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12 Adorble Birth Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 14, 2022

If you’re getting a flower tattoo, you might as well go with the flower sign for the month of your birth to give your tattoo even more personal meaning.

What is the best way to pick a natal flower as a tattoo design? Flower tattoos are a great way to decorate one’s body. The versatility, symbolism, and creativity of this tattoo design make it a fan favorite.

Lotus, rose, lily and chrysanthemum tattoos are the most common, but there are a plethora of other flowers and color variations to choose from. Make your flower tattoo even more meaningful by picking the symbolism of your birth flower sign if you chose to have one.

1. Carnations Flower January Birth


As a January birth flower tattoo, carnations are widely regarded as the ideal choice for those who were born in January. One of the best options for a tattoo, because of its stunning appearance, vivacious vitality, and alluring petals. Carnations are a symbol of the ties that unite us all, including our sense of self-worth, beauty, radiance, and heavenly love. This page contains additional information on carnation flower tattoos.

2. Iris  flower for February


The Greek goddess Aphrodite, who is revered as the bringer of love, is associated with the iris, which is why it is considered a February birth flower tattoo. The iris is the birthday flower for February since it is the month of love, and Valentine’s Day is honored on this day. Tattooing an iris blossom on one’s body is a meaningful way to express one’s feelings of faith, hope, and devotion, as well as a lasting friendship. Iris is the perfect tattoo design for February babies because of its wintery white and calm blue tones. More iris flower tattoo designs and ideas can be found here.

3. Daffodil birth flower for March


For those born in the month of March who want a daffodil tattoo, the flower’s beautifully bright and lovely petals can be used to symbolize that their presence brightens and delights the sun. Many people believe a daffodil tattoo can convey a wide range of emotions. The daffodil signifies hope, youth, and a new beginning because March is the first month of spring and represents rebirth and a fresh start. More daffodil flower tattoo designs and ideas may be found here.

4. Magnolia flower for April


The magnolia tree is regarded as a birth flower for April babies. It begins to bloom in April and represents the immense force of the waking earth’s spring energies. The symbolism of the Magnolia flower tattoo includes female virtues such as purity, nobleness, tenacity, and the absence of love. In most cases, this is a tattoo on a woman’s body that denotes devotion to Mother Nature. More magnolia blossom tattoo designs and ideas are available on this page.

5. Lily Flower For May birth


Tattoos of lilies are popular among those born in May. Since the wedding season officially kicks off in May, lilies are a must-have in practically every bridal bouquet. When Zeus and Gera got married, the wedding bed was draped in lilies because they represent “heavenly delight.” The tattoo of a lily flower symbolizes purity, repose, rebirth, and monarchy. To the Virgin Goddesses, Mother, and the Communal, this is a place of worship. Furthermore, the lily blossom symbolizes the fertility of the Goddess of the Earth and the gods of the Sky. More lily flower tattoo designs and ideas can be found here.

6. Rose flower for June


Having a rose tattoo as a June birth flower is a common practice, as the rose is the official birth flower for June. I think it’s a fantastic testimonial to the beauty and purity of your heart’s love. People born in the month of June are said to possess these enduring virtues, making them deserving of a lovely rose tattoo. As a result, rose tattoos are the most popular flower tattoos and the most popular way to communicate feelings of love. More rose blossom tattoo designs and ideas can be found here.

7. Lotus  flower for July


The gorgeous lotus plant, which bursts into bloom in July, is known as the July birth flower tattoo. Symbolizing perfection, the lotus flower tattoo has a circle of leaves and blossoms. Starting out in the dirt and slime, the lotus rises through murky waters to expose itself in the sun and in the light of Heaven, a symbol of spirituality’s emergence. Numerous meanings are associated with the lotus tattoo. More lotus flower tattoo meanings, designs, and ideas are available here.

8. Poppy Flower For August


The poppy is a birth flower for people born in August since it begins blooming in August. All of these things are associated with the poppy flower tattoo, which is a symbol of nature and fertility. The blood, sorrow, and self-sacrifice of Christ are all represented in the poppy tattoo design for those who believe in God. Love, passion, and romance are all associated with the poppy tattoo. More poppy flower tattoo meanings, designs, and ideas are available here.

9. Aster flower for September


Tattoos of asters are popular among those born in September. September’s official flower, the daffodil, is a great choice for those born in this month. Flowers of this genus bloom profusely in the early autumn, and they come in a wide range of hues from orange to red to white to pink to purple. The aster flower tattoo represents love and is a representation of a star. Having a white aster tattoo on your wrist signifies that I love you more than you do. More aster flower tattoo meanings, patterns, and inspiration may be found right here.

10. Camellia flower  For October


Those born in October are said to be happy because the camellia is their birth flower tattoo. This tattoo looks best on people born in the second month of autumn, who are happy and bloom like a flower. The tattoo design of a pale pink camellia implies detachment and a melancholy attitude. The white camellia is a symbol of chastity and cleanliness. Unfulfilled love and a broken heart can be shown by tattoos with red camellias on them, Some more ideas for camellia blossom tattoo design can be found right here.

11. chrysanthemums flower for November


People get tattoos of chrysanthemums because September is the month when they were born. One of the most popular tattoo designs is a lily, which is right behind the rose and lotus. This is a flower. They are very popular in Japan, where they are called “the holiday of happiness” when they first come into bloom. In traditional tattoo culture, a chrysanthemum tattoo means openness, joy, rest, and friendship. Some people think of this flower as a sign of happiness and fun. See more chrysanthemum flower tattoos and their meanings in this part.

12. Dandelion flower December birth


This is what the “Flower horoscope” says: The dandelion is the birth flower tattoo for December. The dandelion tattoo is simple and unique, and it will always draw the attention of people who see it. It’s a good idea for people who are positive and happy to get this kind of tattoo. A dandelion tattoo design that is as simple as possible shows how fresh and easy it is. The symbolism of a dandelion tattoo with birds and a flower that moves in the wind means freedom and independence. A lot of dandelion flower tattoo designs and ideas are here.

December babies can use birth blossom ink. The girl’s side and stomach are covered in dandelion. The next time you’re thinking about getting a floral tattoo, think about using your natal flower as a guide.

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