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12 Elegant Jellyfish tattoos Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 28, 2022

Jellyfish tattoos have a variety of deep meanings that represent many people’s life. Although not all jellyfish tattoos must be meaningful, many individuals choose them because of the unique and realistic meaning they hold.

Jellyfish tattoos represent immortality since they can clone themselves and return. As many traits of Medusa resemble those of a Jellyfish, it also represents tranquility and elegance. As a result, there is a lot of natural energy surrounding this creature.

The jellyfish tattoo is popular among people who enjoy sea life or live near the water. It’s also due to its distinct features, as well as the vibrant ink colors employed. This tattoo signifies a person’s life on the sea, as well as their love and care for it.

A jellyfish may appear to be a delicate and vulnerable organism, but because of their testicles, which enable them to sting and flee, they have a powerful ability to preserve themselves from dangerous aquatic predators.

Jellyfish are difficult to catch in the sea because they can swim quickly and are light in comparison to other fish. As a result, they illustrate how they can simply escape from difficult situations without being discovered.

Because of the creature’s survival instincts, many people choose to acquire this tattoo. People who have overcome adversity in their lives and consider themselves survivors should get this tattoo.

You can get a Jellyfish tattoo even if you don’t know what it means. It appeals to a wide range of people due to its distinct characteristics and vibrant appearance. Because a jellyfish is a long and large species, most jellyfish tattoos are large, and if other elements are added to the tattoo, it becomes even larger and more descriptive.

The back and thigh are the finest places to have large jellyfish tattoos. These two places are perfect since they work with practically every jellyfish tattoo design. The head of the Jellyfish appears on the corner top of your back, but its testicles flow in a slant manner if you obtain one on your back. It also affects many people’s chests and ribcages.

The ideal location for a medium-sized or small jellyfish tattoo is on your arm. The placement of this tattoo on the arm increases its visibility.

However, if you want to make your jellyfish tattoo a little more adventurous and unique, you should opt for the back or thigh. Your Jellyfish tattoo will look amazing no matter where you get it inked on your body. It will be simple to select the right placement after you have a general notion of the look you want to achieve.

1. Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo


The watercolor technique is a fantastic addition to the tattooing industry since it makes each tattoo unique. This jellyfish watercolor tattoo is for you if you appreciate tattoos with a touch of watercolor technique. It features a black ink-defined Jellyfish that is filled with various watercolors such as blue, red, green, and others. A splash of watercolor is used in the background, giving the tattoo a vivid feel. Because of the color combination, it gives off some intriguing and uplifting sensations. This tattoo would look great on your thigh or arm.

2. Jellyfish Tattoo in Black and White


This black and white jellyfish tattoo is a good choice if you want a tattoo with a strong and lasting impact. This tattoo is shaded in black and white. It gives the impression that the tattoo was drawn directly on the skin. The sketch-like effect gives this tattoo a one-of-a-kind look.

Because the shading and contouring of this tattoo are what makes it so unreal, you should get it done by a qualified and skilled tattoo artist. A person may tell the tattoo’s strong, bold instincts just by looking at it, which may also show up in your personality. On your arm, this tattoo would look fantastic.

3. Jellyfish on the thigh


This sea life jellyfish tattoo is a great way to show off your passion for the ocean. A jellyfish and a few other aquatic animals traveling beneath the water are featured in this tattoo. This tattoo’s background includes blue ink to represent the sea.

Colored ink and details are used throughout the tattoo, giving it the appearance of a real sea. Many people get this tattoo to represent their hometown, particularly if it was near the sea. On your leg or arm, this tattoo would look fantastic.

4. jellyfish Tattoo on the waist


If you want to attempt something different with your tattoo, this geometric jellyfish tattoo is ideal. A black inked jellyfish appears in this tattoo, however, instead of straight testicles, the fish has geometric square-shaped testicles.

This tattoo also incorporates a few different paints to add an abstract element. This tattoo is quite large, therefore it’s ideal for the chest or back. For a more vibrant look, add some more pieces to the tattoo.

