Anchor


If you enjoy the sea and ships and want to incorporate the ancient Celtic tribe into your tattoos, this Celtic anchor tattoo is a must-try. This tattoo features an anchor inked in black and brown with a Celtic knot in the center. This tattoo’s detailing and shading bring out realistic features, making it as unique as ever. This tattoo represents the beautiful time people spend at sea as well as their passion for water expeditions. The Celtic knot adds a touch of Celtic heritage to it. This tattoo has a strong masculine vibe to it and will look great on your arm or calf.

9. Celtic Dragon Tattoo


Celtic dragon tattoos are among the most popular Celtic tattoos, and they exude fierce energy. This tattoo features a black and grey dragon that swirls around your arm with Celtic designs and symbols. Dragons were once considered a symbol of status, immortality, and wisdom by the Celts. They also saw it as a creature that wreaks havoc and confusion.

Many people get this tattoo to remind themselves of true leaders, as Celtics saw dragons as clan or family leaders. As a result, this tattoo conveys a sense of authority and dominance. This tattoo is ideal for your biceps, neck, or back. This tattoo is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to full sleeve Celtic dragon tattoos.

10. Celtic Owl


You can also get a Celtic owl tattoo to add some fantastic Celtic imagery to your body. This tattoo features a black inked owl with various Celtic lines, as well as a blue inked pendant with blue highlighting throughout the tattoo on the owl’s stomach.

This tattoo represents intelligence and wisdom. It also identifies people with advanced thinking because they have extensive knowledge of other worlds as well as exceptional psychic abilities. This one-of-a-kind and the meaningful tattoo can be worn by both men and women. This tattoo looks best on your back, shoulder, or neck.

11. Celtic Skull Warrior Tattoo


If you want to go for a fierce and vintage look, this Celtic skull warrior tattoo is the one for you. With a scary appearance, this tattoo features a black and brown inked high skull wearing a gem engraved helmet. If you want to get this tattoo, go to a highly experienced tattoo artist who can provide you with the best shading and contouring in your tattoo. It’s worth noting that the shading is what brings out the realism in this tattoo. Depending on the size of the tattoo, you can display it beautifully on your arm, back, or thigh.

If you’re looking for a tattoo with symbolic meaning, a Celtic tattoo could be just what you’re looking for. The origins of a Celtic tattoo can be traced back to Celtic warriors who wanted to express their love for their bodies through tattoos. They also used these tattoos to intimidate their opponents. This was a highly effective war strategy for the warriors.

12.  Celtic mon tattoo


If you fought among the Celts, you were bestowed with one of the highest honors that could be bestowed on a warrior. When they went to battle, they did so often bare-chested, if not naked. These kinds of tactics made their opponents feel even more threatened. They had no idea how to react to men who would be wearing so little on the battlefield. Along with their fashion sense, Celtics dyed their hair in bright colors obtained from flower pastes, and they wore their hair in bright Mohawks for battle.


When it came to tattooing the Celtic designs on their bodies, they used a Woad plant. In order to perform the tattoo, they harvest and dry these plants. They take the dried leaves and boil them before straining them. They are then boiled once more, resulting in a vicious paste. The tattoo artist will then use a needle to tap the paste into the skin, forcing the stain to go beneath the skin. This creates their desired Celtic design.

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