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11 Beautiful Crape Diem Tattoo Designs

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 22, 2022

One of the most difficult decisions a person can make is deciding on a tattoo. Because tattoos are permanent and difficult to remove, you must choose a tattoo that is timeless. So, if you’re having trouble deciding on a tattoo, consider getting one that is really motivational, such as the carpe diem tattoo.

Carpe diem is a well-known Latin saying that roughly translates to “Seize the Day.” It’s a really motivating statement that you’ll hear in movies and other forms of media. So, if you’re looking for a motivational tattoo, here are 10+ carpe diem tattoo ideas to consider.

Carpe Diem is a powerful and inspiring word that will undoubtedly motivate you and others around you to achieve great things. However, while getting a tattoo is exciting, you must take great care of it once you have it.

You must keep it out of direct sunlight and give it plenty of time to heal. Before getting a tattoo, make sure you’ve done your homework and that you’re wearing something comfortable.

Because it is genuinely ageless, Carpe Diem tattoos are one of the greatest selections for persons getting tattoos for the first time, as well as veterans.

1. Music and Carpe Diem


Carpe Diem and Music is a tattoo that features a gorgeous Carpe Diem coupled with musical notes. The tattoo is black in tone, which contributes to its overall appeal. The tattoo has a lot of metaphorical value for both aspiring musicians and people who are having a hard time being creative in their careers.

The tattoo is a representation of life’s melody and the significance of time in our existence. This tattoo is highly diverse and versatile in terms of placement because it is basic and modest, and it can look excellent anyplace on the body that is exposed at all times, such as the arms.

2. Carpe Diem Hour Glass


An hourglass is one of the oldest techniques of measuring time, and it fits the theme of this Carpe Diem tattoo well. The tattoo features a skeleton hand holding an hourglass, surrounded by lettering. The entire tattoo is done in a monochromatic color scheme using a conventional tattoo style.

The skeletal hand holding the hourglass emphasizes the value of time and how quickly it passes. The tattoo is pretty enormous, therefore it should be placed on your back or ribcage. Even the writing, as well as the portrait of the hourglass and the bone hand, can be reduced to carpe diem.

3. Compass Carpe Diem


The Carpe Diem Compass tattoo is a tattoo with a lot of meaning. The carpe diem compass tattoo depicts an ancient eight-hand compass with the north arrow pointing to the phrase “carpe diem.” The tattoo has a lot of symbolic value when it comes to liberty and making the most of your day.

It also lacks color since the message takes precedence over the tattoo’s images; the pictures signify the freedom of travel and how life is a journey rather than a destination. Furthermore, the tattoo is relatively small and may be worn on practically any region of the body.

4. Carpe Diem Ship


The helm of the ship is a steering wheel that is possibly the most important component of the ship. It is also the portion of the ship where the captain, who is in charge of the ship, is stationed. This Helm Carpe Diem tattoo sends a strong message about self-discipline and how you take charge of your life.

The helm symbolizes your role as captain, a person who is calm and level-headed in all situations. Along with roses and an anchor, the tattoo also includes the slogan, Carpe Diem. In terms of tattoo location, it is a large tattoo that will take up a lot of area on the body.

5. Carpe Diem Feather


The carpe diem and feather tattoo are both stunning and inspiring. A feather is a symbol of freedom, bravery, and courage, which is mostly what this tattoo portrays. This tattoo, however, mostly depicts breaking away from prior mistakes and flaws and rising above them.

The tattoo has a feather that transforms into a flock of birds with the phrase “carpe diem” written alongside it. Its colors are primarily black and lack any other hues. You can color the flock of birds to boost the tattoo’s message even further.

6. Flower Carpe Diem


The Carpe Diem Flower tattoo is a delicate and fashionable design. This tattoo represents a variety of things, including wisdom, happiness, and bravery. The flower symbolizes happiness in all aspects of life and the ability to continually hope for greater things.

The tattoo is also one of the few on this list that has color, which adds to the tattoo’s bright and joyful look. Aside from the flower, there are vines and the carpe diem slogan inscribed in a trendy typeface on the tattoo. This tattoo can be placed on a visible portion of the body because it is so little.

7. Carpe Diem Clock


Given the presence of an hourglass tattoo on this list, a genuine clock and carpe diem tattoo was bound to appear. This tattoo, on the other hand, depicts a clock that is fracturing and cracking away, with the time on the clock ranging from five to twelve minutes.

It illustrates how rapidly time passes and how not everyone has the same amount of time on our planet. This tattoo also represents love and how timeless it is. Unlike the hourglass, this tattoo is rather small and may be worn on almost any portion of the body.

8. Tiny Carpe Diem


In the last decade, songs have become one of the most popular genres of art. With that in mind, here’s a tattoo for any aspiring musicians out there. The Carpe Diem of Lyrics tattoo features a guitar and the phrase carpe diem written in an elegant cursive script.

This tattoo represents freedom, peace, and the propagation of love through music. It’s also quite vibrant, with brilliant hues that complement the tattoo’s meaning. This tattoo will serve as a reminder to you and your friends to enjoy life.

9. Carpe Diem Wings


The Carpe Diem Wings tattoo embodies the meaning of the phrase “carpe diem.” It has a pair of gigantic wings with the sun rising behind them, and the phrase is written on the top of these two. The rising of the sun is frequently associated with the start of a new life. The rising sun also represents new beginnings and prospects in life.

Color is used in this tattoo, and while it is used sparingly, it adds to the overall drama of the picture. The tattoo is pretty large in size and will look great on either the chest or the back.

 10. Classic Carpe Diem


The basic Carpe Diem tattoo might be the one for you if you’re seeking a tattoo with a lot less symbolism and simply the plain phrase itself. The tattoo itself has a stunning aesthetic style, which is further enhanced by the monochrome color palette.

The scale of the classical style is largely determined by personal desire, and it can be large or small. The Classical style exudes a bold demeanor and is often attractive. It will look beautiful in almost any place of the body due to its size diversity.

11. Simple Carpe Diem


For good reason, the basic Carpe Diem tattoo is the most popular of the phrase. It is the most adaptable in terms of placement and size, as well as the most attractive of the other designs, earning it its current reputation.

Furthermore, because it is not too flashy but attractive to look at, this tattoo is particularly friendly to anyone having their first tattoo. In terms of placement, the tattoo has a wide range of possibilities and can be worn on any region of the body.







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