5. Jellyfish in Space


Some jellyfish tattoos feature space themes, and the majority of them are large. Some alien-like aspect is always included in a large jellyfish tattoo. If you want to attempt something out of the ordinary, this Jellyfish in Space tattoo is the way to go. A colored tattooed jellyfish with a galaxy background in blue and black ink is included in this tattoo.

The galaxy background draws attention to the jellyfish tattoo and its cosmic elements. This tattoo is excellent for you if you enjoy reading about galaxies, the universe, and the mysteries of space. This tattoo looks great on both men’s and women’s arms and thighs.

6. Jellyfish Skull Tattoo


This skull jellyfish tattoo is the finest design to achieve if you want something dramatic and distinctive. This tattoo features a black and white inked jellyfish with a skull face on its head. Colored ink can be used to make the tattoo pop, but black and white ink gives it a more dramatic look. Jellyfish are ancient marine creatures, therefore this tattoo has a lot of meaning. On your leg or arm, this tattoo would look fantastic.

7. Brain Jelly Fish


This brain jellyfish tattoo is one of the most amazing and one-of-a-kind tattoos you’ll ever see. This tattoo features a colorful inked jellyfish with a human brain inked in a mustard-like tint to blend in with the rest of the tattoo. This tattoo has a watercolor appearance in the background; you can change it or leave the tattoo alone.

Many individuals believe that the brain in this tattoo is a representation of their own. It demonstrates that they share many of the same traits as jellyfish, particularly survival instincts. The best place for this tattoo is on your thigh or back.

8. Blue & Purple Jellyfish


This jeweled jellyfish tattoo will add a more feminine touch to your jellyfish tattoo. This tattoo is incredibly lovely, and it exudes an air of elegance. A blue and white tattooed jellyfish composed of small blue jewels are included.

Other ethnic designs are also used in the tattoo, making it unique. On your thigh or arm, this tattoo would be amazing. The tattoo depicts the elegance of the jellyfish as well as its powerful survival instincts beneath the sea. These characteristics also represent your personality.

9. Floral Jellyfish tattoo


If you desire more than one jellyfish tattooed on your body with exquisite detailing, this bloom of jellyfish tattoo is for you. This tattoo features three various sizes of colorful inked Jellyfish: large, medium, and small.

The watercolor method is also used in the tattoo, which adds to its uniqueness and appeal. The three jellyfish in this tattoo can indicate a family or a group of three pals who, like jellyfish, have survival instincts. This tattoo would be best placed on your back.

10. Tribal Jellyfish


If you’re looking for a classic jellyfish tattoo, you’ve come to the perfect place. This tribal jellyfish tattoo is ideal for evoking strong traditional feelings. In comparison to previous jellyfish tattoos, this one has a unique design. The Jellyfish’s head appears to be somewhat distinct from the ordinary ones, with a variety of hues. Many individuals would get this tattoo solely for the unique pattern it contains. This tattoo on your arm will look great on you.

11. Electric Jellyfish


This genie jellyfish tattoo is uncommon, yet it’s quite cool. This tattoo features a colored tattooed jellyfish with a variety of colors. A little lamp-like device sits beneath the Jellyfish, with the Jellyfish emerging from it like a genie. The tattoo has various curling aspects to make it more fun and lively. This tattoo emphasizes the magical aspect of Jellyfish and the unique abilities it possesses, much like the wearer’s individuality and prominent features. On your leg or arm, this tattoo will look fantastic.

12. Small Jellyfish tattoo


Jellyfish tattoos are among the most enigmatic tattoos you’ll ever see. These tattoos have been increasingly popular among tattoo enthusiasts in recent years, and they leave you with some incredible body art. Jellyfish are one of the oldest and most unusual water organisms, which is why they are so mystical. A jellyfish tattoo can have a variety of meanings, both magical and realistic.

Jellyfish tattoos have been a source of inspiration for many tattoo artists because there is so much variety in the style and appearance of a jellyfish tattoo. In space, many of these tattoos look to be alien-like, and the colors employed in the tattoos are incredible.

You must continue reading if you want to try out the Jellyfish tattoo. Some of the greatest Jellyfish tattoo ideas are shown below, along with their meanings. This will assist you in selecting the most appropriate Jellyfish tattoo for you.






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