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10 This too shall pass tattoo designs

ByRandy Peterson

Feb 28, 2022

If you’re a fan of body art, you’ve probably heard the well-worn but profound axiom, “This Too Shall Pass.” These four words have a plethora of nuanced connotations. In the same way that every symbol or artwork conveys a message, so too does this statement have several meanings.

There is only one way for the person with the tattoo to realize the real meaning behind the inked statement. This is a beautiful tattoo because it’s both significant and visually appealing, which is a win-win situation.

As previously said, the wearer of this phrase would only understand the term’s obvious and real meaning. Despite the fact that this tattoo may be understandable to certain people, it may have an entirely different connotation that you would not approve of. Like all tattoo symbols, this one is universally understood. It has a connection to the wearer’s current condition.

It’s a hot button issue with both proponents and detractors. Wearers might either look to it as a sign of strength in the face of adversity or as a reminder that whatever they are experiencing will pass.

Another way to look at it is as a reminder that even the happiest of times are fleeting. Even the happiest of times eventually come to an end. Just in case something like this happens, make the most of every moment of your life.

You can personalize your tattoo even further by including other totems in it. We’ll show you a few different ways to use the phrase “This too shall pass” into your designs.

1. Flying birds


There is the potential for this feature to be visually appealing. Having this message inked on your body will serve as a constant reminder. Birds, in addition to having numerous symbolic meanings, also signify peace, as this statement makes clear.

If you mix the two, you can get the impression that everything in life is fleeting and you’ll have to leave it all behind someday. Simply accept the change and continue on your path. It will have greater depth if it is simplified.

2. Infinite Tattoo


Despite the fact that some of us like to show off our tattoos, there are many others who prefer to keep their situations and sentiments hidden from others. If you’re one of such people, your best bet is to use calligraphy to write out the phrase.

In order to avoid any confusion, we’re going to go ahead and tell you this. You may be able to discover your hidden personality through the use of this enigmatic script. “This too shall pass,” as the saying goes, might imply the eventual eradication of all of your deep-seated anxieties and sufferings. One day, your loneliness will be gone, and you will be held securely by someone else, one with whom you will never have to keep secrets.

Your tattoo will have a deeper, more enigmatic meaning, in addition to looking more beautiful and graceful.

3.  Ink tattoo

Despite the fact that fairy tales may have taught us about a happy ending, they never showed us what occurs next. We are not cartoon characters; we are real people. Every day, we deal with a slew of difficulties. It’s possible that some of our decisions will lead to disputes between us, and we may not want to see each other again.

Relationships, on the other hand, are never easy to break. Many people’s lives can be impacted by a couple’s split. A continual reminder that everything is temporary is needed in this time of necessity.

If you and your significant other want a continual reminder of your love for each other, you can get this phrase engraved on each other’s wrists or forearms. As long as you stick together through the ups and downs, everything will be fine.

4. Another Language

Another option is to have this tattoo done in a different language. Even if your calligraphy is legible in English, no one will be able to decipher a sentence written in a language they do not understand.

Your tattoo would be the subject of much discussion, and many people would be drawn to it as a result of this. You can show your curiosity about the world by having a tattoo of the phrase “this too shall pass” written in a language other than your native tongue.

It could also represent the one or two things you do that frustrate you, but no one else is aware of them. There will be a time when you don’t have to do things you don’t want to, as the saying goes. Once it’s gone, you won’t have to use incognito mode again.

5. Dandelions tattoo

A lovely and seductive approach to express your hopes, ambitions, and wishes is via the use of dandelion. Everyone has a goal in life that they’d like to accomplish, no matter the cost. However, there are numerous obstacles that can derail your progress.

That setback is merely a test, and it will end when you conquer all of your anxieties. With the message “never let your difficulties and disappointments come between your hopes, aspirations, and ambitions” and the dandelion tattooed on your wrist, forearm, or thigh you will always be reminded that all of your issues will go away one day.

6. This, too, shall pass away in the blink of an eye.

Since its inception, the hourglass has demonstrated a strong link between time and life. A message like an adage “This, too, shall pass” makes it crystal obvious. The symbolism of wings has long been used to symbolize the hope and spiritual assistance that people may require when facing difficult circumstances.

The three powerful tattoos can be combined into a single design. This power pack could be seen as a reminder that hope is vital; being positive will bring you greater joy, and every bad or wonderful period will eventually come to an end. There is no such thing as a pause in the passage of time. This tattoo looks great on the chest or back.

7. “This, too, shall pass” serves as an anchor.

For millennia, anchor tattoos have been popular. It has a deep and powerful metaphorical significance. When sailors had their anchors etched to remind them that they were anchored in the right spot and would always return, this is what they were referencing. On the other side, the statement “This too shall pass” implies that change is inevitable and that you will eventually get over it.

One perspective equals both of these symbols, despite the fact that they appear to be extremely different. An anchor can’t stay in the ocean for eternity, and the same is true of problems and trials in your life. The wrist, calf, or collarbone are all excellent places to get this tattoo.

8.  “This, too, shall pass.”

You may have a word tattoo on any region of your body because of its originality and convenience. Nevertheless, the meaning of the tattoo is also affected by the placement of the tattoo, thus it is crucial that you get the placement right.

There are a number of places on the body where a word tattoo can really shine. Getting a tattoo on one’s collarbone is less painful than getting one on one’s biceps. Both men and women can benefit from having this statement tattooed on their bodies.

Because the wrists and feet can usually only accept minor tattoos, we can easily do a line on your wrists or forearm feet. It’s advisable to decorate your lower back with a large pattern if you enjoy it

9. This too shall pass tattoo on wrist

One reason we have so much trouble in our minds and in our lives is that we don’t like to change. We may think that we like change, but we don’t like things that stay the same. The mind likes to keep things. It likes to be safe and sure. So, when something changes, it can be a little scary to the mind, which leads to the fight.

Everything changes all the time in our mind, body, and all around us. It never stays the same. When it comes to time itself, things change all the time. Always new, never the same. Our ideas about the future are just ideas. They don’t have to be anything more than that! If we can get used to this idea of change, nothing stays the same. The mind can rest. We’re no longer trying so hard to hold on to that sense of stability and security that we used to. Instead, the mind can think for itself.

10. This too shall pass tattoo on waist

“This too shall pass” tattoos can be a great way for us to remember that change is a good thing and that we can be free of our minds. Once there was a king who was very unhappy. He said that he wanted a gift. Something that could make him happy when he was sad and sad when he was happy.

As soon as they were done, they came back and gave him a ring as a thank you for their help. This too shall pass was written on the ring. They asked the king to live by this phrase.

As soon as we have a hard time in life, we often have two problems. The first is the situation itself, which can’t be changed, but the second is how we feel about it. These reactions make us feel pain and sorrow, and it’s these emotions that can and always change as our perceptions change over time. This is why we feel these emotions.



As soon as you start to feel low, remembering this phrase can help you say it’s okay to feel this way. It also reminds you that this heavy feeling won’t last forever, and as soon as you realize that you can feel the grip, the unhappiness starts to let go, and you start to feel like you can breathe again.


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