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12 Elegant Triangle Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 28, 2022

Triangular tattoos are quite versatile, and the meaning behind them cannot be generalized. You must add your own personal touches to the basic triangle so that the meaning of your tattoo may be readily conveyed. A triangular tattoo can have a variety of meanings. A cross in the center of the triangle would make it a vivid symbol of the trinity, which would be an excellent choice if you are a Christian.

Valknuts can be identified by adorning the triangle with Norse images and turning it into an interlocking triangle. Vikings thought that this emblem would aid those who had died in battle on their way to Valhalla. If you’re a Viking fan, this design will appeal to you because of its rich meaning and appealing appearance.

You can also utilize the opportunity to try to convey your masculinity or femininity through the tattoo if you want to. For one sex, making it rough around the edges, adding enough shading, and using darker colors would suffice, whilst for the other, a smoother design and more colorful and cheerful shades would suffice.

It’s also not necessary for your tattoo to have any significance. It’s entirely up to you if you merely want something that looks nice on your physique. With a purpose like that, a 3D design or a space-themed design would be ideal.

1. Triangle Design in Space


The Space triangle is a colorful and intricate design. Colors associated with space, such as black, blue, purple, and pink, are utilized frequently. If you desire a less detailed image, for example, because you are short on finances, you can get one.

A simple design is also preferred by some. As part of the triangle, you can also request only a single star, galaxy, or solar system. You can still convey your passion for space this way.

Unlike many other tattoos, the triangle pattern is rarely so enormous that it necessitates the use of an arm or back as a canvas. They can sometimes be so small that they could fit on the palm of your hand, the back of your hand, or even your thumb.

2. Triangular of Providence’s Eye


This is a very popular tattoo pattern that is instantly recognizable even by those who are not tattoo fans. This is not only a great design that appeals to a wide range of people, but it also has religious significance. It portrays God’s eye looking down on humanity.

For many folks, a simple triangle with an eye in the center is more than sufficient. Others are prone to going to extremes in order to get their intended result. You might follow the majority of people’s lead and go with a straightforward design.

A more difficult item is also acceptable. The issue is that these intricate designs do not suit everyone. The appearance can only be pulled off by select people with certain body shapes.

3. Geometric Triangles


Within the main triangle, linear formations make up the geometric design. This can be used to create a variety of other triangles or even whole different forms. Inside the primary triangle, a square and a circle would be an exact portrayal of the philosopher’s stone symbol. A-line and circle inside the main triangle as the sign of the deathly hallows could also be obtained by Harry Potter fans.

Larger tattoo designs allow you to include more features. Curves and tangents around the tattoo would add a geometric element. It would look wonderful on you and would be a great addition to your physique, especially if you are a math nerd.

4. Tiny Triangle


While many tattoos concentrate on specific motifs and patterns, this one does not. Its main goal is to depict varied landscapes and to look like miniature paintings. Some are mountainous and hilly, while others are more focused on architecture.

The triangle can also act as a frame, encasing numerous scenarios. It has the appearance of a window and functions similarly; a window through which you can peer into the forbidden perspectives of another planet.

However, these tattoos aren’t wholly devoid of meaning. You’ll frequently stumble upon a single tree or moon in the middle of a field or something like that. You can utilize these tattoos to show out a special spot to you or simply to convey some brilliant ideas through the art of tattooing.

5. Penrose Triangle


The Penrose triangle, commonly known as the “Impossible Tribar,” is a three-dimensional optical illusion with a seemingly endless triangle. It has been an important element of the tattoo industry in recent years, and you can see a lot of individuals wearing it. This tattoo could be placed on your wrist or forearm.

It is entirely up to you how thorough you wish to make it. Some individuals will be content with a simple Penrose triangle with some minor embellishment around the borders. Others, in order to enlarge the triangle, may want a more elaborate design with additional geometric patterns within or around it.

The triangle is an illogical shape in and of itself. It can only exist if certain geometric rules are broken. As a result, it symbolizes impossibility, with a broken Penrose triangle symbolizing the breach of impossibility. If you enjoy reaching new heights and taking on new challenges in life, something like that would be ideal for you.

6. The Ocean & Waves



There aren’t as many variations on the “waves triangular tattoo” as there are on a standard triangular tattoo. A solitary triangle with a single wave spilling slightly out of its triangular border is typical. This tattoo is quite popular, just as the eye of providence tattoo.

People that are passionate about the sea will usually display it somewhere where others may view it and learn about their interests. Of course, some people get this tattoo simply because it looks good, not because they have a profound love for the water. The fact that this tattoo is instantly recognizable may also work in your favor if you are a sociable person, as it may aid in starting a discussion.

8. 3D Triangular


3D tattoos aren’t a new fad. They’ve been around for a while now. In order to give the tattoo a three-dimensional look, artists utilize shading and other techniques. Optical illusions rely heavily on 3-D triangles. You can request that your tattooist create such an effect. That way, you’ll have something stylish to wear as well as something to fool and wow your family and friends with.

The 3D  triangle tattoo can also be used by architecture and geometry lovers to construct their own bespoke patterns. They might have the tattoo artist create the structure on their arm, leg, back, or another body part.

12 . Triangle flowers


The flower tattoo does not live up to the adjective “unique.” It lacks any innovative qualities and may appear to many individuals to be both boring and fascinating. Many fans prefer one-of-a-kind designs that would not work unless they were fashioned as tattoos.

If you disagree with this viewpoint, however, this tattoo is the appropriate choice for you. It’s not so much unusual as it is unique. The majority of people see it as a picture of flowers in a triangular frame. If you adore flowers but find the traditional method uninteresting, you can add your own personal touches to make your tattoo more adventurous.

You could, for example, make the flower stalks spill out of the frame. Alternatively, if you’re trying to send a message through your tattoo, you may have it all in black and grey.

9. Mountain triangles


This tattoo can be used to convey a variety of messages. They could create a variety of designs depending on where they are placed. You can experiment with the placement, size, and number of triangles on a notebook or computer because it’s a rather simple design. If you like patterns, position the triangles so that the corners touch and make a regular pattern across the tattooing area. The tattoo artist will make any necessary adjustments and apply the final product for you.

10. Triangles of Animals


This concept will appeal to wildlife aficionados. It entails enclosing a wild animal photograph in a triangle frame. Usually, this is a lion or a mountain goat. You can, however, choose any animal you choose. Typically, the image is exaggerated and surreal. Getting a colored image is also a possibility, however, a black and grey version would be preferable. In this manner, you may indulge your interest in nature while still maintaining the tattoo look.

11. David’s Star


David’s star is a well-known international icon and is widely regarded as the modern-day symbol of Judaism. It is created by connecting the two ends of six equilateral triangles, leaving a hexagon in the middle. This tattoo will appeal to Jews and admirers of Judaism. However, there is no rule. You can even acquire one merely to look cool wearing it.

During World War II, the Nazis ordered Jewish citizens in occupied Europe to wear the star. As Christians have done with the cross, they embraced it as their signature. It represents heroism and martyrdom to them.

If you don’t want a plain star, you can request that the artist add shading and scratch marks. Your tattoo will appear more substantial and have a rougher texture.

12. Small Triangle tattoo


That’s not to suggest they’re exclusively available in small form. A continuous pattern of little triangles on the back, chest, leg, or any significant section of the body, for example, will result in a lovely, apparently endless geometric mosaic.

Sizing up the little triangle is another approach to display the triangular tattoo on a huge section of your body. This design is better suited to folks who prefer to express themselves rather than just desire a cool tattoo that looks fantastic.

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